Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Barcelona: I’m sure we’ll have problems playing Arsenal

Although Barcelona will be clear favourites when the two sides meet next year, the Catalan giants say they’ll show Arsenal respect and that they expect the Gunners to cause them some problems.

Speaking after the draw made earlier today, club director Albert Soler said, “Arsenal and Barca have a very similar system of play. I’m convinced the fans will enjoy the football. The way we understand football is the same. They will be two great games.

“As always, we have the utmost respect. I’m sure we’ll have some problems playing against them, so let’s wait and see.

“Barca are used to playing under pressure, we’re the reigning champions and that gives you pressure and an advantage.

“Given that I don’t believe the past affects the future, we’ll go game by game and result by result.”

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s club secretary David Miles echoed the thoughts that the games would be a great spectacle.

“We’ve got our own world-class players and certainly we’ll go in for this,” he said. “It should be two fantastic games and we’re very much looking forward to it.”

Listen to the live draw reaction in this week’s Arsecast Extra

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Damnit can we never catch a break?! The Arsenal Way.


Maybe some of our injury luck will rub off on Barca and they’ll have to face us with 6 potential starters on the treatment table.


I’m not worried. Barcelona > real Madrid > Bayern Munich > Gent in the final where we come back from 2-0 down to win


Bayern would have their way with Real Madrid. RM is one of the ones that we wanted.


Was Monaco a break? Screw it we beat bayern – we can give this a go.


I am sure the match officials will also find a way to screw us out of the away game with another ludicrous refereeing decision too


we did catch a break last year with Monaco. Look how that went.

not deluded

Maybe it’s a break in disguise..
Win and confidence will be soaring. Go out, and we can concentrate on the title.


With their front three we will do amazingly well even to get close to them. So either the greatest result ever or a chance to concentrate on the league. Win or win.

David C

nope, go for 0-0 in the first game and nick an away goal in the second game. That’ll be easy enough, right?

Jungu Beans

You never know what will happen between now and February. Who knows, maybe Messi and Neymar will be called into the same court for tax evasion, and while standing before the magistrate, Suarez rushes in and bites everyone. They all get thrown into the slammer just before our match. Eh? It could happen.

Eduardo Stark

tips for our players: make a Charlie Adam-esque shots. numerously. their GK seemed have a bad record of that (Roma’s Florenzi & Bilbao guy scored against him up the field).


Of course….


I’m looking forward to watching some of the most beautiful, attacking football the world can offer. Hopefully Barca will play nicely too.

giroud fanboy

Patronising twats, made all the more annoying that they have reason to be that way.

Aaron Rambunctious

Even though I winced as I read the draw outcome I think there are numerous reasons to be positive. The fact that City have drawn Dynamo Kiev and thus likely to progress means their domestic form might slip in the meantime whereas we will in all likelihood be out of the competition and can focus on the league which we have a great chance of winning this year. Equally if we somehow progress against arguably the worlds best club side, well what a shot in the arm that would be for our season. With the squad likely to grow with… Read more »

Gunner psych

They drew against real sociedad and leverkusen and I guess lost against 2 Spain teams..we are more than in with our chance


They drew with deportivo at the weekend. Not as irresistible as people might think and we’ve never failed to score against them.


If we can get Coquelin back for the matches that would be huge, probably will be short for the first one, possibly available the second one. Hopefully Wenger will also sign someone in January for DM that can cover because we would really struggle with Flamini in there against Barcelona. We’ve proven on our day we can beat any team, but cannot play around with the ball in our defensive third. Wenger will setup to defend deep and counter so if we have any combination of Walcott, Sanchez and even Welbeck healthy on the wings and even one at striker… Read more »

Arsenal hurts

“Hopefully Wenger will also sign someone in January for DM that can cover”….no he wont

Ox in the box

I fail to understand why people think Flamini would come short against big teams. He is the only player of the group to reach the finals of CL, for gods sake.

jesus biscuit

That was a while ago…


As a left back


I love him to hits but he’s meant to be playing dm and he’s likes a second striker at times

I luv me maureen

Against smaller teams…when was the last time he did against a big one…he is more than capable…coq was in the team that lost against bayern rt??


Play Walcott up front, and we’ll hit them with their high defensive line. It might cause them to push back a bit and give our midfield a bit of space with Ozil in the gap!

If not, always Giroud on the bench to cause some aerial threat as a plan B!

New guy

Especially if vermaelen is at CB for them…


I think we have a chance against these UEFA poster boys. A pragmatic approach will be to play Giroud up top with Wally and Alexis on the flanks. Hoof the ball to Giroud by passing their mid-field. A knock down and we are behind their defense. We should avoid playing pretty football as they are better than us. Route 1 football with 2 DM’s will do the trick. COYG!

Martin Finley

I dont really like the phrase that on our day we can beat any team because that holds true for every team. Even on our day we would still be reliant on them having an off day because if both teams manage to bring their A game and perform to the best of their ability then there is little doubt who would come out the Victor.

Arsenal hurts

Although i know theyre tge toughest draw we could get, one thing i hate most about this draw is im sure theyll be all over our precious hector


Oh don’t worry Barca. Uefa will probably get Mike Dean to officiate the game for you.

real talk

Bring those wankers on!! COYG

Tom thumb

Doesn’t matter who you get in my opinion,if the team have any belief of winning the champions league,we’re going to have to beat the best,might as well get them out of the way early.Barca are poor when on the back foot and if we defend well there’s no reason why we can’t beat them


Barca play mind games too?


The FIFA will NEVER allow a club like Arsenal to eliminate Barcelona at this stage, be sure… When you see that the most common player in Barca is on their Ballon d’Or list even the ones cleaning the bench day by day…

Arse Sutra

i think the key to the tie lies in us not conceding at home….
And then play smash and grab at Nou Camp….

Serge Blanco

Actually Wilshere will be very important for this one as he is very good on possession. The fact that it isthe llater CL week helps us as we may have Le Coq back. He will be very important especially at home.


I remember Wanyama causing loads of problems when he played against Barca for Celtic. *hint hint*


Last year’s exit along with PSV 10 years back are some of the most annoying exits after that Wayne bridge thing in my mind.

If we are to go out let it be a glorious exit and we’ll be proud and always remember.


still love you you little lazy Russian


Let’s buy Neymar, suarez and Messi in january. They’ll be cup tied but then where will they get their goals. Muahahahahahaha


Venga won’t do it ….


Suarez will probably chew someone’s ear off just to avoid being in Kos-the-bosses back pocket!!!


Venga won’t do it ….

David nigeria

Hope we can add one more DM it is all about 11 vs 11 players No shaking.
Up gunners


Saw them play at the nou camp against sociedad and have to say their front 3 with rakitic in behind were just unbelievable to watch. Hopefully get a good result but being honest they’re not the best team in the world for no reason

Merlin's Panini

If we can beat this Barcelona it would be even bigger than when Arshavin scored the winner.
This Barcelona is a whole other monster. Messi, Neymar and Suarez together are frightening. It’s not like you can even attempt to mark their star man out of the game because they have too many of them!
That said, I also think this Arsenal team is better than the one we had back then so you never know. Especially if we have a lot of the injured players back by then.


Offensively maybe, but definitely not defensively. The Barcelona side we beat was a much more complete side with Puyol-Pique at their peak, Keita-Xavi in midfield. Their attack could be irresistible, but as a complete unit they have been shown lacking this season.

Our game plan will be obvious, if we execute it well enough in first leg we might have an actual chance.

Solomon Rukua

We are the Arsenal; its ;Barca’s to lose and lose they will! Arsenal must believe in their ability to go through this time round!


Hmm well this could definitely have gone a bit better but you’ve got to beat the best to be the best so why not an Arsenal win from this tie! A LOT will have to go our way but stranger things have happened, just remember the last time we played there and if it weren’t for a refereeing disaster (sending VanTwatFace off) & Mr Snake himself deciding to try out backheels on the edge of our own box, we probably would have gone through as RVP would have buried the TGSTEL chance at the end

alan armstrong

Ah well nothing to lose no one gives us a chance so go for it with everything youve got


Just don’t play per


I genuinely think we might do them this time round, squad willing. sounds nuts but if we can lose to monaco and beat bayern in the space of about six months then its hard to find any safe bets.


Oh flamini….. He should have just said he wants to avoid playing against zenit or some other easier team. The guys at UEFA don’t seem to like us and Were always unlikely to give us a good draw so it wouldn’t hurt playing some mind games with them


Dam right we will give them problems! COYG!


“Random draw”. Yeah…


Arsenal 0 – 0 Barcelona
Barcelona 1 – 1 Arsenal


Perfect draw imo.
We avoided the Europa Cup and the worst that can happen is we go out of this early doors with no disgrace and concentrate on winning the Premiership.
And if we do beat Barca…well how fucking exciting! Come on boys!


After making some comments on doping, we just had to get one of the most suspicious teams.


I tell you what, this would be a huge statement if we can knock this Barca team out and I really believe we can. With our injured players back and maybe one top quality player added in the January window we can do it. They are not unbeatable, granted over two legs it will be tough but not impossible. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is where this great club is supposed to be. I think we can do it.

Mustrum Ridcully

They are beatable. It just depends on whether the defence and midfield can handle their attack.

Die Hard Gooner

The only chance I see in even competing against them is 1) buy an absolute monster of a DM or if coq is fit by then 2) no slow players on the line up at all. may be mertesacker might start given we will be on the back foot most of the game, But I would still prefer Gabriel. No Giroud, even in is form because He wont get chances for headers and around the box opportunities. No campbell in the starting eleven either. 3) Pace Pace and More pace accompained by Mesut Ozil. Hope Ox can find form or… Read more »

Tarquin Farquar

Can’t wait. This is why we are in the champions league. Believe.


It came as a surprise that Arsenal fans hate Barcelona. Here in Kenya, I know many Arsenal fans love Barca cause they play a similar style to Arsenal (not the other way round just to be clear). But am with Arsenal on this one. The Arsenal is my first love.


The somewhat similar style of play is really where the similarities between the clubs end.

Arsenal is a class club inexplicably owned by a wanker.

Barca is a classless club inexplicably owned by its own fans.

Both are strange situations.

Why not

Silent Stan might make people edgy with his “payments”. However the club in general has been on an upward curve since his arrival. It might be coincidence or just purely good business sense on his part to invest in a club on the up. Or maybe there is something behind the scenes that merits it (hard to see what though).

But if things keep improving, and he remains silent, I don’t really see the problem. There are clubs that spend 30+ million on players like Soldado and Carrol, it could be worse.

Frankline Ngeno

Wee Kenyan arse mi mkenya pia na sipendi Barca! Barca is a club with absolute zero class in most of their dealings. It would be most appropriate if we smash them. And we can. It has happened before. No one expected us to beat real. We became the first english team to beat them in their own back yard. Remember inter?
Dare to dream people. There always is a first.


Haha .. It’s alright Ngeno… I dare to dream, but this time, it’ll be a second if we thrash them. More of revenge for that final. Will never forget that awful feeling


No team has ever defended UCL successfully, barca is no exception. #barcamustbowdowntoarsenal.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

We can definitely do it but if their front 3 move into the same gear that obliterated the fat waiter’s team, we’re in trouble.

winterburn 87

Not only that they signed 2 players during their transfer banned..now they got us too,this is fuckin Fixed


Fuck it, just win da ting. This would be the year to do it, our team today is the strongest we’ve had for a while now.


Great result up at Leicester tonight, even though it temporarily drops us back into second place. I can just hear the phone ringing in the away dressing room after the match. “Hello Jose, it’s Roman Abramovich here.” “Hello, Roman.” “That’s Mr. Abramovich to you, Jose.” “Whaa …” “When you get back to London tonight, please go to your office at Stamford Bridge at once.” “Why?” “Because the cleaners need to know what stuff you want to take with you and what to throw out.” “Whaa …” “Your record of employment will be in an envelope on the desk, along with… Read more »

Rip Van's Winkel

Well, José, you said that Costa played football the way it should be played…
and now your whole team has achieved that level, I’m surprised that you feel betrayed.


One thing we’ve shown is with a fully fit first team, we were more than a match for Barca at their best (Pep) and Bayern this season.

Surely the injury gods can give us at least that?


Ha ha Chelsea , the gift that keeps giving


Yeah really pleased we are not top of the league…


…and Leicester feel like they are top of the world….


but at least Chelsea lost…whoop fucking wahee!!


Had it not been for that Champions’ League draw then it would have been a perfect weekend. A nice regulation win at Villa Park and then Man United, the Chavs and the Spuds all losing – brilliant. But that match-up with the Catalans was a real fly in the ointment. Even if we had got Real Madrid I would have been upbeat, but I just can’t see us beating Messi and co over 180 minutes – especially as the second leg is at the Camp Nou. We would have to enjoy a massive slice of luck to get past a… Read more »


Ahh, normal service resumed.


No one knows the future, live in the moment and enjoy fabregas’s time with Maureen. I’m absolutely over the moon for my former favourite player.

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