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Campbell dedicates win to injured teammates

Joel Campbell says he is thankful for the warm reception given to him by the Olympiakos fans as he received a standing ovation following his impressive display in Arsenal’s 3-0 victory.

The Costa Rica international was a popular figure in Athens when he spent a year on loan with the Greek giants in 2013/14; a spell which finally persuaded Arsene Wenger to include the young attacker in his Gunners first team squad.

Speaking to UEFA.com after his triumphant return to the Karaiskakis Stadium, Campbell reflected: “I am very happy to be back. I am grateful to the fans of Olympiacos for their friendliness and warm reaction towards me, it was very touching.”

On a memorable night in Europe, Campbell, who set up Olivier Giroud’s second goal, played a vital role for the Gunners as they secured the winning margin needed to secure safe passage from the group stage.

“It was a tough match, in special circumstances as we needed to score at least twice to advance,” he added.

“That is far from easy against Olympiacos, as they are a strong side, especially in front of their fans. But we played a mature game from the start and got what we wanted. This season’s group stage, having our back against the wall most of the time, should serve as a lesson for the future. No group is easy and lack of focus can be punished.”

Campbell also took a moment to dedicate the victory to Arsenal’s many injured players: “It was important for the rest of the players to step up and take more responsibility. In a way, we played for them tonight and hope to have them with us in the next stages of the competition.”

A nice touch from Joel…something he demonstrated with aplomb last night as his twinkle toes bamboozled the Olympiacos defence after half time. More of that please.

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Never have I been so happy to have been so wrong in my assessment.

On another hand, while Cohesion may have suffered a bit of a dip in form, Depth is really coming to the fore here.


Agreed. Last year I rolled my eyes when Coquelin was brought back to start. This year I scoffed at those who said Campbell would be this year’s Coquelin. I know nothing about football.


There is No better judge of a player’s quality than Wenger. He puts his faith in them and they repay it. Thank God he is our manager.


Though i must admit, that so called faith occurs more so when he has no other choice. If the boss can play the same eleven whole season trust me he would as he trust who he trust but those other players get a lot more chances as we 1. have so many injuries every season 2. We do not buy to many players (and thus smaller quad depth) 3. to give a rest to 1st team in smaller competitions because of the schedule. A game can be done and dusted by the 70th min with arsenal leading by 5 and… Read more »


Trust me, your comment would get more likes if it were in a post-loss comments section. Such is the nature of things. Unwarranted criticism is the norm after a loss, while valid criticism isn’t accepted after a win. Arsene is blamed for much more than what he actually does wrong, but it doesn’t mean he is perfect. I’d say his faults are: not resting players when they’re still fit but overworked, and not being able to sign a DM backup for coquelin this past summer.


You said that, Charles, but he also bought Chamakh and Gervinho. 🙂

Anonymous Physicist

The recent breakthrough of Coquelin, Bellerin and Campbell have left me with one big question though: how is a young player supposed to break into our team without an injury crisis? These three players only got the opportunities they did because of injuries, and only Coquelin was an immediate success, the other two took a run of games to really get going. Apparently the real level of these players cannot be assessed in training, as last year we shipped Coquelin out on loan while keeping Flamini around, and this year we kept bringing on Ox while Campbell didn’t make the… Read more »


“how is a young player supposed to break into our team without an injury crisis?” That’s a moot point because there will always be an injury crisis. I bet young players and their advisers bank on it. Just imagine JC talking to his agent before the season:
Campbell: “Should I put in a transfer request? I mean, I love the arse but six dudes are in front of me in my position.”
Agent: “What are you talking about? You’re in the perfect place and will be starting games regularly by mid November when the annual hamstring/knee ligament migration commences .”


I laughed.


I guess this is where the cup competitions come in. But then again, that depends on how important Arsene considers a certain competition to be.

Rohan Neil

Arsene knows 🙂


Blogs once came out with “Joel Campbell isn’t very good at football”. What is the flavour of your humble pie blogs?


Not sure I ever said that. I had my doubts that he’d make it with us, delighted to see him make a real contribution.

Petits Handbag

You did. It was in anger, words were said, punches were thrown. We’ve moved on


He didn’t… I have read all posts here apart from the gentleman review and listened to all podcasts. I don’t remember him ever say he wasn’t good at football. Stuff like that is hard to forget, especially with Arsenal. If you still insist, then I say, furnish us with your source.


Probably Westbrom liveblog!



glory hunter

Jeez the guy was backing you up blogs and all you could say was ‘HEH’ hahahaha
But i like it when blogs dismisses a player, cos he’s usually wrong, at least 80% of the time 🙂


haha, I’m directly responsible for so many glorious careers.


to be fair, it’s still early days. i like campbell’s style, attitude, skill set… but still, early days…. One needs exceptional quality and consistency to keep playing for Arsenal… who knows, maybe Arseblog will have the last word, after all?


I can remember that too blogs, I actually thought you had something against him but it’s all good at least Wenger saw something. To tell you the truth he looked of the pace at the time

Siggi Jonsson

I don’t mind people having different views on players, its what makes discussing football interesting. What annoys me is the arrogance and condescension with which ‘commentators’ dismiss players like Campbell and Coquelin without ever really giving them a chance. Meanwhile they are more than willing to make excuses for the Ox over and over again. It makes you think that their passport has a little something to do with it. I could point to something similar in Monreal and Gibbs, until it became overwhelmingly obvious that Monreal was the far superior player.


I remember the shit people threw at Monreal. It’s all been forgotten about because the new object of peoples hatred is Debuchy. While he may or may not prove everyone wrong it’ll eventually be someone else’s turn. As sure as the Earth turns. It’s fucking weak!

Red Cannon

To be fair, there was a point when Gibbs looked fantastic and Monreal was a bit off any time he played. I think that a lot of it has to do with getting regular playing time & building game time understanding with teammates. As with Bellerin & Debouchy, I think that Monreal & Gibbs are both quality players but Monreal (& Hector) deservedly get the nod because they’ve played themselves into form. If we needed to rely on the alternatives, I think they could build into playing well with a couple games. It’s good to be a Gooner these days.… Read more »


Did we ever sign a player called Debouchy?

Ah……. I get it
Auto correct…



Monreal started to be a better left-back after his short stint at centre-back (during yet another injury crisis). He became more aggressive in the air, his reading of the game got better, being more positionally aware and playing with confidence. I almost gave up on him and now I wouldn’t swap him for anyone.

David C

I remember is as something like “What is Joel Campbell?”, but who cares. The guy needed a few chances, but what player doesn’t?


You did. But it was in your blog, and it was hilarious. But that was back when he didn’t appear to be very good at football. But now he is good. lets move on.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Blogs after the Sheffield Wednesday loss: “Unfortunately, for an attacker he’s not much good at the old attacking, which is something of a drawback in his chosen career.”

Link: http://news.arseblog.com/2015/10/sheffield-wednesday-3-0-arsenal-player-ratings/

Not expecting this to be posted.


Why wouldn’t it be posted?!


if you’re still wondering, it was when Aaron Ramsey got injured, and then we lost theo and OX. You did a blog about “our choices on the right hand side”.

Arse Sutra

oh come on blogs… admit it..
Shit happens…
We love you unconditionally…….


Actually, to be precise, without watching him once on loan, you looked at his goal record for Villarreal and instantly wrote him off saying he wasn’t Arsenal quality.

Come on, you must remember me now?
We’ve had the exact same run in when you did the same with Coquelin, and I called you out, and then to Campbell and I called you out on that too.

I just need my final call out, when you wrote of Wellington Silva, to make a hat trick of arseblog humbling. 😛

Purr Mertesacker

Purrfect democracy right here! Doesnt matter if you are The Blogs. If we disagree with your comment you shall feel the wrath of our Down Votes!

Podolski Sklep

In the mid/late 90s my mum refused to buy me Pokemon cards, telling me that “this whole malarkey will never catch on.”

I have ultimately forgiven her for this lack of foresight. It was a long and arduous road but I like to think we’re on better terms than ever.


Were you referring to this perhaps?

“Unfortunately, for an attacker he’s not much good at the old attacking”

To be fair, he was as poor as everyone else in that game, and hadn’t really done anything prior to suggest he was ever going to be an Arsenal player. But in his defence, it’s only now he’s really been given a proper chance (which in itself is only because our injury room is more stocked than Andre Santos’ fridge). So fair play to him for stepping up, and let’s hope it continues.


Ahh maybe, but that was based on what we’d seen and that particular performance.

Anyway, I love humble pie, it’s fucking delicious


Wellington Silva Golden boot Winner 2017 –

Get your humble pie plate ready


That would be the biggest pie in history …

Bould's Eyeliner

And it better be a pizza pie, with Silva’s favorite toppings.


He loves pizza that lad. We might get him back too, Bolton about to wound up it seems …


I don’t know what’s more disgusting. The way Joel “simply not good enough” Campbell was treated and dismissed without being given a chance after spending years out on loan by almost all of these smug experts, blogs, podcasts, and know-it-all’s or the way the same people has suddenly turned around and started (expletive deleted) now. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and admit that you simply didn’t know much about him and that you formed your opinion on a handful matches at the most. That is different to criticizing a player in your team that you’ve seen with the… Read more »


Soo happy for Joel. He’s definitely settling in now and that was definitely his best performance yet. More of that now please. Seems he adds a different dimension on the right wing being left footed. Great pass to Giroud for the 2nd goal. Hope this makes The Ox step up now.


I agree, for me if he keeps up performances like yesterday (and I expect him to improve, goals in particular I think will come) he starts even once everyone’s fit. Totally different dynamic to the team, having both him and Alexis charging up and down the wings harassing fullbacks would be fantastic. I’d like to see Ramsey and Coquelin have a spell together- I appreciate they haven’t worked at all well when they’ve played so far but for me Ramsey has to start if he’s fit, he’s just stupidly efficient in goals and assists.

Terry Pratch

I had a moment of emotion and adrenalin when I saw Joel sprinting to close down the left back in the final minutes when you could tell he was blowing had nothing left in the legs, but he’s so determined to try and make it Arsenal and impress the boss he was putting every last ounce in even though the game was over. If only Theo or the Ox displayed that same kind of passion sometimes. Campbell has always put that effort in and shown glimpses of talent but last night he did the whole thing – if that was… Read more »

Corona X

He’s surely been watching Ozil in training – his awareness and passing was sublime last night!

Shows you the value of training with professional footballers, as opposed to being farmed out on loan to lesser clubs every season.


There’s hope for Wellington yet then! Just get him to Colney and away from pizza…

(he’s still with us, right?)


Yup,but no idea how he playing with Bolton.

Goone's Farm

Seeing as Bolton are last in the championship table, I’m guessing he’s not enjoying his football.
But I used to watch TerryAFC’s “loan watch” videos before his channel was taken down, and I distinctly remember Bolton fans saying he’s their best player. Sadly, it seems that they just have a shit squad.


I’ve been keeping up (arseblog know I’m a fan, lol) and he’s been their best player by a mile. Bolton are just so shit.
He’s also been injured for about 2 months with a further month before his return, which is a shame.


I don’t think this point is made enough. We have players around Europe not getting first team football and also not benefiting from training with the likes of Ozil and Sanchez every day. Everyone loses when that happens.

I suppose its a money thing, if they are on loan, their salary is often been covered but does that justify the opportunity cost of them not working with top players?


Somewhere in the back of Wenger’s head, there’s a little baby Campbell without a sucker crying his lungs out.. Giving le boss a selection headache


None of this changes the fact that we could still use a top quality centre forward to compete with Giroud and Theo but I’d say we look pretty good on the wings right now, especially if you consider the unfairly forgotten immense talent of Gnabry who’s yet to find his feet after losing last year to injury.

Well done to Joel anyhow, he’s really looking great the last few games. Sort of expected him to be the classic pacey direct-line winger but the passing touch and vision and hard-working attitude have been really pleasant surprises.


It seems that you could learn from Joel: see how he improved the timing of his crosses?
Well, you should work the timing of your critics. You may be right, maybe we should upgrade in the centre forward department. But yesterday, our CF just did the work brilliantly. Today, not only I want to celebrate by being fully behind the team, but also I feel like we owe him a chance to prove you wrong.
Today, I want to believe that OG is our “top quality centre forward”.
Let’s keep your (legitimate but debatable) critics for tomorrow… or later


FYI…Joel Campbell can play anywhere across the forward line…including, therefore, as a central striker.
He has plenty of experience playing in that position for Costa Rica – including at a World Cup tournament – and has done well when doing so. I think that, given the opportunity, he could also do a job for us as a central striker too, subject to Arsene giving him the go ahead to do so, as and when required.
So reinforcing the central striker position should not be a priority for us in the transfer window. We have enough cover there, in my view.


I’ve been raving for a while now that I think Campbell can be a better CF than Theo if given the chance. Has more experience there, stronger, and is technically better, as shown by his skill last night. Yet provides the speed and movement Theo has.


It’s called a ‘critique’ mate and my comment didn’t have any of it, try reading it again perhaps.

Olivier is a tremendous player, you won’t catch me saying otherwise. Nothing but praise for his effort last night and overall this season. Still doesn’t change what I said even an inkling, we need someone to compete with him. And what exactly is your problem with my praise for Campbell and Gnabry?


Danny Welbeck.


MC892 do you watch football games at all. Ramsey is highly inefficient with the ball stray passes miskicked shot etc… He has no place in a fully healthy Arse. Campbell does though.


what are you on?


Probably the same guy who slated Ramsey before he went on the scoring spree one season, and had a go at Ozil last year and Giroud before yesterday’s game. Got to hate fans that really don’t watch games closely or know what players have done. Need to stop being fickle and encourage players. It’s good that players like Joel are also proving their worth. They need to keep at it. I think that’s the key though. Competition. You tend to prove what you are about to Wenger and the team when you are given a chance or are competing for… Read more »

Purr Mertesacker

I’m not even sure you need to watch the games to see the flaw in that argument. Ramsey had a pass accuracy of 91% against Sunderland and 87% against the Greeks ( higher than Mesut on both occasions).

“Highly inefficient and stray passes…” is the laziest argument of all time. Savage will be proud of that one.

Fireman Sam

Ramsey can be frustrating but that’s going way too far dude. Didn’t you notice he’s been involved in lead up play in many of our goals recently?


Whatever you on I need it please.


Being efficient statistically has nothing to do with pass completion. Would’ve loved to have seen Lampard playing out on the right wing and putting in such competent albeit unremarkable performances. Sure you’ll be the first piping up when he starts banging in wonder goals a la two seasons ago, too.


I say crispen, it is you who has no place in a fully healthy arse hahaha. You might though belong in the arse of a diarrhoea-stricken old man whose diarrhoea was caused by him eating meat pies shaped to look like diego costa’s face and flavoured to taste like john terry’s boogers.


Campbell ! You’re going to be legend for Arsenal if you maintain the attitude. I salute your humility.

Dale Cooper

I had a picture of you in mind, never thought it could be so wrong. Why it take me so long just to find, the player that was there all along?


I’m very happy for Joel Campbell been a fan of his and always had faith he will show his ability even when everyone doubted him including Wenger .. Football isn’t like Fifa you can’t just expect players to play good every time and not accounting for lack of confidence not match fit etc blogger it’s about time you give every player a fair shake and not just have favourites

Le Jim

Absolutely stoked for Joel, given I really couldn’t see a way he would cement a place in the team, even with these injuries.

Also, I really want to squish his cheeks.


This is all down to the genius that is Arsene Wenger. Too many times have I heard of people, in particular Arsenal fans, wanting Wenger to leave. Watching the abuse he got from fans at Stoke was an absolute disgrace. Granted its a minority but it will be a sad day when this man decides to call it a day. In years to come, people will realise what he has done for our club. Arsene, please sign another contract extention. It would be an welcome early Christmas present.

Gunnersaurus Lover

This match should be dedicated to Ernie Crouch, what a legend.

Andy Mack

Arseblog said; “with the Greek giants in 2013/14; a spell which finally persuaded Arsene Wenger to include the young attacker in his Gunners first team squad.”

But I’m pretty certain the lack of a “Work Permit” was the major reason he hadn’t been in the 1st team squad previously……….


He had a work permit issued the season he went to Olympiacos, so he could have stayed.

Andy Mack

I’m pretty certain he didn’t.

Andy Mack

I’ve just checked… and I was wrong. …. oopppps.


Campbell has been putting in shift after shift in recent matches, it’s heartening to see a kid who wants to do well and is willing to work hard to make stuff happen in his favor.
I like his attitude and give the lad a few seasons he’ll grow up to be a great player for us.
Bellerin,le coq, Campbell, Ramsey, Wilshire, Gibbs our youth academy is actually paying off wealthy dividends.


Wenger made clear he has a place for him and he was right. He has the right attitude and you only have to watch their fans reaction yesterday to see what they thought of him as a loanee. What an assist!


I think with Coquelin out JC is a better choice on the wing than TW since he plays a much better two way game. I believe that when Alexis comes back, it should be Alexis, Ozil (the Magician), and JC. We could split TW and OG up front. TW offers more as a striker and will not be as much of a liability on defense there. Splitting OG and TW can prevent overuse of them and certainly help to lesson the chances of injury prone TW from getting injured again. Once Coquelin is back Theo can flip between wing and… Read more »


You raise an interesting point: we don’t really have an idea right now of how things will work with Campbell on the right and Walcott up top.

Pacific Gooner

I’ve always been a fan of the young, foreign, talented, quick, Ryo and Joel types… happy that hes repaying the faith of the manager 🙂


Let’s hope he can do this on a regular basis. I’m predicting Wellington Silva will be a start for us next season!


Getting a run in the team is critical, being played in position is critical. Campbell is doing well, and that is great for us, but he doesn’t get in the team when we are full strength, I’m afraid. Then, when he is once more restricted to cameos, it is probably going to be more miss than hit. It’s the same with the Ox. When he was having a run in the team, I (and others) thought he would nail down a spot for himself. Now, when it is start/stop/injury, it is harder for him, and people’s opinion changes. I also… Read more »


I like the right side Campbellerin combo

Thanis Lim

With our luck with injuries – it doesn’t matter whether Joel will be in the first team when everyone is fit – it matters that he offers very good depth and challenge for the first teamers – who knows – might even displace them in future.


Campbell you are doing well son, don’t listen to anyone who suggests that you don’t/won’t/can’t get in the squad when at at full strength. This applies young players, reach for the stars! Coq and Bellerin have done it and I am sure Campbell can do it as well.


Kudos to blogs

This is why this site remains the very best Arsenal blogs in the land

He is not afraid to publish dissent and admit he has been wrong before as we all have

Some other sites will shout you down or censor you bc you hold a different and unpopular view

It’s sites like this that do the club a service in providing healthy respectful debate from all sides and helping to correct some of the misinformation put out by mass media


And lest we forget… This is the front line that can directly translate into the sort of tetchy and unnecessary atmosphere which could affect the support base and consequently filter through to the team from the stands on match day Those who think they know better than wenger should reassess their sense of self importance He isn’t perfect but he has said we would go a season unbeaten ( to derision) and we did Last season he mentioned we could still have a good season despite the poor start and we fought in to retain the cup and into the… Read more »


I’ve alway had faith in Joel. All he needs are minutes on the pitch, will get better the more he plays, well done Joel!


yeah he had some indifferent games at the beginning usually coinciding with a total shit performance by the whole team on the night, but the signs were there when he had a good WC against quality opposition (apart from England that is) and when he scored that stonker of a goal vs ManU Cunts in Champs League. Wenger kept faith and both player and Manager are being rewarded now. Joel either starts or is one of the 1st attacking subs when everyone is fit. He won’t be left out of the matchday squad entirely anymore like he was at the… Read more »


I’m sure somebody might have mentioned this already but I wonder if he’s glad that he didn’t take that blokes advice to “get out while you can Joel”? Priceless!


The guy who said has more or less been proven right though. Campbell was too good to sit on the bench or spend a third straight year on loan at this stage of his career. He should’ve been sold or given more of a chance already last season but better late than never I guess. Wenger likes it that way apparently.

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