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Cech’s brilliant response to a daft question

Despite his unfortunate past, it would be fair to say that Petr Cech has become a firm favourite with Arsenal fans since his £10m move from Chelsea in the summer.

The 33 year old played his part in last night’s brilliant 3-0 win over Olympiacos, and afterwards provided the perfect response to what was a rather silly question in the post-match media scramble.

“Who could have seen that coming?”, he asked.

“We could,” he replied. Yes, Petr. Yes.

“We were searching for it,” he continued, “and we knew if we played our game, if we have a great team performance and great individual performances then we will have a chance, and we did say exactly that.

“The first goal was important because going 1-0 ahead, they knew that one goal would not take us through and were holding back as one goal can kill the game for them. So there was pressure from both sides and we managed to get the better side of that pressure ourselves.

“The second goal was obviously an important point in the game and we knew that we would be able to do

The Arsenal stopper had words of praise for Olivier Giroud after his goals sealed the deal and sent the Gunners through to the knock-out stages of the Champions League. He was first on the scene when Giroud hurt his ankle, but the Frenchman played through and proved crucial.

“He was saying he would be OK, he just needed a moment because he had a pain in the initial moment but we were positive he would come back.

“The second goal and the penalty is a great moment for him because he has been absolutely brilliant all season and we needed him because this was a brilliant result.”

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Just can’t stop smiling, so much for so many players to be proud of last night. So glad Cech joined us, and looking across London at that sinking ship I’m sure he’s glad too!


Me too! Some hard decisions at work today but people would think I’m crazy because I seem to smiling when it’s not easy sailing…but easy sailing it was 🙂 I think it’s as much as the sensibility of Cech that Wenger fell in love with and make a deal which at that point didn’t seem to be pressing need. It’s not the first time that Wenger showed he sees what many don’t see – Sagna/Eboue. Wenger seems have to have switched from the strong personalities like Viera, Sol, Lehmann to refined ones like Per, Cech, Ozil! One was a unruly… Read more »


Sanchez and coq do fall in the prior category.


they’re not the type of player to take a piss on the pitch in their football career though

Bellerin fan

I just love this man. Class personified

Ozil's eyes

Geroud hates to be on the bench hardly surprising his form which had taken a dip is back around the same time as Theo is fit.

Talking of Campbell he is a proper grafter. I fear for Ox he could be the one down the pecking order despite the pace the power and skill he possess. On ability I would start Ox but on current form and desire it’s Campbell all day long.


are you serious? Giroud has been brilliant throughout the season, as Cech said.


What an embarrassing question to ask to one of the greatest goalkeepers in our era.

Seriously though, i love this guy! I no longer have the panic attacks that we are going to concede in the final 10 mins, because i’m confident 9/10 times that he will save us.

Jack Danny

If Arsenal could produce a such magnificent performance last night even despite our many injury setbacks, then we could indeed win the premiership and that would break the hearts of our detractors like Mourinho.

gooner stuck in cornwall

Even when he was with Chelsea, he was probably their only player I mildly admired. And I take all my juvenile laughing at your hat back.

David C

I wouldn’t mind pinching that Willian fellow from them too. The rest look fairly average, especially Costa and Hazard.


Big mistakes by Jose Mourinho……
1: Dropping Terry in a match and calling him a “slow windbag”.
2: Banishing that nice doctor Eva .
3: Banging on about the “conspiracy”.
4: Calling Arsene Wenger names and disrespecting the greatest footballing brain on earth.
5: Not taking the first plane out of London , when his beloved club let Petr move to Arsenal. (biggest mistake)

bims lay

6: ….and playing “boring boring” football!

although to be honest, these days, manU are trying their hardest to out do chelsea in the ‘boring’ business?


7. Being born

Fireman Sam

8. Acting like a whining baby in front of the global media every time his team loses thus making himself utterly ridiculous and twatlike


9. Nothing. Nothing to say.


9: selling and destroying their best players. Since he joined he destroyed their two season best payer Mata, Destroyed Hazard. Sold their best left back, back to where he came from. Bought a midfielder they already sold for 22 million. Seems to be destroying Cesc. Sold de byurne who is now a city mainstay and cost 50 million. Sold Ryan betrand who is now pushing into the england squad. He bought Salah who did nothing along with carded. Campbell this season is pooing all over Pedro their only marquee signing. He gave us Cech <3. He sold lukaku. i mean… Read more »

Le Jim

We’ve got a Big Fuckin’ Czech!


I love how his interview is full of “we”s and “our”s

David C

and he’s a sick drummer!!!


The gunners need to pick up a bassist before Rosicky hangs up his boots for us!


Top performance by everyone. I thought Campbell had his best game by far as did most of the team. Definately a pick-me-up for the next few games COYG

Kosc' other Pocket

Even me I could see it, 30,000 + km away…


Maureen? What a lose! Mind you, this is the scum that let Lukaku go one loan twice then sold him cheap to Everton. Chelsea fans should be asking questions if they had a brain by now. He also let De Bruyne leave and in the past bought kezman. As Mutu said, he is just little Wenger-obsest-opportunutistic-twat. He was referring to Wenger as the one who’s job us safe even after poor results. Who is it now?

Malaysian gunner

Cech has stabilized the defence an di sthe key.Arsenal need not fear any of the top guns.
The latter may not fancy meeting Arsenal either when a fully fit squad could
reap dividend.
The rumour in the papers is LVG could be sacked if he doesn’t win the epl.The rd have no divine right to win the epl.It aint as easy as during rf’s time. I expect any of Chelsea Leicester/Arsenal/Pool/Spurs/MU to win.
That is why most world wide fans prefer the epl rather than the Spanish/german and Italian


Cech has been brilliant so far. The simple truth is, if we’d had one of our more average goalkeepers, we’d be trailing in the Premier League and out of the Champions League at this point. Cech really has been that good. Long may it continue!

AN Other

Thas why I think he should be the captain. He has all the leadership qualities we need.


Three shutouts in his four CL matches with Arsenal, just imagine how things might have been different had he played the first two matches. Still would have been 2nd based on the head to head with Bayern, but surely would have been right there with them.

Trixie Bird

Do you mean ‘three clean sheets’?


the first line of this post killed me! looool,.am Nigerian and in my tribe (yoruba), the translation is absolutely hilarious


Cech used to play for Chelsea? You’re pulling my leg.


Guys, just another reminder..NO EUROPA FOOTBALL!!! Woop Woop. Still grinning teeth


I’m feeling fly fly fly………. Cech me out!

Thierry Bergkamp

Cech makes the near impossible saves seem hard and the hard to look easy. Long live Petr Cech


It’s not just Cech though Credit the cbacks They offered good protection when our midfield got stretched out particularly first 15-20 min Per made a critical clearing header much f the danger came from wide areas as their width stretched out fullbacks With all due respects I’m not sure Tim got it entirely right in his editorial The reason why we were struggling to play out from the back and had to go long was not because of a lack of Coquelin Rather they adopted an aggressive press high up and in particular, Bellerin was struggling without sufficient support from… Read more »


Class response from Cech, that’s the mentality we need. If you didn’t believe before you surely will now. So happy to have him.


I still can’t believe petr cech is our keeper. Watching our matches I just laugh at Jose for losing cech to us. It’s absolutely the greatest.


So unlike the Arse, we have players that understand pressure goes both ways.
Players like Sanchez, Kos and Chech, I hope this calmness spreads to the rest of the team.
Cazorlas injury came at the right time, he needed a break and Ramseys playing well.

Purr Mertesacker

As Le Prof once said- ” If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all”.

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