Monday, July 4, 2022

Ramsey: Giroud is so important to us

Aaron Ramsey has praised Olivier Giroud for both his hat-trick against Olympiacos and his goals this season which have come at a more consistent rate than in any other.

The Frenchman bagged his 10th goal in 12 games, bringing his season total to 13 in all competitions.

Even if you think Arsenal could upgrade, some recognition for what he has brought to the team is more than merited, and the Welsh international was happy to give props to his teammate.

“He’s been in really good form this year and to get a hat-trick in the circumstances just shows how important he is for us,” he told Arsenal Player.

“We’re delighted with his contribution and hopefully he can keep up this goalscoring form that he’s in.

“He links up the play really well, he’s a good target man who can flick balls on, bring balls down and bring other players into play.

“He can score goals as well so he has a bit of everything.”


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Top player.

Giroud pretty good too, great stats.


Beautiful, beautiful man.

And not bad at kicking a ball either.


Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Giroud!


Extra points for using exact of nahs.


Took me a while to count them out. So many nah’s, my eyes started to go weird.

Concise Pete

Questionable rhythm though… 😉


Nah its proper 😛


Perfect punctuation with the comma as well. Top work.


Without punctuation, what are we? Rythem was never my strong point.


top top top work


Great striker. If a ‘big name’ player had this record, even if he contributed less to the overall team ethic, we’d be fawning over him.

Third Plebeian

Not long ago many of us were hoping for Benzema as an ‘upgrade’ on Giroud. What a disaster we avoided there. Wenger put faith in Giroud and Ramsey when few fans did. Sometimes we feel he’s too loyal to his players, but in these cases at least, the rewards have been great.


Yep – we dodged a bullet there!

Third Plebeian

I suppose I should clarify that while I think Benzema is clearly a talented footballer, a) I don’t know that he’s much of an upgrade on Giroud, and b) I’m delighted not to have spent a bazillion pounds on a player distracted by a court case and facing the possibility of jail time.

What a shit show that is.


1. Benzema is CLEARLY an upgrade over Giroud- lets get that out of way.(even the biggest Giroud fan will admit it. Deschamps as well.)
2. Benzema has scored 12 in 13 games, 8 in 9 league games. So Giroud isn’t exactly outperforming him.
3. You’re right about us not signing him due to the jail issue.
Other than that, i’d take him over Giroud anyday of the week.

Third Plebeian

I’d also like to clarify that Giroud and Ramsey are two very, very handsome men indeed.


Benzema would be an upgrade to Giroud. This is me putting down my rose-tinted glasses for a second.

But that said we would have to play a different game to how we do now when Giroud is upfront.

Also glad we didn’t get him!


People were hoping for Jackson Martinez, too, because he was ‘clearly better’ than Giroud. Or Dzeko.

Wenger, apparently, didn’t know what he was doing.

So far Martinez has scored three times this season, and Dzeko five, while Giroud has scored thirteen.


Aaron to get striking lessons from Giroud?

Sign me up. I’d watch that. #swooning.

Glory hunter

let’s hope he’s good form continues for a very long time


May you open your eyes? Have you read his statistics?
Giroud is a top player. Before you answer, please remember your promise…
Love you bro’


I’ve seen so many hateful comments towards Giroud over the years that I’m so pleased he finally got some recognition. Mostly undeserved. He might not be Ronaldo or in that mould, but he does his job year in year out. I doubt I’d change him for any other striker in premiership. Aguero is the standout of course, but think about it, would you rather Giroud who is fit 90% of the time and can consistently perform or someone who is fit for 30% of season…I know what I’d like more, even though Aguero is better.

Greek Gooner

Olympiakos 0, Arsenal 3, The Great Escape.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Yeah, that’s what he says publicly. Privately, he hates Giroud’s guts for having grown a far superior beard.

Bendtner's Ego

I’m confused.

Why is there a Daniel Levy spouting off Arsenal stats? Is he some joker trying to troll Spud supporters?

Canuck Gunner

But…but..he’s not world class, and everyone knows we can’t win the league without a “world class” striker.
I for one like Giroud and am really pleased with his performances and output. And the fact he is improving his stats each year is fantastic.
I am not convinced we need an upgrade for a striker and am equally unconvinced that had we brought one in this past summer, that he would have more goals now than Giroud.
We should always look to improve the squad, but I really do not see a new striker being a major priority.


I do think we need a striker that can create his own chances though. Giroud is good when the rest of the team is on point and giving him good service.

It’s just that Arsenal always had 1 of these strikers that can create their own chances in the box. Wright, kanu, Henry, Bergkamp, RVP, Eduardo and even Adebayor to an extent. Hopefully welbeck comes back stronger.

ACoq from the locker

Actualy we have one – it’s Alexis.

Canuck Gunner

With the creative players we have, I’m not desparate for a striker that creates more chances for himself. And we have Walcott and Welbeck (when they are not injured) that give different options. Like I said – you always need to try to improve the team, but I think we’ve got a pretty decent group of forwards that offer different qualities.


Andrey Kokorin is on his way. Relax


World class Costa? falcao? United have squad depth? Rooney out Martial in? Or City in between Bony and Aguero and frankly no one else. What are the media smoking A bunch of has been mediocre players mainly who have never managed a top club let alone operated in the transfer market Sadly many listen to them If they said we ‘failed’ in the transfer window bc we only bought a keeper, many are ready to believe it Transfer market is important but it is not the only was to improve the squad Ardent had organically brought on Coquelin, Ballerina and… Read more »

Cliff Bastin

I might even buy this horrendous cup shirt now.


The thing with Giroud that is frustrating for me is that he could be even better and have a higher goal total if he would work harder off of the ball and make those near post runs and runs into the box as hard as he did last night to get two of his goals. Too often he will not be as active on his runs and hang out by the 18 on crosses. I’d also like to see him work harder defensively in the attacking third to help us win the ball back. Too often his teammates are pressing,… Read more »

Arteta Fan

Next week Giroud will miss a sitter and the calls for hanging him by his soccer balls will come from all sides. Football is a game of errors, a game where it is much much easier to prevent a goal than to score one. A game where even the best forwards are “inconsistent” yet we fail to appreciate OG’s consistency, strengths (manly he is!), loyalty and annual improvement. Not only does he get better every season…he makes other players better. What a slouch…bench him. Fire the manager while you are at it. By the way…What do Spurs fans have that… Read more »


He’s a really important part of the team and he’s getting better every year.

He’s not Henry and he never will be, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a really important player for the team.

Arsenal fans have been so spoiled with strikers in the past that I think often we have trouble recognizing a good thing when we have it, just because it isn’t quite as good as it could be.


I know this probably went unnoticed but Ramsey assists for both Sunderland and Olympics were eerily similar.

More of that please.


I like the fella. The stats point out that he is getting better with every season. What more can you ask for really.

Given the Sanogo_esque start he had


Has Giroud scored a century of goals yet for arsenal?????


Google? Wikipedia?


Following his improvement, we’ll be getting a 1 goal per game striker in 5 years then 😀

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