Saturday, September 30, 2023

Report: Arsenal 2-1 Man City (inc goals)

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Campbell, Walcott, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, The Jeff, Gibbs, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gabriel, Chambers, Iwobi

Goals from Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud ensured Arsenal took three points against Man City, even if Yaya Toure’s late goal made the final stages of the 2-1 win a little more nervous than they should have been.

The Gunners were unchanged from the side that won 2-0 against Aston Villa, but there was no place on the bench for Alexis Sanchez, still suffering the effects of the hamstring strain he suffered against Norwich on November 29th.

The opening stages saw both teams testing each other out, with City having the first attempt on goal in the 7th minute when David Silva curled a shot over the bar. That was followed by Fernandinho spanking one high and wide, but not by too much.

Kevin de Bruyne was lucky to escape a yellow card for a late challenge on Theo Walcott, and as the half progressed there was more possession for the visiting side. Hector Bellerin had to be alert to clear, while at the other end the most dangerous Arsenal moment came when an Ozil pass almost deflected to Walcott but the angle was too tight.

De Bruyne tested Cech at his near post with a low drive that the keeper pushed around the post, and Alexander Kolorov was the next to escape a yellow card as he tripped Ozil when the German was trying to start an Arsenal break.

Eventually a yellow card was issued to David Silva after a sequence of City fouls, but Pellegrini’s side should have been ahead when an Aguero flick sent de Bruyne through on goal. His shot fizzed just wide of Cech’s far post, and it was to prove a costly miss because within two minutes Arsenal were ahead.

Ozil looked to play a pass to Monreal but Walcott took it just inside the box, came back outside, and then curled a brilliant shot with his right foot into the far corner with Joe Hart grasping at air. 1-0.

That energised Arsenal, there was more zip to the passing, and when City did have it the likes of Campbell and Ozil were willing to work hard and do their defensive duty. When it looked as if Arsenal would take a single goal lead into the break, the lead was doubled in first half injury time.

Mangala made a mistake in midfield and presented the ball to Walcott. He gave it to Ozil who slipped the ball down the inside channel to Giroud who finished between Hart’s legs. 2-0.

That made it two assists for the German, and it was a lovely position for the Gunners to be in at the break.

City made a change for the second period, bringing on Raheem Sterling for Fabian Delph, and picked up an early yellow card when Nicolas Otamendi unnecessarily flattened Giroud on the sideline.

As expected the away side really pressed hard to find a goal to get them back into the game, but it should have been out of sight for Arsenal in the 52nd minute. Monreal got down the left, pulled a low cross back into the box, but Joel Campbell on his left foot put the ball over the bar from 7 yards out – he should have scored.

Aguero tested Cech with a flicked header from a free kick, and there was another chance for the Costa Rican moments later. There was a great pass from Koscielny to Campbell, he raced into the box but under pressure he couldn’t get any power on the shot and Hart saved with his legs.

The England man was the busier keeper and City had him to thank for keeping the score at 2-0. Superb one touch football between Ozil and Campbell saw the Costa Rican feed Ramsey, but Hart came out to save well to deny the Welshman a goal.

Wilfried Bony came on to replace Aguero in the 63rd minute, Ramsey curled a shot over and Arsene Wenger made his first change of the night bringing on Kieran Gibbs for the hard-working Campbell. Yaya Toure dived to try and win a penalty like a bit cheaty bollix, before Navas came on for Silva.

Bony saw an on-target header easily taken by Cech, before Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came on for Ozil in the 77th minute. The Gunners seemed happy to sit deep to try and find space on the break when they won the ball back.

However, it was Navas who found himself through on goal but bizarrely, rather than shooting, he tried to make a square pass through a crowd of players and ended up conceding a free kick for handball. At the other end Walcott saw a shot saved by Hart, but in the 82nd minute the game was made tight when Toure finished brilliantly into the top corner to make it 2-1.

The two goal lead was almost restored instantly when Ramsey found himself with a sight of goal but he seemed caught in two minds, crossing for Walcott when he probably should have had a shot. Toure almost equalised, firing wide from 7 yards out, before Arsene Wenger made his final change with Calum Chambers replacing Theo Walcott.

It was hang onto your seat stuff, with Giroud making a massive challenge in the box and hurting himself in the process, and as he got treatment the board went up with 4 minutes of injury time. There was maturity from the Arsenal players as they forced a series of throws down the City right, and although we made hard work of the last 10 minutes, that’s a massive, massive win.

Get in!

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The average life expectancy of an Arsenal fan must be a few years younger than the average person with the amount of heart attacks they give fans. Why do they have to make it so difficult?
But I wouldn’t have them any other way. COYG!


Stuff of Champions


Good job, boys.Good job.


Huge result tonight.
Absolutely huge result..

Showed some serious melons at the end to hold out and seal the win with some sold defending.
Many Arsenal teams of recent years would of rolled over and concede the equaliser in the last 10 minutes.

Rode our luck at times, but take nothing away from that result.


Stuff of champions is only when City or Chelsea wins. This is…. ‘Arsenal win. Just about’ .!


Don’t know why this is being down voted because it’s true. When city or chelsea hang on for a win they’re praised when we do it they just say we we’re hanging on or they forget that we’re capable of winning this way and say ‘arsenal never win ugly’.


Yup, playing devils advocate is always a risk in text form lol I see the point he’s making here. He’s saying what will be said, not the words himself


Not sure you quite understand the meaning of the term “playing devils advocate”


Made sense to me..


Which works in our favour in my opinion. Let the fucking pundits write us off every time, and we just go about doing our job quietly. Avoids complacency, removes a slight amount of pressure off the team. By the time we win the league those same fuckers will start pointing on how we’ve never won in Europe, I guarantee it.


Should be 100% thumbs up for this comment, that’s a direct quote from the BBC live text at full time: “Arsenal win. Just about.” Fucking twats, they’re usually better than that.


What’s with all the thumbs down?
Non-existent sense of humour… Bunch of miserable t***s…

Like this guy on BBC live commentary last night, while Arsenal was 2-0 up he post his displeasure about the big Arsenal flags that are being waved after a goal by Arsenal… That only shows what a ‘fan’ you really are, no matter how well we play and win, some people just love to be negative about all things Arsenal.


Let’s not win like that again, though. Some comfortable 4-0s now, please.

Away fan

Let’s not judge this game on the last 10 minutes. We were in total control for the other 80.
Koscielny was King. MOTM

Daan van Lith

Aguero back in his favorite place.. koscielnys pocket


I thought he was in Flamini’s pocket … I dunno, could he have been in both pockets at once?


Schrodinger’s pocket?


I thought that Silva was in Flamini’s pocket, but then again, a billionaire’s pocket probably has space for one more I guess.


Jagger and Zflair, that’s class from both of you!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Victory, that’s all that counts. I am so happy. Just a suggestion, can we defend from midfield especially against Barcelona ? Some fans have heart disease. We defended from midfield to down the likes of Juventus and Real Madrid up to Champions League final with Prof Wenger.


I think our defensive players are the unsung heroes. The stability and calmness at the back is allowing the attacking players to play their game.


Can anybody name a more aggressive and effective man marker than Koscielny in the league or even Europe? When we play a team with a dangerous striker it is often the Boss who gets the job of suffocating them out of the game. Aguero joins a lengthy list tonight.. What a performance by our no.6


Except for the time when Aguero sent De Bruyne through, he was in Koscielny’s pocket.


That was, though -let’s face it- a simply glorious ball by Aguero. There was nothing Koscielny could have done about it, or any other defender in the world; it was marvellous to watch. And City should have scored from it, but phew


Everyone’s talking about kos but I thought Mertesacker was man of the match this game. Some of his tackles were awesome. Very very good performance by him

2015-2016 = the year we've been waiting for

Koscielny’s got more strikers in his pockets than Santa Claus has presents in his.

bims lay

Absolutely………and for me. Flamini is an unsung hero…..competition is really a good thing.. i can see that in this team now. Flamini curbed his forward wandering in this match…i actually saw him pull Ramsey back a few saying “we are 2 nil up mate, you aint going no where”….. and this is what champions are made of……you play for each other and most importantly, whether beautiful or ugly? you get the 3 points….well played lads and i am an ecstatic gooner!


Ahhhhhhh… the usual Arsenal last 10 min panic attack. Anyone have any Xanax?

Bob's Mexican Cousin


Where did the Wenger out brigade go?


Don’t worry about them. They will be back the second we falter.


I know its still early but I’m fucking overwhelmed with optimism and excitement at this injury-plagued squad playing like champions. I was jumping off the couch screaming at my TV in excitement like I was first row at the Emirates. I’ve been following Arsenal (and Arseblog) weekly since ’08, and this is by far the most excited and the most belief in this team I’ve ever felt. COYG!!! GREAT WIN TODAY!!!! HELL YEAH!


Congratulations old boy, 107 is a wonderful age indeed.

Crash Fistfight

I’m not sure he could have been following Arseblog since birth – must be at least 112.

Silent G

Walcott’s best game in an Arsenal shirt.


He’s had some pretty good games, 2 goals against Chelsea in a 5-2 if I remember correct. A goal against Milan in the CL. That 2-0 in the FA cup against them.


2015 Theo is better than the old Theos by miles. He’s actually coming good as a striker, when most of us thought it would never happen. Scoring, but also creating.

That one goal in the 5-2 was hilarious though. Chelsea just standing there watching…


Don’t forget the hat trick against Newcastle, or the three injury time goals against Reading.


You know what, I’ve thought that about Walcott a number of times since his return from injury. He has really matured as a player it’s great to see.



He is doing things right out of Wengers “golden age” description of the lad.

It is a joy to watch.


Wenger also said before the game “we score goals with Walcott and Giroud if Ozil plays his game” and sounded so certain of it.

Andy Mack

Theos had the odd great game in seasons past but he really seems to have developed his overall game and especially his consistency this season. Even when he’s quiet in front of goal now, he’s still adding to the team by either playing others ‘in’ or just by creating space for others. That wasn’t really part of his game in the past.


Hope he maintains it, wenger just said Sanchez won’t be back until the 10th of January..


Good performance from him, but an odd comment to make seeing as Walcott’s had a shit ton of great moments in an Arsenal shirt down the years.


Thought it was his United performance in this year’s 3-0 becasue he had a hand in all three goals but yeah he was amazing today. Tactically excellent and his touch is much improved


Phenomenal. Campbell is doing a Coq and growing rapidly…


Ozil the magician. Walcott and Giroud took their chances well. Campbell another hard working shift.
Over all a comfortable victory except for the last 10 mins.


The timing and weight of his passes is just something else. When you’ve watched enough football (particularly on TV with the camera angle/vantage point we get) you can usually see the pass and have an idea of when it should be played. Some players take a touch too many, some don’t see it at all and some overhit it. Ozil sees things I don’t even see sometimes and you just know that his pass is 9 times out of 10 going to be perfectly weighted and timed at the exact moment the opponent is most vulnerable. The guy is fucking… Read more »

Mate Kiddleton

We lost our passing radar a bit when Ozil came off for Chambo, it was really obvious. That’s how important he is to us.

Giroud fanboy

Completely agree, I thought that was a strange move by the boss instead of his usual – extra left back, extra right back – subs in these situations. Don;t think he will take Mesut off in similar circumstances again.

Giroud fanboy

Hang on it was the Ox who came on for Ozil wasn’t it? That’s what I thought was odd, I would not have taken Ozil off, and if I had, I would have had Chambers in for him.


Ozil was sick the whole week.


2015 Theo is better than the old Theos by miles. He’s actually coming good as a striker, when most of us thought it would never happen. Scoring, but also creating.

That one goal in the 5-2 was hilarious though. Chelsea just standing there watching…


Ozil is going to have to play a ton of games in the next few weeks. You need to rest him

Andy Mack

I think AW could see some nasty tackles coming from Otamendi in particular and didn’t want to risk Ozil any longer.


Good job,boys.Good job.


Great result, and without Alexis.

Le Jim

Holy fuck that was a relief.

Brilliant for 80 mins. Would love it if Campbell and Ramsey were more clinical, but onwards and upwards.

Giroud fanboy

Ramsey is really good but but if his decision-making improved he could be a great.

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

He keeps his head down in the box waaay too much. It’s unbelievably frustrating.

A Yank

You think I’d be use to “Boss for 80 mins; try to collapse for 10.” Nope. Going to die of a fucking coronary.

Le Jim

I feel ya, Yank. I’ve got a home doctor on speed dial just for Arsenal games ?


I think it suffices to say that I ended that game with 40% less hair than I started it with.


I just realised that I do not need to trim my finger nails, nothing much left.


What little hair I didn’t pull out in the last ten minutes turned grey. Oh well, that’s what hair colouring is for. Up the ARSENAL – they’re to dye for!


I have my hair, but it’s all covered in sweat. Armpits and arse crack have never been so moist.

Giroud fanboy

Up to now Theo has been great in patches within the game, popping up with a great finish or slick move, but in this, the biggest of games, he was bloody brilliant throughout both in defence and in offence. My man of the match without a shadow of a doubt.

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)


Cech Mate

By far the greatest present I could wish for . COYFG


Phew, what a game!

To me the turning point of the game was when de Bruyne opted to shoot instead of squaring the ball to Silva who was better positioned in the first half. Had De Bruyne had a little bit of Ozil in him manc would have scored and we would be chasing the game.

Cech’s record had to wait, but Ozil’s assist record may well be achieved in Jan! Great night overall!


I think Cech made de bruyne feel unsure of himself for that nanosecond.
It’s making a real difference this season.Top top top top goal keeper.The best this league has ever graced.

Andy Mack

And Per gently shepherding de bruyne towards a tighter angle.


While De Bruyne should have squared to Silva, Bellerin’s incredible tracking back was possibly another factor that led to him shooting. He absolutely steamed back there to try and cover.

bims lay

Agreed……its the extra edge that top keepers like cech gives you and comes out of strikers knowing you’ve got to try something special to beat him, which costs you that extra second that could make the difference……… the cech factor? @ jonny92….Also Agreed….that bellerin’s tracking back run was sensational and if you rewatch the video, in a blink of an eye, he overtook other arsenal teamates tracking back!….and was able to get back in place to intercept between silva and De bruyne, had he chosen to square the ball, and i actually think that was one of the reasons De… Read more »


That pass for De Bruyne was never on thanks to the brilliant positioning of BFG and the speed of Bellerin.


from De Bruyne*


BFG’S defending there closed the angle for that pass…Only Mesut could have found it,,,But he plays for us so fuck City.

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

I simultaneously creamed my pants and destroyed my throat when Theo scored. Olivier was immense, just making Otamendi his bitch the whole game, two more fucking Ozists from Mesut, it was just an awesome performance where everybody turned up. Stuff of fucking champs.

PS: I don’t think I’ve seen Theo do so much defending in my life. He took part in more defensive play than when he played at right back during that 8-2 at Old Trafford.


He was behind Nacho on average on the pitch.

Plus a great goal.


Really? Wow


Complete performance… Some goals are just unstoppable. Gutted for Cech nether the less


We made them look so average they had to revert to type and dive around!

I don't comment here often

Man City’s strategy in the first half was straight-up Newcastle shit. Nothing but fouls and Otamendi looking thoroughly pissed off.

Man Manny

With all the injuries, these boys have turned a corner mentally. Very satisfying win.
March on to the title boys; you can do it. COYG!


Agreed over the last few years a few injuries have led to bad runs. Now we’re believing in ourselves enough to pick a consistent run of good results. West Brom aside but that’s pulis negative crap winning through as usual

Andy Mack

Despite the doom-mongers bitching, we actually have quite a lot of depth to the squad now.


Bellerin is back!


Lovely to see an Arsenal team grow from boys to men!!


Great battling performance… Should have got the third to kill the game…we made it hard for ourselves at the end.

Nice to be in a title race!


\\but the manager is past it, lost it ages ago, we should have bought a striker…etc etc.


I’d tell my kids that replied to fatgooner’s only positive comment… EVER!!!

Dial square

Who thumbed this down? And why???


Knee-jerk anti-Fatgoonerism.


Name=fatgooner. Automatism kicks in..


As true as Arsenal induced last 10 minute heartattack.

bims lay

tonight’s performance is so good that it even earns fatso’s praise?, now, we are in a title race?…..Amazing


Merry Christmas


I’ wouldn’t even pay 40,000,001 for the Sterling in Bellerins pocket


Agreed Sterling is a miserable little cunt.
Koscielny had Aguero in his pocket too. Bossed him out of the game

Mate Kiddleton

And Flamini turned Silva into a spectator


A lot of our defenders went home tonight with some dead weight in their pockets.

Silent G

Get bent Fatgooner. Bandwagon man


He calls it as he sees it..fool


Thanks, Volders.

Some people don’t like honesty.


Fair play Fats but I “honestly” think you are far too hard on Arsene Wenger.


“Calling it as he sees it” doesn’t even come in to it alas – a few mealy-mouthed semi-generous comments after big wins don’t erase the memory of, to give one example [of Mesut Özil] “he just doesn’t have enough passion”.

Spin it as you will – the guy hasn’t a clue.

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

Özil is a god.
Come On Arsenal!!!
Kill the league in the second half of the season!!!!


I am quite positive the second half of the season is going to be great for us especially considering the league is rid off cunts like mourinho and United is stuck with that good for nothing wanker LVG and today it was great to see pellegrini scratch his head aswell.


Although, if the rumours have any substance to them, LVG will be sacked on Boxing Day after Man Uropa lose at Stoke and Moronho will be hired to replace him.

With any luck, though, Moronho will then finish the job at Uropa that he started at Chel$ki.


This season, we are at a level where we can beat all the big clubs. Only if we do not let complacency creep in against the smaller clubs, the title is ours to keep.


I don’t think it’s complacency that is causing all these upsets. It’s just that the gap between the “smaller teams” and “the bigger teams” have shrunk quite significantly over the years. The inflated prices tagged on those big club players certainly caused some illusions — that seemed to made those players “world class”, but in fact the gap might not have been as wide as many thought.




Exactly and if you’re Chelsea who live by the chequebook, if there aren’t standout players available in a transfer window then you’re fucked.

There’s also closer competition between managers – is there enough success in a Premiership season to go around Pellegrini, Ranieri, Wenger, Mourinho, Van Gaal and Klopp? As we’ve seen so beautifully illustrated by that Portuguese fucknugget, there isn’t.


Outstanding performance all round. Flamini winding back the years sticking to Silva like he did Kaka at the San Siro. Walcott what a match, Campbell what a grafter. Just buzzing top graft!!


Nerve-wracking last 13 minutes for a fantastic victory. If I wanted to nitpick, I’d say we need to learn how to kill the game but that Toure finish was just undenfendable. Overall good attacking and defensive performance.


Koss IMMENSE again.

Mesuts assist

He assists when he wants
He assists when he wants
Mesut ozil
He assists when he wants

chris b

a champions performance. Aguero got bullied off the ball almost entirely.

Bob Davis

I think Ramsey could have prevented Toure from scoring that goal. Ozil was pure class. He wasn’t too pleased when he got subbed. Overall a great result. Let’s give Southampton a good thrashing.

Man Manny

Full strength City (bar Kompany).
Arsenal missing Alexis, Cazorla, Coquelin, Wilshere, Rosicky, Welbeck and Arteta yet we run away with the points. Stuff of champlons.

chris b

Kompany does seem to make all the difference for them… but you don’t hear me complaining! 🙂

Andy Mack

He does, but £32m Otamendi and £40m Mangala should be decent cover!


Aguero was rusty. Probably half-injured. He’s key for them too. The one player of theirs I would take in a minute …if his hamstrings weren’t so fucked.

Rsa gooner many goals will we when sanchez returns?



Rsa gooner

Has more assists then the whole man u and chelsea team combined..


After today:
Ozil – 15 assists
entire Man Uropa team – 12 assists
entire Chel$hit team – 11 assists

Absolute class.


Petr Cech is different class. Once again he does it 1v1 against de bruyne and navas. He always wins the in game psychological battle. In Cech we have added another winner to our squad and that’s making the difference.
On a side note we need to improve in some areas.We rely too much on bellerin to make that track-back run on the right hand side. Poor kid is running his socks off. I think the role he is playing is way too demanding for his age. We ought to protect him more.


Hallmark of a potential world class player, asked to do jobs way beyond his age, especially in defence.

kos the boss

Per’s positioned himself just to cover the pass to Silva almost encouraging de bruyne to shoot because he knew cech will probably save anything that comes at him.

Dave Trotter

Stuff of champions. Ha ha. Let’s not get carried away now. We all know Arsenal could collapse at any stage of the season. I’ll shout stuff of champions when it’s a mathematical certainty


There’s one in every crowd.


OK Dave!

Rsa gooner

Come on you arsenal. …


I didn’t shit my pants those last few minutes.. Am serious I didn’t. #championsInTheMaking


Joe Camel had some great chances and was a part of some nice attacks

a very hard worker too


match started at 4am here, totally worth it. COYG!!


Over 60% possession, multiple attempt on goal, conceded 2 goals in 2 attempts by opponent, score a goal in 80th Min, all out attack but still end up losing.

Sounds familiar? Thank god that wasn’t us tonight. Great win against a tough opponent, and just 2 points behind Leicester. Woke up for the game at 4am and it’s well worth it.


handsome french bloke

just love how our wing backs learn thru the game..gets caught out maybe in the first half but comes back LYK A BOSS!!


“Giroud not world class” – caragher

Tell my man Shut Up


He also said Arsenal are at the same level to finish 3-4th in normal course but the other teams have dropped that Arsenal are in the mix and marginally edging it, this season! Weren’t Chelsea worried about us last season and it was their game with us every one was looking at before crowning them as Champions – were did City or Chelsea’s credentials go?! Why is it so difficult for the ‘pundits’ to agree that Wenger can improve players and his squad without having to buy ready made upgrades! Campbell this season and Coq last season ofcourse took their… Read more »


To add couple of other obvious examples Ozil from being a facilitator to dominator and Giroud from being 2nd choice behind Benzema for France has arguably gone ahead of him!

Wenger’s track record of improving players is the reason Walcott would have shunned the more lucrative deals on offer elsewhere!


carragher doesn’t know his arse from his elbow! I’m glad he doesn’t rate Giroud!


4 points ahead of city!! Merry Christmas


Should be 7 (Mike Dean).


Should be 9 (twat linesman vs. Liverpoo).


Flip me, heart in mouth after they scored but we got the points we deserved ?


Wenger has just said on an interview with NBCSN that Sanchez won’t be back until 10th Jan.
Bit disappointed by that, but the boys sure are playing well without him!


10/10 to Mesut Ozil for showing leadership and making the players push on throughout the time he was on the pitch. He really is becoming the heart and soul of this team. Another 2 assists puts him 5 away from Henry’s record with quite a few games to go. Love him!


I’m really starting to believe that we can do it. Gooners!


We can. I know we can.

Edu's Braces

Crowd were great tonight, start to finish. Mondays baby. Great win.

Does anyone know what the ’49 49′ chant is? Cant figure it out. Unbeaten run maybe?

I want to boff Flamini and I'm not even gay

It’s about san francisco

El Blondo

49, 49 Undefeated
49, 49 I Say
49, 49 Undefeated
playing Football the Arsenal Way.

Great atmosphere tonight at the Emirates watching Ozil live is a privilidge. Joel worked his socks off & the players gave 100%..

happy Christmas fellow gooners what a lovely start to the holidays. Hopefully I’ll get my voice back soon

Edus Braces

Cheers man


Anyone knows about Giroud’s injury? He was limping in the final moments.

Ozil's Assistant

Per is also an unsung hero imo. Kos is boss that’s (duh, that’s obvious) but Per has a calm (Cech like) aura to him.

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