Saturday, January 28, 2023

Wenger reveals penalty taking pecking order

In the absence of Mikel Arteta and Santi Cazorla, Arsenal’s two most regular penalty takers in recent times, Arsene Wenger has spoken about the other options available to him.

Olivier Giroud stepped up to convert last night’s penalty, reportedly his 10th conversion from 11 in his top-flight career, and it was a goal which sealed the deal for the Gunners last night.

Speaking afterwards, the Arsenal manager touched on the order of penalty takers for last night’s game, saying, “He was on the list to be No 1. Number two was Walcott and No 3 was Ramsey, so we respected the order.

“It is maybe easier to take a penalty when you have already scored, but he took it well. He practised in training and it showed.”

Wenger was full of praise for his centre-forward who looked like he might have go off after turning his ankle, but stayed on to fire Arsenal into the knock-out stages.

“It was a perfect performance because he scored a header, one with a good combination thanks to a good pass by Campbell, and also a penalty on top of that,” he said.

“He was sometimes in uncomfortable positions but he fought like mad and he has shown skill and character. I always defended Olivier on the character side because he has always had something special on that front.

“He showed that in the game again today.”

It’s a performance that should earn him some credit from those reluctant to give it to him.


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Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

Blogs, PLEEEAAAAAASE tell me you made that video!! Holy Lord on heaven!! LMFAO!


It’s fucking brilliant.

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

Dammit! My life has been completed by this video. Look at Arsene’s face Blogs… It feels like he’s looking at all the critics who constantly give him shit after one blip…


And by taking penalties, his goal tally can get even better.

Mark Hughes

It worked for Alan Shearer.


Shearer hardly moved out of the final third either!

Danger Mouse

Ha ha ha. Love it.


Without much to back up my theory. I just have a ‘feeling’ Theo would take a bit of a naff penalty.

But yeah, I’d would also have Giroud up there, followed by Ramsey.

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

I would’ve blamed the naff penalty on the calf injury. Even if he took it with his left foot.

John C

I actually think Walcott strikes a good dead ball.


ozil strikes it better. has missed twice for arsenal.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

man that’s harsh… 😉


Not sure if i’m imaging things but I’m sure I remember him slotting a peno or 2 away in shoot outs for us over the years, looking rather confident whilst doing so

Stewart Robson's therapist

I know Cazorla’s record is good statistically, but I’ve never been that convinced by his penalty-taking. He’s had a few lucky ones, like the one in the Man City win that was only just high enough or the one Guzan fumbled at the Emirates last year. I’ve thought for a while that I’d be happier with the HFB taking penalties. Would improve his goal tally for the season too, so his numbers aren’t constantly being compared to strikers that have that advantage.

Goone's Farm

People, someone suggested starting an Ozil chant to this song “Ozil la la la la la la la la”. Kind of like the Giroud chant, whaddya think?

Goone's Farm

Starts at 0:40

Fireman Sam

Not bad but too many “la la”s in it

“You sold Bale, we signed Mesut Ozil” will have to do for now 😉

Me So Hornsey

I like that. I like that very much. Would have been perfect if Ozil was South American/Latino.

But still, I like.


The man needs a song!


I’ve always reckoned the 90s pop version of ‘Hey Baby’ would be a good shout. Hey, hey Mesut Öz-il!

Unfortunately I’m bad at lyrics and don’t get to many matches, so can’t get the chant going. I think I heard another team using the same song for a chant as well, so someone got there ahead of me.


You mean like this one?


How about:

With him the Arsenal is great
He serves the ball up on a plate
Alexis taps it in [or Giroud just slots it in, etc, depending on who last scored]
So raise your fist
One more assist


…or just the last three lines, now that I think of it.

Little Mozart

It was a perfect penalty, and I do want to see him taking more from now on. After his superb penalty in the shootout against Wigan two seasons ago I felt he should be taking them more often.


Arteta remains our best penalty taker in the team.
i’d rank them in this order: 1. Arteta 2. Giroud 3. Santi 4. Alexis 5. Ramsey 6. Rosicky 7. Campbell 8. Ozil

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

Santi, even with Giroud’s conversion rate & that penalty last night, is ice cold. Ref: Panenka vs Newcastle


Personally I’d prefer Ospina as first choice. Not only would it be fun but it would scare the sp*rs out of their goalkeeper as everyone goes OoooooooooooooooooSpina!!!!!


Speaking of Ospina, you’d have to think he was a little bit relieved as well as elated after last night’s result


Lauren Etame Meyer never missed a penalty.


I’ve never missed one either.


Wenger praises Giroud but looking at the interaction between the two where Giroud celebrates with players near the bench and when he’s replaced, it seems as though Giroud couldn’t care less about what Wenger has to say. He doesn’t even turn his head… never noticed that before…


Wow. The comment section never disappoints.


I don’t think Giroud was going to respect any pecking order

He looked pissed off with the ankle twist before hand and very hungry for his first hat trick

I’d imagine he would have pushed santi or whoever over for the ball

Even the keeper attempting to psych him out did not work

Giroud had one purpose only, hit the target and get the hat trick


I wonder if the lads still have the rule should one of the penalty takers actually earn the foul, then that eliminates them from taking the kick? I remember the Invincibles employing that rule. If Henry gets taken down, then Pires takes the kick and vice versa.
Love that video as well. MR. WENGER IS BACK!!!! Don’t cross the boss!


Oh my Bergkamp that video is glorious.

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