Friday, September 22, 2023

Debuchy linked with Aston Villa loan

Reports this morning link Mathieu Debuchy with a loan move to  Aston Villa.

L’Equipe say that the French international is set the join the Premier League’s bottom club after discussions with boss Remi Garde.

Debuchy has been unhappy with his situation at Arsenal for some time and has been agitating to leave the club in order to keep his hopes of playing at Euro 2016 alive.

Earlier in the month former Gunner Garde revealed he’d spoken to Arsene Wenger about the possibility of taking Debuchy on a short-term basis as he faces a relegation battle that seems practically impossible.

“I had a conversation with Arsene a few days ago about some of the players and Mathieu Debuchy was among these players,” he said.

Now it seems as if the move will go through and Debuchy will get his wish and regular first team football. You might question the wisdom of leaving a team challenging for the title for one that appears to be doomed, but footballers are a weird bunch at times.

Via @MattSpiro

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if he goes, backup?


Alan Hutton to move in the other direction?! 😉

Goone's Farm

Christ, don’t even joke about that shit! *shudders*


? thumbs down just for the thought…. Brrr


Don’t get the ‘thumbsdowns’ at all. Maybe because some think Chambers is the obvious answer? Or maybe that and a combination of Debuchy stinking the joint out when he did get a chance to play, thus making the answer as relevant as the now proverbial Inanimate Carbon Rod.

Either way, and even taking into account Debuchy’s struggles, if he leaves and assuming no one comes the other way (a fairly safe assumption I’d have thought) then we are clearly weaker as a result, whether one judges that by quality or numbers.


Haha. Real world transfers seem more and more like FIFA transfers these days!


Such a whinny cunt debuchy is..

Mr. G

Exactly! What annoys me is that him leaving in January is going ahead. Far too sentimental from the club to help a self-absorbed immature sulking whiner get what he wants, especially when said whiner is our only backup right back (I’ve said it before and said it again – Chambers shouldn’t play there, plus I’ve heard that Jenkins on can’t be recalled). Any sympathy I had with Debuchy for last season’s injuries has been lost because of the way he’s been acting. Sulking and whining because he wasn’t allowed to just stroll back into the starting eleven ahead of a… Read more »


At the end of the day the man want to play… You can hardly blame him!!!


*just wants to play… Ugh


Correct Neder. Some posters here stipulating, inferring or implying that spending time in a lesser team makes you lesser player only highlights their utter lack of football nous. The Coq went northlands and came out harder as steel. So debous who is well experienced before going to shittier ground can only do better. Good for Didier and good for Arsene

Bould's Eyeliner

Yeah and it’s a loan. I hardly think that we’ll miss debuchy as he is playing right now. Remi Garde is a manager who could help him regain his mojo that placed him above Sagna, and if all goes well, Debuchy plays in Euros, Debuchy plays better, and Debuchy comes back to us next season with almost 8 months of match fitness after a year out of the game-it’s a move that will see Arsenal ultimately benefit for next season too.

I have no problems with this, and I am expecting Debuchy to do the Arsenal name proud.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Same of you say Wenger should go get those who were not getting enough game time at Real Madrid. Some Arsenal fans said that about Isco, Higuain and Morata when they were there and even Cavani who was tired being played out of position.

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

Amazing how fate, misfortune and an Orc of the Brittania can derail the career of an athlete destined for success.
It’s win win for everyone, he makes way for a RB who’s destined to be the best in the world and hopefully he gets to realize his euro dream.


Agreed with everything except “he makes way..”

No one makes way for our HECTOR, he makes his own!

The bells are ringin’,make way for the Bellerin.


Wow, I know he’s trying to get into the French team, but if he has to move from the team at the top of the league to the team at the bottom of the league to find a level he can get game time he’s not going to impress Deschamps.

The sad part is he might not even get in the starting 11 at villa, and even if he does, the fact that they’re losing games week in week out is going to do his chances of being selected for the euros no good at all.


He will. And beside, players don’t get selected because they play for bigger teams, but the actual performance on the pitch. Remember Scilaci? If he goes there and catch his former form before the end of the season then he will be in better position to compete for a starting position next season. Bonne chance Debouz

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Plus, he was No 1 right back for Deschamps before. Deschamps knows him and will just want him to be sharp. Giovinco plays for Toronto in MLS but is one of the first names in the italian national team.


I’m guessing any change would be better for his own personal goals. I doubt he would just assume he has a chance by going to villa. A conversation with deschamps was likely in order before any move was contemplated.


Should get him off our books completely, in my opinion. What possible use is the man if he wilts under the slightest bit if pressure?

Contrast his cowardly, contemptible behavior with that of Gibbs and Monreal who’ve had a very professional tussel for the LB berth.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Not the only case in PL. All good players do that. Lukaku made it clear to Mourinho, he wanted out for game time. De Bruyne and Mata did same.


Plus Villa are a big team. Compared to us they are tiny but compared to Bournemouth or Norwich they are big. It’s all relative mate.


Speaking of our Nacho-man. With Chelsea scraping it out where they belong, does this mean azpilecueta is dropped for the in form monreal for Spain? Obviously barca-bias syndrome (look it up, it’s a real thing) would peck Alba ahead but clearly our man deserves a place!

Bould's Eyeliner

Trying to make the last meaningful international tournament he can attend in the twilight of his career is hardly the ‘slightest bit’ of pressure. I don’t think he has handled his situation particularly well, but this decision is obviously sanctioned by Wenger, who has little to no use for him now. Aston Villa cannot threaten us, and if they can take points off of other teams, then it’s beneficial to us. I feel like the main problem with fans who disagree with this move is that it feels as if he is insulting the Arsenal by looking to move from… Read more »


Not liking your new full page adverts Arseblog…

Die Hard Gooner

Who is this cunt named jhonny giles or something? Looks like he has an issue with Ozil. Ozil must have ignored him or something at some place.


Wish we didn’t sign this loser. Could’ve had Aurier for half the amount. Now we’re struggling for back up because he throws his dummy out.


As well as the 2014 world cup. This guy clearly couldn’t care less about the club or our title challenge.


Well this is new. Not the loan news but no Ramsey bashing yet?

Ever since his return to the central midfield, celebrities have been frequenting this site to bash him on every post.

Queen Elizabeth II

One is forced to state that Ramsey has been rather terribly poor since his return to the central part of midfield.


Its a total cop out for him. The easiest thing to do is to go and find a team where its easier to get in than the current one instead of working harder, to get back to the level we all know he is capable of. Watching him last season , i under estimated how good this player was. He was incredible, especially at centre back.


Debuchy is being like a spoilt child, unprofessional twat. Let him go and don’t come back.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If you have players on the bench who think they should be playing then you have quality and depth. What did we win when our players were all happy explaining how young they were or how much more money other teams were spending? The Ox for example does not mind being on the bench. Never heard him expressing desire to play every game. You see the effect on his performance?

I only comment on the loo

All the best. Sorry it didn’t work out. Ta ta ! Hopefully, he’ll make room for a player who is driven, motivated, etc to push Bellerin on even further.


Calm it plse!
I liked Debuchy on the pitch, and we dont know really whats going on here.


Well he will certainly get a lot of defending practice at Villa!

Ex-Priest Tobin

Fair enough, the Euros are a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. Some players are more dedicated to their country than their club, I guess Debuchy is one of those. It’s not like he’s a traitor at Van Persie level, calm down guys.

Arse Sutra

Arsenal’s last match of the season is villa at home….
He will realise his mistake when he sees the Gunners lifting the PL trophy and a final at Wembley awaiting ….


once in a lifetime? didn’t he play in the 2012 euros?

Andy Mack

It’s in his home country this year…..


You do have to feel for him after starting for France in the WC and then coming to a big club like Arsenal as their RB to go down with that bad ankle injury, then to come back and have that cheap shove put him out again for months and then to see Bellerin come in and take his spot. In terms of backup there are some options, none of which are great, but serviceable if Bellerin misses a match or two that have all played there at least once: Ramsey Flamini Gabriel Koscielny Chambers My guess would be Chambers… Read more »


You mention Ramsey as an option at RB. What are you smoking, you really want the RB playing upfront.

Coquelin is a much better option at RB


Ramsey is an option because he’s actually played right back for us a couple of times. But you are correct that Coquelin should also have been in that list.


Debuchy has every right to want to leave to further his own ambitions. I couldn’t even name up to five Arsenal players that are at the club who would stay at the expense of their own personal goals, so expecting Debuchy to stay and be happy because that’s what’s convenient for us is unfair, to hate for not doing exactly that is pretty stupid.
“WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE HAPPY AND SHUT UP AND DO WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO?!” is essentially what it sounds like.


You are a classy gooner!


I’m pretty sure with our injury record an number of matches, he would’ve got the opportunity to play if he was actually concentrated in getting better than crying to the press.

Timothy Lumsden

Garde could really get the best out of him. Played in defence himself .


Chambers is natural choice for Rback. Its his natural position for Soton.

It will be benfitial for him to have opportunity finally in a position that he is familiar with.

He can rotate with Bellerin in time. Meanwhile the arrival of Elneny further crowds Chambers out of midfield.

Unlike Flamini, Chambers is not experienced enough positionally to hold for us. Elneny and the returning Arteta further adds options here.



Good luck to him

Jos Boy

Blogs, what’s weird about it? He seeks 1st team football which is virtually guaranteed at Villa so mission accomplished.

He plays himself into form and even if Villa go down and he excels, he gets the France nod and we gain an in form, confident player for next season. Win/win.


Lol at the moaners calling him unprofessional. He knows he isn’t good enough to make our first team. He wants to play football, and will likely take a pay cut to do so. Nothing wrong with that. He’s hardly an RVP is he? He’s been here about two years, mostly on the bench. Hasn’t been raised here, hasn’t ever in my opinion professed his love for the club, or London. He’s a footballer who wants to play football. Surely that should be applauded, plenty of mercenaries at other clubs happy to pick up big wages and just sit on the… Read more »

Like a BOSScielny

“Leicester have now been top of the Premier League table for 33 days this season, the same number of days that Spurs have been top of the Premier League table since its inception in 1992”

Let’s all laugh at sp*rs!???

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