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Eboue eager to revive Arsenal career

Former players returning to Arsenal in the twilight of their career has warmed the cockles in years gone by. Think Sol Campbell, Jens Lehmann and of course…Thierry’s unforgettable homecoming.

Even the contract handed to ‘renaissance man’ Mathieu Flamini made us warm and fuzzy inside.

Then there are the ‘Invincibles’ who have sporadically and magically popped up in first team training pictures; Martin Keown barking at Philippe Senderos, Robert Pires looking gloriously Gallic, Gilberto Silva, suitably majestic and Freddie Ljungberg showing off his Scandi cheekbones.

One chap we suspect won’t be getting a return to the Emirates, even though we’re sure his tigerish love of fancy dress would see London Colney’s ‘banter game’ step up a notch, is Emmanuel Eboue.

At 32-years-old old our former right-back is without a club having finally been released from a traumatic spell at Galatasaray and he fancies another stint at Arsenal.

Reflecting on his current circumstances he explained to The Sun: “We are looking for options but I’d love to come back to Arsenal.

He continued: “I came back for training [at Galatasaray] and was told I would not be playing. The president told the manager at the time not to pick me. The way I was treated was very unfair.”

Eboue doesn’t appear to have played a single first team game for the Turkish giants since April 2014 – a stint on the sidelines that stretches to 640 days. Even by Winston Bogarde standards, that’s impressive.

As Arsenal fans will remember, Eboue suffered the ignominy of being booed off by his own fans for an inept performance against Wigan in 2008 and drew a line under his Gunners career by conceding a ridiculous penalty against Liverpool in the 112th minute of a game at the Emirates in 2011. Coming just moments after we’d taken the lead, it was a classic case of Ebouecide from which he never recovered…

Anyway, despite the fact we’re about to shift Mathieu Debuchy, we suspect Arsene may resist the temptation to sign Emmanuel as cover for Hector Bellerin.

So with that in mind, the poo-ometer makes a triumphant return.



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Full blown diarrhea. Expected nothing less.


The ebou-o-meter if you will…


And still not enough poooooop.


We only came to see Eboue!


For me, he is without a doubt, one of the worst signings Arsene ever made as the gaffa.


Id have him back just for the bantz


for all his lapses and errant defending, crossing and dribbling , i would still having back over the likes of cesc fullofgass and robin van p taker.

John C

Why? Cesc and Van Persie left because they were forced to play alongside dross like Eboue, i personally don’t blame either of them under those circumstances


Fuck RVP & that ‘Man U’ supporting little kid inside him

Fabregas, meh, he went home couldn’t cut the mustard and is now involved in a relegation battle at a side where the fans aren’t on his side anymore….where as we have Mesut Ozil….err winning.

John C

Both Cesc and Van Persie left and became vital members of premier league winning teams, what has Eboue done? Both of them gave many years of their careers to Arsenal with nothing to show for it, you can’t blame either of them for leaving.

Bould's Eyeliner

Yes we can.


The time at the WC when he stood next to the South Korean (or was it Japan) coach and nodded along as he talked with his assistant was a piece of pure genius.


North Korean coach giving instructions to a player


So much poo! Somebody’s suffering from a stomach infection.

Cliff Bastin

Is Lee Dixon available?


That explains Eboue silence on twitter.


reminder that one third of thierry henry’s headed goals for arsenal were assisted by emmanuel eboue


Thanks so much for reminding us. Inasmuch as Eboue had some bad games, I feel he did pretty well overall. The article just decided to focus on mistakes rather than the good times he had. The great Henry had some bad moments too (missed one-on-one in the champions league Final for instance), but most times Henry is not remembered for those. I also recall that when we bought sagna, people really didn’t feel we needed another right back because Eboue was doing pretty well. So guys, let’s give him the honour he deserves, not that am saying he should come… Read more »

NZ Gooner

I apologize in advance for referring to a Van Persie goal, but Eboue also got the assist on this beaut of a goal

Ramsey's spirit

Well said


Absolute cult hero

Edu's Braces

The 3 of them are, as much for that picture as anything else but boy am I glad the current crop aren’t like them. Chance of becoming actual heroes.




Liverpool away when a win would’ve made the title possible. Eboue gave away a needless penalty. Never forget.


Thank god we don’t throw the lead away in the last minute against Liverpool anymore…

Crash Fistfight

It was at home, actually.

Plus, I’m can’t remember who he ‘fouled’ (can’t view Youtube) but the bloke basically barged into him and threw himself onto the floor.

It was very easy to belittle Eboue because he was a bit of a clown, but when he played right-back (his actual position, rather than right wing) he was fairly decent (if not at the standard of Sagna and latterly Bellerin).

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

His first year, he was picked RB for the PL team of the year. I still don’t understand the idea of making him a winger. Wenger said it was for defensive balance. I would tend to believe, it was for defensive balance sheet.

the only sam is nelson

part of the defence that took us to our only European Cup Final, along with Flamster at left back. Where he put the ball very nicely onto Sol’s head for our lead.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it, haters.

The Wigan game was a low point – not for Eboue, but for Arsenal fans. Absolutely disgusting behaviour to hound and bully off one of our own players – had it been the fans of any other club doing that we would (quite rightly) be pointing out what a bunch of entitled cunts that would make them.


one of the best arsenal goals i can remember , that cross was sweet

John C

Thierry Henry assisted Campbell’s goal in the final not Eboue


Eboue won the free kick with a pretty woeful dive

John C

Absolutely, the kind of dive that had it happened against us we’d rightly have gone mad


You’re right! It was Dirk Kuyt and a ridiculous penalty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody get a penalty for something like that since.


Oh yeah it was at home. Lucas was the player fouled though.


was it Kuyt? He took the penalty anyway.


Here’s the ‘foul’ against Liverpool. Never, ever a penalty. Blaming this on Eboue is ridiculous.


More like the ref fucked us over, it was not very much Eboue’s fault


Oh dear god, please no.


funny guy is Eboue


What did u have???


Hahaha just NO! No no no no no no no no no no


In the words of Arshavin…. Shut up Eboue


I would like to remind everybody about the booing night. That day Eboue just returned from a not-so-short injury stint . He was even included to the match-day squad at the last minute due to Arsenal’s injury crisis. Somehow people managed to forget that which would have been an automatic excuse if he was Wilshire or Ramsey. I would also like to remind you that Eboue was actually a really good right back. It was only after Wenger decided to play him as right winger(after the signing of Sagna) where things started to go downward. He never recovered from that… Read more »


Eboue was very inconsistent. In his good days he could be awesome. And I liked him, very positive, trying to bomb forward. But the thing is, well, inconsistency is a major flaw, especially for a defender.


Not sure anyone who witnessed that day needed reminding, but thanks anyway…he was still shit though!

Mark Hughes

With so much poo I’d say it’s a nailed on deal.


He’s a funny guy and complete shit.

Me So Hornsey

That 112th minute penalty will forever be burnt into my soul.

That moment was the epitome of the ‘lean years’.


Not least because there were supposed to be only 8 minutes of added time. My TV barely escaped with its life in that incident.


Leave BOU alone, he never gave less than 100% and was loved by all the players. Id rather have a team of bous than the poison we got with gallas, van persie and nasri

John C

He regularly gave less than 100%, he was one of several strollers in the time at that time.


Santi will love him

Eduardo Stark

In fairness of three lads pictured, they were very good in their earlier times with us. Arshavin was star before he faded away. Eboue was outstanding, in game against Juventus for example, when he fucked off Pavel Nedved. Bendtner? TGSTEL.

But the dip in performance was so great they ended up nowhere now. Eboue was stumped by Sagna performance. Arshavin got slower and fat, Bendtner still being Bendtner.

But we move on. Get back together with ex- is one of the worst thing ever happened, isn’t it?


What an image,sign them all again.Forget MSN and BBC,AEB is rocking!

Boombastic Shaggy


Man Manny

Sorry Mr. Eboue, it’s too late; Arsene had switched off the Life Support Machine your Arsenal career was on.
It’s beyond reviving.
Try the other North London club – they are in need of a striker.


Well id sure rather eboue than debuchy right now. Its not like he could put in any less to our season then debuchy has rigt now, plus he’d actually be smiling just to wear the shirt in training rather than whinging.


Come to see Eboue! You’ve only come to see Eboue! Come to see Eboooue! You’ve only come to see Eboue!


Oh and of course…

We like Eboue-boue,
We like Eboue-boue,
We like Eboue-boue,
We like E..boue!

Alex Partridge

Emmanuel ePOOue


The man is a legend. Watch this and tell me you didn’t LOL’ed.

Snake in the grARSE

Wenger once compared him to Garrincha.


I’d rather have Eboue than the Debuchy at this point.


Was going to downvote you…But when you reaaaallly think about it……


Worst player ever to wear the shirt.

Fuck right off mate, I wouldn’t trust you serving the burgers.


Seriously? Do you not remember Igor Stepanovs?

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

Worse player you said… But I say he’s one hell of a decent right back!


I may be confused but wasn’t Eboue part of the back 4 that got us to the CL final along with Toure, Senderos& Flamini?
Anyway, Arsenal are a classy club and if the lad wants to train with us to stay fit, I’m sure Arsene wouldn’t begrudge him that. I do think he truly loved being a Gunner, he just wasn’t quality enough for us, but Eboue doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth like some ex players like Na$ri, Adebeyor, RVP, or Cashley.
Train with us like Bobby, as long as he’s not considered for selection.

Dark Hei

Imagine this. Long time ago, Senderos was considered one of the best CB prospects in the Premier League. What a debut season he had.

Then again, long time ago, John O Shear was quite unstoppable as LB.

Talk about 1 season wonders…….

Dark Hei

Eboue is a bit of a victim of circumstances. I believe there is a quality player there.

As some above posted, he was voted as one of the best RBs in his debut season. I can still remember him storming down the right hand side with speed and flair.

But Sagna was better at defending. So Wenger decided to move Eboue to midfield to try and use him. But that backfired so very badly to the point where he became utterly poo.

Lets remember the good times eh?


I’d like him back just to have the ‘I am Eboue’ routine return to the arsecast.

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