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Elneny: It’s an honour to work with Wenger

Mohamed Elneny has spoken for the first time about his move to Arsenal claiming he knows ‘everything’ about the club and its players.

Eager to make his mark at the Emirates the 23-year-old, who put pen-to-paper on a long-term deal this morning and could be included in Arsene Wenger’s squad for Sunday’s game with Stoke, outlined his aims for the rest of the season.

“It is an indescribable feeling [to join Arsenal], I am really glad of course,” he told Arsenal Player.

“Arsenal is one of the world’s greatest teams, and I am very keen to participate positively with my new team, God willing, and to give my best for the team and for myself.

“Arsenal is one of those teams that everyone enjoys watching and of course I would love to play for such a great team.”

Elneny also reserved special praise for his new coach, adding: “Mr Wenger is a highly respected manager and one of the world’s best managers. It is my honour to be trained under his management.

“It is one the biggest clubs in the world, I know everything about it and its players.

“I would like to tell [the fans] that, although you have not seen much of me, I promise I will contribute positively with the team. I am hoping that we win the Premier League and cup this season, and the Champions League as well.”

He’s making all the right noises so far. All we need is a crunching tackle on Charlie Adam on Sunday and a last minute winner and he may secure cult status in double quick time.

Further reading…

A great profile on the Egyptian by The Guardian’s David Hytner.

Elneny…not Arsenal’s first Egyptian player. 

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I like him already, kudos for referencing Dennis in his first interview.

Dan Hunter

His name is pronounced En-nen-nii or Un-nan-nii. L is silent in certain Arabic names. Ns are emphasised.


It is pronounced just like it is spelled (I am Egyptian)

Dan Hunter

You are Egyptian so you must have heard of sun letters in Arabic – huroof shams

Dan Hunter

Here the commentator clearly mentions Elneny quite a few times within the first 40seconds. Clearly says Un-nenny or an-nenny


It may sound like he is saying Ennenny instead of ElNenny but the correct way of saying it is Elnenny, Ennenny would be like the slang way of pronouncing it, we tend to blend letters together and shit.


Actually I’m not sure, I was pronouncing some words in my head that also start with El N and I found myself pronouncing it without the L sound, so I think you’re right.


you can’t rely on commentators to give the correct pronounceation…..for example, Glenn Hoodle calls Henry Henray.


Commentators are always correct off course…. one of the commentators 2 years ago constantly called vermaelen – vermooooolen. Yes. Like a cow noise.

Dan Hunter

The commentator is Arab saying an Arabic name. I would understand if we were talking about a foreign name. It’s like Martin Tyler saying Jack Wilshire, pronouncing it Wilshyre or Wilsheer or Vilsher. Wouldn’t happen

Oor Wullie

Of course he knows everything. He’s had ages to bone up while waiting on the work permit. Bet he was just sitting on his phone at the Home Office going through the Arsenal Wikipedia page. He should be tested in his trivia.

Gallas tantrums

Good words from Elneny. We want to win all those cups sir.But is he Pennant in disguise?


He’s literally just signed.


Well the acid test would be to ask him if he knows where his car is. I’m sure he’ll be fine.


Stoke might be elnenied?


How long till he’s sporting the Chamberlain/Coquelin/Gnabry haircut?


He better go to Coq’s barber, I feel like whatever they’ve done to Chambo’s hair is siphoning away his football ability while Coq has only gotten better and better. Don’t underestimate the power of a good trim.


Agreed. His face looks like our Coq. WIth the right haircut, he can even have a closer Coq resemblance.

Now we need him to play like our Coq and we’ll be fully satisfied!



The amount of times that exact thought crossed my mind…



Me So Hornsey

He wants the treble this season.

I have a good feeling about this kid.

Brantley Meaders

I already love him.

Little Mozart

This guy gives me goosebumps.


you mean a boner dont you lol!


High hopes for this fella.


I can’t imagine the pressure of coming to a club like Arsenal and having the manager want to use you straight away… I mean, what an honor and a great opportunity for him, but in the words of the late David Bowie, he’s under pressure!


Please God, let him be good.

The Flamsey axis is not working defensively


Flamsey looking flimsy

Sonic Gunner

El Neny, we know you will contribute positively to this team, same as Everton and westbrom did last night. But the same can’t be said for the fcukers next door. I bet those bastards are delighted that we ain’t the sole team on the zenit of the EPL table. It wouldn’t surprise me if those fuckers (un)intentionally fucked that game up in the last min when they knew we were leading just to keep LCFC up on our tail. In any ways, it’s happy moment for Gunners universe. Top of the league, Welcome El Neny, deplated squard keeps firing and… Read more »

Cech's Hat

I have a good feeling about this boy.

id angibi

God protect him from bad legs


…and may his bones and muscles be made of indestructible titanium steel with the wolverine’s ability to heel quickly as a precautionary measure.*amen*

Dennis' left shinpad

Smash ’em, Mo!


Makes all the right noises he did. Let’s see what he can show us this Sunday if Wenger plays him, as well as for the rest of the season.

I recall Arsene saying he’d be busy in January; I’m thinking he may have a few more signings up his sleeve.

Dan Hunter

El Niño


Welcome boy. Do your best for this massive club. The fans will surely show their appreciation.
Good luck.

Chris O.

I’ve got a good feeling about him. Not predicting world class or anything, but just a feeling like he’ll end up a strong player for us.


Can’t wait to see him in action. AW, do give him some mins to showcase what he can do


I am really nervous and excited to see his performance later. Can’t wait!

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