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Former Invincible set for Arsenal coaching role

Freddie Ljungberg, a member of the Invincibles side that went through the 2003-4 season unbeaten, has announced that he’s set for a coaching role at the club in the near future.

He did not take to Twitter, he simply used his Twitter account in the way most of us do, to post some information:

He’ll become the latest from that generation to become involved in the club’s set-up, with Robert Pires a regular dreamy presence at first team training, and Thierry Henry doing his coaching badges with the club’s U18s.

Indeed, Henry spoke this week about learning from Arsene Wenger, the manager who helped turn him into the best striker in England during his time in North London.

He spoke to the Arsenal Magazine about how he’s picking up tips from his old boss, saying, “We speak about training youngsters and how it’s different to training senior players. We talk about being a manager, we talk about players from the academy.

“I will ask him questions on how to deal with certain situations. I’m obtaining my badges right now with the Welsh FA and looking to gain the A-licence. It goes without saying that I asked Arsenal if I could do that with them and be involved with the team.

“I asked the boss and he said to come, train with the under-18s and 19s and help conduct sessions. I’m just an assistant at the minute, I’m not a coach but it’s great, as you can imagine.

“It’s the place I love, there’s so much emotion for me here so this was always going to be where I wanted to start my coaching.”

It’s got to be quite something for these young players to learn from former legends of the club who can tell them, with experience, what it takes to be winners.

Good luck, Freddie.

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I miss that red mohawk. Glorious haircut!

Gandalf the Gooner

His goal in the FA cup final against Chelsea is my most vivid early memory of myself supporting arsenal as a kid. I put temporary red dye in my hair and everything, though my hair did not allow for the mohawk much to my dismay back in the day. (and relief now)


I had the Mohawk (I believe it’s correct title was The Hoxton Fin) died red from when Freddie got injured until the end of that season. I like to feel in some way I helped build the mojo he enjoyed on his return. But I know it’s not true….. I was in my early thirties and in a rare fat phase. Not sure how I got away with it.
That was truly a golden age.
“Bergkamp to Ljunberg……. Goal.” Repeat until double achieved.


Before Arteta lego hair, we have Freddie red hair.


I DIYed that haircut on myself at the time. Loved it, but might explain why I’m bald now…


Man that was one talented team we had.


Arsenal = home


Weeeeeeeeeee loooooooove you freeeeeeddieeee, because you’ve got red hair etc.


We love you Freddie because you’re everywhere, we love you Freddie because you’re Arsenal through and through! Remember having my gold away, old Trafford title clinching, shirt with ljungberg on the back. Mum wasn’t best pleased paying £3/5 per letter of his surname that’s for sure


Could have been worse. At least you didnt ask for a van bronckhorst shirt

Trixie Bird

Ahhhh Gio. I loved that man!


Dream job. Welcome home and good luck Freddie.

Arsene's zip

That’s fucking excellent.


It’s kinda sad that most of the youngsters he will teach didn’t even watch football when he was playing for us. Time really flies…


How much did Wenger sign him for and from where?

Fast Freddie.

One of the best values ever.


From Halmstad BK in Sweden for almost nothing in Arsenal terms…


Functional club Arsenal…….players, (non cunty ones anyway like RVP) come back.
Bravo Arsene for nurturing that.
Great news. Freddie was much loved!


Be careful what you wish for. I wouldn’t mind RVP right now as a back up striker.


Noblegunner! That’s it.
Look into my eyes. The eyes. The eyes. Not around the eyes but look into my eyes.
Three two one….You are under:
You never heard of anybody called RVP or anything closed to that cunt.
You will never mention him or any other twats on this forum or on any other worthy forum.
One two three…you are back in the room.

Who is RVP again Noblegunner?


Adebayor is also available, we could play two giant cunts up front and fuck everybody … just saying


I’d take Lord Bendtner if needs be.. but no, not those 2 cunts.


RVP is reportedly having the time of his career with Fenerbahce. We wouldn’t want to interrupt that, would we?

Vladimir Petrovic.

Great news for the future. Shame Paddy didn’t return. …yet!


One of my favorite players. Great runs without the ball and balls of steel- often got taken out as he scored. Something a lot of young players could learn from, the fearlessness of going in where it hurts and getting your reward. Another I felt Arsene Wenger let go too soon. Just like Pires, and while Gilberto stayed longer, he did not get the platform to nurture the next generation of arsenal players, something that Arteta seems to be doing these days as a leader in the dressing room. Don’t thumb me down, these are just observations. You can disagree,… Read more »


If you don’t want thumbs down, asking people not to thumb you down maybe the worst tactic.


Thierry “Freddie, we’re getting the band back together”


Honestly id actually love Lauren and Gilberto to come back alongside Freddie, Pires and Henry. Maybe Lehmann too, to coach the young keepers. Give a lot of balance to the coaching set up defensively and add some more invincibleness to our kids coming through. but even if they don’t I’m happy at this news. If your coaches love the club and bleed red and white (or yellow and blue depending on wether we are playing home or away) you can’t ask for any more motivation than that for youngsters to look up to coaches and attempt to match that level… Read more »


We are always bleeding red and white. Legend has it that if you turn the away kit inside-out, and place it under UV light, it glows red and white! (ok that’s stupid!)

On to my real point, imagine Cech and Lehman coaching our young goalkeepers!
It seems Arsenal are following in the footsteps of Barca. Former players are integral to youth development!

Gudag Bedil

U-15 kids: The Invincibles? I thought it was just a legend
Freddie: It’s true.. It was all true..

Liam Bergkamp

Why is it that Thierry is doing his coaching badge with Welsh FA? I’d have thought he’d have simply done the badge via Arsenal or as he’s in England with the FA.

Gunnerette Saz

We have had a few do their badges with the Welsh FA, Thierry was one of them Patrick Viera also did and currently Mikel Arteta is working on his too with them.

Andy Mack

They’re probably less useless than the English FA…..


Can you imagine Alexis Sanchez sprinting onto the pitch for the Chelsea home game with his hair dyed red ?
The North Bank and Clockend would go

Naija Gunner

Freddie the Ljunberg my man any time, they all love Arsenal they won’t retire even when they have to. COYG !


I remember Thierry Henry said that when he arrived at Arsenal people like tony Adams explained to him what the club is all about and what it means to play for Arsenal.

I’m hoping the likes of Thierry and freddy will be having that same chat with the youngsters of today COYG


I hope Henry doesnt become our manager in the future.


Amazing news.

Now we just need roles for Adams and Bergkamp.

Andy Mack

So 2 French and a swede….. what about a brit…. where are you Romford Pele?

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