Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Iwobi: It’s the best feeling ever

Alex Iwobi says that starting a game at the Emirates for the first time was a dream come true.

The 19 year old had an impressive outing against Sunderland in the 3-1 win that took the Gunners into the 4th round of the cup.

Speaking to the official site, he described his feelings after the game, saying, “It is the best feeling ever. It is a dream come true. Since I was a young boy I have always wanted to put on my shirt with Iwobi on my back with the Emirates crowd screaming my name.

“As a young kid I always wondered if I would get there and to have this opportunity today, I’m just thankful.

“It was a young boy’s dream come true. Playing at home with everyone screaming your name and giving you the confidence to express yourself – it felt like a proper debut.”

He also said that being involved with the first team is helping him grow as player.

“Training and playing with them every day is such a learning curve. Hopefully I can train with them more and play more so I can develop every day.”

The first of many outings, we hope, and it’s good to see a young player take his chance so well.

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Coq au Vin

Feel the force young Iwobi.


I like this young boy so much more than that little boy.


Looked really lively.


The boy’s got a beautiful first touch on him and has all the ingredients – technique, strength, skill and a burst of pace, to become a seriously seriously good player. Showed a few glimpses of vision too – hoping he gets a few more runs out at the end of the season when we’ve wrapped up the title with 4-5 games left to play!


Lets hope he gets earlier run outs and helps us to get to the position where we wrap up the title with 4-5 game to go

Unyoke the ox

Solid performance. Bringing back the low socks too.

Same old Arsenal, always winning

I really enjoyed watching him play, exciting, attacking, great stuff.

I have to say though, the lad didn’t look so happy! Ha ha, bless.

Aboriginal Arsenal

Looks from the highlights like he had a great competitive debut.

Was brimming with confidence. Beat about 3 men on one mazey run into the box.

Played a number of incisive passes.

Best I’ve seen from him at any level.

How did Chambers play in dcm?


The whole match has been on Arsenal.com for some time now…he did ok…


He had a decent game.


Me thinks he’s going to have a stellar 2016/2017 season… Too early to judge I know. But he is steady and consistent. It’s a sure way to succeed at excellent, beautiful Wengerific football.


It is extremely important not to get to over carried away with young players. This is a common mistake by the average fan. They get overly excited about rightly a very talented prospect, hype them up and then get disappointed with them in their development down the line, tear them down as ‘not good enough’. 1) Iwobi was very good in midfield. He’s still learning his trade but as Wenger mentioned the timing of his release was good. As mentioned, we tend to get enamoured by the latest prospect like Gnabry several seasons before but development may not necessarily take… Read more »


People “thumbing down” the above should provide a serious reason for doing so…


santori’s posts are often longer than the article, so it’s a thumbs down from me.

Is that ok with you?


Probably because santori went on a bit and did tend to state the obvious, even if most of the points were fairly well articulated. For that reason, arabmoney, I’m not going to thumb up or down…and don’t worry I’m leaving your comment alone too as you seem a bit precious. One Gooner Love

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Really happy for him. Hope he goes on to have a stellar career at Arsenal. There’s nothing better than one of our own boyhood fans pulling on the famous shirt, pumping out his chest as he lines up at the start of the match and doing really well on his debut.

He’s really living the dream for all of us, isn’t he? I see boyhood Gooners like him and Wilshere and Jenkinson playing at the Emirates and can’t help but wish I could do that too. Even though I’m 54 and shit at football.

I hope he has a fantastic Arsenal career.

Mesut Ohno

Wilshere was a West Ham fan growing up, sorry to be pedantic.


No he wasnt.


Our new young prospects have technique and physical power.

Physical power and height have been slightly missing especially in midfield.

We also miss our direct midfield dribblers in rosicky and Wilshire against packed defences


On iwobi, hope okocha teaches him a few tricks too.

Loved that player. Monseur Jay Jay okocha. Always tormented us but more so manutd


Loved his movement. Considering his age, I bet he will hear his name from the crowd a lot in the future.


He is gonna be phenomenal just need to keep his feet on the ground and not think he’s made it already after only a few games. Saying that, I also feel Unbelievable Jeff is also a prospect potentially could become a Pogba Veira or what Diaby was meant to be.


He has all the ingredients for greatness:the build,the confidence,vision,the eye for a pass and he could add on a few tricks from his uncle Jay Jay’s playbook.


He gave a really positive impact on the game but his first touch needs to be looked at. if he gets that sorted he will be mustard!!


Off topic – does anyone know if we had a clause in the Afobe transfer to Wolves? Surely we out in a future transfer clause percentage in that deal. Happy for Iwobi btw….looked comfortable on the ball


We will trouser a million and a half from that transfer. Money for nothing!

Brendan Rodgers' self-portrait

He didn’t look out of place one bit, he slotted in so naturally. Very exciting prospect!

Gooners & Roses

Just imagine if the youngster can be a mix of Ozil, Rosicky and Diaby.


A heavy metal lover who are nicking a living and permanent member of treatment room?

Sorry.. cant help it >.<

Gooners & Roses

Haha, seems it can go both ways. But that is Arsenal anyway 😉


Low socks, black shoes, unfazed.
What’s not to like?! He’s already becoming my favorite young player at Arsenal.

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