Friday, July 1, 2022

Report: Arsenal 0-1 Chelsea

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Campbell, Walcott, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Gabriel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Elneny, Alexis

Arsenal had another nightmare day against Chelsea as a Per Mertesacker red card, and a Diego Costa goal, gave the visitors a 1-0 win at the Emirates this afternoon.

Arsene Wenger made one change from the team that drew with Stoke, Mesut Ozil replacing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and there was a welcome return to the squad for Alexis Sanchez who took a place on the bench.

There was early penalty box action at both ends. After Joel Campbell had miskicked a dropping ball around the Chelsea penalty area, a poor Laurent Koscielny pass presented Oscar with the chance to shoot, forcing Cech into a save low down.

There were a couple of nervy moments due to carelessness in possession, but the Gunners settled down well enough. There was a 10th minute yellow card for Oscar for a late challenge on Campbell, and a great chance for Willian after the ball rebounded to him in the box, but he could only poke it straight at Cech.

At the other end Giroud shot over from 30 yards, before the game took a right turn from an Arsenal point of view when Per Mertesacker was sent off. Diego Costa was going through on goal, the big German slid in and as last man he was shown a red card by Mark Clattenburg. Replays showed there was little or no contact with the Spanish international took a dive, despite the recklessness of the challenge.

Arsene Wenger’s decision to bring off Olivier Giroud for Gabriel was met with some bemusement, but the Frenchman had picked up an ankle injury in training this week and was a doubt for the game in the first place.

It got worse just a few moments later when Costa put Chelsea ahead. Ivanovic crossed from the right, Costa ghosted between three Arsenal defenders and poked home from close range. 0-1.

The 10 men tried hard to get back into the game, Walcott given offside after a nice pass by Monreal, but it was hard going. Cech had to save again from Costa, and from the resulting corner the ball was cleared off the line by Monreal.

Just before half-time there was a great chance for Arsenal to equalise. Ramsey found Mathieu Flamini in the Chelsea area with an excellent pass, but the midfielder was caught between a header and a shot, and ended up flicking the ball over the bar with just the keeper to beat.

There were no changes at the break, and with the extra man Chelsea had plenty of the ball and lots of pressure with a series of corners. Arsenal found it hard to hold onto the ball, not helped by giving it away cheaply almost every time we got it, Walcott the chief culprit.

So it was something of a surprise when Arsenal made their second change, bringing back Alexis, but in place of Campbell, in the 57th minute. That came moments after Chelsea had a good shout for a penalty when Fabregas was barged over in the box by Koscielny, but referee Clatteburg waved play on.

The Chilean was involved straight away, helping to drive the team forward, and when Ramsey won a free kick, Ozil’s set-piece created a massive scramble in the Chelsea box, but no Arsenal player could apply the finish. There was no sympathy for Costa from the Arsenal fans when he went off injured, replaced by Remy, and Cech had to save a Fabregas shot as he found space on the edge of the area.

Oxlade-Chamberlain for Walcott was Arsene Wenger’s final change, made in the 75th minute, but it remained difficult for Arsenal to create. For the second time, Courtois created scramble in the Chelsea area by dropping the ball from a set-piece, but once more it failed to fall for an Arsenal player.

Flamini tried a back-flick finish from around the 6 yard box, and Monreal burst into the box but mis-kicked. The Gunners huffed and puffed, throwing Koscielny up front, as the game went into 5 minutes of added time, but despite a big effort in the second half, the goal didn’t come.

Chelsea won, and 2 points from 9 is hardly title winning form. It’s like November all over again.

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We had to fall behind to actually gain some composure and start playing even then half the team were like deer caught in headlights. Normally clam Per was such a nervous wreck! We need to look at the mental preparation for games.


It’s no doubt the mental block comes on whenever w play Chelsea. Seems the mind games has eaten far into us and we trying too hard to make a difference. It’s just another 3points anyways, mathematically we are still in it. The plus side is that we have Alexis back and we could charge for the rest of the season. The top four and big teams will cancel each other out.


More than Alexis I’m excited on seeing the Coq back in action soon. He’s a MASSIVE presence in midfield


Could not agree more. The fact is Chelsea should not have been allowed to get the pass away to Costa that left him one on one with the BFG. The number of times that Flamini is found galavanting forward means we are left exposed. It is easy to say what could have been with Coq on the pitch but I think he is a massive miss which is all credit to him. Every season has it’s highs and lows. We are still level with City who you have to believe are our real rivals for the title. Hopefully we can… Read more »


Thought the pull on merts jersey by costa was the reason he got free in the first place was shocking


Arsenal f.c have turned me into a robot. I don’t celebrate victories neither do I mourn defeats.

bims lay

Lol… just eloquently summed up how i feel these days….i don’t think i could have found better words to describe it.

Easy tiger



Maybe you just grew up…;)


Why don’t we have midfielders who try to dictate the pace of the game instead of continuously trying to score without any luck


We have one. He is out injured unfortunately. His name is Santi Cazorla …!

More than Coq, I miss Santi ..


it seems like Coq and Santi are the equivalent of three players.

Flamini and Ramsey together are more like one and a half.

Man Manny

He’s currently injured – Cazorla.

Remember the invincibles

The silver lining is that Gabriel might get a fair chance at winning his place. While most of the ire should be directed at that brainless challenge from Per, I found Flamini and Walcott to be truly irritating. Both were so far out of their depth that even Eden Hazard looked better than them. why oh why did we buy Elneny if he’s not even capable of starting ahead of Flamini. Wenger and his ‘top, top, top quality’. Anyway, it was funny seeing Giroud and Per looking like grumpy school kids on the sidelines. I actually blame Koscielny for being… Read more »


Good points: Per was beaten, so I am not sure it is brainless. Koscielny had a poor game and is to blame for their goal. Where is Flamini playing? Ramsey is pushed back to allow Flamini to push on, but Ramsey is far better in that position. I can see the subs for Joel and of course Per but why bring Ox on for Walcott. Elneny could not have been worse than Flamini, indeed he might have brought some control in the midfield and allowed Ramsey forward.


This was the game we were supposed to win given the stalemates at An field/Mordor

You can’t make it up is ARS vs CHEATY matches, something just has to go wrong. Fuck….expletives!!!! more expeletives!!!


I couldn’t agree more with this comment. I thought we were absolutely shit in the first 20 mins. No energy, no spirit, no composure. We were playing against the Chelski shite and needed three points to keep the top spot. I thought we just looked so flat. Sure, after we went down to 10 men and then a player down, we huffed and puffed all day, but it was too late by then. I thought this was the worse performance I’ve seen in a long time and is really depressing. Good news is that we can come back from it,… Read more »

Cygans Magical Left Foot

Fifth year running …..

Arsene IS the problem

even if you hide your head in the sand and think it’s going to be alright and Arsene might when the league


Fuck right off you piss of shit. I’m fuming today but fans like you are really taking the piss. All you ever do is moan like a bitch even when things are alright, and come after a big loss to say “well I told you so.” If you were at the stadium I’m sure you’ll be among those idiots moaning as early as the first minute.

Cygans Magical Left Foot


If you don’t see the problem IS Arsene then keep hiding your head in the sand and enjoy being happy.

One word for you Flamimi!!!!!!.

Cygans Magical Left Foot


If you don’t see the problem IS Arsene then keep hiding your head in the sand and enjoy being happy.

One word for you Flamimi!!!!!!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Have you considered a career as a Chelsea fan? You’d fit right in, no class, no brains.


Oh the irony considering your chosen name. Flamini is our 5th or 6th choice central midfielder you fool.

La Défense



So fucking tired of losing to these slimy cunts.


Fifteen games to go.. three points from top. If we want to do it, we can still do it. Hope the players recover soon and start gunning again. I seriously hope our mid season slump is over with this. ! Was already pissed off with Dele fucking Alli’s goal this..! Gonna be the least productive week at work!!

Anyways… It is far from over..! COYG !

Easy tiger

Problem is we dont want too. And neither are we able too.


Flamini bringing out his inner Zlatan for that chance. That was a crucial moment. Had we scored just before half time, I have a strong feeling we would have won that game. I’m proud of the effort the boys put in though.


Would have forgiven him more if he missed with his head.


I’m tired of Flamini, he’s been responsible for so many of the oppositions goals.


Not today, though.


Just a poor game. I genuinely believed at half time we could get summin, cos I thought Chelsea were dogs shit. We were as bad in the first half as I can remember. Shaky on the ball and just bad in first 15. Defo a mental thing, but they just need a slap and someone to tell them it’s a game, it’s just another team. Believe in yourself ffs. So frustrating. Anyway it’s not over but sort it out ASAP. So frustrating atm

Die Hard Gunner

Of all the days, Flamini decided to lose at the Emirates today and to make it worse, against those scums in Blue. His unbeaten run at the Emirates just came to an end.


Thanks Elneny 🙂


How typical. Yawn.


We looked like we didn’t have a clue.

Keeping Walcott on ahead of Giroud and Campbell was shocking.


Yeah. Giruu shouldn’t have come off. The expression by Monreal when he found no one to cross to said it all, really.






Starting walcott at the first place was even shocking

Luis Boa Muerte

Making him captain for the day made me want to puke. Least captainly player of all time

Runcorn Gooner

Next time Walcott’s agents play silly games over his contract tell them we are not interested,goodbye.

He is the worst possible player when the going gets tough….a complete lightweight.

He may score great goals but his speed is only good if he is in control and is aware of the offside law.He has been embarrassing the last few weeks.

Third Plebeian

I think the idea was that because we’d be pressed with 10 men, we could use Walcott’s pace on the break?

Walcott has turned into quite a useless footballer. A real Benjamin Button, if you will.

Mr. White

Flamini MOTM. Fuckin headless chicken


Having so many hoodoo, brittania, chelsea, et al.
Out of form Walcot started.
High defensive line.
Giroud off instead of Walcott.
It took 75minutes for Wenger to replace out of form Walcott.
We still cant beat them since since 2011, even against the worst ever chelsea side…….Oh dear.


Thanks, West Ham. Can still win it now that the players come back.

This is definition of relentless optimism.


I am as frustrated as you are but I knew that we were playing against cheats of the highest order today. This result is not even a surprise any longer for most of us. But we do have a chance now that the players who fight for the team like Sanchez and Coq are coming back.


I am as frustrated as you are. This kind of performance against Chelsea was hardly a surprise most of us. But we do have players like Sanchez and Coq coming back who will give it their all for rest of the season. I am still positive that we can win it. You should be, too.

J. Thomme

That’s the thing. These little disappointments we keep explaining away are adding up. Thing is you don’t crash out of the league like in a cup, it just slowly slips away from you.


I don’t think there is anybody on planet Earth I hate as much as Diego Costa


I do Mourinio!


I agree. But we can’t blame him today. He completely outsmarted our dumb fuck defenders.

Le Jim

Given the opportunity to shoot either Donald Trump or Diego Costa, or both, I would unload the magazine into Costa’s ugly fucking face.

Cazorla smile

wrong choice


Costa has no redeeming features. Not as a player and not as a human being. None. He’s an even bigger cunt than Terry.

Beast Boy

I have him tied with Ted Cruz right now.


In defense of Wenger, if Giroud had been carrying a knock (and so presumably hadn’t trained) then playing on the break with quick players, i.e. Walcott and Campbell was probably the better option. Unfortunately, Walcott contributed as much to the game as my Nan did, and bless her she’s been dead for 6 years. To say we were playing with 10 men against the best team in the league last season, 1-0 is probably as good as we could hope for


I agree, the tactics made sense it’s just Walcott isn’t good enough.


The regret is that even with a man plus chelase were shit, they score the goal with the momentum of the red card flowing around our players, the mentality has screw us again if we continued mentally strong after the red card we would not coincide that goal, in second half we picked up our self’s and tried everything but it was too late.


Sorry about your nan


Having played without a break through the busy festive period, I thought, playing a man down, Giroud arguably was a logical sub.

However like Carra said in the post game analysis, he would have been key in set pieces both defending and attacking.

So it probably wasn’t a straightforward decision.


If your nan had started, we’d have been playing with 3 men and a woman in that gutless first half.


Wenger got it all wrong today. We will never progress as long as he remains at the helm at Arsenal.

Remember the invincibles

I agree with you strangely but let’s wait and see. At the end of the season, if he falls short again then he should certainly go.


It’s really shocking that daft comments like this are still a thing here. I guess you’ve seen the other teams progress so far after changing managers. Top 3 at the end of the season would be Man U, Liverpool and Chelsea by your logic.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Welcome back! We missed you since we went top of the league. Was it Wenger that decided that the BFG should go full retard 15 mins in? That Walcott decided he would rather be playing ping pong? No mate, I invite you to think before you post and save us from your comments. Keeping the HFB on when he is carrying a knock, in a game when we are forced to counterattack is not a smart decision in my opinion. In hindsight it would’ve been better to take off Walcott given how poor he was today; its not Arsene’s fault… Read more »

The Elephant Man

This is such an unbelievably reactive comment that is sadly symptomatic of modern football. The margins between winning, losing and drawing a game are often incredibly small, so it is ridiculous to suggest that the loss can easily be explained simply by pointing at the manager. I think Arsenal have progressed this season (and over the last 12 months as well), and are still clearly in a position to challenge for the title and the FA Cup, which is surely all that we would have hoped for in the summer. We’ve been unlucky this season too – Liverpool at home,… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

We missed you! No comments since late December while we were top. Why don’t you give thinking a shot and try and write a real comment?

Giroud subbed was the right call, no use having him probably injured in a game that you’re going to have to play on the counter.

bims lay

Weger out brigade out so soon after a slight falter with so many games still to go in the season??….amazing!


Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity


Well u fooled me

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Can’t blame the performance. Lads gave all they had. Silly foul by Per changed the whole flow of the game. Arsene ought to have a talk with Flamini to remind him that he’s lacking that Ibra striking gene in his DNA.


I totally agree. It was a foul. He was checking to see where Koscielny was and gambled that he wasn’t the last man. By the letter of the law it was a red card, but come on, 17th minute. Surely the ref should have took some discretion and given a yellow. Another game where Diego Cuntfuck gets the game changed by rolling around like he’s stood on a landmine.

The ten men left really worked hard. Not a disaster and, we’ve got Alexis back! He caused total chaos and will be vital for the rest of the season.


Fucking shit. On this basis Per and Walcott both has to be dropped for Gabriel and Sanchez respectively.

Merson's grin

Had they both been on from the start I believe we would have won and put a bogey man to bed. Even if the blatant penalty had been given.

I don't comment here often

Well I thoroughly hated that. A few things: – it was a dive and a red card. Diego Costa is a world class diver and Mertesacker knew he’d been done. God I hate it. – Wenger got it wrong after the red card. I appreciate the theory of going for a counterattacking game with Theo up front, but his form is rank at the moment. Giroud looked up for it in his time on the pitch and as much as I don’t like saying it the manager got it wrong. – it’s hard to fault the effort of the players,… Read more »


Yup. That is the thing that makes Costa such an easy to hate human being. He could have gone 1v1 with Cech but he just had to get a player sent off, so he rolls around like the cheat he is.

I don't comment here often

It’s hard with Diego. On the one hand I hate seeing him on a football pitch. But if he weren’t any good at football he’d probably be murdering people in bar fights or spitting in children’s faces.


or fighting for ISIS.

maasai gooner

It was drogba now it is Costa…


I’ve long had Costa down for the war criminal mercenary type.


I agree with you. One would have expected Ramsey to be at the end of those chances instead of Flamini. This further proves that there’s something about Arsenal that goes off when it’s time to play Chelsea.
Arsene is well experienced but I feel he panics whenever it comes to this.

occam's hatchet

“There’s no shape to the midfield. Ramsey doesn’t control the tempo and weirdly I thought Flamini outshone him today despite his poor finishing.”

Spot on. Our current midfield combo has been our biggest problem. Being completely unable to control the tempo of games is a big, big problem for the way we play. Don’t know what choice we have, really. I think we’ve been lucky to do as well as we have over the past 2 months.

John C

El Neny?

Are you nuts? We are playing with 10 not 12 men and if Ramsey had been the one at the end of the final pass instead of Flam then who would have made those passes happen at the first place?


In fairness, Flamini’s best chance came from a Ramsey pass. And I thought the midfield was alright today.
After all we were playing 10 v11

bims lay

I agree 100%…..for me, Flamini and Ramsey played well today, and i think the reason Ramsey wasn’t at the end of things was because he was trying to keep some positional discipline, given the fact that we were down to 10 men……but i guess he can’t win with everybody. for me, he did o.k.

Mississippi Gunner

Who could have expected a mistake from our second most experienced player. Hmm it’s almost like…he’s…too…slow…


Before you start bashing wenger subbing giroud, I think he was already risking him playing with the ankle injury he was caring and I think that is why he opted to sub him instead of someone else.


I’m not standing behind wenger just stating that the injury giroud was caring made wenger’s mind and if you blame someone blame Per our most experience player with 100+ Germany caps made that stupid tackle, the only player that would be found in that situation and letting the player go and not getting a red card would be Per most experienced player in our team , but it was opposite he make the challenge like he is teenager and plating the first game in the league and against costa who we all know that he can provoke everyone. What a… Read more »


It’s not over yet, but it’s close.
We need a dramatic change of form, I hope they concentrate on the league, because this team is not getting close to Barcelona.

Remember the invincibles

Concentrate on the FA cup?

Pain and Arsenal

Flamini-Ramsey midfield is a no no.Per ahead Gabriel a no no. Whatever happened to the English core…Ox and walcott useless

Oor Wullie

Sorry to say but Mert’s lack of pace was fully exposed. I wonder if this might be the catalyst for Gabriel finally coming through in his place?


Experience didn’t show through (Per).
Presence of Cech didn’t calm him either.
4/10 for Wenger’s forced sub, should have kept Giroud on.

Lots of games left by we need to step it up.


It was the right call. If Giroud has an injury, asking him to play 90 minutes with 10 men against Chelsea is a big ask. We need him for the rest of the season.

dr Strange

Fuck hairy refs!


Made a decent fist of it playing for so long with 10 and our terrible luck against those filthbags just continues.

Big call taking Giroud off instead of Walcott and the wrong one I’m afraid, hard to understand, Giroud brings so much more to the team


We don’t look like a team that particularly wants to win the league. But then, neither does anyone else really


Leicester fucking do tbh!

bims lay

Yep!…and for the first time this season, I am beginning to get very wary of leicester. They seem to be developing this annoying habit of finding a way to win matches everybody expected them to lose?…and we are in the second half of the season now, and they are still not dropping off the top four as they are supposed to?…WTF!!


Every team has a bogus team and I guess Chelsea is ours… just like the recent Arsenal is City’s bogus team. This result hurts our ego and pride but it’s not crucial for the title. As a matter of fact, I still believe it was more important to win against Liverpool , having got the lead. We have to focus on bigger fishes now. We’re on points with City and they still have to play 5 big clubs (we have 3 left). We need to regroup and get the points we should get against mid and bottom table teams.


I would rather this squad of guys treat every match like it is the match that will decide if they are going to be champions. I didn’t see that today.


It’s hard to believe I hate a Chelsea player more than John Terry, but Costa is up there with the most hated athletes ever for me. Can’t argue too much about the call (was stupid by Per to go for that tackle), but can’t stand looking at Costa and watching him thug around the field. Sucks too that he scored the only goal. I know some will argue about Wenger taking Giroud off vs Walcott, but I can see Wenger’s plan to try and catch them on the break with Walcott’s speed. However, Chelsea was smart and sat deep preventing… Read more »

Ozil's best friend

Walcott and chamberlain’s days are numbered…get Goetze in the summer, another defensive mid and sell flamini,arteta and rosicky. Iwobi and toral to be promoted


Even though I’ve never had a street fight before, boy would I take a chance against that absolute cunt Costa, lose or win. The happiness I would get from just landing one punch on his ugly cunty looking face would be over the moon. What a monstrous piece of cheating scum!


I thought of the exact same thing!! Oh how I wish I could stomp right on his face or break his leg and let him roll a 100 times or so..


Flamini, Ramsey and Walcott simply don’t offer enough in games like this. The latter is particularly annoying as – once again – he was talking himself and everything else up, pre match. But he just doesn’t deliver on the pitch on these occasions.

This could prove very costly come May.


Agree on Walcott but felt Ozil was far worse than Ramsey or Flamini


That was probably the most frustrating loss of the season. Frustrating because we clearly could have won it or at least gained a point. Even after being down a man!! Damn you Flamini! You have two feet!! We just looked afraid of them from the start. Despite so much going for us: more pace, better midfield and after the clear red card the referee even let us off the hook by refusing to give a stone cold penalty to some cunt in a blue shirt. But we squandered every chance we got. We’re still in good position to win the… Read more »


Unnecessary challenge by Per. Let costa through, at least if he did scored we would still played with 11 man, better chance to equalise

Austin Gooner

Agree. The right play is to put him off a bit if you can but let him through. Per has to know this, having played center back his whole life. One goal would not have been the end of the world.

You just want to see one normal game against them with 11 against 11, and let’s see which team is better. So predictable Per’s red was.


Still confident for this season. Gabriel is quality and alexis is a game winner and ozil in the form of his life. Theo needs to work harder. He is not stagnating anymore but looking worse in quality.


this was fucking pathetic. our midfield was non existent, walcott should be benched from henceforth, the only positive from the game was sanchez baby…he is back.
p.s if mertersacker could not get to the ball, he could have least not missed the cunt`s leg.

Merson's grin

Thumbed this up for the p.s.


Can’t blame anyone but ourselves. The challenge Per made was just plain stupid, and the replay showed there was contact, although very minimal. I mean why even give Costa the chance, when you know he will make absolutely everything out of it? Atleast with 11 men we might have had a chance, since Chelsea played pretty poorly. If anything we were lucky Clattenburg didn’t give Fabregas a penalty in the situation with Koscielny. Need to show what we are made of now if we are gonna have a chance at the league, but if we keep slip ut like this,… Read more »


Arsenal have the power to ruin my Monday, it happens so often. How come we don’t win against these thwarts even when they are almost being relegated! We always find a way to make an error, the oilman high the pitch, midfield completely absent, metersacker unnecessarily goes to ground, makes the thing very much anticipated by that fool Costa, bhang the game is lost. Then the manager will pop up with some silly excuses and we get to read it tomorrow.

The Car2n Goon

Because their thwarts is bigger than ours.

Gets coat, excuses himself for the Space Balls pun, sees himself out.


What a shame. I can’t be to downhearted as I feel we were really unlucky. It’s still a beautiful day here in Salamanca, I’m gonna get a little bit drunk.

John C

Once again Ramsey and Flamini were second best and this time we paid the price. Fabregas showed us exactly what we’re missing.


Yep, his performance showed us exactly what we’re missing; Cazorla.

John C

We could have had them both!

Cautiously Optimistic

Why is it we look so nervous ever time we play them? The manager loves his “mental strength”, it would be nice if he could instil some into our defence. Anyway, it’s only three points, hopefully we can dust ourselves off and get three points against Southampton next week. We can still win this!

AMD the Gunner

It was going to be difficult after a red card that early. Sanchez is back. Le Coq, Rosicky and Welbeck almost ready to report for duty. Only 3 points off the top. It’s not over yet. COYG!!!


I know it’s too early to give up on the season, but honestly, don’t think the season is going to end any other way than someone other than Arsenal at the top. This was the worst, most beatable Chelsea team in years and it still ended the same way. 7amkickoff needs to do a stat on how many minutes Chelsea play 11 v 10 in this game over the last couple of years. Also, the stats on when that fuckhead Clattenberg is referee. Oh, and Diego Costa still looks like a half evolved ape. Who points to their own fucking… Read more »

Danger Mouse

Sorry mate. Clattenburg was grand, we were shit.


Clattenberk was his usual smug, shite self. If that’s the level of a good ref (or performance), then we’re all fecked. I lost count of the numerous ‘advantages’ he gave us and the non-calls for blatant fouls by Chavski. Only thing in his favour today is that he gave some moronic decisions against Costa’s band of orcs too. Seriously, the way he was slapping his hands together at the end to tell Ramsey he handled after being mugged in the corner, had me wanting to snap his seal hands off and slap his around with them. Grade-A c**t. Always has… Read more »

Danger Mouse

Yeah, lets all blame the ref and overlook our own crapness.


Go easy on Costa. He’s been very brave to leave his tribe behind, put on clothes, and sheathe his hitherto freely swinging nads. Heartwarming stuff.


Welbeck against ManU last year..?


Let’s just stop the ‘title challenge’ nonsense now, shall we?

Also, as the commentator cleared, it didn’t matter that the cunt dived, Per’s intent to tackle him was basis enough. Worst performance of the season against the most challenging opponent.



They were all poor today. But what is the point of a midfield of Flamini in that team? Is he really any better than Chamberlain or Elneny in that position?


I think all our problems today, and that we have had for many seasons – have been summed up nicely with one poignant moment – Theo coming off, and having to pass THE CAPTAINS ARMBAND to another player. How the hell has Theo got that on his arm!?! Did he find it on the floor? When Theo Walcott is your captain, not talking, not leading by example, not able to control the ball, how on earth do you expect to win the league. We used to have big Tony and Pat don’t ya know… The lack of character in our… Read more »


Monumental effort put in by the lads but really unfortunate that Mertesacker totally lost the plots and then Chelsea did what they do best, defend.

Regroup, everyone around us has equally disappointing results every other week against lesser opposition. For the love of God though if more opportunities keep passing us up we’re gonna run out of time to right the ship and win it all this year.

Crash Fistfight

The don’t seem to have been defending very well this season. It’s only us that can’t score against them, seemingly. 6 games and counting.


Also, Walcott was an absolute waste of a red shirt. How we make people captains escapes me. He should be kept as far off the team as possible till he acknowledges that he’s a player first and a PR guy later


I doubt there was any contact, didn’t need ten rolls and an expression of finding out cunt Terry had been out all night with his girlfriend. What infuriates me is that Per gave him the opportunity to take full advantage of his stupidity.

10 out of 10 for effort for the last half hour. Unfortunatly we had no ariel presence after taking Giroud off. Theo simply bang out of form too.

Cech's Hat

I don’t get why Flamini played the whole match. Walcott should’ve stayed on.


We need to sign 1 top class player. A player who draws fouls like sanchez did when he came on. We need one more of that kind. Only then we can dream of winning the league or CL.


Been poor for a few games now. Could have drawn that at the end but lack that killer pass, composure and discipline. Giroud sub may have been the difference but some sloppy performances in recent games have cost us and we look fatigued. Disappointing, and worrying but no doubt there will be some more twists yet. Fingers and everything crossed.


It’s a Wenger team guys, remember…….

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