Video: Mohamed Elneny – Welcome to Arsenal


The new man signed today, but what’s he all about? Arsenal Editor’s video should give you a little flavour of what he’s capable of.

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I’m excited about this signing. Seems like he’s not afraid of having a crack on goal from outside the box…Something that seems to be really missing from Arsenal this past few seasons.


Not the first time I’ve reached for mute.
Incredibly disappointed Arseblog News continues to be associated with this ‘arsenal editor’. Truly shocking music behind every video. Tasteless and devalues the site.

Parisian Weetabix

Gosh, I wish I was cultured enough to judge music as well as you do. The way you use the single adjective ‘shocking’ to accurately and precisely expose each individual flaw in the music and totally deconstruct any argument contrary to your own shows you clearly know your stuff, while your commendable attempt to then portray your opinion on an art form that is dependent entirely upon individual interpretation as fact truly cemented your status as a musical genius. If you get a chance to reply I’d love to know what it’s like being that much better than everyone else,… Read more »

cazorla's smile

LOL… wtf is that abt? Watch arsenal v manure highlights or something. Maybe listen to that great interview Wenger gave in France. Just chill out dude. 🙂


Haha! Struck a nerve? Ironic that you’re so opinionated on my (and it seems other’s) opinion.

Sonic Gunner

This guy will be real bagger for us.
When opposition defences play deep he is gonna fuck them up big time.
Welcome to Arsenal El Neny where you can be all what you are destined to be – A Legend


Call me old fashioned, but I would rather have seen a few bone crunching, earth shuddering tackles.


Looks like he’ll fit in perfectly.


We got him for a Pharoah price. Will he be the new Alexandria Song, or Cleopatrick Viera? Maybe he’ll play in Aaron Rameses position. Guess all we can do is wait and Dead Sea.

Glenn Helder


He's the soup

You hit the Nile on the head


You forgot to take your coat sir..

ospina's thumb

We haven’t properly replaced Ra Parlour

Snake in the grARSE

I don’t understand why people find these double entendre puns amusing. Like, seriously!

Not saying not to do it, just sayin’.

I hope this guy slots right in….. he has a ton of pressure on him as Flamini isn’t exactly Coquelin and every game is like a cup final in the league now. Here’s hoping Wenger has found another gem.


Don’t de-Nile yourself a Horus of laughing.


Chill out, Giza!

He's the soup

Buy one more and we’ll have a pyramid-fielders


Isis what you did there


Welcome, may your integration be swift!


sheesh…that usually means a quick tour of the medical treatment room….


What a relief, There hasn’t been a story about El Nenny for several hours and I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms


Most stories are rubbish. Elneny story was broken by more reliable sources. You have to sift the more spurious ones because there are always players linked to us. the reason? We may not be in for them but the agents generate the stroies because linking to us is almost a stamp of quality approval. Case in hand Aubameyang. Why would we need him? Of course when it doesn’t materialise (surprise surprise) some more fickle fans will blame Wenger for not closing the deal when it was never on in the first place and the media who have agendas on their… Read more »

Danger Mouse

He looks the part. Great video. (Pity it was accompanied by such a turd of a song.)

Good Omens

Would he be our first Egyptian player ? Off the top of my head I can’t think of any. I like the fact he has a good long range shot on him, I hope that isn’t reined in too much. I also like that he looks destructive and combative in CM, I’ve read some comments on other sites that bemoan the fact that he seems to mug opposing players rather than tackle them cleanly, quite frankly that’s what I want – like Coquelin I want him to be a right royal pain in the backside for opposing players trying to… Read more »

Good Omens

Actually scrub that I’ve just read that other article – I forgot about Rami Shabaan, the Swegyptian ;), though that chap in the 1920’s playing some reserve games is pushing things a little lol.


Rami Shaaban was Swedish Egyptian.

Good Omens

Well thanks chief, you seem to have absolutely cleared that up when it clearly wasn’t obvious at all. I salute your perspicacity.


Like a new Coq

Gunnersaurus is my spirit animal

We know he’s being brought in as competition for DM, but will he play with the Coq in the same 11?

Sonic Gunner

I think we should leave that to Arsene. He bought him and he sure does know where to play him.
If Arsene puts him in goal or as a false/true/maybe 9……….
Well We should all know by know that # ArseneKnows


I reckon that he and le coq will form a twin tower in the middle of the pack, especially in away games.

Crash Fistfight

I’m sure at some point all the other midfielders will be injured , so it’s bound to happen.


I think we need to consider the idea that Elneny was bought not as a cover for Coquelin, but instead for Cazorla. Look at YouTubes of his passing range … He is a technical player who can dribble and pass his way out of trouble, who can link play to the forwards like Cazorla. I’m thinking next full match for Elneny sees him partnering Flamini, with Ramsey either benched or on the right.

American Goon

The lad’s got vision. Seems like a utility midfielder for sure. Can go box to box, defend….I like it… Think he’ll get a debut against Stoke? Or is it too soon?

Dale Cooper

Don’t see him as a direct copy of Coq, obviously, to me he looks more like an improved Arteta and Flamini.


I hope when everyone is fit..we dont cock up due to too many options.

Different outlook

Sorry to change the subject but I can’t get over how good Joel Campbell has become this season. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he edged Ramsey out of starting right wing when we have everyone fit.
Long may it continue!!

Anonymous Kumquat

Wait, I thought he was a defensive midfielder?! You could have told me he was a playmaker and I’ve have believed you watching that!

Seriously though, looks like a very promising player. Seems like he’s a very decent passer of the ball, got a cracking long range shot and appears to have enough energy to power a nuclear station. Excited to see him in action!


I was thinking the same thing. If he’s a true DM, these video highlights do not showcase those abilities. The highlights are mostly his goals and assist (which look great), but it would be great to get a highlight reel with his tackles and defensive work. From a DM perspective, there are many video clips out there showcasing the mouth-watering tackles and defensive work from our Coq!


Exactly what we needed combative midfielder, our team is beginning to grow some balls.


He is brought in to cover both DM and central mid(link role). Wenger made mention of this. We are short in both departments. Arteta is back to provide some sort of cover for Flamini till Coquelin returns. Ozil has no cover so if he gets knocked, likely we will push Ramsey up. In which case ramsey has Ox or the possibily returning Rosicky for cover. So Elneny has to cover Ramsey and provide an alternative. Which is why his engine is most essential, hard work and running. Wenger doesn’t need a superstar just someone who is willing at this point… Read more »


^^^All these assertions from a YouTube video… Why do people find it so hard to learn football doesn’t work like that, imagine Torres Youtube vids before he joined Chelsea. Enjoy the video by all mean but let’s see how he does after a dozen games or so eh?

Anonymous Kumquat

Hey, if we want to massively overhype a player we’ve never seen play, now’s the best time to do it!! 😉


I realise it is only 10 seconds or so of footage but from around 1:18 to 1:28 where he bombards into the box (eventually scoring) had me on the verge of yelling at the screen to “get back and hold” lol if this guy plays this type of style often then I feel he can’t play alongside Ramsey. we will have no midfield!


He is more of a Ramsey type than a Coq or Flamini. Although he can do a job back there for sure. And then this season he has been scoring screamers, who knows how good he can be.

Coq of the Walk

Love the goals from distance.

Like a BOSScielny

We finally replaced Gilberto Silva! Welcome Elneny! Elnino of screamers? Gotta dream.


We all have to do the nae nae dance everytime he scores or something. That should be his song too. Will be brill. Welcome Elneny!


Come on guys, give him a pharaoh crack of the whip, he looks like a top Giza!