Thursday, July 7, 2022

Wenger averts diplomatic crisis with Elneny praise

There was an odd moment in today’s press conference when Arsene Wenger was asked a question by what we assume was an Egyptian journalist.

Firstly, he asked the manager if he knew that Mohaemed Elneny’s father was an ‘amazing footballer’.

Wenger’s response: “I didn’t know that? Can he still play?!”

Then, the journalist suggested that some fans were feeling down because the Arsenal website had made a grammatical error in Arabic.

“Like, instead of Bonjour, they wrote Jourbon,” he said. At first the manager was a little confused, but eventually got what was being asked of him. Ever the diplomat, he smoothed things over perfectly.

“First off, I’m sorry! We didn’t want to offend anybody, and if we did I say really sorry on behalf of the club. We might not have specialist Arabic writers!

“But the best way to show respect is to give him the enough credit to come to Arsenal. I think the Egyptian fans should be proud of Elneny first because, through his quality and his work, his dedication, he managed to get a transfer like this.

“On our side I think we have shown once again that no matter where you come from, if we think you are good enough, you get a chance, and that’s what we did with Elneny.”

Our sources tell us that in the past, on his quest for knowledge and experience, Arsene Wenger learned to cook Chinese food in a specialist school in Cairo, meaning he can wok like an Egyptian.


Listen to this week’s Arsecast for more Elneny discussion

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Tarquin Farquar

Play him Sunday instead of Ramsey


Agreed Rambo is a liability gives the ball away to much … Play him Sunday instead


I say play Rambo until simon cowell dies…


Or Bieber… I mean even if Rambo nets one against those Orks on the weekend, and Bieber is still alive and walking after the game.. anyone up for just going to his gaff in the US to burn it down with him inside?

Danger Mouse

Bieber and his ilk are just the pawns in the game. Cowell and his ilk are the dark lords controlling the game and sucking every drop of soul and beauty out of music and culture. I want a Ramsey hat-trick to rid the world of the XFactor judging panel.


A hat trick would be nice, then we could get rid of Cowell, Bieber, and Donald Trump all at once.


Picking Rambo is ambivalent -it can help you get goals but it leaves you exposed in midfield.




Instead of Flamini, surely? Ramsey will be first choice at least until Santi is back.

Giroud's bulge

Far more sensible. I say instead of Walcott. Get Ramsey on the wing again (sorry Ramsey!). It just brings more stability to the team.

raron aamsey



Where is all this ramsey hate coming from? The blokes been in sensational form since dropping into the centre of the park. He has one off game with the rest of the team in which we still nab a point. Seriously.. the blokes been outstanding. We are top of the league. We are down about 8 key players. Fucking give it a rest. Ive heard enough of the pessimistic sods over the last 12 years and finally when it looks like weve got a decent squad together and getting results, its almost as if some people wish we were sitting… Read more »


Plus, it is well known that he is not defensive as a player. And even Wenger once said he does not want to kill his attacking instincts. He should be allowed to play to the best of his attributes IMO.

He scored a goal FFS!! While playing from deep! In fact, Ozil was really marked in the game. Were it not for Ramsey being an attacking threat, we would be in some serious trouble by now…


Nonsense.. we wouldn’t be in any darn trouble. Ramsey in the middle gives the ball away way too much, constantly putting us under pressure & holds on to the ball too much when a simple pass would do thereby muffling counter attacks. His energy and drive is right up there but he disrupts our tempo in games. The occassional odd goal is not enough compensation for a midfield which cripples overall performance. Rosicky is the next best option to Santi in the middle and with him back Ramsey has no bussiness in the starting line up.


Couldn’t agree with you more.

Whilst Ramsey offers the team a lot going forward, he does also hinder the team in some ways (as mentioned). Just hope he realises this signing and the return of some of our other players capable of playing in his position means he ups the ante and really improves, especially in his defensive awareness, during the rest of the season.


I rather leave Ramsey on the right side of midfield where showboating won’t cause much harm. Yes his attacking insticts shouldn’t be killed but let him do it as a right-sided midfielder than leave Flamini exposed.

Tarquin Farquar

You would do well to reel your neck in and stop projecting shit that wasn’t said. Ramsey although scoring a great goal the other night was mainly responsible for the pressure we were under, at times he was ahead of Giroud even when we were winning 3/2 with mins to go. There are games at home when Ramsey will be needed as teams sit deep. Sunday is not one of em. Put him on bench.


Plus he has to play with Flamini who doesn’t provide too much defensive stability. He needs a powerful defensive-minded player to play with like Coquelin. Remember that Cazorla too isn’t that good at defending but The Coq almost always covers for him

Arsene's zip

Wish I could +100 thumbs up on Goontang’s comment.

Everything spot on. Ramsey is class, and the constant bitching of our own fans is relentlessly annoying.


Yes, Ramsey is class but tactical awareness and defensive discipline is often the difference between winning and losing a football match.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yes, but the main complaints here seem to have been triggered by a draw.


A bit blunt there! In fairness as much as I love the guy I’d be tempted to drop Ramsey if Elneny is to play. Perhaps more controversially I would also be inclined to put Artetta in alongside. Flam has been great, and Rambo always offers something but he goes AWOL too often.
If he is to be thrown in at the deep end Artetta’s experience might be the best thing to have next to him.

Anyhow I’m not boss. Will be interesting to see come Saturday.


I would like to suggest to play him on Saturday as well you know because I’m expert and that

Thierry Walcott



Wok like an Egyptian?

I am hoping that Elneny in his DM role can Coq like an Egyptian

Mohammed Snr.

I speak on behalf of Egyptians everywhere when I say: To you, sir.


Mohammed Snr? I heard you’re an amazing footballer. Congratulations.


Brilliant! (-:


Welcome elneni, lets see what you got. Stoke city is just the perfect place for him to start, though maybe he will star from the bench on 60th minute



I am offended!


Seriously. Considering how many times I’ve seen ‘Carzola’ and ‘Gnarby’ knuckle-mashed into keyboards around here, Elneny and his devout supporters (which I hope he convinces me to become one of..) will have to show some patience just like everyone else!

But really lads, it’s not that hard to learn how to spell a few names. We can do better.


For years I’ve never understood the frequency of confusion between wilshere and Wiltshire.


One is a county and the other is injured a lot.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s the new way to teach English. Doesn’t matter if you spell anything wrong, as long as it sounds right. So nowadays you only need to know one spelling of there/their/they’re, one spelling of wood/would, one spelling of witch/which, and one spelling of Wiltshire/Wilshire.

It is interesting that I have never seen anybody mis-spell the commonest English word… fuck.

The only other word that I have never seen mis-spelled is only ever used by doctors, vulcanologists and plonkers. It is, as I am sure you are all aware, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.


The official site still hasn’t found out a way to put “¨” for Özil, so …


Look at that sly grin!


When I saw diplomatic crisis you had me worried that something had happened like the incident himself and Salah got into when Basel got drawn against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Cech's Hat

Arseblog News is the best journalism I’ve encountered.


I’m sorry (not sorry) but what sort of journo brings up a fkin website typo in a press conference with Arsene Wenger – who’s paying this mug?


More to the point who gets offended by a typo.


I see what you did there?


Arabic is my mother-tongue I volunteer to become Arsenal’s Arabic expert !


I to Korean expert. Bring back Chu Young Park


actually no.

sanogo's missed kick



All bee thu Eenglish xpurd!


Aren’t you already busy not scoring for Man Utd, Wayne?

Evang. Simon

Ask Wenger about anything and he will always have something to say……. Is Elneny’s father eligible to be sign before the close of the window. Funny Arsene.

Play Elneny against stoke and let us see some cracking goals


Now please unleash el-nino on stoke. We got our very own climate change weapon, BTW beware


There may be some resistance to that nick considering the downward slide of Fernando Torres..


Wok like and Egyptian



Apparently he great in the air, just what we need in our midfield against Stoke.

Handsome french bloke

well said @Goontang..i mean come on lads.aaron is such a great player coz of his attacking instincts.u dont wanna take that away from him do ya.n if he had scored one more goal we wud all be praising how he killed the game off..the fickle mob lol


Watch me whip, watch me el neny ….I can’t stop saying it


Try harder

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Never resign from your job to become a poet, lol.


I finally had to track down what all this whip/elneny business is all about. I found my answer.

I feel violated.


Please leave this rubbish in 2015.


I swear, no offence meant, but I have NO clue what this article is about. Anyone?


Arabs finding a problem anywhere there isn’t one, being upset by a grammatical error on the website welcoming him. They see it as a cultural insult lol. They should read some of arseblog he has us English up in arms!


You sound like Donald Trump generalising like that. That Journalist bloke is obviously exagerating. Silly issue to bring up.


Well Lanre while the statement was not sufficient to your liking. I can understand your point of view. I am more a Bernie Sanders man myself. While i may sound like Donald Trump, who i understand to be a complete racist, Voicing my observation in life doesn’t make me one. I love how even an ounce of generalisation of Arabs is an instant hot topic lol. Is it because our government is bombing the shit out of them we feel the need to not make jokes? The journalist bloke is a tool who is wasting Wengers time with a culturally… Read more »


You insult Bernie Sanders and Arsenal by including them in this muck


Ramsey + Coq will be the premier leagues best midfielders. Regarding the Arab comment by Sambo… It is only your perception of truth/understanding thereof and therefore your interpretation of it based on your attitude. In my opinion it was merely another journalist trying to ask a controversial question to spark a debate. See how two persons view the same scenario completely different.


Blancman, what makes Coq-Santi partnership so effective is that they complement each other. Le Coq is a retriever while Santi can come away with the ball in tight spaces. Also, Santi never strays far from Le Coq. You can’t say the same about Ramsey. Though his qualities are useful to the team but we aren’t best served by him in a holding position.

gooner nin

the last three lines actually made me cry with laughter. Real tears.

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