Thursday, May 26, 2022

Wenger ‘positive’ Elneny deal is close

Arsene Wenger says he’s optimistic a deal for Mohamed Elneny will be completed this week but admits he’s cautious until all the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed.

Arsenal are understood to have agreed terms with both the player and his club, FC Basle, and are now finalising the Egyptian’s work permit; a process that is taking slightly longer than expected.

Speaking on Monday morning about the situation, Wenger told press: “I expect movement [this week], yes. I think this week it can happen, we are positive.

“The situation should be sorted out. There’s a lot of work permit problems and special paperwork to do and the visa. We hope to finalise it this week.”

He added: “As long as it’s not definitely signed you have to be cautious, but I’m optimistic.”

The slight delay means Elneny will not play any part of Arsenal’s game with Liverpool at Anfield on Wednesday and with each passing hour it seems increasingly unlikely he’ll make the squad for Stoke on Sunday.

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Mr. G

If United were the ones signing him the FA would have had the work permit done and dusted last Wednesday. Twats.


Elneny and Coq, I think Elneny will outperform Coq eventually and become our number 6 after Kos leaves, so 8 can be taken by Wilshere at CM; and 10 Ozil; 9 our shiny new striker; 11 shiny new winger and 7 our Alexis.

J Reihill

Surely a Silvinho-esque passport should suffice for now.


Hahaha – didn’t Edu get his passport from the same bloke as Silviniho? i remember him having to hide when immigration came round.


Get in!

Lurd Ishanovic

They should hurry up


What will be will be

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

if it happens it happens

Juan Cornetto

Que sera, sera.


We’re going to wem-ber-lee

Anonymous Kumquat

Thank goodness he didn’t give us the dreaded “two weeks” prognosis.

Wenger's old glasses

I still dont get it, how good is this guy from a scale of denilson to özil?


I find it strange that we’re happy to wait so long for this guy. Surely in being a panicked DM signing 6 months late it would be important for him to get into the team quick and hopefully immediately have the opportunity to gel with the team and hopefully have a positive impact.

At this rate he won’t be up and running till mid Feb.

But I guess we should be happy of a signing any way it happens.


Central midfield was looking great with Coq and Santi. Starting to look solid again with good options; we’ll have some lovely problems in February with Elneny if he gets up to speed!


Feb is a possibility for his feature.

Unless of course either of Rosicky Arteta suffer another set back or Ozil, Ramsy or Flamini go injured in which case he may come in earlier.


Maybe a Spuds fan in the Border Agency is dealing with the application 🙂

Harish P

31st January: “He’ll be here shortly.”


Those apostrophes shouldn’t be there blog. The Ss aren’t possession in that case but as plural. Remember I was defending you yesterday.

Oor Wullie

Whatever. The most important is that blog won’t do it again. And you Oor Wullie, I’m keeping an eye on you.

Bould's Eyeliner

Two eyes, when possible. But for now, I must consult with the elder of my council. He is both powerful and wise, and he will know what to do.

Officer Grammar and his ugly cat called Clarence

It’s a tricky one regarding plural of a letter though, as dropping the apostrophy would make it read as ‘is’ ê ‘ts’, technically wrong but too easily misunderstood if not done. Arsenal..

It isn’t even tricky. The use of grammar is to enable effective communication. Without the apostrophes the sentence would be too easily misinterpreted.

Nice use of common sense to enable easy and enjoyable reading. Well done Blogs.


Maybe I’m just being cautious, but am I the only one who wants him to have at least a week’s solid training with the team before rushing him into the first game after we sign him?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

You’re not the only one, Wenger as we know him will probably give him one week of transition.


I know we’ve been working on it and the delays are not on our side, but still as a fan it’s frustrating to continually see so much transfer business over the last few years dragging on throughout the window and not getting as many players in early (esp in January). I know a year ago with Sanchez, Chambers, Debuchy, etc. they were all done early, but Monreal, Gabriel, Ozil, Welbeck, etc. have all come late in windows.


This one is not due to waiting to act. It is due to administration. Acting late in the window in this case would be waiting until the last week to agree with the selling club, THEN a month of waiting for the work papers. This was early decision making, just taking a long time at the FA and gov’t.

Oh, and stay away from my apostrophe there, fellas. I dont ca’re.


Standard, we’ll see him in two weeks then!

Kenyan Gooner

Not much to learn as he already taught himself English. Looks like a guy who’ll hit the ground running.


Egyptians speak English and Arabic.its part of Anglophone Africa.

Aubrey Graham

Not all Egyptians speak English my parents are Egyptian and didn’t speak the language till they moved to England

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

Is it just me or he pointing and yelling in that picture like a certain Frenchman? Someone check his sleeves.


I was hoping we’d sign Granit Xhaka instead. Very strong presence in the midfield, agile, and he’s got a hell of long pass. Maybe a summer signing?


Elneni comes ? Que nenni


That picture looks like”taxi to The Emirates”…here’s hoping he doesn’t suffer a “visa setback” !


Need a replacement for Debuchy as well..chambers too slow


Monreal is not exactly that much quicker yet he’s more effective than Gibbs.


Plenty of delusional people who want to see what they think. Elneny is a longer term prospect coming in to provide essential emergency cover if/should Arteta or Rosicky have further set backs before Coqzorla are available. …meanwhile Ramsey and Flamini will continue to anchor midfield. Elneny will have to assimilate with the PL and the team first. What he brings in an engine. We do not want him just to cover DM but also Ramsey in absence of Jack. Although recent exposure for Ox nd Chambers is also adding further redundancy in central midfield. Wenger is building depth very quickly… Read more »


Most pundits (players wit mediocre careers, no real experience managing a top club and no experience in transfer market) have still to come to realise the fact that despite heavy injury list, we have depth in quality as born out by results and league position. The likes of Per, Giroud, Flamini, may not have been world class but they have delivered. and the likes of Bellein Coquelin Monreal Gabriel cost little in today’s terms and were hardly on most of these numpties prescription for our ills in previous seasons.. Ditto Campbell (thanks to Dick Law’s jungle romp) Cech for 11m?… Read more »

Dean Morgan

Elneny is good player. Very arsenalesque in technique, quick in transition, strong and a very good passing both short and long range. But the fact is he will struggle for game time when everyone is fit. He is being brought in as cover. I have a feeling Wenger has bought him in as he is cheaper and an easier deal to pull of at this stage of the season than Adrien Rabiot, who is a slightly more skillful and accomplished player.

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