Sunday, June 4, 2023

Wenger: Stadium share a non-runner

Arsene Wenger says that Arsenal have not been approached regarding a ground-share deal by either Sp*rs or Chelsea, both of whom have redevelopment plans in the offing.

He also hinted strongly that the club would not sanction any such deal having worked so hard to build and finance the Emirates – the implication being that we’re not likely to make it any easier for London rivals as they try to do similar.

Sp*rs new stadium, which looks remarkably like a toilet, was recently announced to have 60,001 seats to give it a higher capacity than Arsenal, but the reality is when you take the 000s away, it makes 61 which is the last time they won the title. The 000s, of course, represent all the league titles and doubles they’ve won since then.

And also the number of times they stopped us winning the league at White Hart Lane. Meanwhile, Chelsea are hoping to add capacity for even more racists.

When asked about it at his press conference today, Wenger more or less ruled it out.

“We suffered a lot to build this stadium, we have to be very tight financially to pay it back,” he said. “I don’t feel it is in our plans to do it, we don’t need it and we have not been approached for it as well.

“Honestly it is a board decision, not my decision.”

The idea of it is, frankly, unthinkable. Of course the ‘board’ includes Stan Kroenke whose recent history shows he’d pretty much do anything with a team to make money, but this would surely be a step too far.

At least until he moves the Arsenal FC Soccer Franchise to Alberquerque.

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Lurd Ishanovic

Good news

Arsene's zip

I was reading about what Kronke is doing with the Rams…. it’s disgusting.

The word “franchise” should never be applied to sports CLUBS.


What he’s doing with the rams is bringing them back where they belong.
They were based here in L.A. for 50 years until 1994 and Im delighted they’re coming home.
It’d be like criticising an owner for moving MK Dons back to Wimbledon.

Andy Mack

The Rams moved away from LA as a ‘franchise’ and now they’re moving back as a ‘franchise’. It’s the way American sport is, but it doesn’t work outside North America. Would it be terrible if MK Dons moved back to Wimbledon and changed their name back?…. Probably not. Would it be terrible if Lincoln Town moved to Stepney?….yes and it won’t happen because their existing fans wouldn’t go and people in the area would think of the club as an outside club, which wouldn’t generate enough money to cover the expense of moving… The MK Dons move is still an… Read more »


MK Dons change their name ‘back’ to what? They are a new club. AFC Wimbledon is Wimbledon’s football club – clue is in the name mate.

Andy Mack

If they changed their name back to Wimbledon FC of course!

New guy

With apologies in advance for being boring…technically speaking, the NFL teams are in fact franchises. Most American sports leagues are set up very differently than, for example, the Premier League. It is much more in the form of a league that has clubs rather than clubs that came together to form a league. Here the 20 members are the shareholders of the PL. There, the NFL “owners” are actually owner-operators of a franchise, not unlike what you might see at a place like McDonalds, KFC etc. In MLS the league actually owns all the teams and contracts directly with all… Read more »

Me So Hornsey

I don’t know why but I read that in a friendly and intelligent American accent.

Second coming of Eboué

I was thinking Arseblog is so high brow even the Americans are smarter and know more about football than me.




The only thing I’d share with sp*rs or Chelski is a disease. Preferably uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea combined with hiccups and toothache

cazorla's smile

why? just let them have it. no need to share anything with those cunts


Oh yeah I remember a hangover like that.

Sonic Gunner

The Emirate stadium is not a national nor London pie to be shared. We paid the price for this edifice and were consistently mocked for it by these same cunt shits. It will be interesting to see how sp’rs will fair in the Pl in that period. I bet they will go down in the 1st two seasons. The Roman cunts will certainly experience a decrease in “BOUGHT” success, a stable manager which will make the Russian super cunt depressed for lack of funds to do what he delights in – Sacking managers. Ultimately their “BOUGHT” racists will desert them… Read more »

New guy

wait, Chelsea is moving to Stoke?

Arshavin's fake moustache

Interesting point. I wonder if moving and building a new ground now would be significantly harder than when we did it. You’d think so given the improved quality of the ‘lesser’ teams this season.


haha thanks blogs great article


Loving the rationale for the 61000 capacity.

Of course convincing 61000 to watch Arsenal reject Kane win fuck all might be a challenge.

Spurs logic – Arsenal good, Arsenal new stadium, Tottenham bad, need new stadium to be good.





nope, it is actually 61,000. i think that’s a mistake in this article, arseblog.


I think we should be gracious enough to allow Sp*rs to play their matches in The Emirates’ toilets at least, so they could get used to playing in those conditions for when they move into their own toilet.

Actually na, let’s not even allow the scum that.


Wanders – autocorrect! You know what I meant!


Massive bunch of wanders! The lot of em


They can swivel on my wand…


Pmsl had to share the stadium. Quality!


No way..this should not happen ,especially with Spurs or Chelsea


F*ck Sp*rs and the racists.


The idea may be initially distasteful, but if we were to say “you can use it if we get to keep 75% of the matchday revenue; take it or leave it” then it’d be very hard to be upset by the decision. We already earn the most matchday revenue in the world, which is, admittedly, shameful, so having additional revenue could take us to oligarch levels of wealth.

If we had a flatmate, we could reduce ticket prices (lol), buy some shiny players, or, best case scenario, a nice juicy dividend or two.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Nah, I say fuck’em


If the revenue gets us top players while one of said two clubs doesn’t get them and we further a gap between them then why not? But be prepared to reinstall every seat and bathroom every weekend due to their shitty graffiti on every panel accessible to be vandalised. What if it funded a huge move for Pogba? would we say yes or no

Bould's Eyeliner

fuck pogba. This isn’t about money, this is about our pride as a club. And if we’re talking financials, letting them use the Emirates is an insanely valuable option for their club while renovating.

Fuck all of them, fuck all the rest.


What Bould’s Eyeliner said x10. Fuck Pogba, it’s the principle – nothing to do with money.


If we shared then our pitch would turn into a muddy mess and our already injury prone players would be the ones to suffer. No no nonononono

the only sam is nelson

the proposed chel$cum ground looks like an egg slicer, too

so. a toilet and an egg slicer.

sums up both clubs in so many ways

sixteen swans over ainola

Nice how Wenger framed his distaste in terms of the impact our stadium had on our transfer spend.

It’s bad enough Man City and West Ham freeloading off the back of Arsenal Supporters’ taxes. So fuck Sp*rs and fuck Chelsea and while we’re at it fuck Platini for relaxing FFP in the face of lawsuits and the lack of a resolute spine.

We earned our stadium. Let them earn theirs the hard way.

Cliff Bastin


Saffa Gooner

It would be fucking hilarious of Sp*rs’s home game were at the Emirates. That would surelt put that whole issue of us moving to “their” turf like a hundred years ago to bed.


It would be hilarious! But it would also be insurmountably disgusting.
(imagine laughing while being sick).


Agree Staffa.however,that really isn’t an issue or should ever be as we all know the swamp dwellers moved to north London from Middlesex in 1965. We were in north London first.fact!


I’m also not against that move if we get a good deal (20+ millions per year) from them.
It truly would be hilarious to watch them have their “home” games in Ashburton Grove. Not only isn’t it their most hated ground, they can’t put out their signs and stuff meanwhile they’d have to admire all of ours during all the home games. See all the years we’ve won trophies and dream that they’ll win something too.
Forever in our shadow

Andy Mack

We’d have to get the place fumigated after each of their matches, plus they’d break anything they could (they have problems with difficult mechanical things like door handles) which would take a big chunk of the 20+m….


And what about all the red? – can’t see Chelsea or Spurs fans sitting in a red stadium with red seats surrounded by pictures of Arsenal legends week in week out. How does that even work?


Well it made me chuckle at the thought of how upset the cunts would be, so I reckon it works quite well.


Well the cunts want to use Wembley, all the seats are red there too. Haha!

Naija Gunner

Not gonna happen, infact Never gonna happen…Never Ever!


Spuds won the league?! Must have been crazy times in 61

the only sam is nelson

it led directly to the Cuban missile crisis.



I’m sure Sp*rs will win the league at 2061, a year after relegated from premier.


They might do that in 2021, after they have to sell every player on their squad to pay for their empty new stadium.

No, what am I thinking? They won’t win the title after being relegated, they’ll just get relegated again. By 2061 they’ll have the biggest and emptiest stadium in the Conference South.


If overcharging Chelsea or Spuds rent to play a season at the Emirates means more money for Arsenal to purchase high caliber/impact transfers, count me in.

Santi's Smile

What about West Ham? Knowing that they’ll be moving into a government-financed stadium next season without really taking on any of the challenges Arsenal overcame (and other London clubs now face) is a disgrace. After hearing for years how funding the Emirates impacted the club and seeing the relative ease with which the Hammers will slide in the Olympic Stadium infuriates me.


They’ll never own it and they won’t have control over it, so they’ll have to share it, with things like rugby and maybe horse shows and things. Hopefully lots of things that fuck up the pitch. It will never be their home.


Wouldn’t it be sad if they did get our ground as a ground share, and still gave their season tickets to their fans at a lower cost?


They’d have to. We can charge what we do because there’s always an emiratesful[1] of fine people prepared to pay that much to see Arsenal.
I’m not sure that there are enough wealthy, tasteless cunts in the world to do that for Sp*rs or Chelshit.

[1] This is so a word.


As someone from Albuquerque. I would welcome my team with open arms. 😀


Albuquerque. Would be nice. I dont know where that is but I love Breaking Bad very much. So anything for Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hope Pinkman… im drunk folks.

Midfield Corporal

I’m pretty sure neither the Spuds or Chelski are even considering asking to share our stadium, it sounds like one of those questions that they put to Arsene and see if they can squeeze a juicy story out of it. The back of tomorrow’s Daily Mail will probably spin his response into ‘Wenger calls Spurs a bunch of cunts”…..which is probably the only truth they’ll print this year.

Patrick Mitchell

As I was born and raised in Albuquerque and a lifelong Arsenal supporter nothing could make me happier than that move. However, keep those twat waffles out of our Emerates and off our pitch. Though the shit football they play would make a good fertilizer


Sorry can’t do. They need to suffer like we did. And even if they don’t suffer, its not us who are going to facilitate their relief. Its true most Chavski fans will immigrate to Leicester or Liverpool. Others will simply hibernate before resurfacing a season or two as City (any city) fans. Meanwhile there’ll be less revenue for them to service the stadium debt. Less revenue to purchase success. More boredom and agita for their whimsical sugardaddy . Possibly subsequent desertion to concentrate with his charcoal business. Wilting, decay and damnation for the racists. Relegation in the season we do… Read more »

Yorkshire Gunner

Think of the poor stewards having to police that rabble!

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were planning restrictions on the amount of games per season anyway.


As a Gooner from St. Louis, MO, USA I must contend that Kroenke is an incorrigible cunt who enjoys bumfunnery to an unprecedented degree. I’m thankful he doesn’t own the Cardinals or Blues since the city would have no sports teams if that were the case. May a speculum enter his rectum and get stuck wide open in there.

Alexis The Beast Of London

Have I ever stated how much I love this site? Just in case I haven’t I f*@&ing love this SITE!

Dan Hunter

Expand the Emirates, possibly? Interesting blog post


expanding the number of seat isnt the problem , the stadium was built for around 80 000 i think , thats why we get larger seat, the problem are the facility around the Emirates std specially transport ,so the council limited the number to 60 0000 until the underground get upgrade


I wouldn’t even share their toilets.

non.flying dutchman

im open to spuds paying extortionate rent so long as its written into the tenancy that we get to ram our greater success down their throat – I.e Pochateno has to do his half time team talks in our trophy room


Never going to happen. Regardless of how much money is offered.
It feels like allowing someone to sleep with your Mrs.

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