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Wilshere not due to return until mid-March

Jack Wilshere’s return from injury is now not expected until mid-March as complications from the broken leg he suffered in pre-season delay his comeback.

The midfielder was injured on the eve of the Community Shield in August, and even with surgery was earmarked for a return to first team action before the end of the year. Indeed, in December he was, apparently, close to playing again before suffering a little setback.

At the time, Arsene Wenger said he hoped he’d be back in February, but in an update yesterday it seems that we won’t see him in red and white again until mid-March at the earliest.

“Jack is starting to run,” he said. “Once you move out, from the first day, you count six weeks to be competitive and build up stamina and intensity. You need six weeks to be ready fitness-wise.”

It’s a blow for him and for Arsenal, and it feels more and more like the signing of Mohamed Elneny was made to fill the gap that Wilshere has left in the squad.

Wenger spoke about the Egyptian midfielder’s qualities, saying, “He’s not a powerhouse, he’s more of a mobility player. That’s why I think he can suit our game.

“Winning the ball is not only down to power, it’s about switching on at the right moment. It’s a technique.

“You have players who are muscular and they lose fights against small players who are very slim because the smaller players are able to switch on at the right moment.

“It’s a real technique to know when to switch on. I remember small defensive midfielders who were unbelievable defensively. They had that kind of technique.”

The 23 year old is set to make his debut today in the FA Cup, so we’ll get a better idea of what he’s like later on.

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I miss Jack


It sounds like Elneny is going to be spending a lot of time in the gym.

Giroud's abs

It might sound bad, but I hope Wilshere misses the Euros this year. He can have a good pre-season. Prepare for the next season and really kick on from there. He’s a great player with tons of potential and I hope we can see him at his best soon. Super Jacky Wilshere!


How dare you suggest that? Wilshere’s a full time England first team player who plays international games for Arsenal.


He’s also a player that continued playing in an international after a tackle BROKE HIS FOOT! Not the best demonstration of knowing when to stop I’d say. If he comes back to competitive action with the aim of qualifying for the Euros, he may put too much stress on his body too soon. I know he’s done a lot of rehab before running, but I’ve had ankle ligament injuries myself and I couldn’t fully leap off that foot(basketball) for about 9 months after the injury fully healed(I did have pretty good medical care and rehab, though nowhere near as top-notch… Read more »

Nasri's missing chinbone

Haha this really tickled me. Hate to say it but I have to agree. Wilshire’s career is going to mirror diaby’s if he’s not careful. I get the impression that Arsene is very conscious of that happening…


I hope this isn’t the case. But I think Wilshere might be very close to being done as a top player at Arsenal. Unless he drastically changes his game which he seems unwilling to do, I think one more big injury will sadly be the end.

Mr. G

Yeah I agree, except for the ‘changing his game’ part, which is m. One more major injury before the end of next season pretty much moves him into Diaby territory where we can’t ever realistically build a squad with him in mind. I think it was Blogs who said he could end upsomething of a bonus player? ‘Bonus player’ is a pretty good description. I feel really sorry for Wilshere. He’s such a talented footballer and would be the perfect guy to inherit Santi’s current role next to Coquelin. But like Wenger eventually (and by ‘eventually’ I mean five years… Read more »


Pretty much a full season gone for Jack, not only is it killing him physically but his game has almost regressed due to lack of game time. I really feel for him but reckon next year is absolutely win or bust for him at Arsenal…


BBC has him as the most injured player in the period since 2013, surpassing even Sturridge.
I think Jack is a great player, but we will not progress hoping on these types of players to come good.
Walcott, Wilshere, Ox, maybe throw in Gibbs, too many consistently injured, almost there players. Something has to give and Wenger has to make the hard choice to let a couple of these guys go.

Everybody wants new, better players. But we have a big squad and somebody will have to make room.

Who would you sacrifice?


I would have brought in Greizmann when he was affordable years ago and got rid of one of Walcott or the Ox.

Cleanshaved Ramsey

If ever there was a player to be treated with kid gloves, it’s Distributional Wing-Commander, Jacques Wlishere.

Cleanshaved Ramsey

Pray that he makes a better career than Diaby.

*touches all the wood around.

Mesut eyes

Come back stronger Jack

Cliff Bastin

I call BS. He’ll be wrapped in cotton and then BOOM fit on 28th March for manure away.

(wishful thinking)


Get Wilsh soon, Jack

Greh Greysh

Can’t help but feel bad for Wilshire, every year his development stagnates due to injury. I just hope in the summer he’s not pictured smoking especially if he isn’t selected for the Euros. Next season I imagine Elneny to have an Ozil like body transformation.


Face it he’s unlikely to play again this season. And any suggestion of offering him a contract extension is insanity. It’s not a question of writing him off but he’s got to be fit for next season and show he can play for the majority of it, before any consideration of a new contract.


It’s Diaby all over again.


Which March?


Very upsetting this. Grasping at straws for a positive in all this, it doesn’t rule him out for the crunch time of the season so he may well have his part to play in bringing this season to a trophy laden close, hope should be the last thing to die. Come on Jack.

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