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Arsenal reveal latest financial results

Arsenal have confirmed the financial results for Arsenal Holdings PLC for the the six months up to November 2015. There has been an increase in turnover, but a reported overall loss of after tax of £3.4m.

Some of the key points are as follows:

  • Turnover from football increased to £158.0 million (2014 – £148.5 million) with growth in Uefa Champions League broadcasting distributions and commercial activity led mainly by partnerships.
  • Profits on sale of player registrations amounted to only £0.3 million which was significantly lower than the prior period comparative (2014 – £26.7 million).
  • Amortisation charge on player registrations further increased to £29.2 million (2014 – £25.6 million).
  • The Group recorded an overall loss after tax of £3.4 million (2014 – profit of £6.2 million).
  • The Group has no short-term debt and its cash reserves, excluding the balances designated as debt service reserves, amounted to £135.9 million (2014 – £138.8 million)

Reflecting on the results, chairman Sir Chips Keswick said, “We continue to see robust growth around our commercial revenues and build our support globally through our marketing and media channels.

“The result for the period has been impacted by a reduction in transfer profits but this reflects the overall stability we have within the squad which, in my view, is a positive factor for the club.”

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Talk to me in “world class” strikers, I don’t get these numbers!!!1


Total turnover increased to 2 Suarezes, but we still made an after-tax loss of about 6 Bendtners.


Thank you! One more question – how many Suarezes do we need in order to have a Messi-like player?!

Arsene's zip

Sorry to go all grammar nazi, but I believe the plural is “Bitey McRacists”.


Considering the Suarez transfer price (65 million pounds) compared with the estimated Messi buyout clause (250 million pounds), I’d reckon ~4 Suarezs.

Andy Mack

I’d guess the bitey ones price is up a bit since then.


We’ve got millions in the bank.
Yet we play Flamini against Barcelona in 2016.
That is unacceptable.

Ox in the box

Flamini is the only player in the squad to play in CL final. How about that?

Andy Mack

What about Cech?

Petits Handbag

I also don’t believe Flamini played in that final….unless it was him beaten at his near post??


He did, I think he came on for Cesc.

David C

tell you what, we lost that final because Flamini lost his spot on LB when Cole returned from injury. we had a back line (with Flamini) that achieved 10 clean sheets in a row in the CL but Wenger put Campbell and Cole back in for the final even though they weren’t fresh and returning from injury.

I think Cole had the bad pass back to Lehman that resulted in the red card too.

I think I’m remembering this right….


Should have played Millions.

Except he pulled a calf muscle in the warm up.

Dark Hei

Millions was in the red zone and unfit to play

He is Well Beck Now!

We never play Millions even when it’s not in red zone. We just wrap it up in cotton wool and store it away from prodding eyes.


If you play millions you will kill inanimate carbon rod. Have faith in his potential.




Arsenal has millions
Flamini has billions


Yes, and not least because, to put it in terms the money-men understand, it’s very, very bad for the brand. I don’t suppose we’d have beaten Barca even if we had sensibly invested in a proper defensive midfielder (of which there was no shortage last summer), but to concede a daft penalty like that undermines the other players’ morale and makes us into a laughing stock. It’s not surprising Wenger hasn’t been able to persuade a top-class striker (Benzema, Aubemayang, Suarez, Dybala) to join us. Why would any top player leave a flourishing club for one that that after year… Read more »


Woah woah woah I had to stop reading at ‘We’ve spent heavily in recent years but without seeing any significant improvement’ if you fail to see the improvement then I’m not sure how much Arsenal you watched since moving to the Emirates

John C

Thats nonsense, i fail to see where this improvement has been made. 5 or 6 years ago we were finishing 3rd or 4th in the league to teams that would be either winning or getting to the semi/final of the champions league now we’re 3rd behind 2 teams that that haven’t even qualified for the champions league. During the last 8-9 years we’ve always had a team with maybe 2 world class players with the rest average and the same is the case now. The difference being that in the past our world class players cost us almost nothing like… Read more »


Where is the improvement over last year? If like many you believe that chec has saved us even a conservative 8 points so far this year over andd above any keeper we have had of late that would take us out the title race and a champions league spot. The position of a keeper has improved but the team as whole has not.


Surely improving the keeper who is part of the team by extension improves the team that he is in?


I agree but I think you get my point. Had we not had chec then where would we be. Out the top 4. We haven’t played any better than last year in fact I think we have been far worse but because this I a crazy year we could win the title. We won’t because we are mising to many chances and that is down to lack of investment in a clinical striker. A situation that we haven’t addressed in years now. Chelsea and city will be stronger next year. Liverpool have a great manager a year further on and… Read more »


But chin up, we may not be winning the world’s biggest trophies but we’re way out in front in one financial category – you’ve guessed it, match-day income (see Swiss Ramble for the figures).


People talked about defensive midfielders in summer but neither sniderlain or kondogbiA are ripping up trees ( unless am wrong? Evidence)
When people says Arsenal have 200 million to spend on players in bank , should from reading this it actually be we have £ 139 million in the bank to spend on players ?


You speak too much common sense for this blog


Whenever I see an article mention Sir Chips Keswick my first reaction is always that it’s one another mock article. Arsenal gent must love that guy.


The £ 3 million loss equates to Silent Stan’s “Management Fee”

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