Sunday, January 16, 2022

Gabriel back in Brazil for treatment

Having suffered a thigh injury in training last week, Arsenal have allowed Gabriel to go back to Brazil for treatment.

The centre-half is expected to miss three weeks and has returned to his former club Esporte Clube Vitória for some rehab. Although the injury could be treated at home, Arsene Wenger is aware that sometimes players need a bit of time at home and as such granted him leave.

Similarly, when Alexis pulled his hamstring against Norwich on November 29th, part of his recovery time was spent in Chile, so it’s not unprecedented. Plus it’s warmer there, why wouldn’t you go back and let that extra vitamin D help?!

Aside from that, there’s been no word yet as to what exactly happened to Laurent Koscielny that forced him off at half-time. There’s some suggestion he picked up a dead leg in the challenge that saw him booked in the lead up to Vardy’s dive, so let’s hope that’s all it is.

Check out this week’s Arsecast Extra looking back on the Leicester win and more

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Guy on the left doesn’t look like he’s gonna make it

Ike's Mood

Good work, H.


Maybe Gabriel took Debuchy with him


I sincerely hope that’s Diego Costa then. I always suspected that Gabriel was a cold-blooded assassin.


Class! 🙂

The Wizard of OZ(il)

First comment on arseblog news is always the bomb! 😀 Regularly!


am happy the way we are managing the injury crisis this season.. there’s been a massive improvement from previous seasons. get well soon Gabriel


u wot m8

La Défense


Lord Bendtner

May I suggest keeping bodyguards outside his room? These days you never know what to expect from Diego Costa. On second thought, he doesn’t need bodyguards I think he can take down costa easily even with one leg. Get bodyguards for witnesses though, who knows what Costa might tell the police.


Costa is the kind of coward who’d murder a man in his sleep. It’s the only way he’d be willing to face someone like Gabriel. Put some body guards outside!


Ah, the usual “three week” line…hmmm, who’s betting it’s not?


A quick recovery to you son.
Glad that we have Chambers though. He was a warrior on Sunday. Massive shift from him.


Step up Chambersacker

La Défense

Ehem… You mean Merters.


Did you say, Mertesambers?

Rohith J

If there were any doubts about his Arsenal qualities.


They confirmed during the game it was a dead leg so I would hope it’s a few days out. Maybe rest him and play merts and chambers at CB in the cup (Chambers did well when he came on vs Leicester)

Keepin it MonReal

I would certainly worry with Chambers and Per at the back against Barca. Speedy recovery please Laurent


Well not so much as we are going to sat deep defending and try to hit them on counter, the only worry for me is those one twos barca plays at the edge of the box which are getting out every defense this year.


Not sure if it was a “challenge” by Kocielny. Looking back, it was more like a swan dive.

Seeing Sounds

Many uncharacteristically for the sport challenges happened in this game. Wasilewski’s falcon punch, Simpson’s wrestling moves and that piggy back ride Ozil got from I don’t know who.

I was looking at Leicester’s stats from last season. They had 7 red cards, more than anyone and as thinking to myself, it’s about time they get one this season, why not against us. They are starting to feel the pressure now that everyone is rooting for them. Next chapter of the Leicester fairy tale: Crash and burn.

Andy Mack

Don’t forget drinkwaters flying dragon kick in Ramsey.
Fuck that was a bad challenge.
All these fighting moves make me miss my swag Genesis and mortal kombat games haha


(And I sincerely apologise on behalf of my autocorrect for the word swag. That was meant to be sega. I need a bath)


Fuckin dishwater


Good luck Per… Good luck :'(


Three weeks from an injury that happened in training… Yep, we are the Arsenal.


he’s being sent back for a holiday basically. which I don’t like. its not like the treatment there is better than here. its mid-season, we’re a team – he should be here, and about the training ground paying attention to what’s going on – whether he can take part or not. the reality is – and especially being brazilian – he’ll come back in worse physical condition. we’ve seen it so many times before. so he’ll need another 2 weeks to get match fit.

Andy Mack

Muscles repair in the warmth of Brazil better than the cold of London Colney.


its his belly i’d be more concerned about

Bob David

Get well soon Bab! Who’s our back up central defence if Mert or Kosci get injured. We got some big fixtures including Barca coming up!


Hope we have an academy option for CB or RB.

The fact that Chambers may for the next few weeks be our 1st Choice CB AND only RB cover, means its absolutely paramount Bellerin stays fit.


At least we’ve got a Monreal and Gibbs if need be.


Sucks not to have him available for the Barcelona matches as he is experienced playing against them and has the mobility we desperately need to defend them. It’s amazing yet another muscular injury picked up in training (or in matches).

Naija Gunner

We just have to make do with what we have. And lets give Chambers and co the supports they need


It’s not like Arsenal to have players injure themselves in training.


Just don’t get it man, everytime Gabs looks like getting a run in the first team, summat happens.

naija's Rosicky

am not comfortable with mert and chambers against barca. Thats suicide mission. With those 3 musketers in the form of thier life, we definitely need laurent to be fit

Dial square

I do like a Brazillian……




wtf…wld ve preferred a Gabriel Koscielny partnership against Barcelona but I hope Koscielny returns quickly to partner Per against them


I hope Shad told them to keep that creepy looking R1-D1 1st gen bot he’s sitting next to away from him, or at least the electro currents kept on low.. That room looks scary.


1) Per did not suffer from lack of pace last game for 60 minutes. He is still better than Gabriel. Remember, Gabriel was fleeced for pace out wide against Bournemouth which almist led to a goal bar Bellerin yet no one seems to mention that. 2) Chambers did well at Cback but he is first and foremost a Rback. He will be a good back up for Bellerin. He’s a different sort of asset, not as pacy but good with his crosses and technically comfortable enough unlike Jenkinson. I don’t see any problem unless Koscielny has a prolong injury. If… Read more »


Gabriel is way off the standard right now. Not composed on the ball and certainly not positionally astute. Very raw. I would rather we give Chambers more game time. But need all bodies for the run in. So, pray he gets well soon and be back in London.


The warmth will probably aid with recovery aswell. I do hope atleast Kos will be back soon because the Mertechambers combo vs MSN perhaps the 3 best forwards in the world atm would deffo not be my first choice 😛

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