Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Wenger: Devastated Rosicky stayed on to help team

Tomas Rosicky’s return from injury last Saturday was greeted with huge cheers from the Emirates crowd – as were his first touches of the ball.

Unfortunately, the Czech international felt his thigh strain after just a few minutes on the pitch, and the latest setback could see him spend at least a month on the sidelines.

Arsene Wenger has revealed that the 35 year old has been rocked by yet another injury problem, and coming in the twilight of his Arsenal career, it may affect his chances of playing for the club again.

“I told him straight away after half-time to warm up,” said Wenger. “I observed him, he’s very conscientious Tomas, he did sprint and sprint, and sprint. He comes on; after three minutes he got the injury.

“I looked at him and thought: ‘Tomas you do not run properly’ because he didn’t lift his legs and he lost some balls. I was amazed because he is at the top level technically. He told me after the game that he did it straight away.

“He said ‘I stayed on because you couldn’t change anymore’.”

With Arsenal leading 2-1, Rosicky entered the fray in the 71st minute, and Wenger made his final change, Theo Walcott for Alexis in the 78th, so it must have happened just before that. The Arsenal manager outlined the effects on Rosicky, who was making his first appearance for the club since the 0-0 draw with Sunderland last May.

“He warmed up well, for 20 minutes. He’s devastated. Unbelievable. He’s such a good player but his career has been disrupted by so many injuries. He’s 35, it’s difficult for him.

“Let’s hope we have good news, that it is not as bad as feared.”

Let’s keep fingers crossed, he deserves more than to have his career fizzle out like this.

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Tommy :'( So sad


Fucking gutted for him. Genuinely my favourite player since Ljungberg. I bought a shirt this year with his name on the back only because it was going to be the last season I could get a Rozzer shirt =(


I have 4 jersey with his name on it 🙁

Nigerian Kanu

Arsenal needed to buy a spine last summer and only bought a keeper. They still need a commanding physical centre back, cover for Francis Coquelin and a striker. So Mats Hummels, Victor Wanyama and Romelu Lukaku would fit the bill nicely. The club could afford them, but the ambition is lacking and Arsene Wenger is obsessed by his concept of value. So no-one is expecting any further arrivals. Without re-enforcements down the centre of the line-up, the feeling is that this season will go down as a missed opportunity. Is money in the bank better than options on the field?… Read more »

Tim RS

Strangely, this comment is pretty much word for word what someone from the Gooner had written for the BBC on transfer deadline day. Puzzled.


Dude, stop listening to idiot pundits with agendas- we’re the closest we’ve been in years to winning the league!

We have Cech, Ozil and Alexis fucking Sanchez!

People don’t sell good players in Jenuaey unless you pay well over the odds- you’d be looking at over 100 million for those three.

Notice none of the big teams signed anyone, you don’t think there is something in that?

John C

That’s why he said in the summer

Bould's Eyeliner

This topic is ridiculous, but I’m not sure where to begin. It’s like, selling shark insurance in the Sahara. The media is literally making news where none exists, and somehow it gets everybody in a massive debate. “But listen, if we buy insurance, even if the sharks get us, we’ll be filthy rich!” “And filthy poor until we ever encounter sharks.” “Why? Oh, right, insurance costs money.” “Turns out no one is selling insurance to us anyway.” “My god, we’re missing out on all this insurance no one is selling us.” “I am literally shitting my pants on not being… Read more »

Kolo Toure Ballsack

How does this even relate to this article? Also, we signed Elneny? Also we have two of the best centre backs in world football; regardless of how you feel about Mertesacker and Koscielny you can’t deny their quality.


Firstly, buying those players you mention doesn’t guarantee success.
Secondly, its not like a game of Fifa where one can acquire the player desired

sixteen swans over ainola

Hummels and Wanyama? Really. Did you see Hummels’ spectacular own goal at the weekend? Have you been watching him over the last year-or-so? As for Wanyama? Slow and pointless. Even Saints fans hate the bloke. If you want Arsenal to step up to the proverbial next level then you’d better start looking at what players are actually doing rather than whatever you think they are. Lukaku? You have me there. But for the fact he’s not for sale. You know, like Stones and Barkley aren’t for sale. Then again if you know just how we can buy a player who’s… Read more »


In the nicest possible way, we’ve paid him for 4 seasons now when he has barely put together a string of matches and it’s time for him to go.
A great player, the most injury prone since Jack Wilshere. They are both taking huge salaries and taking up the places of players who could be making a difference to us, other clubs aren’t so sentimental.

Tarquin Farquar

But we ain’t other clubs!! We are ARSENAL


The Arsenal


Couldn’t have put it better. Proud to do footer the right way.


Heart, fight, loyalty, inspirational charisma and some serious technique on the ball…
Shit but those injuries have robbed us… get well and get one more stinking season my son!

John C

More like we’re no longer a football club

Super tom

Who2baGooner, if you think Rosicky has nt done shite in 4 years, you havrnt been watching Arsenal.

12, 13, 14 his feb-may outburst has been one of the sole reason we got to the Champions league. Imagine finishing behind yiddos. yeh.


It’s sad because he as always been fully committed tithe team, the manager and the fans.

I sincerely hope we see him in the red and white again.

Now, let’s focus on winning the league for him.


Bless him- a player of his quality and attitude deserves better.


I’ve been struggling with a tendon problem in my right wrist which I got playing 5-a-side and basically can’t workout for a month or two until it heals properly (lots of cryotherapy and restricted use) and it’s been a heavy blow because I really enjoy training. I can’t begin to fathom the psychological effects this setback has on Tomas especially since football is his bread, butter and pudding. Same goes for Jack, Danny and Abou concerning their injury problems.

David C

I feel your pain; I did the ligaments in my ankle and it took about 4 years before I felt 100% again. It’s better to break a bone than to suffer serious strain/sprain on the joints.

Being injured sucks! Hope all the guys come back stronger.

Edu's Braces

He was going to play the Euros wasn’t he? Fuck I hope he makes it.


Fuck, really feel rotten. Class man and class player. Hope we can see him a few more times in red before his time is done. Would ove to see him on the field as we clinch the title.

Gudang Pelor

Hope he plays enough time to get the medal.

Merlin's Panini

Such a shame but these sorts of injuries happen a lot when you’ve had a long spell out, especially at his age. I really hope we see him figure again this season. He’s one of my favourite players. Perhaps he was training too much? Maybe he needs to do minimal training in between games to keep him fresh, like with Ozil?


‘I stayed on because you couldn’t change anymore’. That’s an incredible amount of commitment to put your team in front of yourself despite knowing with each additional step he’s increasing the amount of time he’ll have to spend on the sidelines again. Love the Mozart!


Make that ‘Rozart’

Ronaldo's Paunch

I love Rosicky, so professional and such a player when fit. Hope he comes back soon


I love the shit out of you Tomasz 🙁

Godspeed. Hopefully see you playing in our colours again.

Richie Growling

it’s Tomas – he’s not Polish!


Gutted for this man is not the word


He’ll be the first player in a decade to get a testimonial this summer. Nothing but a fantastic player and servant to Arsenal despite the bad luck. Wouldn’t miss that game for anything.

David C

Theo too right?


I couldnt be more devestated for him. My favourite arsenal player for a long time. I really hope to see him wearing the shirt still next season.


Sad face

Jack Wheelchair

Sentimental bullshit. He shouldn’t be at the club. Why Wenger kept such an incredibly injury prone player for another year is gross mismanagement. He’s cost the club millions of pounds in wasted wages.
Rosicky should retire straight away, avoid more grief and strain on his body and just get on with his life.
A fine player, yes…but even the tea lady knew this would happen.

Wilshere's Coke Straw

You should retire from leaving comments straight away.

Giovani R

que cara otário!


A few words for you mate:
fight… loyalty… heart… charisma…leadership….
All ‘sentimental’ but if you don’t understand how those combine to make any great player, you’re even more of a myopic muppet than your comment above would indicate!
My little brother has a Chav shirt – pop me your address and I’ll send it you… they’re not driven by ‘sentiment’… just ask Jose.

Jack Wheelchair

But Chelsea have won 4 titles and the Champions League since we won something ‘big’ ….what’s your point??!!


He’s one of few players on the squad that can match Özil and Cech as far as talent, discipline, vision, and experience are concerned. If you do not see the immense value that he continually brings to the squad then I genuinely hope that you do not have any degree of leadership position in life. To reduce him to ‘a fine player, yes’ and to dismiss his contributions as ‘wasted wages’ is not just insulting to Tomas, it’s insulting to the entire football club and those that understand and appreciate that quality and value come from numerous sources in a… Read more »

Jack Wheelchair

But he hasn’t contributed, has he?!
Don’t give me that ‘experience in the dressing room” crap either…he’s never in it!!
He should have been released (as Diaby should have) ages ago.

Oly Odus

Couldn’t agree more, are we running a football club to win trophies or we are in the nanny business, might as well recall Diaby then?!!!. This is why this man can never win any of majors again, maybe FA Cups.


Oh Tommy, I hope you can fire in the winner in the FA Cup final having been on the field to clinch the PL title a couple of weeks previously.

Of all the players in the squad, he deserves that success. Keep on rocking on, Tomas!

Little Mozart

He’ll be back in red and white just in time to make the difference in a crucial fixture. If I believe it enough then it has to come true.


Some sort of curse with 2006 signings and injuries!

The poor guy, he was one Europe’s most exciting midfielders, but this period for him has been terrible.

I hope he’s got for the last couple of games and we’re lifting a trophy.


One more season please?


What a guy…and how unfortunate…

Gooners & Roses

As much as i love his commitment, surely having a pitch side talk with physio and Wenger, on how the manage the situation could have result for better outcome?

We were leading 2-1, and In control. Perhaps he could have just sit back in deep midfield rather than running around.

Naija Gunner

“I stayed on because you couldnn’t change amy more” I was almost crying reading that.
Hope to see u soon on the pitch playing for The Arsenal TR7


‘I stayed on because you couldn’t change anymore’

Damn that brought tears to my eyes. Life is just not fair at times 🙁 I really hope he plays atleast 2-3 games for us before the end of the season. We need to win the title for him


We all love Tomas

Petits Handbag

Last game of the season, scores the winner against Bayern in the last minute and we win the Champions League.
Walks off with the sun setting I’m front of him while Frank Sinatra plays him out.


I fucking love this dude! Arsenal please win the league for Him,….. I’m fucking desperate now, I need him with the fucking medal before he leaves.


However he goes out Rozza is still a legend to me. And I am sure to everyone who has ever loved this guy.

Fool of a Took

Sad stuff, he gave us his all. Let´s give him a PL title and a testimonial to end all testimonials!


Really hope he gets his testimonial. Really deserves it and may he go out with his favorite heavy metal songs blazing in the background, feel so bad for him and diaby, hope wenger can find a job for him so we can keep him in some capacity in the club because even the most optimistic of us can see injuries will force him to retire at the end of the season.




Utterly devastating news. Gotta see you back on the pitch, this season. Rooting for you Rozza. All my love and respect.

Martin Finley

Most Hamstring injuries are actually avoidable by introducing one simple workout into the players training regime. Yet only 2 of the teams in this years Champions League make use of it according to proffessor Roald Bahr one of the worlds leading sports injury researchers. And his study of Hamstring injuries among other injuries and how to prevent them recently won him the Nordic prize in Medicine. He has researched the subject since 2001. I just hope our medical/physio team are keeping up with the science so we dont have to suffer stupid injuries that could be prevented by a simple… Read more »



oh… and it’s exercise (simple to do, simple to spell)


I sincerely hope that wasn’t TR7’s last game for us. That would be a very sad way to end his Arsenal career… ;;___;;

Cech's Hat

He may have lost some balls, but not his proverbial balls …

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