Monday, August 8, 2022

Wenger: Logical to block United move for Debuchy

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he did indeed block a deadline day approach from Manchester United who wanted to take Mathieu Debuchy on loan for the rest of the season.

The France international, who had also been linked with Aston Villa and Sunderland, ended up moving to Ligue 1 side Bordeaux but lamented this week that a move to Old Trafford had failed.

“They [Manchester United] contacted my agents,” Debuchy told Canal Plus.

“I was disappointed, obviously. If I had the chance to go to Manchester United it would have been magnificent.

“Unfortunately it wasn’t the case. I discussed it with the coach too, who said that obviously he couldn’t help out a rival.

Speaking on Friday ahead of Arsenal’s FA Cup fifth round game with Hull City, the boss explained why he had made the decision.

“I hope that’s not surprising to you [that the move was blocked].

“If Man United wants to buy a player…you don’t loan players to clubs who have resources, not to direct rivals.”

“There’s nothing shocking in that. I stand up for that. [Yes] I was surprised by their move. I can understand it, but I find it logical [that I said no].”

Obviously, it’s a little easier to be bullish in these situations when there isn’t a big wad of cash being waved in your direction. In the

In the past we’ve both benefited from the generosity of rivals (Yossi Benayoun’s move to Arsenal comes to mind) and seen late requests of our own blocked (Mourinho denying us the chance to sign Demba Ba).

Whatever. I doubt we’ll hear much from Debuchy again this season.

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Dedouchey needs to stop moaning. The bloke is way too entitled for a distinctly average player


I wanted the best for him, to get back in the French squad. But not anymore. Hope Sagna starts, and even when they have consolation game, they start some 19 year old instead. Asshole.

Arsene-al fan

The funniest thing is that, however bad Debuchy has been recently, he would strengthen the Man U side.


Cry baby can go and rest now…. He man U wanted him, they would have paid ARSENAL 40million pounds… Then Arsenal can think about it


The lack of self-awareness from Mat Debuchy is truly Andre Santos-esque…

Absolutely loved Wenger’s response and it was, in general, quite an enjoyable press conference.


At least Santos had a good attitude during his time at the club.

Dong, where is my automobile?

Yeah leave santos alone, he was a good gay


Monsieur no need to say…. we all know its the logical thing to do, Debuchy is just immature




Would have been funnier if Mourinho had been in charge too, given the Cech thing.


Logical!? Really. What happened to this this sense of logic with reference to RvP!

Wenger, sometimes, I swear…..


Totally different situation guy, he sold van persie for £25 million in the offseason. Right or wrong decision at the time is anyone’s guess in the moment. But Why loan a veteran player mid season to help a potential direct rival with no tangible financial gain.


Yes and no (a totally different situation). For sure he could have sold him to a club outside of PL, and had absolutely no reason to accept his wish in case he wanted to stay in England (like chelski did with Petr). Matter of fact, even if he sold him for 10 M quid less to Juve as it was reported, still it would not strengthen the direct rival. Basically it was a huge gift to the red nose before his retirement, so that he can go with style, winning the league. I love Arsene but that was a mistake.… Read more »

Cape Town Gooner

That 10 million quid (difference between selling to Man U vs Juve) was 1/3 of Alexis. Also just generally a fuck ton of money. I love the way we get blase about incredibly huge amounts of cash when it comes to football.

Crash Fistfight

Another point to note is that if RVP refused to go to Juventus there was no way he was going to stay at Arsenal, probably not putting in the requisite effort and denying the club the fee for his transfer.

In the same way, RVP refused to sign for Manchester City, who probably would’ve paid more than Man U did.

Chris O.

It was more than 10m less. United offered 25m, Juve offered 8m. That’s 17m, and at the time that was equvakent to our largest ever fee paid for a player and we couldn’t just laugh that off.


Also van Persie had one year left on his deal and was very injury prone


Honestly, loan or being sold. Mid-season or off-season, football or some other aspect of competition one may choose. You do not (with reference to RvP) weaken yourself and in the process directly strengthen a competitive rival, I truly fail to see the logic in that action. Unless what was logical in that instance was the £25m it felt impossible for arsenal plc to refuse. And really, what tangible difference would Debuchy make to the rest of manu’s season – yeah I can really see them making a tilt for the top four now Debuchys at right-back (and personally, I couldn’t… Read more »

Cape Town Gooner

We’re not competing with man u this year. But they will be back competing soon, so anything we do to strengthen their chance of making top four (and the implications that has on players they can buy in the summer) is a bad thing.

Canuck Gunner

What you seem to avoid acknowledging is that the choice with RVP likely wasn’t sell to United for more than Juventus, more realistically it was sell to United when we did or have him play out his final season of his contract after which he would go to United for free. What I understood the situation to be was that RVP demanded to go to United and if he was not willing to sign a contract with Juve, then selling to them was not an option.

Non flying dutchman

but he won them the title… a team that finished 7th the following year – Aside from him at the very peak of his powers over the two seasons that were his last for Arsenal and his first for manure, they were probably the worst championship winning side of the premier league era. Were he leading the line for Arsenal instead it might well have been us instead and he could have then gone off anywhere on a free.- if he even wanted to. Surely winning the premier league is itself a profitable venture?? Anyway sod it. His now enjoying… Read more »


It’s completely different case. Wenger knew that twat was finished. Who wouldn’t cash in at the right time before he is completely crippled? A loan is completely different. Getting rid of garbage and poket a cumulative some of £50m is a no brainer


I disagree. How could he know he was finished? What are you talking about? The skunk was our best player and then went on to be the best in manure, winning the title with them. Then red nose left and he was not in the same situation any more. Arsene certainly could not know that he would be finished in a year or so. If things played out differently, skunk did not let his ego get the best of him, he might have been a legend at Arsenal and probably could prolonged his from much longer. That season we bought… Read more »

Tarquin Farquar

You are right of course. To say wenger knew he was finished is completely false. Van Persie wanted out, he had a year left on his contract. Wenger and board had to decide take £25 million or keep someone who no longer wants to play for you and he goes for free next year. Logically that makes sense to me.


By all accounts Wenger stated to several people at the time of the sale that he felt RvP only had a season/season-and-a-half left in him as a top level player… Seems like that was a pretty bang on assessment really. Handing Utd the league like that was a tough one to take, but if you look at it from another perspective, it was that short-term approach to squad-building by Ferguson in those last few seasons that have left them in the mess they are in now, so I feel like it worked out pretty OK for us in the medium… Read more »

Tarquin Farquar

“By all accounts” is guess work I’m afraid. It’s what the press do most of the time.


Good…fuck Man United.

Naija Gunner

Enough of this Debouchi cunt Shit, he’s gone so be it. Let’s just concentrate on winning our next game. COYG


I remember Mourinho said he blocked Demba Ba’s loan because Arsenal had just got Özil and were then stronger.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Seeing Man United lose to Matalan or whatever their name is (Tuesday Club reference) last night terrifies me that they might dispose of Van Gaal now. He simply must last another week and a bit. Hang in there, Louis. At least until we’ve played you.


Yes 🙂 And with rumours that maureen could take over, it might not be so bad as he for sure would bring his bad karma there as well, he has some bills to pay which did not happen at chelski, so he would take them down even more.. So both scenarios work fine 🙂 Also, hoping that de gea’s injury is bad enough so he does not play against us. Don’t want anything bad to players who are not cunts even if playing for other clubs, he is a world class keeper. But we need to beat them and he… Read more »


I am hoping LVG will get the sack after losing to Arsenal in the league.

Oh what heights they’ve fallen when Manure could not even win a match in the Europa League! *cue evil laughter*


If Mourinho does end up at Manure. Will he sell Mata again? Poor bloke must be thinking WTF do I have to do to get away form that man.


Shut your moaning hole debuchy.
One thing is for certain you can bet the ffp goes out of the window for both manc clubs and chelshit in the summer

Buzzy Gurkha Gunner

New findings : Debuchy is a Cunt !


I’ve been very suprised at how his whole situation has played out. He was signed as an experienced RB reaching the peak of his career and brought into a very french friendly and competitive team. The fact that upon his return from 2 long term injuries he had performed so poorly then complained so blatantly to the media about it completely boggles my mind. In my 15 years+ of being a competent football fan I could count on one hand the amount of players witnessed exhibiting such levels of irrational petulence. He’s exposed himself as a whiny little pussy, such… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Ah, thanks for reminding me of Yossi Benayoun. He was a real gent. I was really pleasantly surprised by him.
I was glad to see the back of that season though. That was the worst start to a season I can remember since the Stewart Houston season.
Still, we did alright signing Yossi on loan, Mertesacker, Arteta, Ox, Bellerin and Joel Campbell.
Just a shame about Gervinho, Andre Santos and the elusive Park Chu Young.

Oh, and fuck Debuchy.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he (debuchy) responded to this, he is in a full bitch mode now. Needs to whine, moan etc..


I think Debuchy should be thankful that the United move didn’t happen. Hahahahaha!

I love laughing at those incompetent fools these days. Hahahahahahahahaha!

I’m not done. Hahahahahahahaha!


He would come in handy tomorrow if he was around.
The whole affair is baffling to me.


Well, Wenger wouldn’t have blocked the deal if they had offered to buy him outrightly for like say 10m. Debuchy talks more than he plays, he shouldn’t blame anyone but himself.


Adieu Mathew. ..

Walcott's left footed curl

I don’t really understand Wengers reasoning here. Not that we shouldn’t loan players to rivals, but we’re talking about Man United, are we not? The same side that got bullied by Midtjylland last night?


He has a new club to play for, we have a league and a cup to win and there’s nothing more left to say on the matter.

Bob David

Man U are pretty shit this season, but they are capable of finishing 4th. We all know how 4th is our regular position these last couple of seasons. So they are a threat. Can’t wait to we wash our hands of this complaing little prick. Blatantly knows he’s nowhere near Bellerin’s quality!


Interesting to see if manures injury crisis means we get the chance for a revenge 8 goal bashing of the scum – I certainly hope so!!!

Jeff brownlow

Aaaahhh Ciderman.
You and I must be related……… What the hell, let’s make it 10
Coq played that day, he will need to banish the memories


I agree that it’s logical to block the move of a player who will help your direct rivals. I just disagree that:

1. Debuchy would help them
2. United is a direct rival


“Pass Debuchy to the left hand side”



Debuchy should do himself a favor and decline interviews for a while. The only thing statements like his have ever done for footballers is get them moved on. Done. Now don’t give future employers – or the French team manager – any more reasons to think you’re a twat.


We will just have to wait for Arsene’s tell all book with all the crazy offers he has had when he retires to get the truth about Van Persie’s departure.
Personally, I think it was a huge mistake to gift Old Red Nose the title that year and maybe Arsene has learned from that and won’t strengthen a rival again even though Debuchy is not on the same level.
Now if those Red Cunts actually offered a few bob for our whinging French RB, I wonder if Arsene and the board would have let him go to them?

The Romford Pele

“Not to direct rivals”. How about Cashley, RVP and Sagna?

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