Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Wenger refusing to give up on title

There’s very little Arsene Wenger can say other than he’s not giving up on the title with 11 games still remaining.

The gap between Arsenal and Leicester is now 5 points again, and the way we’re playing right now that gap seems huge, but speaking after the game the Arsenal manager refused to throw in the towel, despite how poorly his team played today.

“We dropped three important points today,” he said. “We have to have a better level of fight than that and have to bounce back on Wednesday night and not feel sorry for ourselves.

“That is what it means. After, mathematically what is means, we will know at the end of the season. Things can change quickly. We need to bounce back quickly on Wednesday.”

Asked why his players failed to impose themselves on a game against an injury hit United side, he continued, “The team put the effort in but we struggled to be dangerous, that is true because they defended well. I will have to analyse the game again.”

When he does, he might be less inclined to talk about the team’s effort, because that was sadly lacking in some departments.

Let’s see if that influences his team selection against Swansea on Wednesday.

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Arsene-al fan

At least our players were wearing nice coloured laces, spending time supporting a good cause.

Third Plebeian

Except for Ozil, who wore laceless shoes. Homophobic from Adidas.


What the fuck does that have to do with anything?


Because they felt they were winning with the LGBT and forgot about the fans?

Arsene-al fan Once we win the PL let’s spend time on good causes like this. It’s a diversion for the managers and players in the middle of a season when we could and should be doing better. You’ll see in the comments that I’m ‘spectacularly missing the point’. I disagree, as a football team the point is for us to challenge for the PL. Players and managers should concentrate 100% on that or we get a bigger chance of having poor results like the ones we have had recently. Good causes will get noticed far more if promoted by a successful… Read more »

Danny Boy

Whilst I personally agree with the ethos of the rainbow laces campaign, I really don’t think sport should be mixed with any outside cause like sexuality/religion/politics etc. I follow sport as an escapism from all the outside bullshit conflict and I believe things like that just make sport a breeding ground for more hatred and arguments.

Arsene-al fan

Well put!


I completely agree regarding religion and politics.
What makes them different from sexuality is they are about following ideologies.
Sexuality is about how people are.


That video was made last year.
No one was missing out on training this week.


The only good cause I wanna celebrate is st totteringham’s day

Arsene-al fan

Well said, and the league.


The title is fucking over, period. Regardless of whether we are still in it mathematically, that team I saw play yesterday in Manchester are nowhere near good enough to win the league.

There was no fucking desire, no ambition, no ruthlessness.. nothing, we put in the most fucking gutless performance against the worst Man United team I have ever seen in my life.

We are a fucking joke.


We had such a good chance yo qin this season. Sigh!!!! Perennial bottlers


Soon I’ll be 60 years old,
Still having a good moan,
About our team and same mistakes they keep on making.



Well at least you’ll know how to use the internet at 60. Cheer up mate.

Let’s take out our anger at shithart Lane.

Man Manny

As long as players like Ramsey and Walcott are guaranteed minutes on the pitch no matter their performance, the status quo will remain. Arsenal at this point needs a ruthless manager and not a man willing to nurture mediocre – or at best average – players in the hope they come good. The attempt to get a british core is commendable but guys like Jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere (fitness issues), Ox, Ramsey, Walcott and Welbeck all playing in a team – at this level of productivity – will not win you titles. We need improvements on them all. We also need… Read more »


I really don’t get why Wenger thinks Elneny is worse than Flamini or Ramsey. Surely no one can be worse than those at the moment. Everytime he has played I thought he was good. But, Wenger is so terrified of changing that he will play Walcott, Ramsey, Sanchez no matter what & and if he changes it will be Flamini. Hell he even took off Giroud and left Walcott last time when Met got himself sent off! Even Cog isn’t back to his best yet. Surely Elneny cant do worse than any of these guys. The tough English football thing… Read more »

Jamie Vardinho

I dont think ramsey was that bad but maybe i need to analyse the game more but agreed on Elneny. I can see why wenger played a swift counterattacking team hoping to replicate the 3-0 of last season. However walcott and sanchez played well then they arent now. I wouldve played campbell and welbz on the right and left respectively and giroud up front. Walcott is shit atm and Sanchez slightly less so. We all love Sanchez but his biggest flaw is trying to do too much by himself when a simple layoff will suffice. He normally offsets this by… Read more »


Personally, i have never liked Sanchez. How couldn’t you say he is over-rated and his last season was just one good among many bad?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Don’t like your Jamie Vardinho name, buddy. Hope you do not bring Wayne Rooninho and Harry Kaninho upon us here.


Dude, you took the words right out of my fingers. Only a fool they say does the same thing all the time expecting different results. Our current squad is packed with highly overrated perennial underachievers and the more we wait hoping that something spectacular will happen to the likes of Theo, Ox, Ramsey and the rest, the more we will continue to be a “hit and miss” team. Some of these guys make it seem like the games they play well are the anomalies. I feel sad, hurt and even a tad betrayed by what I saw yesterday and even… Read more »


I cannot agree with you less. We can never get away with the persistent problem until Wenger is removed or rather he leaves the club. There is no personal hate raid here it is all about what we need to do to make our great club greater again. No one expected that rubbish yesterday. Sometimes I ask myself, does it mean that our players are weak, poor, refuse to learn or simply the fact that the manager is clueless. I really do not know what the answer is but one thing I do know though is that something needs to… Read more »


You do know the answer. You said it. It’s just that you’d rather you didn’t. We’d all rather you didn’t because if the problem was simply this particular group of players the solution would be easy to find. Snag is, I don’t believe for a moment it’s the players. Before writing off virtually the entire squad as lazy, weak and lacking in quality – sell all the English, also sell Merte, sell Gabriel, sell everyone who’s been playing poorly for months – try these three easy tests. 1. Do you think Wenger, given Leicester’s and Spurs’s squads to work with,… Read more »


I believe you have hit the nail on the head and said the mind of majority of Arsenal fans. Remain blessed!


Three games later, mathematically we will not be able to do it.

I can’t figure out what was the reason of the loss. Was it Wengera selection or Theo being total shit to let Harrera free to pass for the first goal. Or that we were totally unlucky with Kos deflection.

As much as “pace” is important, Per could have probably changed the defensive scenario.


We created almost nothing in attack. We shat ourselves in defense. The warning signs were there ever since Cazorla got injured. Just look back on the games after his injury and you will see. You can sense it in the way we play. I mean, come on, how can we be so reliant on one player. Can nobody really read play well enough to build attacks properly?! Now we pass the ball to the side, hoping somehow we get through, which is generally what mediocre teams do. So predictable, and very easy to deal with. You could’ve said the same… Read more »

Eddie McGoldrick

Yep – we really have bumbled our way through all our games since the Cazorla injury. Rosicky or Wilshere would be the ones to come in for him but given they’re injured as well we haven’t had anyone else in the squad who can do Cazorla’s job all season. I love Wenger, he’s an amazing human who’s taken Arsenal’s brand and commercial power to a elite (and sustainable) level whilst also doing amazingly well for years with no budget for new players. I can’t think of any manager, alive or dead, who could have done both these things and prior… Read more »


‘Focus on youth’ – that’s the only thing I don’t agree with you about. I mean, have we really changed since we got rid of our youth policy? Look at the last few seasons. Monreal, Cazorla, Ozil, Cech, Alexis, Gabriel, Debuchy – all very experienced players. Have we stopped bottling games? No. The only reason we are close to winning this year’s title is because the other teams are crap as well. Leicester, fucking Leicester, are gonna win it before us.

Eddie McGoldrick

Appreciate what you’re saying. It’s true he’s added more experienced players in the past 3 seasons – But he’s always kept places in the squad (either in the first team or very close to) for the youth prospects. Ramsey, ox, Walcott (not young but still that type of player – not at the level we ‘hope’ he will reach) even chambers who just isn’t there yet. I also wouldn’t say Gabriel has a lot of experience (but he has a season and a half of la liga experience I suppose so not a prospect I get what you’re saying there.)… Read more »

Arsene-al fan

Might as well give up if we bottle it when it counts


You’ve bottled it. I haven’t. I’ll be there right ’til the end. 11 games to go and you’ve given up? WTF?

Tarquin Farquar

Don’t come on here with your glass half full attitude, chin up, onwards and upwards optimism. Where’s the release in that!! I say lets get them mugs over at le grove to do another black bag demo. Our optimism will return if we do Swansea and the scum. Then the positive thinking will return and he garden will be rosy once more. Until then cunt cunt cunt


Oi! Oi! Oi! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!

Tarquin Farquar

The cunt cunt cunt wasn’t directed at you just in case you thought it was. It’s the way I realise the anger cunt cunt cunt. Try it, it works. Better than yoga and all that spiritual shit


Come on! We need to dig in as much as our players need to dig in. Are we going to be out done by the King Power (ha!) or WHL? Fucking come on! COME ON! Arsenal for the title! We can all do this!


What are u smoking?


Feel completely empty and worn out, like I’m stuck in an abusive relationship, but stay for the love of how it once was ?




You touched me… me heart i.e.

Easy as JVC

Even if by some miracle we did win the league, how many of us would buy the DVD? I can’t remember the last we were so consistently poor for so much of the season. Years gone by we have undoubtedly choked when the pressure is on, but I still feel like we played some great football along the way. This season we have been truly poor a majority of the time. The ONLY reason we still have even a sniff of the title is completely down to how shit the rest of the teams have been. Leicester fully deserve it.… Read more »


I made same point and got thumb downs.I guess we all become realistic only when the team lose.

Arsenal hurts

yeah right

Third Plebeian

Well, he has to say that I suppose. I’m sure even he knows we’re pretty much. We’ve got zero momentum (actually negative momentum) going into the final third of the season. Leicester and Spurs are riding high.

Praying for a Leicester title.


Good luck Leicester!
Please stop the spuds winning the league.

George the Gooner

We can stop them winning by beating them, if we weren’t such a bunch of bottle jobs!


Come on you guys
We are the Arsenal
We have to support the manager and the players to paradise at the end of the season

Tarquin Farquar

Having been a wenger fan for years when some the guys I go to games with wanted him out. I now have to say it’s wexit for me. He has become stale. We need new ideas to take the team and club forward. Thanks Arsene, would never disrespect you by way of abuse but please resign in the summer.


Spineless. Gabriel , Ramsey and Walcott all not good enough. Sell all 3

Third Plebeian

Who would buy them? With the wages they command, the only teams who’d want them would also be the ones unable to afford their wages.

Mind you, Liverpool can quite easily be duped into paying for overrated English talent.

Wilshere's Coke Straw

Ramsey not good enough? I know everyone is emotional after yesterday(myself included) but a couple of poor performances shouldn’t make him surplus to requirements. I’m all for Theo leaving in the Summer. The jury’s still out on Gabriel – he was a bag of shite yesterday but by that logic we might as well sell the whole team! Rambo’s definitely one of our better players. He’s occasionally frustrating but he tries hard and can look spectacular when it comes off.


Yes Yes; all talks…. no action!

Who knows we might even come close. But i doubt when the shit hits the fan we will buckle under the pressure.

and FFS stop playing players out of form and give others who are more hunger a chance! (paying for Santi to come back soon)

Arsene-al fan

I’m willing to chip in!


I’m fucked off as everyone else but we have a third of the season left.

I ain’t giving up hope yet.

Third Plebeian

11 games isn’t a third of a season, but I take your point. The counterpoint is that in that timeframe it’s doubtful that we’ll win more games than Leicester and Spurs. Leicester, at any rate, have an easier run-in. Mind you, in current form, an Arsenal run-in consisting of 11 games against Aston Villa would be considered a difficult run-in.


We had our easy run-in in November/December and bottled it. We now have some tough games so I cannot see how we can get more points than Sp*rs and Leicester by the end of the season, especially with the way we’re playing. So sad.


Sorry but not sure what he’s smoking. What effort is he talking about? We were atrocious today, that too against a 3rd string utd team. No excuse for this whatsoever

High time we drop Ramsey (at least from the CM position, just not working) and Walcott. And did Joel sleep with his daughter or something? How the heck does Iwobi come on instead of him. Baffling stuff

Also now people finally realise why Per is so important for us. Might lack the pace but his positioning is amazing. Gets unnecessary criticism all the time

Stewart Robson's therapist

Five points behind with eleven games left isn’t out of the race by any means, but that performance today makes you feel like it’s only a matter of time before we will be. At the moment I struggle to see what source of inspiration is going to emerge from this team to close that gap. I hold out hope that something could turn it around – the fans who give up completely at this stage are the real bottlers in my view – but it’s going to have to be a real bolt from the blue at this point. The… Read more »

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Right, judge him and in May again!!!!!. Where have you been the last 12 years? It happens every year to us.

This is just on of another way you wrote to apologise for Arsene. People that can’t see that it’s different players same mistakes from Mr wenger are burying their heads in the sand.

Arsene IS the problem.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Did you mean this reply for someone else? It bears no reference to my initial comment whatsoever.

club arse

He’s replied about 30 times to every story tonight, to make the same point. OK, we get it. Can you go home now?


The problem isn’t about closing the gap but sustaining the title challenge form.


He’s the manager…he has to say that but as a supporter, I’m pretty down right now.

Will B Beck

Arsenal is making me hate football ?



Mate Kiddleton

Ten years of Walcott, one good season.


I have a pretty good memory as I do remember Arsenal choking in 2008 in a similar fashion as this season. Please remind me which one was it where Walcott had a good season?

Mate Kiddleton

21 goals and a bunch of assists – really thought he would kick off from there. That was four years ago.

Third Plebeian

First half of last season, I think? Was playing well until the injury against Tottenham (2-0 gesture).

Generally, Theo plays well when he’s about to sign da ting, and after da ting he’s just ming.


I’m confused. If the players put in the effort, why would they need “a better level of fight than that”?

It’s like the 2008 choke all over again. Champions don’t go lacking form for 2 months when it matters most during the season.


Fuck the players
Fuck Wenger
Fuck the board
Fuck Gazidis
Fuck Usmanov
Fuck Kroenke


A Yank

Usmanov actually wants to be able to spend his own money.

I know he’s not the most popular fellow around here, but contrast that with everyone else on your list who refuses to spend the club’s money.


I’d personally rather see Arsenal run as a self sufficient entity operating within it’s own financial means, than being at the mercy of one person who could do whatever they like with it, especially someone of questionable character like Usmanov, or a cut throat businessman like Kroenke. I don’t really care if someone will come in and throw their own money at the club for 10, 20 or 30 years, for me that’s not sport. Ideally the club would be owned and run by the fans, with affordable tickets, a very strong link with the local community, working together with… Read more »

A Yank

That’s an entirely reasonable position to have (and one I’m almost entirely on board with). However it’s not reflected in your original comment.

One person is willing to spend his personal wealth to make the club better. He’s so desperate for a winning club that he will literally pay for it. That hardly merits a “Fuck that guy.” The other people on your list (players not withstanding) are reluctant to spend the money the club has accumulated through its ‘own financial means’.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Don’t be so naive. Kroenke may be entirely disengaged with the club but Usmanov cannot be trusted. He couldn’t even the Arsenal starting XI in an interview a couple of years ago. Some fan he is.

dr Strange

Wenger has already analysed the game.

“Let’s not got overboard. They had a very experienced midfield and spent a lot of money.”

He actually said that. He’s of the rails completely.


He had to come up with SOME reason we totally gave the midfield to that lot the entire first 2/3 of the match- until Alexis said ‘fuck all’ and started playing more centrally than wide and Elneny started passing drills with our defense.

We should never lose the midfield to a team like that.


Well, may be its because we didn’t play midfield at all. Strange for their third there was a large gap after the defence. Not one single Arsenal player to even distract; so Rashford simply laid on for Herrera(sp) to choose his spot. He didn’t even do that well too, got Kosh to help him! When is Arsene going to stop with the Ramsey experiment? And by the way if it was Arsenal, for that third one, it would have been passed 2 more times in the area before being bundled out by defenders! No Arsenal player ever tries to shoot… Read more »


Yes Arsene, they have a very good midfield…that was playing in the centre of defence


The problem is that he’s not that wrong about that. But it’s still a s**t excuse.

Herrera-Schneiderlin-Mata is a better functioning midfield right now than Ramsey-Coquelin-Ozil. All three also cost £25m+ each, combined £90m, so I don’t really think you can deny their quality on paper. Even with injuries Manure still have expensive midfielders coming our of their arse.

Our forward line today were awful. I have no idea what has happeend to Sanchez but 6 months ago he would have torn that backline a new one..


I’ve seen no mention of Alexis’s lack of defensive effort their two first goals.

And what on earth have Joel done to lose his place?

Three months ago we looked more or less unbeatable with Flam and Joel playing twice a week for heavens sake.

Would anyone care to calculate the ratio between Walcotts salary and his number of touches. Must be close to 20 K per touch.


For their first I saw Walcott do the Arsenal trademark run-with-the-ball-until-you-loose-it-and-then-fall-and-stay-down-with-arse-up style which of course led to the dispossession and the goal. I didn’t see too much of Sanchez fault there


As long as the cheque’s alright then we alright – Walcott


I heard somewhere he said we had a 5% chance of progressing in the CL? I mean seriously, what the fuck does that even mean? Is that a scientifically devised statistic? If it is, I wonder what our PL chances are. 53%? Just finishing watching the game now, and the problems are the same as they ever has been in the big high-pressure games. There’s no leadership on or off the field. Wenger doesn’t provide it and won’t sign/play anybody who does have it. Without said presence on the field, too many players disappear into their shells without fear of… Read more »

A Yank

By my math, in the 12 games we’ve lost and drawn, we actually ‘won’ the expected goals total in nine of those. Conversely, in all of our wins, we’ve only lost expected goals three times. That means some combination of A) We’re shit at finishing. B) We’ve been unlucky. C) The models have some serious flaws. All three are contributing. Problem is we’re running out of season for the mean to revert back to us. Oh and Leicester have a manageable run in. We should be, like, five points clear, instead we’re trending toward fourth. This might be Wenger’s worst… Read more »


It is most likely A. We have been shit at finishing for a while now. I’d say it started from 05-06 season downwards because from their we started relying on one player for our source of goals. We have had average finishers since rvp left.
Our striking option of Welbeck, Giroud and Walcott tells you all you need to know. None have been able to score 20 league goals in the last 4 seasons.
Look at the past league champions in the last 10 years and name one with a strikeforce as weak as ours.


Lack luster ! No passion !! Let put things right Wednesday & kick on, come on you Gunners!!


Deluded cunt. That is all!!

Tarquin Farquar

Let’s show some respect Mick otherwise we become like le grove, a blog written by a cunt for cunts. Ah the irony tickles me sometimes


Missed Per out there today. Our best defensive partnership is Per + one of Kos/Gabriel.
The whole team though looked flat, lacked any passion for most of the game.
BUT I wonder how different the game might if been had Nacho Nacho Man convertted that early chance??


No time to feel sorry for ourselves. This is still our best chance of winning the league for quite a few seasons. Five points by itself is not a huge concern but the way we are playing might be the bigger challenge. Theo just isn’t doing enough to justify a starting berth, I’d give Campbell/Iwobi a run against Swansea or maybe experiment with Welbeck playing wide with Giroud upfront. Longer term , Theo at 140k a week should be up for sale in the summer if we can find someone better to fill a spot on the front three (griezmann-giroud-sanchez… Read more »

Giroud's abs

Unless we beat Sp*rs, I really fear they could win it. I vomited in my mouth a little just by writing that. But fuck. With players like Özil, Alexis and Čech, you expect to beat the worst Utd team in 10 years, the most out of form Chavs team in 10 years and a mid table Liverpool team. 2016 has been quite a let-down so far. 3 days to change that around I suppose.


I’m sad.. This is the season we actually can win it. Next season CFC and both Man-clubs will reinforce a lot but we won’t. Sad days… ?


Mertesacker should have been out there, I think. Not just defensively, but because the boys looked so flat and I don’t think they had a real source of leadership today. Who was captain today, Koscielny? He’s solid, but I don’t think he organizes or commands as well as Per and I don’t think I saw him yelling at any players. Maybe Cech would but I doubt he’ll get the armband anytime soon, and there’s only so much he can from the goal. Also we normally get a boost of energy from Sanchez who used to be a battery. In fact,… Read more »


Bounce back quickly? Still waiting for us to bounce back from Southampton 4-0, liverpool, stoke, chelsea, southampton again, hull & barca… Team has gone off the boil big time in 2016, Wenger looks out of ideas as to how to stop the rot and the players look out of ideas on the pitch – bad times… glimmer of hope in that still, somehow, not that far off the top – but personally just don’t see it coming good again this season. If we disappear without a fight, surely Wenger must go at the end of the season?

He's the soup

Spuds have a tough away game mid-week and we have a, cough, easy home game. We could be all square with them and be right back in it by the NLD.

Now we just need the other team to fox off

The Wizard of OZ(il)

If Barca (or anyone) approaches for Ramsey sell him NOW! A player that runs around a lot and occasionally produces some result out of it (like one in 15 games) is not worth the spot. Much rather see Elneny and Coq paired. Elneny is faster and seems to play with more reason than Ramsey, not taking unnecessary chances for a idiotic pass that goes nowhere. Play the boy and see if he has it or not! And if any club in the world ask for Walcott (I don’t see why would anyone in their right mind do that but, hey,… Read more »


When you say there’s still 33 points to play for it doesn’t sound so bad. But….we’re playing awful and I wouldn’t be surprised if we only managed to pick up even half of those

Malaysian gunner

Wenger has bottled it again.Tactically he has lost it against the big teams.His style is too predictable.Evem Snachex was neutralized.I am afraid Arsenal have hit a wall under Wenger.
Suffice to say thanks for the memories.
Enough is enough.Arsenal can do worst than get another guy..After all you will know what you get from the fm.He shd leave asap.

Arshavin's fake moustache

Snachex the delicious corn based snack

Parlour's pay packet

The players have come through some high pressure situations to clinch 4th and bag a CL spot, I can’t understand why they can’t apply the same focus and attitude to 1st.

He is Well Beck Now!

Think is we have much easier run in than Tottenham and I also think when it comes to crunch Leicester will drop points. They only just manage to get the win in last minute at home vs Norwich. Much tougher assignments await them including last day game against Chelsea. Tottenham has difficult away game to West Ham and we have ‘easier’ one at home to Swansea. I hope we an recover our three point swing in midweek. Hopefully, west brom can take couple of points away from Leicester too. But given all that we still need to turn up and… Read more »

Mo Tom

If we win now, it would just be a fluke, the other title chasing teams will just have to be dreadful and gift it to us.
It’s actually depressing to watch them
play at the moment


Not this again….Leicester or Spurs are winning the league. Simple as that.

Stuck on repeat...

Respectfully, he can “refuse to give up chasing the title” all he likes. But, if we keep playing as we did today…dreams of a title are long gone. He & the team might not have noticed, but the other top teams are both scoring & winning.

He can refuse to give up on winning the CL league too. But, again if we keep going out in the round of 16 each year that ain’t gonna happen either.


If by some miracle we do win the league this year it will be the worst title winning team in years. Been dreadful to watch most of the season

Mo Tom

I think it’s being obvious for a while now that we have just stagnated .We need a new manager and fresh ideas. I was just hoping for old’s time sake Wenger would win another title, that seems less and less likely, I hope he resigns at the end of the season because it seems no one will fire him.


They don’t want to be champions! Nothing more to say.

Third Plebeian

I think they do, but they just don’t know how to do it and lack the mentality. They should be aggressive and unrelenting (like Leicester and Spurs), but instead they just try to be cute.

I wonder who’s motivating them?


We don’t have that killer instinct to win the league. Neither do Spurs. Leicester by a miracle or City I’m afraid.


Bunch of soft, preening, dipped in tea weaklings…PUSSIES… Put more effort into stupid hairstyles than on the pitch. When you get a commentator with no associations with the club become so frustrated that he basically says the players have no balls’ unprofessional or not from him its indicative of the frustration this team drives you to. When Souness looked at Henry and asked ”Would your team have come here and played like that’ Henry was embarrassed because he knew full well what he wanted to say. That away fans were chanting majestically today…Vieira whooo ooooo…The irony…Could do with him right… Read more »


Ramsey has done nothing since cazorla’s injury. We have too many average players (Walcott, Arteta, Rocisky, Flamini, Per, Gitoud). No real quality or real leadership in the team.


There has to be more leadership on the field for us to get results. Per is the only one who speaks up and he was on the bench. Petr can only do so much from in goal. Somebody has got to step up and get in the face of underperforming players for games like this. It is so damn obvious. Having a harmonious dressing room is one thing but not having a leader on the pitch nets you a result like this.

He's the soup

I would swap 8 players for our game on Wednesday from today’s starting 11. Just keep Cech, Ozil and Welbeck.

But listen, it ain’t over by a long stretch. We’re absolutely rubbish right now but give it time for the other clubs to be rubbish too. Remember how a couple of years ago we all watched Chelsea and Liverpool throw it away in the final stretch.

Amos Oguntuase

It is very pathetic that Arsenal FC are being torn apart by the fans who claim to support them. You just expect Arsenal to easily overrun MU at Old Trafford. Just because Aresenal lost the team is finished. The comments are very childish, sentimental an unscientific. Even if Toth finishes above Arsenal this year, is that a crime and how many years have they achieved such feat? Enough of this madness?


What utter crap,
A seemingly 3rd string utd should have been overrun at OT simple as that but if the effort was visible and we lost no one sensible would be complaining,the fact you imply that its not a big deal spurs finish above us tells me your probably no real gooner esp the fact that they could actually win the damn thing,whats wrong with you?


Time for wenger to go he don’t know what he is doing anymore

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