Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Hull City 0-4 Arsenal – player ratings

Something really weird happened tonight. We scored four goals, conceded none and won a game of football. How lovely for a change.

Here’s how the players rated tonight. And if marks a little higher than usual, it could be because we’re giddy with joy or something.

Read the match report – and the post-match reaction.

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Campbell’s assist tho.


Campbell’s delivery and coolness on the ball is exactly why the boy needs to start. It’s amazing what confidence can do to a player. Last season watching his cameos, I was certain he wasn’t gonna make it here. I’m glad I was wrong.


Campbell deserves to start – don’t know what else he needs to do to have the Boss’ total confidence. Blog’s comments that he worked hard today – which he did, but he brings to the pitch so much more than that. He is really playing without the “brakes on” and adding quite a bit of creativity and combination play, which has been lacking in the team recently. He’s definitely trying new things, and even though some of them don’t work out, I applaud that he’s attempting to add an extra spark to our play. As an example, our first goal… Read more »


Really glad with all the praise for campbell. The boy’s had a tough time, being questioned about his talent. Some have said he’s hardworking but that he’s not a good footballer almost in a patronizing and condescending sense. I don’t even know what it means. I doubted him too, but at the moment he’s miles ahead of the perennial talent and hope of English football.


Campbell has continue to establish himself as a very good player. He has continued to take the opportunities that come his way. Why he can not start games these days are beyond me. Wenger should be ruthless to give opportunity to young players when the older ones are not taking theirs. Through such process, hidden gems in the team would be easily discovered. He can not continue to give opportunities to players like Walcott for over 10 years without any good results.


Chembers should also be given run of games to show his talent.

Arteta's hair

Theo’s corners tho.


He really can whip them in.

Ozil corner tend to hang in the air for eons.

I’m not a believer but Theo gets an almighty pass today.

Darth Wenger

There was a young man named Joel, who’s workrate’s a joy to behold, if he loses the ball, he gives it his all, and what a great pass for the goal

Darth Wenger

There was a young man name Joel, who’s workrate’s a joy to behold, if he loses the ball, he gives it his all, and what a great pass for the goal


Just looked up Theo’s arsenal career stats. He’s on 84 arsenal goals, next season we should have another member of the 100 club. Despite the stick he gets (sometimes deservedly) I’m glad for him and hope that he could at least have performances like this where even though he struggled, he comes up with the goals.
The only other player we have capable of that seems to be Alexis at a stretch maybe Ramsey.


With 8.4 games a year it will actually take two more years to make it to the 100 club…


But the thing is you cant just average out 10 years of someones career. He’s no the same as he was when he was 16. Granted he hasn’t developed much technical ability but he gets a lot more goals than he used to. He’s on 8 now and I have no doubt he”ll score more.
Say he scores 4 more this season, he’ll only need 12 next season, only thing that could stop that in my opinion would be an injury like after the season he got 21 goals.


I don’t see him scoring more goals the rest of the season. I guess you expect him to develop more in another 5 years. He is simply not the player that will take us anywhere.

Pacific Gooner


Ryan Walsh

Oh Theo, why must you confuse us fans so much? Just pick one, shit or not shit.

Elneny aka Tutenkamun

Not shit would be excellent.


Flamini’s rating cracked me up.

Wrighty killing it on Twitter tonight. What a guy!

DB10's Air Miles

Kudos to Wrighty for having a dig back at one of the idiot banner holders onTwitter last night…….
‘I’ll disrespect you all day long unfurling your muggy banner after a 4-0 win and plenty enough games left in the league. ??’
Well said that legend!

Post January Blip


occam's hatchet

Theo’s performance tonight might be his most symbolic ever.

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Elneny really impressed again tonight. Un-fussy, tidy passing, positionally aware. Him and Coquelin could provide a very decent foundation for the more creative players going forward.


He is like Modric for me. a complete midfielder who always knows when to pass the ball. Ramsey should watch Elneny.


Guys, everyone has been going ga ga over Campbell. True he is good player who puts in everything each game. But I feel, we should talk more about Iwobi. He is not just potential, he is real. If he is given more games he can be a big player for the club. His innate ability to quickly turn with his head up gives him time to play incisive passes speeding up transitions. His first touch is impeccable. If he can build up physical strength he will be a gem. What say?

Tom Hamuzwe

Ramsey injury should make Wenger realise that we need Campbell and Elneny to start if we are to create chances.it pains me to see Theo and Ramsey start when there is Campbell and Elneny in the team. The number 8 with Ramsey leaves much to be desired coz he has failed to fill the gap left by sant’s injury. Leaving Ozil without help going forward.


El neny plays with real coolness. I agree, El neny should start every game in the league with Coq beside him.


Completely agree with you…only if Mr Wenger could see where you are going


Campbell is really really creative. He seems to make at least one Ozil-esque defence-splitting super-pass almost every game.

Really don’t get the Arsenal fans that write him off just because his loan spells (well his last one in a shit Spanish team) wasn’t great.

Would be nice to judge players on form, merit and performance alone, rather thin “name”.


Name, or transfer fee.

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Ps G’wan Wrighty!!


Happy for Theo, but I’m equally still not convinced by him.

Mind you, I know how fickle us fans can be. Watch him go from Lolcot to “when on form, he’s amazing/I don’t get why he gets to much stick” and every positive Theo post getting a thumbs up like when Flamini scored that double.


Flamini deserves that 7 for jumping in at RB as an old man and still running his heart out up and down the sideline. Have to be impressed with Chambers playing three positions seamlessly at his young age. Had some trouble defending in 1 v 1 situations on the side, but look assured on the ball and did very well moving to the middle. Great role player to have in the squad. Can’t say enough about Elneny and Iwobi, both continue to impress. Loads of energy and confidence. Both were really looking for the ball and keep it moving quickly… Read more »


if you ask me Chambers is a centre half I think he did well there and Ramsey getting injured as long as he is not out for a long time might not be such a bad thing. Campbell on the right and Sanchez on the left with the two anchors of Eleny and Coquelin gives the team a better balance in terms of mobility on the wings and security in the centre. Gives Arsene and opportunity to try out a combination I think will work. Fingers crossed the injuries tonight are not long term. Gabriel with another hamstring injury just… Read more »


Elneny was great in centre mid but I’d still play Ramsey, just on the right. Campbell was great vs Hull but he doesn’t run in behind the back four unlike Ramsey. Giroud moves like a piece of WWI artillery and with not enough runners behind his touches and flicks just go straight to a defender. First half, we were shit- boring and no penetration. Did we even have a shot on goal? Giroud and Theo were especially poor. Reckon Ramsey on the right, with his runs into attacking central positions, and his general industry – though Campbell was great at… Read more »

Little Mozart

Great result tonight with four magnificent goals, though my enjoyment is slightly diminished by the injuries. I’m shitting myself at the prospect of losing Rambo again.

Tarquin Farquar

Why, he has been poor all season. It may give Campbell the run on right his firm deserves. Hope Ramsey recovers quick but he needed to be dropped for a while. Sometimes God does for us what we struggle to do ourselves, take note Arsene. As for them morons displaying banner, cunts I think would sum em up nicely.


My friend, I am in support of those displaying banner. Mr Wenger should be planning to leave regardless whether he wins the league or not. He has done his best for the team. We really need a change in Arsenal. No man is an island.

Cliff Bastin

10/10 : That Hull defender who split his own defence with a defence splitting pass.


10/10 Aaron Ramsey for skilfully flicking a Hull cross just wide to raise the excitement levels at 1-0 up. Apart from that and Ospina’s dazzling save to stop them going 1-0 up this was a very bold win, I’ll take it with bells on after last few weeks. Bring on Watford. 3 major FA Cups in 3 years? Would be special. I want Man U in the final.


Chambers is sheer class! Why doesn’t he start more often? So cool under pressure, great technical ability and positioning awareness.
Yes he lacks a bit of pace but I forgive him because … Ermmmm… he is even handsomer than HFB!! That’s it I said it.


He has got boyish good looks Giroud on the other hand with his half-dome cheek bones and titan shoulders. mmh

Stewart Robson's therapist

“Handsomer than HFB” – does not compute, I’m afraid.

club arse

My teen nieces are all over Chambers like a rash. It computes for a certain demographic!

Stewart Robson's therapist

I thought Rambo had that demographic sewn up haha


Chambers has impressed me, he is getting more comfortable on the ball now and looks like his confidence is up

How very dare you

He is not handsomer than the HFB. Disgraceful comment worthy of a tweet from Ian Wright. I’m shocked and appalled, the state of this country, it’s all going down the tubes etc.


brilliant performance frm da lads.lets repliate against Watford


Can someone teach me how to repliate please?


0/10 injury gods


What an excellent footballer Calum Chambers is. Campbell surely beyond all doubt an Arsenal standard player


If Theo is Arsenal standard than Campbell easily is, my dead one legged Grandma is.


Winless for weeks then our biggest win of the season, although most of the goals were a bit fortunate except for Walcott’s first from that Campbell pass. Strange actually feeling satisfied after a game, let’s hope this is what the players needed to get back on track!


According to the BBC, “Arsenal scored with their first shot on target in this match – the third successive game that they have done this.” I could get used to that.


If any one were to be “upgraded,” it wouldn’t be Campbell. He’s a keeper, so we should keep him.

Scott from London, Ontario, Canada

HAHAHA! I see what you did there… “He’s a keeper…” Well played!


And the lowest rating goes to….Theo Walcott, for only getting 2 goals and 1 assist.

Ash Shawky
Like a BOSScielny

Get well soon Rambo, Per, Gabby, Kos, Santi, Jack. Fuck injuries we were just nearing full squad, with only Jack and Santi sidelined.

2015-2016 = the year we'e been waiting for

One criticism of Ollie Giroud is that he scores goals in ‘spurts’. Hattrick at the Nou Camp it is then.


Jirka Rotoped

I am quite regular here on Arseblog, but I somehow missed the JEFF joke, and since its pretty often mentioned in podcast and here, I am asking you good people of internet, can someone explain it to me? I swear I tried to google that for like 284 hours.


Google 22 jump Street “my name is Jeff”


If that Ramsey header had nestled into his own net, does that mean someone would’ve come back to life?

icey folk

Without ramsey in that midfield, we’ll win alot of matches.. This is how i want arsenal to line-up next season ;


Sanchez W. Silva


Elneny Coquelin

Monreal koscielny Gabriel Bellerin


Lone Star Gunner


More please! Thanks.


My name is Jeff

My name jeff

Non Monsieur, my name is Jeff


Shame on the fans with the banner today. Classic case of you don’t know what you have until its gone. Shame shame

He's the soup

Campbell just needs to start all games now. Surely he’s more than earned it….

Lovely pass to Theo for the assist. And another game winning tackles and tracking back.


with campbell on the pitch, why oh why was theo taking dead balls?


Theo’s usually much better in dead ball situations than what we saw today. I’ve seen him whip in some quite dangerous corners. campbell’s late dead ball wasn’t exactly stellar either- I think he’s actually better in live play.

Ozil is usually the best option of course, but in general we’re not the best at set piece delivery.


Chambers has very underrated technique. He’s so comfortable on the ball; only needs to improve on his one on one marking. He’ll be a big player for us.


Still, poor Wally pally Walcott. I can’t see anything brilliant pass him. Don’t be delusioned by his performance


Is it really hard to find Mohamed Elneny’s picture?

Lula da Gilberto

Ramsey thrown on without warm-up leads to injury. Well who could have thought that would happen? Its not like the exact same thing happened before in a cup game away up north to Walcott… ahem… Good to see Walcott and Giroud score, though I still prefer Welbeck, it might help them rediscover a rich vein of form in the last nine games. Great assist by Campbell, who if you assume Ramsey is out for a few weeks (missing Watford, Barcelona, Everton and West Brom?), then its a real opportunity for Campbell. Following on from this, I’m looking forward to our… Read more »

Clock-End Mike

0/10 for arseblog’s “a pass so good not even Theo Walcott could make a balls of it”. Why can’t people get off the guy’s back? I thought we were supposed to support our team… Yes, he had a hard time in the first half. His dead-ball kicking was pretty poor (usually that’s something he’s good at). Yes, he didn’t get that many touches in the first half — I saw at least three very good runs he made that his team-mate on the ball ignored, preferring to pass sideways, which is what we do far too often these days :(.… Read more »


Don’t be sorry, I’m not, and I agree with you. “Absolutely Atrocious” is an exaggeration in the least. He was more involved with play than we’ve seen him in some time. Granted, some of it might be the opposition.

Perhaps Blogs is just irritated Theo has popped up with another one of those rare but efficient matches. But I get it. I wish it could be a more reliable occurrence.

I’ve been doubting as much as anyone recently but I’m open to be proven wrong. Right now is a perfect time to start and keep proving.


But not “as” dreadful as his recent form. This match it seemed he got involved a little more, didn’t disappear quite as much. For better or worse. Theo steps, I guess. He gave up the ball a lot, dribbled into some blind alleys, and was directly involved in 3 goals. Do that 6 or 8 times a season things might seem different. I’m guarded but open to have my mind changed is what I’m saying. One match here one there won’t do it of course. He needs to do what he’s never done and put it all together, and should… Read more »


Because Theo is the most enigmatic enigma in team enigma.


Thing is as a professional footballer, the least I would expect is the ability to strike a corner do it beats the defender at the near post. So often Walcott just doesn’t do it. He also regularly hides so he can’t be passed to. His general positional play us often appalling. Ball control us at best inconsistent. His most common pass us, having received the ball from the right back , to give it straight back. He doesn’t have the skill to take on a defender and often runs th ball into touch. Against these factors his PR is really… Read more »


Surprised that there is little comment on Iwobi. He looked dangerous every time he was on the ball. He always makes himself available. He defended with gusto. He lets us rest Ozil and no one is complaining. Are we taking him for granted already?


people sure are excited about this win…over a championship side…a side that has prioritized promotion over the fa cup so they played a weaker side against us…twice…and we injured 3 players in the process…our first win in 5 matches…and it was against a championship side…did i mention that? would anyone be surprised if we lost our next 3 matches? watford is a decent prem side and they’ll want this cup more than hull. play a weaker team against them and we’ll need luck on our side to pull out a win. then we lose to barcelona which will be demoralizing… Read more »


tbh I would be surprised.


I thought Alex Iwobi was superb today. What a lad, he’ll be huge for us one day.


Campbell assist for walcott which cut trough 3 hull players. Wow.


Am still having flashes of that would be gibbs goal… oooff…. so close


He deserves one of those once in a while for his patience and dedication. Real respect for Gibbs working hard and not raising a stink about his opportunities.

Tasmanian Jesus

Je suis Rambo.

Rastus Arum

Joel my boy,he does what Ozil does and gives it all.What a joy to watch.The first goal for Theo,what a pass!.
Giroud this game,next game? Absent. what a fuss.Same as Theo.This two are our weakest links.Either they perform consistently or they ship out,period!

Gunner by Birth


I’m tired of those chopping our players down instead of encouraging them. Can any one of you Theo haters put on some soccer boots and do a better job than him huh? I don’t think so! Sanchez is also off form but he’s not getting the same criticism as Theo. At one time Giroud was criticized and he came back with a bang and all his critics were silenced. I’m glad Theo scored and is going to score even more if he’s getting proper service


Wow so much excitement for beating a championship side. Easy to forget the last few disgraceful performances in the tournament that really matters, the PL…


When I watch Theo score goals like the third and have to do a double take to realise it wasn’t Thierry Henry I fool myself into thinking its all finally clicked , when Theo, when will it finally click because I really want you to become the player you should be . Also banner guys there is a time and a place I was angry the other day but a good win in the cup always makes me forget past sins .


Poor Ramsey. So Elneny and Coquelin in midfield with Campbell on the right from now on?

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