Monday, July 4, 2022

“More fool you!” – Santi eyes early April return

Santi Cazorla has taken to Twitter to hit back at suggestions that he could be out for the rest of the season.

Arsene Wenger revealed yesterday that the Spanish midfielder has suffered an Achilles problem while recuperating from knee surgery and refused to put a date on his return.

Eager to clarify the situation the 31-year-old, who hasn’t played for Arsenal since the November trip to Norwich, made clear that he’s still aiming to make the final two months of the season.

It’s certainly a more positive spin on what looked to be a depressing turn of events. No doubt Santi is desperate to get back on the pitch, all the more so with Euro 2016 – arguably his last chance to participate in a major international tournament – on the horizon.

Let’s hope we’ve something to celebrate on April Fool’s Day.

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I wanted him back for the Barcelona match. Anyway, if we are still in the title race by that time, I believe Mr. Wenger should consider including him straight away.

Coquelin and him provide such a solid shield.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

I wanted him back for United… 🙁


Fuck the Barcelona game, who I cares? Lets get him back in time for another etihad master class.

I fucking LOVE St Cousins


“I will be ready on 1st April.” Wow, that sounds pretty definitive.

I seriously can not wait for his return. Just imagine the reception he’ll get when he makes his first appearance, the stadium will erupt.

bims lay

lol…..true true!


No banners either. He’d get distracted and run into the advertising hoarding, ending up with 23 broken bones.

Petits Handbag

But when he smiles myself and everyone around goes gooey.
If we can get that starting eleven back which played against Man Utd at the Emirates, we’ve the best team im the league and thus, will we the fecking thing!


Or not hit form like Alexis, we need to be resolutely patient.

Saigon Jack

I think nods of approval would suffice. Mexican nod?

Anyway, come back soon Santi! I believe I wasn’t alone in thinking the Coquelin loss was the major hammerblow. It would appear it was this tiny, cheery, Spanish person with no weak foot who was the key cog of 2015 Arsenal.

I haven’t been to The Emirates for a few years now, people don’t still call him Corzola do they?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

What is a Mexican nod?


Only Paul Merson.


Hope he is not pinning it on the aprils fools day humour! we really need you back Santi!!!


Finally some good news !


Just an elaborate April Fools joke.
All that will happen will be the announcement of re-signing Diaby for summer.


Finally some good news. Past few days have been quite depressing…


Massive news!!! We definitely miss him more than ever. Speaking of the midfield, I was thinking since Ramsey can’t do the job santi does for us, I wonder if Arteta is fit enough to step in…I mean Ramsey had his best season playing alongside him and he seems to be the only ball playing DM we have (wenger doesn’t seem to trust elneny). We need control in our mid again. If Arteta is fit, I think its time he comes back. Better on the ball than flamini, reads the game better as well. Then again, he’d probably pull a hamstring… Read more »


Nice, we could build a team on our Diaby-Wilshere-Rosicky midfield. We need Walcott and Vermaelen as well, and of course we should definitely keep Flamini for his quality.
Szczesny – Debuchy, Gabriel, Vermaelen, Gibbs – Ox, Diaby, Flamini, Wilshere – Rosicky – Walcott. Inspires confidence.


Somehow I think I’m smiling more than Santi is.

I hope this remains the case otherwise I shall still darn those injury spirits to heck.


good stuff missed him terribly this season. Hopefully the majority of fans on here are a little over the whole disappointing weekend result seemed some of you were ready to end it all, hopefully now ur realising the chances are still quite good for the league being that it’s only Spurs and Leicester a few points ahead of us. Let’s do a little job on Swansea hopefully the irons will do us a favour as they have many times in the past an boom all is back on one game later. Most importantly now is that Spurs and Leicester start… Read more »


Oh, how we have missed this Little Magician!

Even though he has not scored goals, he is the true creative engine in midfield in the team. It’s clear how much we’ve missed his ambidextrous magic feet, his vision, his composure, his ability to get out of trouble and keep the team humming. There’s no other option like Cazorla in the team at the moment. Elneny and Ramsey are totally different types of players.

Get well soon Santi!


The big thing he does that no one else in the team does is break a high press with a dribble. We became so reliant on his ability to dribble past a high press that we have really suffered ever since he’s out because we have no alternate plan for getting the ball up to Ozil. A huge number of the goals we’ve given away and turnovers we’d had have come from some other player trying to dribble the ball past a defender on about the 40 yard line of our own half and failing, something Cazorla was extremely adept… Read more »


We desperately need Wilshere/Cazorla back to play in the CM position. Ramsey is just not working for, surely Wenger must have realised that by now. Maybe we should try Elneny there for the time being after all he is a box to box mid


I can still see the ball curling from his majestic free kick against hull.

Bob Davis

It would be great to see him back, but he must make sure he’s fit. The Coqzorla partnership has been the best for a long time.


Take your time, Santi.

Martin Finley

I fear when April 1St comes around Cazorla will be like April Fools! I’m out for the rest of the season after all.

Tony Hall

Everything crossed …


I would have been better if Welbz, Walcott, Ramsey all three were injured instead of Cazorla.
Ozil, Cazorla and Giroud is our attacking spine. The other three are supplementary.


That is some good news, but not sure why the discrepancies with what Wenger was saying unless he has gotten to the point where it’s a broken record for him how long players are out and often longer than originally expected.


April 1st is my birthday and it’d be the best present ever!

Post January Blip

Great news! Might take him a few games to get his groove back, but I don’t care this point. Let’s just fucking go for it.


Am really confused by Wenger’s decisions during that game.
Taking Campbell off?
Bringing Walcott on?

no comprende Arsene


Oh to be a gooner…. i swear last nights result gave me the flu I was so heated…

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