Friday, June 2, 2023

Report: Everton 0 – 2 Arsenal

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Elneny, Ozil, Iwobi, Alexis, Welbeck

Subs: Macey, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Chambers, Walcott, Campbell, Giroud

In the early kick off Arsenal blasted Everton away with two great first half goals. Starting the brighter, great build up play from Ozil and Sanchez fed Welbeck through to round the keeper and put us ahead. Then after a great ball from Bellerin man of the moment Alex Iwobi put us 2 up with a well taken finish. In the second half Everton switched formations to no effect as we controlled the game without really breaking a sweat. We made a few half chances but were content to see out the game with the first accomplished looking performance from Arsenal in a really long time.

Pre Game:

We kept the exact same team and squad that travelled for our mid-week jaunt in Barcelona except that Francis Coquelin replaced the injured Mathieu Flamini in the defensive midfield role and Calum Chambers replaced Coquelin on the bench. There were starts again for Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck, who along with Mohammed Elneny we’re arguably our brightest sparks on Wednesday night.

First Half:

The game got off to a lively start with Everton’s Coleman hitting the outside of the post in the second minute after a corner and Gabriel missing a header in their box, but then after fantastic build up play outside their box we took the lead when Ozil and Alexis combined, with the Chilean threading through Welbeck who rounded the keeper and tapped in. 1-0.

We almost had a second moments later then Iwobi had a great shooting opportunity but his shot was low and directly at their keeper.

Gabriel intercepted well from a dangerous looking cross on the 15th minute as the game started to get into a bit a of back and forth rhythm between the two teams, but with Arsenal slightly shading it. We looked sharp, if nothing else. The next ten minutes passed in similar fashion with no real chances being created by both teams, Besic had a shot from range but Ospina was more than ready for it. There was a lot of good passing fizzing around but no one really looked dangerous in the final third on either side.

Then in the 35th minute we had a clear penalty shout turned down when Sanchez was tripped by Besic then Jagielka cleared him out but nothing was given. Replays showed it was nailed on as well. As the half progressed Everton began pumping long balls to Lukaku which we defended well, probably because Elneny and Coquelin were dominating the midfield area as well.

Then on the 41st minute we countered brilliantly when we knicked the ball of them in our half and Bellerin picked out a long ball for Iwobi to run on to and he slotted the one on one away with aplomb for his first ever goal the Arsenal first team. Great stuff, 2-0.

This really got our tails up, and we continued to create chances with Welbeck and Iwobi combining with a lovely one two on the edge of their box but Iwobi’s finish was blasted wide. The half time whistle blew to the sounds of Arsenal fans singing “Oooh Alex Iwobi”.

Second Half:

Everton brought on John Stones for the second half to play three at the back with two wing backs, but even with the defensive bolstering we looked sharper in the first ten minutes, with us dictating the play in their final third, especially through Iwobi and our right hand side as well. They responded with a couple of quite nasty looking challenges that went unpunished with any cards by Clattenberg.

As the half went on Everton looked well, looked kind of like Arsenal have been looking recently with a lot of midfield bluster but no end product, with Arsenal happy to sit back and soak up the pressure whilst looking for the odd counter attack here and there. One such counter was from Bellerin as he poked the ball past their last man and beat him for pace but he got an arm in the face that again went unpunished by the ref.

Then on the 65th minute they took a quick free quick that exposed us down our left hand side and the resulting cross had Ospina bravely off his line to intercept, taking a nasty hit from Lukaku in the process. It seemed to have injured the back of our keeper leaving him hobbling around the goal mouth, and almost resulting in an Everton goal when Jagielka headed over at point blank range from a corner as Ospina timidly tried to punch away.

He carried on but Everton sensed maybe that we were starting to get a bit knackered and began pressing us with a lot more intensity. A challenge on Ozil on the 72nd minute left him clutching his ankle and he carried on limping until him and Welbeck were subbed off in the 75th minute for Giroud and Gibbs respectively.

When their pressure wasn’t having an effect Everton began really putting a few digs in, with Kos and Monreal feeling the weight of some harsh challenges. But the worst was on the 79th minute when again the ref missed a blatant off the ball trip on Giroud as we bared down on goal.

On the 86th minute Iwobi came off the Chambers, and a great game he had too. The game kind of petered out from there, Chambers set up Giroud for a half chance on his favoured left foot but he blasted wide. Then the ref blew his whistle and we recorded what seemed like out first comfortable win in as long as I can remember.

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8 more wins


Get in Arsenal. God, it’s the hope that kills you..



Oh God, it’s the hope that kills you…


So where the fuck has that been over the last 10 games??


This is exactly what the doctor ordered. As a Nigerian, I’ve been quite pleased by Iwobi’s performance at Barcelona and today. I hope he continues to develop and deliver for the Arsenal


I like Elneny

Thierry Bergkamp

Would be typical of Arsenal over the last few years. Choke when it matters, then play with confidence when the big prizes are out of sight and secure 4th spot


I’m taking positives out of this because Wellbz and Iwobi look did today what I’ve been shouting at Giroud and Wallcott all season. When someone pushes you PUSH BACK. I love the way both Wellbz and Iwobi held off defenders and generally tried their asses off. #yagunnersya

Arsene-al fan

Great result. Well done Iwobi.


Solid performance. Well done lads!


Well done the lads. Not helped by a disgusting referee

Yaya Binks

HURRAH & HUZZAH. We’re so much better when Theo & Rambo don’t play


Don’t forget Giroud too, what use is he when the opposition are pushing up on us leaving massive gaps? Other than that, well played. And ffs give Campbell some playing time, up front even. COYG!


Theres one instance where he summed up our attack under him.

Quick counter ball played to him at edge of the area. couldn’t do anything. Just stood with the ball and when he tried something he got promptly disspossed.

While on the other side of the pitch Lukaku was backed into the corner by Gabriel but still found a way into the area and caused problem.

Buy Lukaku.


He’s only 23! I think Everton will want double what they paid Chelsea though(28m GBP), but if that includes performance related add-ons, it should still be doable. Lukaku is now not only waiting for the ball being fed in good areas or chances to be created for him, he’s also actively trying to make chances himself. Plus imagine getting another sort-of chelsea product and rubbing it in their faces.


On the strength of today, what would you use Lukaku for once bought? He’s a bit big for a doorstop. Perhaps he can drive the team bus….,


All departments performed well played boys!

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Good performance by our lads after shit week. Thought Gabriel and Iwobi were immense today.

Clock-End Mike

A week ago everyone here was saying Gabriel was a waste of space. Representative quote: “can’t remember one good game from Gabriel this season”. Just shows how rubbish we are as fans. Today we win, so everyone’s happy. When we lose, we need to sign fifteen new players because the team’s no good, and the manager should be sacked.

I’m getting fed up with it, tbh. Much more depressing than a poor run of Arsenal performances.

Still, it’s good to see today that the team does have some supporters.


I love watching Iwobi showing off his skills with his sleepy looking eyes.


Aaah! I had forgotten that feeling. Well done lads!

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

No talk of doom or the club in crisis.
Amazing what some good finishing does.
8 more results.superb game, Iwobi is a keeper that one.


Oh – Arsene, how you play with us so…

On one hand we lose to Watford, loose to Barca, and give Walcott too many chances, then we do reasonably well against Barca in the Neu Camp, and then beat Everton in a pleasing style.

Arsene, it would be graeat if you didn’t always do just enough to make me keep the faith…


Yep. The loss to barca certainly deserves an extra ‘o’. Although we didn’t play to badly in the away game


In fairness, we didn’t play badly against Barca in the home tie either, contained them for 70 minutes and should have been ahead.

Conceded to them earlier in the second leg, of course, we did score against them at their place.

It’s not all rosy, but it certainly isn’t all doom and gloom either.



El Neny played really well. Best thing about it is that we can play better once Sanchez starts scoring again. Happy for Iwobi. COYG!

Bob Davis

A well deserved 3 points. Two great goals from Wellbeck and Iwobi. Brilliant pass and move for the first and Iwobi’s was brilliantly taken. Both players deserve to be ahead of Giroud and Walcott.

I don’t think we had many attacking shots on goal in the second half, but I suppose when your two up it doesn’t matter. Oh yeah, Giroud’s goal should have been allowed.

Coleman was lucky to be on the pitch after leaving his foot in on Coquellen and Monreal. I hope Ospina is ok and is fit for Watford next Saturday!



Great result, and great to see Iwobi progressing and showing his potential. But have to disagree on Wellbeck, he’s not as good as Giroud. Wellbeck is a 3 (of 5) star striker if you will and Giroud is a 4. Arsenal deserve a 5 star, world-class striker. Credit Danny for his goals of late. He scores because one of his strengths is his directness. He’s a consistent shooter, too, putting most of his shots on target. But in a game where pace and technical ability are becoming increasingly important in England and Europe, he’s technically deficient. Wellbeck has the touch… Read more »


We won early up north, against some thugs helped by a c*nt ref, despite injury gods trying to f*ck us over again. Well done lads, well done.


By the way, Elneny makes the difference!


Oh and Arsene was right about Iwobi…

Mississippi Gunner

We just man handled Everton. Come on Arsenal ?


New favourite – Elneny. Massive game for us. Iwobi looks like a future star.

Third Plebeian

Glad Iwobi kept Walcott out of the line-up today. It was like we were playing with eleven players today.

Dave A.

even playing with a plank of wood instead of walcott is better, at least a plank of wood would occupy some space and there’s the chance an everton player get smashed against it.

but honestly, Iwobi seems like a great prospect, great game by him


We needed that win so badly. Congrats to Alex Iwobi on a wonderful debut goal at only 19 years of age.

Once again, disrespectful fans with an inappropriate banner calling for Arsene’s departure after an away win. Shakes head.


Fortunately it liked they got a little comeuppance from some fans who haven’t had a lobotomy.


They are entitled to express their opinion and I happen to agree with them

Everton were appalling today and once more we have only stepped it up because the 4th place trophy is under threat!

Groundhog Season Part 4: late rally when chance of genuinely competing needlessly thrown away, raising hopes for next season


Unfolding a banner after a great win… Twats!

Slick Rick

A well deserved 3 points. Two great goals from Wellbeck and Iwobi. Brilliant pass and move for the first and Iwobi’s was brilliantly taken. Both players deserve to be ahead of Giroud and Walcott.

I don’t think we had many attacking shots on goal in the second half, but I suppose when your two up it doesn’t matter. Oh yeah, Giroud’s goal should have been allowed.

Coleman was lucky to be on the pitch after leaving his foot in on Coquellen and Monreal. I hope Ospina is ok and is fit for Watford next Saturday!



A bit off topic but why are fans blaming Kroenke for players performances?


That Giroud header was a goal all day long! No foul whatsoever, he just expertly extracted himself from the grubby clutches of some Evertonian. Didn’t see who it was. Clattenburg’s logic is almost as annoying as his face. Happy for Iwobi and Welbeck. Good win. Hope Mesut’s ok!

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

What the…… Iwobi!!
Gabriel had a perfect game. Shut Lukaku out.
8 more results.
We can do this.


The commentators at BT Sport together with the existence Michael The Cunt Owen has ruined my love-Iwobi-he-has-a-very-good-game feeling

Arteta's hair

Well that was fucking enjoyable


Please don’t be false dawn number 1,732 of the year.

Just win! (Very rocky)


Loved the interchanging of positions with Iwobi working through the middle, Sanchez often working up top after Welbeck tracked back (his defensive effort to recover on counters was great), etc.. So much more enjoy watching that style of play. Great to see Iwobi bag his first goal for the club, although he had some poor passes/decisions you have to love his game at such a young age and his confidence to get involved and make things happen. If we can play with this lineup with its agility and speed and become more of a pressing team we can wreck havoc… Read more »

Buzzy Gurkha

iwobi look BIG !

Toast with Butter and Jam

The only conclusion we can draw from this game is that Funes Mori is a prick

lovely arse

That’ll do. 8 more, please.


Much better. More of the same till the end of the season, anything less won’t be acceptable. On a side note Everton are pure thugs. Martinez has a knack of setting his teams up like this against Arsenal ever since Wigan.


What a solid away performance. Early goal courtesy of high quality combination play between Alexis (who’s looking a lot happier on the right) and Ozil and Welbeck showing great compusure to round the keeper. We kept it tidy in midfield and Elneny and Coquelin had great games out fighting the Everton midfield and cutting off the supply line to their dangerman Lukaku who we barely let have a sniff. Great counter attack with Iwobi doing everything right, repaying the considerable faith the manager showed by starting him ahead of more senior players. Ospina soldiered through injury, every one of the… Read more »

gunnerfan ov palace

Oi well played from arsenal fc team today also elney was inform bellerin and kosc too gd defensive roles lvd gabriels marking of lakuku skill games like this when they pressure opposing players like first game v barca abit of spoilt moods on afc players by barca but clattenburg was not doing his job as a ref tday afc pressured everton ozil took a bad stud coyg gunners team


Has there been a game where Clattenburg has refereed it worse than today?


IF you take into account that he is Blind i think he did really really really not very good at all.


Elneny is the new “accelerator”

Also, very good performance by , “it’s all about me Clattenburg”! No yellows…….laughable.

The Beard of Ramsey

The plaudits will deservedly go to young Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck for their really well taken goals and for the season in general everyone will talk about the contribution of Mesut but I really feel that overall, Nacho Monreal has been fantastic this season. Going to Goodison Park it’s always in the back of my mind when Lukaku gave Nach the runaround cutting in from the right hand side but compare that to today he’s now on q completely different level. I think Lukaku only moved out to his side once in the whole game and he was dealt… Read more »


actually, stats say that nacho is not the the best left back, not just the best wing back, he is the best defender this season in the league. his interceptions are out of the world, he is almost double the next defender in line and how his areal duals are so high, i don’t understand.( he is not the tallest of lads are has better areal duals won that most centre backs)

Island Gooner

Iwobi taking over Walcott’s spot from now on.


Great performance from the team with fantastic goals. Gabriel was defensively solid today against Lukaku. Let’s keep this form rolling. #COYG


Iwobi did really well today! Also Gabriel and Koscielny As I mentioned before the problem is these partnerships take time to develop and meanwhile cost us enroute It’s the same with Evgeny and Coquelin. More stable today but Coquelin with both Evgeny or Ramsey has leaked 9 goals in 5 matches Also good to see Welbeck on scoresheet. Girouds goal should have stood. Goodness knows we need goals as it may come down to that! Alexis had a better outing and looks more like his usual. We need to hope Leicester she’d some serious points in 8 games and we… Read more »


Well deserved victory. The tactics seemed spot on. I expected players to tire having played two games while Everton was resting. Let’s go Gunners


I’m thinking of next season already. Welbeck will be a great second choice striker and a first team player on the wing over Walcott. Just hope we strengthen the strike force and get a good midfielder in. Need to have cazorla rotating with ozil for 10. A solid midfield base is essential for this team. Elneny pass and move pass and move all day


The ref made a few bad decisions. Coleman and Funes Mori should definitely have been booked, and that situation with Alexis looked like a penalty. But overall I’m pleased with our performance. Iwobi and Welbeck were great, and I thought Gabriel and Koscielny handled Lukaku really well. Now that I think of it, everyone played quite well.

Naija Gunner

…oh at last a win, whew!


Unheard of midfielder comes in from basel & looks solid. Iwobi looks dangerous going forward. Gabriel is getting better. Ox, theo & mert should worry about their position at Arsenal.

We are one world class forward away from being title contenders.


It’s never too late in the title race for some Coq passion.

Lord Nicki B

More of the same please lads.

That was an attacking performance AW would be proud of. And a defensive performance George Graham would be proud of.

Massive props to David Ospina for battling through that knock.

Lord Nicki B

Also, does anybody have a clip/gif of Alexis trying to stop and ending up sitting in the stands? Much Appreciated.

Can we all go home now

Imagine if we had to put Macey in goal for the final 15….are we confident that we have adequate 3rd choice cover in goal? Not so sure…but will Chez be happy coming back as 3rd choice?

Good performance, Coq my MOTM.


should call emiliano martinez back from loan. he wis good and will suffice.


Very impressed with the perfect combination of Iwobi, Welbeck n Sanchez up front only Wenger can give a reasonable excuse for benching Welbeck for that misfiring n lazy striker like Giroud. Well done my Boys, you made us smile once again


so …. Wenger out??

i get so confused these days …

i can’t get any consistency, from the fans or the team.

maybe that’s who we should sign next season- consistency.


This should have been our line up since 6 games ago. But no, Ramsey and Giroud have to start every game. Those 2 out and we are firing on all cylinders suddenly. Sad it now won’t matter. Too late.


What a difference in positioning from El-Coq today vs. all other central pairing since Cazorla went down. The guys up front looked great and will get well earned plaudits, but El-Coq dominated the center of the pitch, didn’t allow Everton, especially Barkley, any time or space, and protected the back four so well that only long balls and a few crosses got through. That’s exactly the sort of mettle this club requires. Bonus points for Elneny’s willingness to shoot from a distance. We’re still too cute / too reluctant to let fire from 20 yards, and too many times we… Read more »

DB10's Air Miles

Yep, Wenger did well to scout and bring him in.


Splendid and shameful in one swoop. Splendid controlled performance. Shameful that we can’t play like this against lesser opposition. Why must you toy with our emotions Arsenal?

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