Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Report: Hull 0-4 Arsenal (inc. highlights)

Arsenal: Ospina, Chambers, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Gibbs, Flamini, Elneny, Campbell, Iwobi, Walcott, Giroud

Subs: Macey, Monreal, Ramsey, Reine-Adelaide, Willock, Ozil, Alexis

A brace apiece from Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott helped Arsenal to a 4-0 win as they secured safe passage to the FA Cup quarter-finals at the second time of asking against Hull City.

The result, which sets up a clash with Watford on Sunday, wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops for Arsene Wenger as Per Mertesacker, Gabriel and Aaron Ramsey all limped off with injuries.


As expected Arsene Wenger made six changes to the lineup that started at White Hart Lane on Saturday. At the back Calum Chambers replaced Hector Bellerin, who stayed at home, in midfield Mathieu Flamini came in for the suspended Francis Coquelin and Alex Iwobi stepped up in place of Aaron Ramsey. It was all change in the front three with Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud and Joel Campbell taking over from Mesut Ozil, Alexis and Danny Welbeck. The latter wasn’t in the squad. Youngsters Matt Macey, #TheJeff and Chris Willock took places on the bench.

First half

In contrast to the cauldron atmosphere at White Hart Lane, the KC Stadium seemed half empty and half asleep as the game kicked-off at the unusual time of 7pm. The lifelessness in the stands was reflected on the pitch as both sides contentedly retained possession in the opening stages without testing either goalkeeper.

Walcott, captain for the evening, did put the ball in the net after three minutes, only to be correctly ruled offside, and Campbell curled a shot wide after failing to get the necessary whip with his left foot.

A clash of heads between Mertesacker and Nick Powell saw both men floored, bloodied and requiring treatment. The German’s cut, above his left eye, required a dollop of Vaseline and a big plaster. The swelling didn’t abate and eventually Nacho Monreal replaced him.

In the meantime, Hull came closest to breaking the deadlock. On 29 minutes David Meyler shot low through a crowd of players from the edge of the box forcing Ospina into a fine reflex save. Replays evidenced how good it was by revealing a nasty deflection off Gabriel that forced the ball away from the Colombian.

Arsenal, who had Elneny and Giroud booked in quick succession, really didn’t look like scoring, so it was just as well that Hull gave them a huge helping hand.

Five minutes before half time Meyler attempted a ridiculous blind pass with the outside of his left foot across his own six-yard box. Giroud, whose son was born last night, was quick to pounce and swiped a right foot finish between the keeper’s legs. He celebrated his first goal in 11 games with the traditional thumb suck and Bebeto arm cradle. (1-0)

As is often the case with Arsenal, one goal nearly became two in the blink of an eye. A half-cleared corner fell to Gibbs thirty yards out and the left-backs’ controlled curling effort clipped off Eldin Jakupovic’s crossbar.

There was a scare in stoppage time as Alex Bruce’s header from Powell’s free-kick flicked past Ospina’s post, although he was soon after flagged offside.

Second half

Both sides continued to flirt with attacking football at the outset of the second half. Mohamed Diame, booked for a bad challenge from behind on Monreal, headed wide and Elneny drew a decent save from Jakupovic as he looped in a volley with fine technique from the right edge of the area.

Another injury took the sting out of the game. Having lost Mertesacker in the first half, Gabriel hobbled off with a muscular problem on 53 minutes. A reshuffle was needed in defence with Chambers moving into the middle, Flamini taking over at right-back and Aaron Ramsey coming on in midfield.

The Welshman’s first involvement of note was to head just wide of Ospina’s post as Hull decided to have a go at the Gunners patchwork back four.

With 19 minutes to go Olivier Giroud’s smart volley doubled Arsenal’s lead.

Kieran Gibbs did fine work bringing down a Hull clearance and springing Walcott on the left wing. The England international looked up and curled a fine pass, that with the aid of a little nick off Maguire’s head, fell into Giroud’s path. The Frenchman did the rest with aplomb from close range. (2-0)

As his teammates celebrated Aaron Ramsey, who’d been on for less than 15 minutes, trudged to the touchline to report he too had a problem. Wenger turned to Jeff Reine-Adelaide as the midfielder made his way down the tunnel.

Having looked out of sorts all evening Walcott added to his assist with a goal of his own on 77 minutes. A penetrating run and diagonal pass by Campbell found the attacker in his favourite position between the right-sided defenders and he calmly slotted home with Thierry Henry levels of guile. (3-0)

As the travelling Gooners greeted every successful pass with ‘olé’, Alex Iwobi stung Jakupovic’s palms before Walcott, thanks to more good work by the Nigerian teen, helped himself to a late second with a low shot at the near post. (4-0)

So a good win, confidence boosting goals for two players who’ve been woefully out of form and the continuation of our defence of the world’s most prestigious cup competition. Obviously, an apt moment to display a banner calling for the manager to leave.

You can’t please everyone.

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raron aamsey

Theo Walcott: terrible game, rubbish corners, gets two goals and an assist…


And will start over Campbell all season. Let’s hope he keeps scoring, in any case.

Mustrum Ridcully, Unseen Academicals

What a twat! Two assists and two goals and you still knock

Enigmatic Theo will hit a purple patch now. Beware Barca, Everton , and the rest of them!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

He’s probably wearing one of those consistency patches he likes so much.


I do not mind if he has rubbish games for the rest of the season if he scores 2 and gets an assist in each of them.


If only we could play Hull every week.


We’d end up with no players given the injuries we got at their place

Don Cazorleone

I still shudder every time I see the thumb counts at 8-2 🙁

Whatever we all think of Walcott, hopefully this might pick his confidence up a bit. God knows we need it

bims lay

Don’t get it pal…..a player scores 2 goals, assists a 3rd out of 4 goals and you still can’t give him a break?


Theo Walcott is the hero we all need


It really is the most Theo thing ever, isn’t it? Not meant as a criticism, btw.


That felt better. Best remaining eleven against Watford please. No point wasting too much energy on Barca.


But we will beat Barca and go to the quarter-finals! You heard it here first folks.

bims lay

I share your optimism my man…..under the law of averages, we are due a break, so why not this year?


If only the law of averages gave a fuck about arsenal…

bims lay

lol….i know!


It’s Arsenal. 2-1 Arsenal off a goal by Pique in added time. Barca through. Ozil goes down with a calf injury.


Hoping Per, Ramsey and Gabby are OK.

Oof what a price to pay for progressing in the ArseCup. Good to see Giroud and Walcott warming up.


Well played Arsenal.
Walcott made a supersub appearance in the second half. Loved it. More of the same over the weekend Except the injuries. Football pitches should only be for football not rugby


Great second half, we look so much better with a bit of Elneny!

Campbell superb also


Hi volley on goal was superb!

David C

and don’t forget that Gibbs strike!


Oh yes!


That boy Iwobi is really really good…


Early on his high risk passes didn’t quite come off, but once he got his range dialed in (hint: it’s in tighter spaces) he was really a threat. Before long his keys will unlock parked buses.


Iwobi was fantastic today. Great positioning, and passing.

But what stuck out most for me was seeing him shouting at Theo and Joel when we did not have possession barking orders out. Something we have been needing for a while.

The more I see of him, the more I know there is big things in the future for him.

bims lay

I agree with you and its those ‘little’ things that makes great players….i think we are all witnessing the evolution of one. I was focusing on him today and i saw him, earlier in the first half just keep things ticking…there was a point where he did a half step over to beat his man, but then changed his mind, recognising that he needed to play it safe not to lose the ball in a risky area, as you will expect smart young players being given a run in the first team should. However, he grew in to the game,… Read more »


I can’t remember where I read it, but someone once said something around how some players run with the ball at their feet naturally and when I watch Iwobi it seems as though the ball is glued to his feet – it looks very calm and natural.

If he makes a run that ball is very unlikely to be blundered away under pressure and my oh my it is a joy to watch.


I thought he grew into the game, but he misplaced about 3-4 passes during the beginning of the first half, sending them straight to Hull players, I thought he had a bit of a nightmare at the start but grew into the game nicely.

The goals loosened up the team, just before Girouds second we looked more likely to concede than score


I think Per (head) and Ramsey (shoulder) should be okay. What about Gabriel? I hope it’s nothing serious and the instruction to everyone was “if you even cut yourself with grass, ask to come off.”


Ramsey was a thigh twist(whatever that is). All the same I hope it aint serious.


the coverage I was watching showed him a moment earlier talking to the bench and showing a clenched fist movement. Hopefully they just told him to sit down out of precaution for tightness. A proactive prevention would be a welcome change of pace.


Well, yeah.
I won’t be speculating on injuries any more.

Arshavin's fake moustache

Terrible case of West Indian gout. They’ll do well to save the leg.


Nice display, what a confidence boosting victory. It was worth staying up till 2 am in the morning to watch.
The only negative was the injuries. Way to go, GOYG


what is the meaning of GOYG?? OMG


Get On Your Gunnersaurus, obviously.


Go On You Gunners? (In case you weren’t coming along due to scheduling conflicts?)


Walcott redeems himself and Giroud has started scoring again. Not bad. Not bad at all!


Nicely done lads. Pleasant to watch a non stressful Arsenal game for the first time in what seems like ages. Onwards and upwards!


Elneny is the calmness we need in our midfield. Great result.


This shouldn’t be considered a criticism of Elneny’s amazing performances since he signed, but I feel like he lacks a yard of pace. His game is a tactical one built on good positional play and great passing ability, but he looks slow which led to him hauling down the Hull player that got him the first yellow card and on a few other occasions his lack of pace was visible.
“The jury is still out 😉 “


If you are criticising Elneny’s performances then why are you asking people not to consider it that way?


He played well today as he has done since he signed but i was just pointing out a flaw in his game that i have noticed. I ended by saying the “jury is out” implying it is early to make an informed and objective judgement of his athletic ability but nevertheless, felt it was necessary to point that out.


Ok mate, whatever.
This shouldn’t be considered a criticism of your opinion, but I feel like you’re talking bollocks. But the jury is still out on that too.


Elneny, if I’m not mistaken, was part of the Algeria side in the 2014 World Cup. I don’t remember him personally but I saw a couple of their games and they were a joy to watch. Now we have one of them in our team and I think that’s reason to be excited.


Haha, isn’t he Egyptian?


You’re mistaken


Well there’s me being so excited I give him the wrong nationality, the wrong team and the wrong world cup. Not sure whether to stay excited or get me coat. Both perhaps. 🙂


The people who rolled out ‘that sign’ again are an embarrassment to the club. Just won four nil and that comes out. Absolute idiots.


Fair play in that they went up north to cheer on the team, but come on, how is getting rid of Wenger now going to do anything but unsettle the team? I’m a firm Wenger fan but accept a man in his position is fair cop for some criticism, however, these banner wavers need to wise up and enjoy the 4-0 fucking win rather than moan!


They’re giving themselves the unhappiness they deserve.


World Class Twats!


Here we go again! Do I have to change my name to “Original Paul” (I don’t even have a clue how to do such things)..:-(


Sometimes, I am ashamed to call myself a fan and therefore logically count myself in with these cunts…

bims lay

i agree 100%…..


Some of our fans need to get a life – what’s going on with those fans with the sign. Just won 4-0 and have to put up with that. We need to be together if we want to win the title, that’s really very annoying and upsetting for our players and of course our manager.

the only sam is nelson

not only are they mugs but they’re going to make the rest of us look like idiots if we end up winning teh double – all the reviews and news will show is the feckin’ stupid sign these idiots were waving. “… and whilst third in the league with 9 games remaining, Arsenal fans demanded Wenger’s sacking as he was on his way to a historic third double” etc etc


Yep, couldn’t agree more. Great away support, let down by a couple of publicity seeking bell ends. Let us all down.


Third double??!?! Please guys we just beat Hull a championship side lest we forget. We win one game and all of the sudden we are world beaters and on for a double? This team is very far from from the title a team with no spirit, no fight, and very weak. Just because we beat Hull doesn’t hide the fact that under Wenger this team has stagnated and a change is desperately needed. Enough of the same every year is ENOUGH!!!

Wenger's love child

Stagnated at its very peak yet? Isn’t leprof still our most successful coach yet? This weak team u support/critic also beat Bayern this season, that’s beside the championship team. U have one job, be a fan.

the only sam is nelson

just because the point flew a million miles over your head: the fact that fans are demanding the sacking of a manager who is in a position to win his third double (NOTE: a position to win it rather than *has* won it) makes us a laughing stock. Where else do fans complain so much about being in the running for trophies? Apart from entitled wankers who support Chelsea, Man Utd, City, etc etc Complain *after* our season has gone up in smoke and we’ve no chance of winning anything, by all means. But we are still in with a… Read more »


The greatest thing about that sign is they brought it out a year ago then tucked it away then brought it out again. Sort of illustrating the ridiculousness of it all. Only at Arsenal do we have a banner demanding the coach resign that bets brought out for one game a year every year then hastily put back into storage.


Great performance after a slow start, but sad to see that banner again.


Credit where it’s due, but you still have a long way to go till we let you out of the dog house Arsenal, but keep it up and you might not have to sleep on the couch for toooo much longer!


enjoy an arsenal game after long.. hope wenger dont think that walcott is a super player after this game..


Yes! Arsenal are finally are to winning ways but all the injuries are a huge worry…

Nevertheless, a very confidence boosting win albeit against a second tier Hull City team.


*back to winning ways

Mustrum Ridcully, Unseen Academicals

I think it is a real shame the away supporters holding up the flag wanting Wenger to go. Arsenal would not be such a successful club without him. Who do they want? Maureen?

Look, the club is in a good position financially. It has a good platform going forward and let us hope whoever replaces Wenger does not just spend and go like your Van Gaals and Maurinho.


that banner at that particular time and place was super stupid
if Arsene doesn’t win this league, it’s time for him to go


Why do you think that The Arsenal will be relegated to fourth division if Wenger goes? The best football team in the world, we won titles and trophies before he arrived and we’ll win them after he is gone.
I think his time is up, if he couldn’t motivate the players to win at Manure two weeks ago then it is time to pack up.


What was that fucking banner all about?? Stupid twats

Arsene-al fan

But we only got 4 goals…


Campbell’s assist was phenomenal! Needs to start much more!


He’s been clearly spending a lot of time with Ozil, the young Joel


Yet we all know Wenger will somehow find a way to bench him.


Cunning Wenger. No defenders on the pitch v Barca due to injury. We will win 7-5 and go through

Getso gunner

Verry happpy


The knobs with the Wenger out flag really killed my mood after the win. Yes, you’ve been up to Hull and back for the game and are entitled to your opinion and I’m sat at home on the internet (but have followed the Arsenal all over the world over the last 25 years or more).

We just won 4-0. We’re into the quarter finals of the Cup. You made us Gooners look like the most disloyal bunch of twats going.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Oh pipe down. Fans are sick of Wenger failing in the league yet again and if they want to express that then all power to them.


In the face of another defeat maybe, but off the back of a 4-0 win where one player scores and assists thus coming good after a long shitty spell and our main scorer scores twice after a long drought catapulting us to the quarter final? They’ve made themselves look a bunch of twats!


Well there’s just as much right to think those banner wavers a bunch of ungrateful twats if one feels so inclined.

They don’t speak for everyone, you know.


Ex-priest, watch the Wenger apologists thumb you down. They fail to see that year on out it’s the same with Wenger…just excuses while the club continues to stagnate.



The banner was completely justified. So we’ve just beaten Hull and so we should all forget about the recent humiliations in the Premier and Champions’ Leagues? I hope we go on the win the FA Cup but the club is about bigger fish.

If we want to win the title then Le Prof is not the answer. That’s why it’s time for him to go.

Mustrum Ridcully, Unseen Academicals

Bollocks mate.

Who would you suggest to replace him?

Maureen and Van Gaals types would spend shit loads of money on star players and leave the club in the shit. At the least the guy at SP*RS is doing it right.

So be careful what you wish for. You might get a slide like Villa now or even Leeds in the naughties. The club is doing fine and has a good platform going forward. When the Prof feels it is time to go, let us home someone who can sustain it in the long term takes over.


You cold put God almighty himself I charge and FG would carry on moaning as if no change had been made. He’s set on Moan-Mode so that’s what he does. It’s all he can do. He has no other setting.


Ernesto Valverde is a good option


joachim loew!!!



Humiliation was losing to Wrexham in ’92. What we have had recently is a bunch of disappointments, which is what we have had every season since I’ve been supporting the club (yeah, even in the invincibles year).

What supporters don’t do when they go away though, and don’t do when they win 4-0 away is demand your manager gets the sack.

yeah, slag Wenger off if you like on Arseblog or other websites…keep it in the family… it in front of the cameras and you make us all look like mugs.

DB10's Air Miles

Wrexham ’92, one of my earliest traumatic football memories……I was only 11but it still hurts.


so basically you are asking in march for the manager to resign? it won’t happen. he will not resign and he will go to the end of his contract, either we as fans like or not. so just have to wait for the super extra fantastic incredible manager that will come after him at the end of next season and will turn us into the new barca but without messi…

bims lay

absolute nonsense! and it just shows how classless some fans are. regardless of which side of the divide you are on arsene, the manager, …arsenal, the club, does not deserve this, not when we are just trying to salvage our season ….and Thank heavens!, judging by the chatter on the internet, which is the more accurate reflection of the opinion of arsenal’ s fan base all over the world, these idiots are in the minority!…….Guys, we are stuck together till the end of the season, and not even the worst arsene hater…(including you fats) can say that we are better… Read more »


Why don’t you do the decent thing and apply for Wenger’s job? You seem to know how to turn things around…I, for one, would support you…specially if it means you taking your constant whingeing to the Arsenal dressing room…see what that takes you…go Fatso go…


The way to “bigger fish” is belittling wins. Righto!


the guy who held up the banner also told Ian Wright to fuck off on twitter (apparently)
So i in a night they managed to diss the manager, the players, the fans (cause we all look like mugs) and a ex player. Well done. he did all this cause he “paid his money so he can say what he likes”.
Used to think Man Utd fans had a irritating sense of entitlement.

DB10's Air Miles

No we have a lot of ungrateful fans these days, with a huge and unjustified sense of entitlement. It’s such a shame to witness this unwanted transition.

Bob Davis

A great result we thoroughly deserved. It took a bit of time to get going as we didn’t have the usual line-up and Hull stuck everyone behind the ball. I thought Elneny and Campbell played really well. A great shot from Gibbs that hit the woodwork.

Good to see Giroud and Walcott on the scoresheet. That’ll give them some confidence. I hope the injuries are short term and look forward to seeing this team thrash Watford on Sunday!



Play this team against barca. The Jeff and iwobi to play bring back akpom and put him up top. We’ll win three nil easy.


10/10 to the Hull bloke for his salmon just before Giroud scored his second.


I am not defending those who displayed the banner by any stretch, but in an ironic way they are more consistent than our squad’s performances recently in that they want Wenger out at all times, even when we do well. However, I would question them raising it at the end. If you’re gonna display it, display it all game, don’t wait for a time when you think it will garner you the most attention (positive or negative). Makes people question your motives.

Man Manny

Alex Iwobi is the real deal; a new star is born.


A few thoughts
– Well fought, well played, nice goals
– Elneny is a really good signing
– The future is bright – Iwobi – and the Jeff, omg – that turn from two Hull players near the half way line was superb


Just for santori’s sake:

I felt Flamini looked solid




Embarrassing to see that banner.


I just can’t relate to the joylessness of fans like those guys with the banner. Always complaining, even after a win, can’t understand it. If we do somehow end up winning the title will those fans be annoyed rather than joyful? It’s really weird to me – maybe I’m too old school, but what happened to getting behind your team through thick or thin? Sure, there’s a time and a place for expressing how you feel about a manager, but what do they want, him to go right now and have someone else come in with 10 matches to go,… Read more »

Arsene-al fan

Were any of them hiding behind the banner really really tubby, so you might call them a Fat Gooner?

That would make sense of it all.


I agree…and like the username…I’m thinking City Ground ’89 (or was it 91…hmm..will go with ’89) – 4-1 though


Of coarse they’ll be annoyed even if we win the title because a ‘decent’ manager would have won it by April, and most of the credit goes to Graham’s back four anyway.

Jokingly sarcastic.


Spot on mate


happy to see some football , albeit in patches. the kids ( campbell , iwobi and even the Jeff) did well and can actually pass and move. simple things.elneny needs to improve his positioning and bulk up a bit. but great talent and eye for the pass too. Theo can score two goals in a game and an assist but he is soooo baaad. please arsene wake up and sell him this summer. I think all arsenal fans should have a medal for having supported him for ten years ! hat off to ospina for that incredible save in the… Read more »


Love the energy, pressing, movement off of the ball, running with the ball, etc. of Campbell, Elneny and Iwobi (they all made Giroud look even slower). Can’t say enough about the development, composure and maturity of Iwobi, love the confidence, first touch and willingness to take people on and make things happen (would love to see Ozil have that mentality at times). Elneny continues to be very impressive to me, such energy and speed all over the pitch, always getting back into position after his runs unlike someone else that plays that role. What I like about him is he… Read more »


Elneny, Campbell, Iwobi and chambers were solid today. Good to see Jeff get a run in.
Injuries are a bit worrying though. Hope to see Chambers playing Cb on sunday.
Most important thing is Giroud and Theo getting on the scoresheet. They needed it massively.
Oh yeah…congrats to Giroud on his new child. Happy for him.


Nice to see som goals today! COYG! And Giroud scoring with his right foot is not every day… Specially twice! Nanananananana


I think fans have the right to be upset at getting beat by a third string manure side, the Swansea game was disappointing but more palatable than that game at old toilet!!! Anyway I think and hope the lads turned a corner at the spuds, the game v dull was certainly encouraging – that pass from Campbell to set up Theo was top draw and I enjoyed seeing that replayed numerous times!!! Now lets go kick butt in the league and fa cup, send the kids to Barcelona as I don’t care about the champions league this season!!!


Very surprised to see the level of support for Wenger on here! Don’t get me wrong – good performance & result tonight & it’s obviously positive that we’re still in the cup. But the reality is we’ve yet again thrown away our chances of winning the league, & this season was by far the best chance we’ve had or are likely to get to win it. I’m obviously referring to Chelsea, Man Utd & (to a lesser extent) Man City not being at the races this campaign. The fact that either Ranieri (in charge of Leicester since last year) or,… Read more »

Wenger's love child

No we haven’t been here before, first of all back to the future went to 2015 it’s 2016
Secondly, we have at least five world class players in our first 11, that’s Santi, Cech, Laurent, Ozil and Alexis, with the likes of Bellerin, Ramsey and Francis knocking
And lastly, I need to finish my drink!
Nana nanananana nanananana! He should name his son Nana Giroud!


If you’ve come looking for Wenger bashing look at any of the posts that happened before this match. You’ll find plenty. Some of us are actually happy when we win and don’t want to celebrate with bitterness.

If you honestly think NOBODY supports him, you’ve bought into one side of the story. That’s not what applies to everyone.


“… will argue that we’re only 3 points behind Sp*rs & therefore still in the running to prevail over our rivals but I think deep down we all know that’s simply not going to happen. We’ve been here before so many times …” Last time I looked, we have finished above Spurms something like 20 years in a row. So, where exactly is it that you think we’ve been “so many times” before? Have I somehow missed several recent years where they finished above us? Come to think of it, two or three years ago, weren’t we eight points behind… Read more »


I’m not talking about finishing above Sp*rs, I’m talking about bottling our title challenge. That’s pretty clear from what I’ve written (although not to you it would seem).


I don’t think many disagree on the team bottling it and the annoyance is still there but that doesn’t mean improvements and a win can’t or shouldn’t be enjoyed. And while the PL is a long stretch by now the FA Cup is there for the taking. All is not lost.

Rob F

Been saying this for years but regardless of your opinions on certain players or the manager, banner stunts like that really do give Arsenal fans on the whole, a very bad name. We are all tarnished with the same brush as being fickle, two faced whingey fans in the press which stokes the flames of sensationalism among the red top rags and gives our most hated rivals ammunition to troll us all with. Sp*rs fans are loving it right now, all because a MINORITY of ‘supporters’ insist on unfurling a completely inappropriate banner. By booing at the players, ranting on… Read more »


With Ramsey out for the next few, I predict the team will settle down, score loads of goals, and win a string of matches.

Ramsey has qualities. But he is incompatible with the rest of the team, and in particular with Ozil. Ramsey’s forays into the forward areas when he plays in the middle stiffle spaces for the actual forwards. Instead of being a disciplined midfielder who provides for others, Ramsey is too keen to receive passes in those forward areas.

I’m looking forward to having Giroud, Alexis and Walcott score loads in the next few matches.


“Ramsey’s forays into the … stifle spaces for the actual forwards”. I’m sorry but this is just not true. I’ve read this several times now and I believe it is yet another misconception on Ramsey. His runs into the box actually increases the odds of the team scoring a goal because one has an extra option to pass to, thus creating more goal scoring opportunities. If you remember the last game against Sp*rs, it was one of his “stifling” runs into the box that resulted in the first goal. Also, in the dying minutes Alexis had the ball and he… Read more »


Arsenal scored 25 goals up until the Norwich game on Nov 29th, 2015 (14 matches), and conceded 12 during the same stretch of games in the EPL. Ramsey was either out of action or played on the right during these matches. Over the next 15 matches up until the Spurs match this past weekend, Arsenal scored 22 and conceded 17 with Ramsey playing in the middle. Fewer goals scored, more goals conceded with Ramsey in the middle of the midfield. With Ramsey to be out of action for a few matches, let’s look forward to more goals scored, and fewer… Read more »


Thanks for the stats. i don’t think it proves your point though. First thing i noticed is that the numbers are not that different, i doubt there’s any real significance in the difference. Plus you are comparing the two scenarios in black and white but the situation is more nuanced- for example, we were missing Coq for some of that period; there were other changes in the team, and our strikers went through a dry spell for couple of months or so. If anything, it is remarkable (and disproves your point) that we are scoring and conceding roughly the same… Read more »


Well, I respectfully disagree about the stats. I think the team’s efficiency in front of goal drops with Ramsey in the middle, and certainly defensively, they play more poorly, too.

Had Coqzorla remained fit, they would be the midfield pairing week in and week out. Had they remained fit, we would be having a different year.


Hull must hate the sight of us now…


I am beginning to think that all our injuries are sacrifices to the Football Gods. The larger the injury list and we start winning games.


Hello all been following the arsenal all my life (36 now) but I feel compelled to write something today after seeing that banner last night. I am really embarrassed to be an Arsenal fan right now because of those tools who presented that banner because like a lot of you have said it really makes us all look like idiots which most of us are obviously not because from what I gather many have balanced arguments on the whole. A few points to mention 1) Yes it’s frustrating (hugely) when we lose when we are expected to win but that’s… Read more »

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