Friday, December 2, 2022

Reports: Portuguese ‘wonder kid’ to sign

The Telegraph and The Mirror report this morning that Arsenal are set to sign Portuguese youngster Domingos Quina.

The 16 year old was signed by Chelsea for their academy but has apparently quit before signing a scholarship deal, meaning he’s free to join another club.

He’s apparently a number 10 and was brought up at Benfica before joining Chelsea. He’s represented Portugal at U17 level also.

If he does join, he’ll be the latest addition to the playmaker types the club has at underage level with Ismael Bennacer and Dan Crowley the closest to first team action right now.

We also couldn’t find a picture of him that wasn’t in a Chelsea shirt so we used one of a puppy instead, because puppies are awesome.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Haha I’m really glad you explained the photo. And of course the reasoning makes total sense!

Also, fuck Chelsea.


That’s lovely picture of a puppy….

Kampala gooner

Even he would struggle to beat that look. He is well represented.

Max Potential

Since the terms have been coined, how many of these wonderkids and Messis exactly have reached their full potential?

Andy Mack

Whilst they’re still ‘youths’ it’s impossible to quantify their ‘full potential’. Will he be a ‘World Class’ player at 21 or 28? Or will he hit his talent ceiling and only be the best No 10 in the championship at any age?… But if you don’t have them at the club then you won’t find out and could lose out. Even if he only makes the championship, the likelihood is that we’ll get enough of a fee for him to cover academy costs, so we can continue to stand a chance of finding the next Messi. As the advert says,… Read more »


Yea the puppy is fine, but you could’ve found a red and white ribbon for the collar.


Puppies are your more archetypal full back, game and willing to run up and down all daw, I think a kitten would illustrate a number 10 better,
I mean I love puppies but bergkamp and Ozil are more feline.

Le Jim

I refuse to think of Mesut or Bergkamp as cats. Cats are evil.


Don’t be such a sourpuss.

Thanks, that’s my coat right there …


Bergkamp is dog.

Hleb was quite cat. Siamese.


Dennis PurrrrKamp?

Le Coq Monster

I`m the most virile hetrosexual man I know, but I have to say…………Nice Puppies Alexis !

Tarquin Farquar

Are you trying to convince us or yourself 🙂

Why not

Le Coq Monster. Says it all.


Ya what’s with the blue collar??

Scott from London, Ontario, Canada

Maybe it has something to do with our third kit.

I don’t know… I’m reaching here.

Cliff Bastin

Yet untainted by the cuntery.


The good thing is it seems that Wenger is going for the quantity approach with the youth signings hoping a couple work out. The bad thing is that seems to be all he has been doing the last year with the exception of Elneny.


What a drool-worthy pup that is!

I bid the lad welcome. However just an observation, it would seem the club is bursting at the seams with youngsters currently, no? I’ll show myself out…


Arghhh….I can’t get Chelsea out of my mind now…isn’t that Didier DOGba?!


Pup Guardiola? My coat is on don’t worry!..

Le Coq Monster

Kennel Dogleash ?


Lukas Poodleski


Terrier Henry?


So this kid will get the nickname ‘puppy’ and he’ll have no idea why….

Le Coq Monster

Lassie Diarra

Emile Husky

Danny Shih tzu


Theo Walmutt


If Wenger think the kid has potential, he should sign him.

13 years ago we missed the opportunity to sign certain Portuguese wonderlid.


Surely a picture of a portuguese waterdog would be more fitting.

Timothy Lumsden

Puglas costa.


For a chap named Quina the photo is likely very grainy.

Timothy Lumsden

Wilfried bone y.


The puppy still has a blue ribbon ……. Just can’t win, can we !!!

Mertesacker Emptiness

Denis Paw


Coleen Rooney


Mega lol


What blogs didn’t say was that very puppy was drowned last week by Abramovich


Marc Rovermars?


…and I’m fairly sure Nacho, Santi and Hector are all Spaniels.


..and Wenger is Alsatian. It’s OK. I’ll stop now.

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