Wenger: No doubt I’ll be Arsenal manager next season


Arsene Wenger says he has no doubt that he’ll be Arsenal manager next season and again stressed that he’s completely committed to giving his best for the club.

After exits from the FA Cup and Champions League, and with the Gunners’ title ambitions wilting in the face of the relentless form of Leicester City and Sp*rs, the Frenchman has come under intense pressure from both the fans and media over whether he’s the right man at the helm at the Emirates

Speaking to beIN Sport during the international break the 66-year-old made clear that he still believes he is.

“Look, you give your best. I think that the criticism during the season is not very welcome when you fight for the championship, especially after the game against Tottenham where we were a bit unlucky. You have to live with that.

“I have my conscience. What is the most important is that I give my best every day, I work for the club I love and if I can share that love with the supporters it’s even better. At the end of the day I want to make sure that I give my best and that I put my knowledge at the disposal of the team.

“I have no doubt [that I will be Arsenal manager next season] because I am committed. When I do something, I do it 100 per cent. I’m always committed to give my best as long as I am at the club.

“For the rest, I don’t worry too much about all the rest, what people say. All the rest is judgments, opinions and that is linked with the beliefs from the last result or the last disappointment or the last happiness. In my job you focus on what is important and that’s to perform.

“I believe in life you should focus on what you’re appointed for and I’m appointed to perform and do the best for my club. That’s all I focus on. My future is my future, I don’t master that more than you.”

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No title next year then. I hate to say it, but that’s how it will be.

Glory hunter

A bit harsh, im sure we’ll once again win 4th place trophy ?


Don’t be negative. Perhaps we can get the 3rd place trophy.

alexis' shorts

I’m the 4th stooge! I think [something something subjective negativity = downvote]


If the gaffer and team had the same gumption as you, we would not have won the FA cup back to back either.

As I recall, the conventional ‘wisdom’ was we would never win a cup again.



Are people actually surprised by this?

David C

nope. What I am surprised about is that Wenger won’t just open the pursestrings and purchase a PL or CL title. No one will criticize his philosophy. He almost owes it to himself to have a fun Football Manager type off-season before he retires eventually.

Go on Wenger, spend some money!

You just have to look at Man U and Liverpool to see what happens when you alter your manager. I guess others can point to Chelski and how they treat managers, but I wouldn’t want our team to follow Chelski’s patterns.

Bould's Eyeliner

Honestly, I don’t see that happening. Arsenal might not have much history in hiring managers over the past few decades, but to me, it seems most likely that given Wenger’s prominent role, he’s simply going to be succeeded internally as a stop gap measure until the club can reorganize, or maybe the successor will just keep things running. Similar thing happened after Graham. Which means, it’s probably Bould’s time to step up for at least one or two seasons, until the club can figure something out. Also, it’s likely that Wenger will still be involved after his managerial tenure, probably… Read more »


No business is going to employ someone who doesn’t treat every pound as their own that’s why he still there you can talk all you like about opening his wallet it still has to go past the board


My feelings on it are, it is the noble thing to do. Arsene Wenger, whatever criticism you may have of him, is still the most successful and arguably the most influential manager in the history of Arsenal FC. He immortalized himself already when he went a whole season and 49 games unbeaten, he (with the help of other Arsenal loving men with the vision and drive to take this club higher like David Dein and the late Danny Fiszman) became synonymous with the club, you’d be hard pressed to find an aspect of Arsenal football club today that hasn’t been… Read more »


Noble ? Health ? Sanity ?

You need a pint or three mate.

Dan Hunter

So basically you are saying Wenger is a lunatic. But in all seriousness, I agree up to a point. I agree that he should see out his contract but on the provision that he spends the money and brings in a 30 goal per season striker, a defensive midfielder, a centre back and for me, someone who can play Santis role, because we have really missed that creativity linking the defence to the attackers.


And where, pray, do we find that 30 goals per season striker?
Your post implies that they are just a matter of paying enough money, not of being available and willing to come to Arsenal.

Coffee + Transfers with Wenger

Couldn’t have said it better myself, friend.


Well said….

Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour!

Nicely put Goonero! Things change quickly in football & next summer might well prove to be a better time to find his successor what with every club getting super rich this summer, Pep arriving, Klopp buying his kind of players, Leicester capitulating, The Smug One arriving at Utd etc. I think we will need Wenger more than ever as the one thing we can be assured of is that he offers us stability & if we were to change manager this summer there isn’t a likely & able candidate out there that could keep us at our current level. Signing… Read more »


Listen, I like Arsene Wenger, I really do, I think he has done a magnificent job at Arsenal, he truly has, and we genuinely do owe the man more then screaming abuse at him, and holding up banners post match asking him to leave, but the one thing that does really concern me is, does he genuinely have what it takes any more? With money or not, I am not sure that he does genuinely have the ruthlessness to win the league, I think this season has sort of proved it. I genuinely think his prioritises have changed in later… Read more »


And who do you think could lead us to the table?

Afraid a change of manager would most likely leave us in the same situation as Man Utd or Liverpool. And there aren’t that many managers available with the same qualities as Klopp or even Van Gaal.

So I think I prefer Wenger instead of 5 years if trial-and-error manager appointments. God knows who Kroenke & co would bring in…


I think Kroenke and his men are a bigger threat and a bigger problem than Wenger will ever be.
Change might be good for us, but instead of going for someone like Diego Simeone or out of that calibre he’d go for something either stupid or something that earns him more money. Something that would make this “brand” more popular and not necessarily better.

Robert Newsam

Best solution both go one massive clear out is needed.

Dan Hunter

Surely even a business man like Kroenke can see that the success of the brand is in direct proportion to success on the pitch. More success means more fans and therefore greater revenue… surely? Or am I missing something


He hasn’t been able to recognise it with his other ‘sports franchises’. He’s too busy counting the cash he’s earned from them. Fucking leech.

Dan Hunter

To compare Arsenal to his other franchises is ridiculous. Arsenal is one of the biggest football clubs in the world in terms of turnover and revenue. It is a completely different kettle of fish. American sports (ice hockey, baseball, american football) are, lets face it, mostly followed by Americans. Football is followed all around the world. If we were to win the title, it would create an sharp increase in merchandise sales, increase in player interest in the club and other such branding opportunities. This would result in better shirt sponsorship. It is a snowball effect that surely even the… Read more »


And how did that happen?


The 3-4 extra “world class players” would also cost us a lot of money, and would be no guarantee that we would get any better than fourth.

In fact if Wenger is the guarantee for champions league football he seens to be, then he is a much sounder “business model” than taking a risk at a new manager,,,,


Weird thing about this “Cronky” stuff is that his son is spending big money here in Denver to bring the Colorado Rapids into the “modern” MLS. Granted, relatively speaking, it’s not even close to what’s been spent for either Mesut or Alexis, but compared with the previous 20 years in the MLS it’s a huge investment in talent for this season. I don’t understand it from a fan’s perspective, I would think that you would be about winning championships all the time, so you’d have to have this kind of injection of cash and improvement in talent at least every… Read more »


Fair point about not wanting a long trial and error period.

However, wouldn’t we faced with the same situation whenever Wenger finishes?

Wenger has held many proud records, like never being beaten by lower league teams, never playing in the Europa League, never finishing below a team on a lower budget or the Spuds!

In the recent years they have been slowly been earsed, while the league title drought extends. We are on the verge of becoming the new Liverpool!


Off course the club will probably experience problems when Wenger retires. But I think the club will be better prepared for this if they use a couple of years to plan the transition, instead of trying to do it all between now and June. At least I hope that is the case.

SoCal Gooner

What have we done to deserve this???

Bould's Eyeliner

There’s no need to worry about transition, there’s very little doubt in my mind that Wenger will be kept on a consulting capacity to ease the club management (away from team management). And despite his level of involvement, it’s virtually impossible for one man to be in charge of everything, there are highly capable deputies for each department at Arsenal.

Toby C

We should have gone for Guardiola. I’m sure he’d have been interested.


Barcelona, Bayern and now ManC, the common denominator is not our strength, though we have circa £ 200M as cash balance.

Arsene Wenger

This sort of one-dimensional, almost magical thinking fails to accurately replicate and indeed anticipate reality. I enjoy following Arsenal for the football they play, dare I say even for their recent underdog status, and I’d be delighted to see them win the championship, but if they don’t, I’m not going to be a petulant child and ask that the manager that brought us to this position be sacked. Nope. I’m going to watch Arsenal lose, I’m going to contemplate what’s wrong with the team having full confidence Arsene does the same and comes up with a solution. If not this… Read more »


How are we underdogs? We’re one of the richest clubs in the world. We have one the highest wage bills in all of sports. It’s almost on par with man city. The starting price of our season tickets is £1000. We have 2 billionaire shareholders. We’re nowhere near underdogs. The football we player has been poor since Fabregas left. The quick short passing game we were used too is long gone for the most part. We have seen bits of it this season against Everton and man utd at home but for the most part our football is poor to… Read more »


Great response to these kinds of comments. I find it disrespectful for people to call fans who ask for change children. You’re just going to be okay with the same result year after year*12? You do realize that’s the definition of insanity?

David Tross

Absolutely spot on! Fans who can’t see the wood from the trees, play the same wenger tune every year. I have huge respect for the man and one would hope that all arsenal fans are intelligent enough to know we are who we are because of him, however I don’t think that should excuse any manager or give him some kind of invincibility. Competition in any job role is vital for continued success. The man gets paid £8million a year, he makes the decisions about players, not the board! It was him to say the squad was good enough to… Read more »


I just want to say that £8m a year is the going rate for what he did and does for the club, no big deal on wages imo.

David Tross

£8’000’000 is a ludicrous amount of money for any person to earn a year. It is roughly £130’000 per seat at the Emirates.

That money could go along way to subsidising tickets for local fans who now cannot afford to go, hence the library atmosphere.

Anyone who thinks wages in football are realistic or necessary, is disconnected from planet earth.

They are paid too much. Simple


£8m is for 3 years contract. So you divid that by 3 and take 24% for the guys in Swansea. PSG offered triple of that and Monaco doubled it. Pellegrini Van Gaal and who ever is at Chelsea at the moment earn more than that.

The Romford Pele

Are there only 60 seats at the Emirates? Maybe that’s why its so quiet.


There is far more money on offer to the main “players” of the business than seat revenue.

John C

Paul, Arsene Wenger has always insisted on being the highest paid member of staff at the club, in order to keep his authority.

His final pay is also actually around the £12.5m a year mark not £8m


Do you have any kind of source for that, John?

John C

It was widely reported that he insisted on always being the highest paid member of staff when he first joined, i’m not sure if internet article records go back to 1996. As for the £12.5m figure, i don’t have any links for that as it comes from people i know who work in the bond’s market, whom all seem quite certain on the £12.5m number, in fact insistent on it. When it come’s to matters of finance i’m far more inclined to believe the professionals than sports journos, especially when they’re certain about the number and it makes no material… Read more »


I’m not doubting you, but if you could provide some of these widely reported reports, I’d be interested in reading them.

Also, why would people in the bonds markets know what Arsene Wenger is earning?

John C

Unfortunately i can’t find any internet records that go back to 96.

As Arsenal used the bond’s market to finance the stadium it’s not unknown that creditors ask what major expenses a company might have on condition of lending such a large amount. I think £12.5m wages for a single member of staff would fit the bill.

Andy Mack

If you worked for a boss that didn’t earn more money than you, your respect for him would soon disappear.

John C

Andy Mack, i agree, i personally think it’s right that the manager gets paid the highest wage and quite frankly couldn’t careless how much he gets paid. I just don’t think he should be the manager any longer.


Stop being delusional. Untill very recently Alsenal were operating under harsh financial constrains. We were selling club. Now situation is reversed and in last 3 years we bought 3 world class players Ozil, Sanchez and Cech. Also we won 2 trophies. I’m sure Wenger would have bought super duper striker, but was any of them avialable? Name me one who were remotely interested in Arsenal?

So chill, we are moving in right direction with Wenger, and real football is not Championship manager.

Toby C

But the problem is that everyone knows we needed a striker and Arsene either wouldn’t or couldn’t get one. Either way it’s not good.


I think it’s couldn’t. We certainly tried for Dybala but he opted for Juve; we’d probably have paid a bit over the odds for Benzema but he wanted to stay at Real; a lot of papers suggested we made a move for Aubameyang and some say we’re still trying but all the signs are he’s happy at Dortmund and would rather not move. This is hardly surprising. Why would any top striker exchange a massively prestigious club like Real or a high-achieving one like Juve and Dortmund who feel like clubs on the up, for one that has been underachieving… Read more »


Are you really Arsene Wenger ?

Blimey, slumming it a bit aren’t you ?

Wengers Zipper



Thing is we are not playing the enjoyable or beautiful football for the past 2 or 3 seasons anymore.

Mr. G

I agree Joel. This utter catastrophe of a season has done nothing but prove he’s no longer the man for the job.

Groundhog Day season again next year, everyone.


Indeed, its funny how when we lose people immediately call for Wenger to go, and now everyone is on the fence again. Sanchez summed it up; the team doesn’t have a winning mentality. This is due to Wenger’s naivety and character, and is translated onto the players. The thing that worrys me is that Wenger doesnt realise it. Yes he tries. Yes he was great. But his time is up.


Wow the jury is split!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I disagree. Ranieri was seen as completely outdated and ineffective just last year and he is about to win it.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

What Marhez has been doing at Leicester, Ramsey did it for us two years ago. Is that three years now? It looks ages. Problem is that we had nobody in the Vardy with him. Leicester lucky to have nobody in the Walcott role, lol.

Andy Mack

Leicester were in a position where they could use Vardy through a poor season, a reasonable season, another poor season and now a stellar season. AFC can’t afford that luxury and the ‘supporters’ would have been on his back last season (5 goals from 36 games) or before and broken his confidence or managed to get him replaced…


Feo has had poor, reasonable, poor and half-stellar…not in that order. Yet, we’re not in first!

Andy Mack

Theo was bought as a ‘youth’ and played on the wing for most of his time with us.
If we’d got him as a CF then I’d agree with you.

Remember the invincibles

Hasn’t won the league for 12 years, but don’t worry he’s fully committed so we should support him. Ffs

Snake in the grARSE

Tired of emotional, harsh, unrealistic Arsenal fans. Football is not an exact science. Man U, Chelsea, Man City all below us. And you offer zero alternative. Okay smart-cookie you appoint the next manager I’ll enjoy seeing David Moyes merry-go-round part two. And everyone is always moaning about the business side of things as if there are any pure fan-led clubs anymore. People need to stop being so demanding, it’s just football, and get behind the team and a great manager.


As far as I am concern, Wenger will never take us to a higher point than he has done. We have to live with it. He is the only manager in EPL who will say such thing with certainty, knowing that there is no pressure about his job regardless of performance.


Good to hear. I believe in you Arsene


Believe in what?


He’ll be down your chimney tonight. With a big bag of disappointment for you.


Couldn’t thumb that either way but just wanted to say a very well written post! rich.

David Tross

Hahaha that’s wuality


Just seen a report that he’s about to sign another 3 Year deal, and then another with quotes from him about how well Theo has developed this year

Depressing stuff, he doesn’t get it!

Iwobi Wan Kenobi

Talk is cheap. Share a link to this article, and it had better be from a credible source.


Piers Morgan on Twitter


Michael Owen on I am a cunt.com


Robbie Savage on mypunditryisthickerthanshit.com


Hahaha, only manager in the world capable of saying that without suffering any consequences. Just like he’s the only manager in the world who claims he doesn’t deserve criticism for not winning a League trophy in over 12 years.


Granted we fucked up this season but we did an FA Cup two years in a row.

Not sure about your expectations on winning anything, when we were consistently having to sell our best players over the previous ten years to help finance Ashburton Grove.


Yeah was a good excuse up until around 2 years ago.


So he deserves the boot for not having won the league in the previous two years?


I never said he deserves the boot. What I did say was that he feels like he should never be criticised for his mistakes. Not once did I mention that he should be axed from his position. He is responsible for were Arsenal are now, not me or you.

Toby C



So, he could give excuses up until two years ago and now he has to go blow all the cash in a single transfer window? This is not FIFA career mode. This is a football club and Arsene has done pretty well to manage it so far. Ozil, sanchez and Cech in 3 seasons. That’s good enough for me. Watch them renew their contracts and watch new players of the same calibre coming in. Best years are ahead of us although i would take a league win this year courtesy Leicester and spuds fuck up. Ps: Wenger has done so… Read more »


Why is it that whenever transfers are brought up on here there’s always someone piping up with the ‘it’s not fifa’ comment? We all know it’s not fifa and he can’t spend all the money at once. Wenger has though spent £100m in transfers since the 2013/14 season with little improvement shown in results. Those 3 signings were great but where was the centre half we desperately needed at the start of the 14/15 season. Arsenal went into that season with 3 centre halves. A kid who’d never played there before. A player with degenerative achillies problem. And finally a… Read more »


No team/manager has a divine right to the league/trophies. Trophies are earned be that through luck, performances or sheer domination. This year, it has been proved that the EPL is the most competitive it has been in years, will probably be won by fewer points in recent years, and with an unprecedented top 6. Sure, I like any Arsenal fan want us to win it, I wanted the FA Cup too. Collectively we didn’t achieve a 3rd FA cup, and yes that comes down to the players, manager and fans – we are in it together. We still have a… Read more »


Wenger’s 66. He’s leaving very soon. Why do people on here act as if Wenger’s still got another 10 years left in him?

Why do you still think Wenger’s the right man to lead us?


I still believe Wenger is the right man to lead us for the following reasons: – Kept us competitive while we transitioned to a new stadium – His continued ability to educate and shape the careers of young players, to my mind, is second to none – His love and passion for the club is clear, name another manager at the top level where it doesn’t come across as ‘just a job’ – Has changed the footballing philosophy of the club in a positive way which has brought success, albeit not during the time of transition to the Emirates. –… Read more »

Nadav Rotem

I still believe Wenger is the NOT right man to lead us for the following reasons: – Our football quality went from wonderful (with no trophies) to horrible (with no trophies). – His continued ability to educate and shape the careers of young players has gone completely. Who did he successfully developed the last 5 years ? Theo ? Wilshere ? Szczesny ? Ox ? – Has changed the footballing philosophy of the club in a negative way which means Arsenal is now a club without ambition of winning the championship or god forbid champions league. – Ozil have made… Read more »


You are a joke


There are loads of managers who haven’t won titles and any number of years. Show me one that’s looking for criticism

Arsenal hurts

after all these hell low standard seasons we can take another one i guess. wouldnt kill me anyway. stopped caring a long time ago (when accepted neither do wenger n the board). im just f’ing surprized that people still fall for the early transfer speculations and renew their season tickets… its been all a falling down for the club since the take over. although the owner is making fat profit calling us brands and the manager is untouchable not taking responsiblity and pointing fingers at the few fans who still have fire in them to ask for more…


So you would criticize any manager in the world who didn’t win the league title? Tough boss Moo!


No, I never said that. But how does Arsene Wenger react to criticism? When asked how he feels about the Arsenal fans getting on his back about recent performances, he lashed out claiming he was the manager who won the most FA Cups and that he know more about football than anyone else and we shouldn’t be criticising him. Who the hell does he think he is? That he can just get away with poor results because he performed well in the past? Bollocks.


That’s true Moo you didn’t say that. You wrote it!
“Just like he’s the only manager in the world who claims he doesn’t deserve criticism for not winning a League trophy in over 12 years.”


Over 12 years of claiming he can win it, promising he can win it, saying he will win it and then failing to do so? Of course you criticise him. And, no I would not criticise say, the manager of Stoke or Everton not winning the league, but the coach of Arsenal FC or one of the other big name clubs should definitely be criticised of course. You took it out of context


I’m more interested in his squad plans for next season.

Hope he doesn’t pull a stunt like the last summer transfer window.

Tarquin Farquar

Well said sir. I would not have minded Arsene leaving but he is staying so let’s get behind the team and see what he does in the summer. He fucked up big time last summer. I pray he does not believe anymore that we could ever win a league title with Ramsey in midfield. It’s only since he got injured and forced our manager to play Elneny in there that we look like we have some balance And play like a team.

Bob Davis

I hope you buy some players because we really need them. Like 6 players if you want to win the league. 3 outfield players should have come in last season. We’ll see how things pan out, but I somehow get the feeling he won’t buy the quality we need. Fingers crossed and I hope I’m wrong!

Stewart Robson's therapist

Not sure about six. Four at most, I think. The same striker, central midfielder and centre back that we’ve needed for years, and a right-back to challenge Bellerin.

I may be wrong but I suspect you’re thinking about wingers. I personally think we can sell Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain and still go into next season with just Alexis, Welbeck, Campbell, Iwobi and Ramsey as wide options.


Really sell OX ? Are you mad, sell the ox and watch him do a staridge, no thanks he is slill very young and had many niggling injuries give the boy a time. As for walcott give him another year, he did come back from not playing 16 months with really bad injury, if he doesn’t show up next season then sell him, even alexis can’t find his form after being injured for 2 months theo was 16 months injured. As for buying player, I agree Per time is up he can stay for one more season, but we need… Read more »

Robert Newsam

Ramsey isn’t a wide man when he’s there we go narrow and he can’t track back to help in defence Ramsey isn’t good enough he should go with Walcott Rosicky Arteta wenger kroenke’s flamini-he can join board ox given more play time then see what he’s done by christmas then sell him


It really does not matter how many players he buys, the same thing will happen next year that happens every year. If you think he will buy 6 players you are nuts, and which 6 players would you drop? And would Wenger, recently claiming we will soon see the best of Theo, actually drop the players that need to be dropped?

Bob Davis

Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini will be leaving the club so they’ll need replacing. The other three players that are needed are striker, centre back creative midfielder. Mourinho has always said you need two world class players for every position. I know he is a c*nt, but I do think he’s right when he said this. Fabio Capello said every club needs to buy five players every season! Saying all that if we did buy those players it will take a season or two for them to familiarise themselves with the premiership and their fellow players. So we’ll end up 4th… Read more »


Really welcome it, hope we us fans support the manager and team now and lets keep faith that we can achieve something this season none of us know what tomorrow holds maybe our competitors will lose some form. And lets hope for a smooth transition when Wenger does leave


And maybe a couple shit teams will step up and make the big teams look like shit whilst making all previous excuses redundant……… Oh.


A manager should never be cock sure about his position. A little bit of pressure from above is a good thing.


Of course he’s cock sure of his position. That’s because the requirement from his bosses is 4th place for Champions League money. There is no requirement to win trophies, if it happens then that’s just a bonus.


So in summary, Arsene is just fulfilling his job role.
How will changing the manager with a new person in the same job role help then?
As Private Frasier said “we’re doomed, doomed I tell you”…


I am still looking forward to us spanking Watford though. COYG!


^^This, this, this.


Any other manager in the world “I have a contract and I want to stay, it’s up to the owner decide”
Here the manager decides if stay and when to go.
If you don’t see how broken this club is then you’re as blind as him.

Wenger's love child

Unless the manager has a healthy understanding with the owner and recognises that they are on the same page? Ever heard of myopia?


OR perhaps Wenger has already spoken with the owners and received the assurances he needs.

And if you think the club is broken, you should probably hope we get some new owners before sacking the only man in the club who knows a thing or two about football…


If the club in 3rd is broken, the 17 below us are totally fucked. Honestly, it’s a bit petulant and self absorbed.,,,,,


You can’t put us in the same bracket as every other PL club. It’s all relative. For Bournemouth, they are having a good season in 13th place.
The point is, with all the usual candidates messing up this season, this was our prime opportunity to win the league. But Wenger fucked it up.


The team fucked it up

Tarquin Farquar

Well said. The club is not broken and only those of limited intelligence would think it is, let alone type it

John C

Broken or broke?


“Broken” – are you a footballer John? 😉



Do they have the same wage bill?
The same amount of money doing nothing in the bank?

It shows how deluded you arsene fans are. Us arsenal fans don’t compare our club to the likes of villa or Southampton or everton

Andy Mack

“don’t compare our club to the likes of Villa or Southampton or Everton”
That shows you how much Wenger has improved the team in your eyes. We’d happily compared ourselves to those teams before he took over as manager.

Andy Mack

OK, maybe not so much Southampton…. 😀

Cyprus The immortal Gooner

“we have a big squad” again with 10 injury prone players injured through the season, burning the rest of them, believing again in incompetent & overpaid players while Klopp’s Liverpool, Utd, Chelsea and Pep’s City will only be improving…but we’ll take comfort in the legacy he left behind and that he works hard (for 8m)… Love him but that’s my prediction…

Naija Gunner

He said all we say here plus other blogs and social media don’t mean shit to him, they are just opinions and criticisms, and we are bloody entitle to it !


I think it was obvious he’d be in charge next season. My main concern is him signing a new contract. Under no circumstances should he get a new deal.



I always find it worrying when repeats over and over again the ‘I give my best everyday’, ‘I’m 100% committed’, ‘I work very hard everyday’ etc. It’s not really the commitment or his love for the club that people are questioning. It’s whether he’s still good enough to take this club he clearly loves so much to the next level. Judging by the results in the last few seasons he’s had money to spent, the answer is sadly no, he’s taken Arsenal as far as he can.

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Of course he is totally committed. Don’t think anyone on either side of the in-out debate can question that. The other comments about how everything else is just opinions are more worrying. Is there anyone, either inside or outside the club, who he will take advice from? Everyone needs to consider an alternative view on occasion.


…and no doubt he does give his very best as well, but has he has considered whether his very best is good enough anymore? All of us slow down the older we get, mentally and physically, so does he believe that he can still inspire and motivate like he could 20 years ago?


“Jesus titty-fucking christ, I could have sworn she was telling the truth”


Dan Hunter



It was a popular culture reference to “sarandon” from Team America. Given the frequency of South Park references from the author/owner of this very blog, I didn’t consider it too amiss.


If he’s doing his best then we want to tell him that his best is not enough!!! Wenger out!!!

dr Strange

Don’t doubt his commitment but I doubt his ability. He needs to reinvent himself as Fergie did when he needed to. But Wenger just won’t do that.

The competition will be insane next season and we won’t get a top four with the team, attitude and management we have now.


Let me put it this way:
– Is this season failure on him? YES.
– Is the previous seasons lack of major silverware on him? NOT Really.
– Is he still the right man for the job? Absolutely!


– Is this season failure on him? YES.
– Is this season failure on him? YES.
– Is this season failure on him? YES.
– Is this season failure on him? YES.
– Is this season failure on him? YES.

– Is he still the right man for the job? Absolutely!


I’ve no doubt he does his best. Unfortunately his best is a bit crap nowadays. Time to go, Arsene


Never imagined he would leave before his contract expired. I do think Wenger and the club should begin to plan for his replacement and the transition to Arsenal post-Arsène.


And that is sound advise. I just hope the club are doing just that, and taking their time until they get the right man, instead of having to choose between whoever is available if Wenger should suddenly decide to retire…

Hank Scorpio

My worry is who will be in charge of this?


Wenger tried to buy suarez & has consistently said we need to do more with our chances. He knows we need better finishers at the club but there is a clear shortage of them. Name one world class striker not already playing at a top club? Top clubs don’t need our money & why would they strengthen a champions league rival? Lukaku is probably the best well known striker not at a top club we can get. With cech, coq & elneny he has fixed the gk & dm problems. He needs to replace mert in the summer & hopefully… Read more »


If he really wanted Suarez he should have paid real money that was required to get a player like Suarez….40 million plus 1 pound was insulting…..what he should have done is got the Higuain deal over the line

Andy Mack

That didn’t make any difference. Suarez didn’t give a toss if the ‘clause’ was broken by £1 or £1m.
He only was interested in his salary and the team. If Gerrard hadn’t had ‘the discussion’ with him, assuring him that Barca or RM would come for him, then he’d have joined us.


Pls we aren’t a Champions League rival to anyone. Kindly rephrase your statement. Thanks.

B52 bomber bendtner

I don’t want him to leave, but l think he needs to. The level of antipathy is such that even if he won the treble, l truly believe they’d be a sizeable, vocal minority of fans that would still want him gone. For the fanbase to galvanize behind the manager in order to move forward, that manager cannot be Wenger, we’ve now reached a tipping point and l don’t believe there’s any going back. Sadly, he needs to go.


Who would care about the “Wenger-Out”-brigade if we won the treble? They would just look even stupider than they do now…

And I’m not sure if a galvanized fanbase is what we need. A new ambitious owner and some intelligent directors/board members would be better. Perhaps we would be able to find a long term replacement for Wenger as well then…


stupider than you?


plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose


My main problem is I just don’t see him being ruthless enough to make the tough decisions around the lack of quality in places in the squad, Ox, Theo, Wilshere can’t be considered 1st team players anymore, lack of fitness and inconsistencies in their game. Then onto Giroud, very good but still not at the level to win us a league, we’ve created a fuck tonne of chances this season and he still won’t get near 20 league goals. When he hits a rough patch it’s usually bad..upgrade Needed I think. This season has really tested my allegiance to Arsene,… Read more »


I have been supporting Arsenal for 69 years and after watching the football served up in the 50s 60s and 70s the quality of football in the last 20 years has been brilliant.I feel proud to be a supporter


^ ^ ^ ^
Now that is a proper fan!

Andy Mack

46 year supporter here and I agree 100% with you.


But who is the realistic Wenger-replacements supported by the Wenger-Out Brigade? When a club chooses their new manager, they tend to go for one of the following categories: The continental manager with a proven record: «Unfortunately» we just missed Benitez. Van Gaal might need a job soon though. Doubt we can get Blanc, Löw, Allegri ir Deschamps, and have no idea if any of them or would be better than Wenger. Most of the others are too old or too unproven… The up-and-coming continental “hipster”: Not sure who the hipsters choice are these days? Tüchel will probably not leave Dortmund… Read more »


I reckon we should go for a manager in the j league.


Yeah: let’s stick with this fucking loser and Spurs win the title again.

Idiots like you make me sick.


Oh dear fats!


“Sp*rs win the title again”………. how fucking old are you Fatgooner????

jack nail

There are so many better options out there than the current Wenger. So you feel that Arsenal, one of the top 10 clubs in the world, couldn’t attract a manager who would improve us? Right now Koeman would do a better Job, Ranieri even, not to mention the likes of Simeone, montella, Tuchel, Frank De Boer ect. All we need is a manager who can bring the best out of his players and has tactical nouse. Wenger used to fill players with confidence but now not even the players believe his post match ‘mental strength’ matras. Why would they when… Read more »


The graveyards are filled with the irreplaceable!


How come you don’t mention all the successful change of managers?

Spurs, Leicester, that time when a certain London club found a random bloke who was managing in Japan to takeover, he did quite well for a bit.

Andy Mack

If the comments had happened then over the last 10 years we’d have had Paul Jewell, Brenda Rogers, Martinez, AVB and Owen Coyle as our managers…..

Yankee Gooner

His comments are regarding whether or not he would choose to leave. Honestly, what other answer would you want from any manager? “I’m a bit shit right now, so I’m off next year. I hope this doesn’t affect the vital run in.”


1st comment in a long long time. Now that the boss has said he is staying next season, I think its time to put those banners away and support the team.
I am all for Wenger but i also understand why a lot of people want change too. But now we know for 100% that he is staying, the banners are not needed… Would be good to see all gooners just focusing on making the atmosphere like an extra man, a few good wins might get leicester and spuds get a little nervous

John C

To the contrary, as he doesn’t get the message those with banners need to re-double their efforts to get rid of him.


People like you were saying the same when there were suggestions of sacking Bruce Rioch.
Who will we get as a replacement? We should stick to what we know. Why take the risk of changing manager. Blah, blah, blah.

When we are one of the greatest clubs in the world and offering an £8m salary, we can pretty much get who we want. So let’s not belittle ourselves.


I am glad he said it…although his departure was never on the table. ..emotions ride high sometimes ..but deep down everybody knows he is best possible option available.


bull shit


“i work for the club i love and if i can share that love with the supporters its even better”
that quote alone shows that while it would be better if he has the support of the fans,it is not exactly an esssential aspect in deciding whether to quit as manager or not…in other words he thinks he does not necessarily need to share a common goal with majority of the fans who go a long way in financing the club…….and THEREIN lies the PROBLEM!


My opinion is whether you are Arsene “In”or “Out”….the truth is he is coming to end in any case be it one or three more years maximum. the bloke is getting old

I do strongly believe that the level of criticism he is getting from his own bloody fans is bordering on disgusting

For what he has done to this football club he deserves to leave with respect and not hounded out.

We have prides ourselves for years as being a classy club – our history backs that up but we are letting ourselves down at the moment.


I have a bad feeling that he missed his chance to leave with respect. If he had left after the fa cup win over hull it would have been a fairytale ending. Now I fear lack of results and failing to top that moment will turn even more fans against him in coming years, and he will leave this club not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Andy Mack

We’ve gained an awful lot of ‘classless’ fans, just see the fuck-wit banner!.

David C

How ’bout we trade Walcott and Ox for Mahrez?


On a general transfer point for this Summer. Wenger’s inaction last Summer really hindered us. Arsenal are now in a position where we’ll have to bring in replacements for Rosicky, Arteta and Debuchy who will be leaving in the Summer. Maybe Gibbs aswell. So that’s maybe 4 signings needed just to keep to the numbers we’ve got now. Then there’s the age of the squad and the contract situation of many of our players. On contracts huge decisions have to be made on plenty of players such as Giroud, Mertesacker, Wilshere, Oxlade, gibbs and probably a few more. All of… Read more »


I’ve had a look and it seems that Mertesacker has one year left on his contract. Cazorla also has a year left on his. Alexis and Ozil have two years left on their contracts. So the situation is worse than i thought.


It’s fine for Arsene to be committed and to give his best but the simple truth is that his best isn’t good enough anymore and doesn’t work. Even if we spend loads in the summer (which we probably won’t) the problem is the tactics and the motivation. The other side to this of course is that he has nothing else to do, which is a bit sad. His wife divoreced him and his daughter is in University, all he does is work for the club which is committed but he takes so much on it’s to the detriment of the… Read more »


Rock and a hard place.

We need 2 or 3 more world class players. 1 being a striker who scores consistently. We aren’t far away from being a force.


No one is questioning his commitment

Sadly he’s just not good enough anymore. Football is changing and is sadly leaving a once visionary behind


wait and see us finishing 5th next season with Alexis and Ozil leaving us for a club which has ambition


Wenger will buy the players we need over the summer to address the shortcomings displayed by the players on the pitch this year. He would have done that last summer (and probably did try to bring in some well-known names behind the scenes, for all we know) had he been able to predict Arsenal’s offensive anemia this season. No one likes to lose, especially Wenger. Just look at him. Very few players met expectations, and it is up to the individual fan to decide whether that is the player’s or the manager’s fault, or both. However, those who desire Wenger… Read more »




You say he will buy the players and keep faith, I have as have thousands but there comes a time when past behaviour sets the expectation. I love Arsene, and certainly am not looking to push him out or get ungrateful, I’ll always support his team when Heslington charge. Right now it just feels like the change is needed to move forward, we are an attractive option for lots of players and managers. Nothing lasts forever in football and he will always be an absolute bedrock of the club.




So if Spurs win the league and we finish fifth he’ll stay?

uncle D

Go support some other club you kunt


Think that sadly sums up some people’s argument. Funny thing is you know he’s right and you can’t accept it.

Hopefully you decide to support arsenal when arsene retires but then again you could support him in retirement still


No, why don’t YOU go and support another club. You clearly are not an Arsenal fan; if you were then you’d want this French loser out. Wenger’s arrogance is breathtaking: so even if Spurs and Leicester finish above us he won’t do the decent thing and walk away? This is incredible! What will it take for him to go? It’s fans like you Uncle D who are keeping this sad deluded man in his job. Instead of just calling it quits he’s going to take us into another season of disappointment. At any other top European club he would have… Read more »


Hinting at the fact you’re upset he’s French. Just shows how small-minded you are.


Telling people to go support another club is both stupid and against the rules. Please read the comment policy: http://news.arseblog.com/comment-policy/

Gaz Gooner

when you have a complete disregard for basic defensive organisation within your team and have a culture of zero accountability throughout the club then you will unfortunately never succeed no matter which players you buy.


I like a bet and reckon its pretty certain that those wanting Wenger out, will be wanting the new guy out before he has been in place two years, Its impossible to please some and those shouting loudest now will be the same ones shouting loudest as soon as Wengers replacement loses two games (and they will).


I’m sure if the next manager fails they’ll be plenty on here that will love telling people about how wrong they were to want Wenger out. Probably after every loss they’ll bang on about how dreadfully the fans treated Wenger. If the next manager succeeds they’ll be plenty telling us how it was the foundations laid by Wenger that meant the new manager succeeded. The people that want Wenger to leave will obviously want the next manager to leave if he looks a failure after a few seasons. I’m not even sure what argument you’re trying to make. You do… Read more »


And that norm isn’t exactly very successful for most clubs. Just ask Tottenham…

And the Barcelonas, Real Madrids and Bayern Munchens of this world would probably be just as successful if they had kept the same managers for 20 years instead of replacing him just to make the board look more astute…

uncle D

Moderate this ” cunt bag”


You’re the one who needs moderating not him.
Please read the comments rules before posting anything else.
Having an opinion different to yours is permitted, calling another commenter a cunt bag is not.


When you’ve moved on from thinking Arsene is the right man for the club everything he says just comes across as waffle.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Unlucky he says.

For 12 years and in year where a team like Leicester are top and Chelsea are not even in the top 4?



Whether the gaffer “gives 100%” and is “totally committed” isn’t the issue, and it’s really a bit of a distraction. If I were manager of Arsenal, I would give 100% and be totally committed, too. I’d worked eighty hours a week and do nothing but eat, breathe, sleep, and drink Arsenal. I’d give up Kentucky whisky. And movies with Carey Mulligan. It would be my life and my dedication to my work could not be criticized. I’d also drive Arsenal straight into a ditch, and we’d be playing in the third division in five years, because I’m not good enough… Read more »


..and you do that all for 10 millions only!?
ooouu sorry, forget you love the club!!


i think we laid a lot of trust on the fair play policy which as it turns out is a complete load of bollox instead of fines points deductions would of been better but clubs with big money would challenge them in courts, i dont think going by recent interviews by ozil and sanchez they will extend there contracts if we dont show conviction in the transfer market, discontent will seep in then offers from other clubs come in and we end up in the situation we were in before players leaving apart from now we have the financial muscle… Read more »

uncle D

All the hard work he has put in over the years day in day out! Great news can’t wait to see him complete the master piece.Great news!!!


uncle D..eluded?

Buzzy Gurkha Gunner

Out:Theo,Rosicky,Arteta FlaminI,Debuchy,

IN .WCLASS St.Ball winning creative mf,speed demon and a Bastard

Dan Hunter



Sadly what’s going to happen is fans will fight amongst each other. Arsene will not change. He still thinks Walcott is good enough he still thinks giroud will score enough goals to win us the title. He will continue to think the team and squad is full of character and has the fight to win crucial games. Some of us will continue to believe that he should go others the opposite. And the club will continue to flatter to deceive and get 4th or similar.frankly it’s all so fucking boring. Gave up my season ticket 2 years ago best decision… Read more »


Sad but true


His transfer policy has been proven correct this year , unfortunately by Leicester .