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Wilshere and Rosicky positive, but Cazorla still sidelined

Arsene Wenger had positive news regarding Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky, revealing the duo are back in full training.

However, the expected return of Santi Cazorla appears to have been delayed further with the manager saying the Spanish international is still three or four weeks away from first team action.

Speaking to the official site, Wenger said, “Wilshere and Rosicky are back in full training. Basically they are all progressing well.”

And on reports that he might feature in an Under 21 game, he continued, “Not yet, no, we have not decided that yet. It is his first week back in full training and we’ll see how he responds to that, but the first signs are quite good. We’ll assess our options next week.”

It’s good news for Wilshere as reports of potential setback 10 days ago were not completely wide of the mark. The midfielder had an issue with his ankle that might have required treatment which would put him out for longer, but obviously further assessment has concluded it’s not necessary at this point.

And for Rosicky, so upset at his last injury, there’s time for him to pull on the red and white once more, which is fantastic.

The update about Cazorla wasn’t quite as positive though.

“Santi Cazorla is running again outside so it should be three to four weeks more training,” he said.

Cazorla had posted on Twitter that he expected to be back from the start of April, but an ongoing Achilles issue is delaying his comeback.

Ahead of the weekend there’s still some doubt over Petr Cech with Wenger saying, “Cech is going back to normal training. It’s too early to say if he will be available for the weekend. He might be a bit short to be competitive.”

Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are unavailable, as is Mathieu Flamini.

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remember the invincible

Yes, Rozzzaaa

Runcorn Gooner

Cazorla – AW says he should be ok before the end of the season but didn’t say which season



Man Manny

Great news! We need all our soldiers back for the improbable but possible final assault on the title.
Let’s give our all and see where that takes us to at the end of the season.
I am certain we’ll have St. Totteringham’s day – we always do – as Spurs will drop a good number of points. I hope both of them do, starting from this weekend.


I have seriously conflicting emotions when it comes to the other teams dropping points. Basically, I only want Leicester to drop points if the spuds drop points.

I can cope finishing behind them lot, but if they win the league I’d have to retreat to my bunker before the nuclear winter hits us all.


The same Rosicky we were told, in August, would be back in 3 to 4 weeks?

I won’t hold my breath on either player, as right now they’re a £200k pw waste of resources.


Sorry mate you can fuck right off with that talk against my boy rosicky. Hed be worth his 80k a week salary in the dressing room alone. I for one cant wait to see him atleast one more time in our shirt


At least 2 – I believe this summer his testimonial would be due and I certainly think he’d be worth one.


Oh so the dream of a fully fit team together delayed for yet another season, not being negative but completely disappointed

Andy Mack

It’s pretty rare for any PL (or any CL) squad to have zero injuries.
Even Leicester have consistently had one or two but luckily for them, not to their more important players.


Every time Wenger says ‘running outside’ I imagine the player jogging and waving by as he passes the press conference room window.

Stupid, I know. Just couldn’t help it.

Great to have Rozza and Jack back in training though! They provide a lot of drive going forward and hopefully Iwobi has some limelight taken off him.

Man Manny

Wilshere breaks the 3 to 4 week curse, halleluyah! Hold on; Cazorla, 3 to 4 weeks away. Leave us alone pleeeeeaaase!

Le Jim

Can’t wait for Jacky to come back with a few games left, score a goal that wins us the title and gets voted goal of the season by Arsenal fans on Twitter, and then sing ‘What do we think of Tottenham’ on our parade 😉


“Cech is going back to normal training. It’s too early to say if he will be available for the weekend. He might be a bit short to be competitive.”

‘He might be a bit short to be competitive.’ – Isn’t that what everyone thought when we signed Ospina.

Ba dum tss.

Ike's Mood

I wouldn’t even get your coat. Just leave it there and somebody will take it to Oxfam.


I got my coat from a charity shop. Keep up the bad jokes, people, but only if you wear a nice coat!

Lord Bendtner

One of the best and most disciplined and mature player we have had in a long long time. He will be missed if he decides to leave. I don’t care if he doesn’t even play on the pitch, just give him a very well paid job on the sidelines or anywhere in the club, I just want to see his lovely face week in n week out. But no no no this is what I love about Rosicky, his heart still beats as his youthful days, u can’t keep him down. Rosicky the Legend!

Little Mozart

My beloved TR7 deserves at least one more match before his Arsenal career comes to a close, preferably grabbing a crucial assist for our title-winning goal.

Niall Shannon

Who will be scored by Wilshere and then be voted as the goal of the season by us fans 😉


Why not the goal itself? :’)

Ah one could only dream…


That time of the year where we all get positive and hopes start building for the next season. Only for it to come crashing down in a way only Arsenal are capable of.

We will also probably demolish some of these teams while Leicester ein the league. Just to create even more hope.

Only Arsenal.

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

Well, a realistic chance of grabbing the title just 3months ago is now just a pipe dream. Of course, We’ve arsenalled ourselves in the Arse! We’ve always done that! And we’ll continue to do that untill something drastic happens at the Club. Beginning with Wenger Changing the mentality.


Arsenal won’t win epl!! It’s Tottenham. And am an arsenal fan.

Tasmanian Jesus

If this is what you have to say, you shouldnt be allowed to speak in public.


you spelt Leicester wrong mate


You spelt shit wrong too.
Oh, wait, you got that spot on. Sorry.


Shame on you, you so-called-Arsenal-fan. We need real fans to stand behind the team. So shoo shoo you paper fan




With cazorla out longer its a good job we’ve got Xhaka




Carzola might be pint sized but the hole left by his absence is a giant one that we have not managed to plug.

E And Wright

Very poetic




3-4 weeks is Arsenal code for “they will be ready when they are ready so please stop asking”

E And Wright

Jack is back to restore the qualities we lack in attack and hopefully get our season back on track.


Poor soul…Our season already is exactly on track


ok guys i have just had my daily meditation over Arsenal.while i was at it ,i could just relate the rumours about signing the likes of xhaka et al…,especially at this point in time,and arsene’s sly smile when asked about potential signings, a smile the desperate find hope in,thinking there must something going on discreetly only to get awfully disappointed…anyway what am trying to say is….oh well never mind


Rosicky and Jack back will be a fantastic plus for us. That said, Rosicky (and Arteta) have been kept one season too long for sentimental reasons. They’ve both been fantastic ofr us but with age comes plenty of wear and tear issues and with a squad still full of injury prone players (Ramsey, Jack, Gibbs, Walcott…strangely mainly local lads), we could nigh afford to keep the old guard with their own injury issues. I suspect they will be moved on this summer and we will need at least one more addition in midfield. I don’t think Elneny is yet the… Read more »

Bob Davis

Good to see them back in full training. We’ve really missed them. I really hope they can contribute to our season like Iwobi and Elnani have done.

I was hoping for good news on Cazorla, but if it’s 3/4 weeks then it might be worth just letting them rest and focus on next season.

Be great to win all our remaining games in style.



Tomas is more than welcome in the MLS next year…. the Rapids are in dire need of a decent midfielder, and will need some goalscoring threat after signing Timmy Howard at GK.


As a fellow American i thumbed you down because I am not sure what you are on about? Tim Howard (while no longer being in “his prime”) is still class, especially when compared to the top keepers in the MLS. Also, I don’t think Rosicky or the MLS would benefit much from him ending his career there. Personally hope that he will do the Henry thing and stay with the club for the future in some sort of ambassador/coaching role .

Smits Mckey

I would really love to see Rosicky in the red and white at least one more time. What a class act! I love the way he plays, his character, his indomitable spirit. Truly embodies our motto, “Victoria concordia crescit”

Gooners & Roses

I simply can’t choose which player is better,

Jack Rosicky or
Tomas Cazorla or
Santi Wilshere

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