Tuesday, December 5, 2023

World of Arsenal rocked by #interesting #content? Please RT

There’s naff all going on in the world of Arsenal today – often the case when all the juicy Wenger press conference quotes have been rinsed to death in advance of a matchday – but that doesn’t stop the onslaught of #CONTENT.

So here’s a quick roundup of all the Gunners-related guff you can find on the net today…stuff that makes us want to stick pins in our eyes.

Arseblog News is doing this so you can save yourself 30 seconds…time you could use to floss, blow your nose or simply dedicate to lamenting the demise of the newspaper industry.

  • A journalist has called the agent of an Arsenal player and asked if his client might leave. The agent has said no. The journalist has called his mate at another newspaper and they’ve both written the same thing.
  • An Arsenal player has used his native tongue to confirm his English is getting a bit better.
  • A former player has said that Arsenal winning a trophy this season is a good thing.
  • The death of a former First Lady of the United States has been blamed on an Arsenal player.
  • A player who was once spuriously linked with Arsenal could well be leaving his current club for a new club.
  • An opinion piece has been written asking if Arsene Wenger is a criminal.
  • A non-sensationalist quote from the manager has been twisted to suggest he still wants to be in charge of the club when he’s 85.
  • A controversial Republican Presidential nominee candidate has backed a well known ‘celebrity fan’ for the manager’s job.

You’re welcome.

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Ivan Drago

Well don’t hold out, whose English is improving?? Is it Bellerin? I reckon it’s Bellerin

Juan Cornetto

Jack Wilshere’s.

Chris B

I think jack reached the pinnacle of his pidgin English around ten years ago. Perhaps Ramsey has learned how to say “But, er” instead of “burra”.


Apart from Jeremy Wilson’s pieces, The Telegraph football site has generally turned into a load of fucking toilet these days.


I realise a lot of football fans have persecution complexes, but being as objective as I can I swear the Telegraph hacks go after Arsenal (and the fans) with a vitriol that is spared any other team. It is at least gratifying that their collective masturbatiin sessions over Liverpool are generally undermined by the scousers going out a losing in their next game.

the only sam is nelson

unless you are a retired bank manager living in sevenoaks and intending to vote whatever Nigel Farage tells you in the referendum, why are you reading the Telegraph?!?!?

scabby 1-0 win tonight, please, or anything other than extra time/pens/inevitable loss


Pretty much all newspapers are largely trash these days. The Telegraph does at least have the occasional bit of outstanding investigative journalism to mitigate the awful shite that it pumps out. All of my friends read the Grauniad, and frankly I just don’t have the constitution for that. Yuck.

And neither Farage nor any other politician will dictate how I vote. I am quite capable of making up my own damn mind.

the only sam is nelson

Oh but my dear Exiled Gooner how can you not admire the tenacity, the bravery and the sheer bombshell nature of the Grauniad’s investigative work? This, for example http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/jan/16/vegans-stomach-unpalatable-truth-quinoa

Pulitzer prizes all round!

I wasn’t accusing you of being a Torygraph reader, mind. Just a general observation based around the kind of people who “take” the journal…


Arseblog is my daily ready plus the podcasts. Part of my Arsenal life actually.

The Guardian and The Telegraph football sites were my additional daily reads, but I am getting fed up of some of the shite The Telegraph are publishing these days and the length they go to click-baiting.

Arsenal probably get it a lot as they have one of the biggest followings globally, hence the greater revenue stream.

Lord Bendtner

No! Too much information!!


I am shocked, Shocked and stunned by these revelations. I may not sleep again. It is stories like these that make me want to become a brave, proud, campaigning journalist when I grow up. They truly are the saviour of our freedoms.


Wait till you hear the breaking news that Wenger has failed a doping test


Given how we’ve been playing of late, I wouldn’t begrudge him hitting the horse tranquillisers.


Perfect. Thanks. I was taking a Sp*rs and needed something to read. Glad I got all the news here.


Me too! ?


So was bellerin by the looks of it


This should be a daily article. Much like Football365’s mediawatch article which rounds up all the turd into a ball, calls out the journalists and chucks it right back into their faces.


Off topic –

Read an article on Metro that some Arsenal supporters were signing anti-semitic chants on their way to watch the match against Spurts, I must say this is sooo unjust and simply not acceptable!!!

Being an Arse myself, I would not want to steep soooo low.


It’s a sharp break from the ‘arsenal are believed to be preparing a swoop for the new Siberian sensation’ crap

Barry wickings

What do you think of Totteringham SHIT hos English is ok #Wiltshire


Surprised there were no ‘Arsene admits he could have signed Huddlestone’ articles today, especially considering I think we were actually linked with him (lol) while he was at Derby. Would be total clickbait. ‘Arsene admits he could have signed rival star who is set to win The Championship’. Clicks. Clicks everywhere.

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