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Arsenal to introduce amplified chanting next season

Concerns about the atmosphere at home games have prompted Arsenal to take some radical steps to rectify that ahead of next season.

Arseblog News can report that since early December of 2015, a hi-tech audio company has been employed throughout the ground to record the singing and chanting that occurs during games.

The plan for next season is to use the recently upgraded sound system  in the stadium (installed last summer at the same time as the new floodlights) to play back some of the most famous songs to help generate and sustain an atmosphere that will help lift the team.

The issue was first mooted at board level in September after the 3-2 defeat to Olympiacos. One particular board member robustly complained about how fans failed to get behind Arsene Wenger’s men and how ‘you could hear a pin drop … when they stopped booing’.

A plan was put in place and over the international break in November, after the 1-1 draw with Tottenham, a series of dual-capsule multi-pattern mics were installed at key locations inside the stadium – in particular around the Block 6 ‘singing section’.

The audio captured over the last few months will undergo processing to eliminate unwanted background noise, and when things are quiet next season, this will be played back. Our source has seen internal documents which say that this is to ‘enhance the matchday experience’ and ‘provide the team with the support it deserves’.

“The club are genuinely concerned that people aren’t enjoying themselves as much as they should,” he or she told us.

“There are fantastic views, food and drink, merchandise to buy, but for some reason it can feel a bit grim during the games. This idea came directly from KSE who have vast experience of creating a good-time environment for their sports franchises. That’s where that £3m went, no question about it.”

As for what’s on the soon to be released Arsenal stadium playlist, he continued, “All the big ones are in there. ‘Good Old Arsenal’. ‘We love you Arsenal’. ‘Stand up if you hate Tottenham’. The new Mesut Ozil one. The lot.

“The best part is that they’ve reached out to some Arsenal fans who are singers to do some overdubs too. They’ve been in touch with Dido, the Spandau Ballet lads, and Roger Daltrey to see if they’ll get involved. They asked John Lydon but he told them where to stick it!”

With empty seats more prevalent than ever, and those in the stadium unwilling to sing at key moments for reasons that are beyond us, those quiet times will now be filled with the rich, stereophonic Dolby sound of Arsenal fans belting out the best Gooner songs, and atmospheric cheering.

It’s also understood that the club are not limiting themselves to just the audio, and it’s believed other measures are under consideration to try and improve matters.

KSE had suggested cheerleaders, going so far as to name a potential brigade, The Arse-ettes, but that was shot down as ‘too American’. However, half-time entertainment in the shape of musical acts, magicians, and even an ‘open mic’ slot for fans to do impressions of people from the football world, is very much on the cards.

Indeed, those who sing that they want their Arsenal back will remember the good old days when in 1992 top rave act The Shamen performed at half-time during a 1-0 win over Man City at Highbury. They did their song ‘Ebeneezer Goode’, which was number one in the hit parade at the time, before being booed off the pitch because their front-man was a Sp*rs fan.

Also, fans who travelled to Goodison Park for the Everton game before the international break were treated to a half-time routine from classic band The Drifters, and it’s not inconceivable that similar acts, and the likes of Transvision Vamp, Mr. Mister, and Seal could be entertaining the Emirates crowd next season.

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Modern football sucks…


Oh honey…


Is Carl Jenkinson’s dad going to help with the overdubs? That’d be pretty sweet and really help enhance the product and our brand.


April fools surely?? Has to be a fucking wind up?


No, I have heard it’s the truth – they are also planning on getting Mark Strong to perform a couple of Sinatra songs as he’s a massive fan too.

Fosk Goooc

Oh great. I hope they play my song. I really loved singing it at Everton. If we win 6-0 tomorrow (or even if we don’t), I would love to hear it echoing around the Emirates. Like that time with “Tim Sherwood’s a Gooner” or all those times with “it happened again”.

Just so Stan knows how much we all wish him well.


What day is it today?

Nasri's missing chinbone

Are you seriously suggesting that the £3m wasn’t spent on this?!


We’ve got 60.000 seater why the hell do we need fake sounds for! It’s fans to blame 1-0 down in 20 mins that’s it wenger out lol nooooooo come on!! Get everybody off there seats and be loud sing your heart out passion!!! Any fan tells you to seat down tell them to go f**k off!!!


The Emirates stadium move we was told was nessasary to be alongside the euro elite, but because of this we’ve attracted a certain kind of fan, nicer or dare I say middle class fan that treats going to the Arsenal like a west end show! Football as many of us knows it and loved has gone for ever!!

Oor Wullie

Ah April 1st

Kenyan Gooner

Oh. ???


Happy fools day..



Per Flirtesacker

Didn’t they approach Carl Jenkinson’s dad to do a few songs too?

David S.

Is it midnight already?


It’s only just past midnight, Christ

Beezus Fuffoon

You had me up until Dido doing overdubs! Honest to God…!


There will be no white flag with a stupid chicken on it above my door…


Don’t forget Hot Stuff ’98


That cd is in my collection

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Cassette tape of that somewhere in my loft!

Good foolings, Blogs.


Everything was going Wright Wright Wright!


The zenith was that story about increasing capacity by slimming the seat width by 10cm.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Glad that I caught the April Fools thing early this season… but good one guys 🙂 haha imagine!


April 1st aside, I really feel that we need this.


Would have believed it if it said Carl Jenkinson’s dad haf been asked to do overdubs!

George Weah

Is Carl Jenkinson’s doing some recording too?




On the subject of the Mesut Özil song though, am I the only one who thinks it’s completely lame? The words are terrible and singing them to a Billy Ray Cyrus tune is frankly embarrassing. How did this one get through? I think I would rather we really did replay old chants than sing this shite.

Saigon Jack

I think it’s great, I sing it in the face of my friend who’s a Sp*rs fan at every opportunity.


Plus, it’s not even original – we nicked from West Ham who used to sing it about Payet.


So, taking this as a quick straw poll, 16/42 people (myself included), i.e. 38%, think that the Özil song is shite. That’s probably not a very good basis on which to proceed.


You’re trying too hard…


Mr.C from the Shamen is actually a huge Chelsea fan.
The C in his name actually stands for Chelsea.


Maybe that’s what he thinks it stands for. We know what it really stands for…


I wasn’t even kidding, the C literally means Chelsea.


What day is it ?


Just thinking…..I know it’s late BUT if Leicester AND Spores lose this weekend ,can we….can we?
I’m dreaming but don’t wake me up….


*fake cheers blast out of the sound system*


Lol, well played my son


How long were you waiting for the clock to strike midnight with this gem!


Almost got me there, at least the first half of it isn’t something I would put beyond them.

Glad you didn’t go with “Emirates to introduce semi-edible food that might not make you immediately obese” as nobody would’ve fallen for that.

Cliff Bastin

They should seriously do this.


It’s actually not a bad idea…but they should just have speakers amplifying the noise that’s already being made so its louder.

Nasri's missing chinbone

They might regret that decision if we get another result like Swansea at home.


^^^^^^^^^^^That is not me!


April Fool…


Decent effort Blogger!

He's the soup

Everyone knows you do stadium noise in THX, and not Dobbly. ArseBlog, you’re losing it mate


Seriously though, I would enjoy some Arse-ette style entertainment.

Dewi William mackenzie

Are you hoping the sports bible picks this up, like they did with the Michael Owen thing?


I’m a sucker. I was instantly mortified at having to greet my mates with this news. I know it’s a circular argument, but thank God it’s April Fools Day.


Fools day….. Funny article though

Bannerman for manager

Typical of the soul less corporation Arsenal has become. There’s a reason fans don’t sing its because the team is shit.

Bet this was Wengers idea too. Get him out along with Gazidas and Kroeke before they embarrass us all even more

Nasri's missing chinbone

Hahaha wenger being blamed for an April fools joke now. What isn’t this man guilty of?!

Bet he’s responsible for Japanese whaling as well.

Tasmanian Jesus

You know, he used to live in Japan…


Maybe if we wasnt being ripped of for ticket prices we would want to sing. SIMPLE


I think we should also have some blow up supporter to fill the empty seats the could all have little speakers in them and could row in with all the chants,
Then we should buy all the players
Sack all the managers
Win all the games
Easy peasy!!


NO WAY!!!! I can’t believe the club would do this. This is fucking outrageous. Whoever thought of this should be sacked. This is totally ridiculous. COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!


This will soon be recycled on newsnow . can’t wait for the headlines.

“Top club to introduce radical idea to help 6″5′ striker and this England international during the games “

Wenger's love child

That it’s a bit believable says a lot about the twelfth man. More critics than unconditional lovers and supporters of the arsenal, at the arsenal. It’s sounds unbelievable but We need more die hard fans. Happy fools day.


Almost had me pmsl


This would definitely be better than blasting out adverts at half time

uncle D

This is great news! It will really inspire sexy football…

Feta Cheese

Transmission Vamp = Wendy James… I approve of this plan.

Feta Cheese

Transvision* even


I can’t get the joke


The saddest thing is that it’s totally credible. Well until you get the the funnier stuff at the bottom.
They already kind of do it with the countdown and blaring old chants through the loudspeaker pre-game and our atmosphere is so abysmal at times it might just be a matter of time.

Bob Davis

It’s a good wind up!

Highbury was named the library because of the lack of atmosphere. I think the Emirates will get labelled that soon if we don’t improve!

Bring on Watford. I can’t wait.


Tasmanian Jesus

Wouldn’t be a horrible idea really.
If the away fans get too loud, we just crank up the stereo and drown their chanting.
Away teams would feel like they are playing without support, sweet.



This is so dead


Blogs is a funny guy but hasn’t got a patch on the guys that he winds up so easily on April Fools Day,I’m sure this day was invented by the Internet
Ps Romeo and ondrej,you’ve won the Nigerian lottery,just forward me your bank details to claim the moneies??

Özil Gummidge

Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but didn’t they actually do this when the Clock End mural was up during the works at Highbury?


Bring back the Met Police Marching Band.


“You can hear a pin drop once they’ve finished booing” priceless.

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