Friday, January 27, 2023

Wenger reveals latest team news ahead of Palace

Ahead of this weekend’s Premier League clash with Crystal Palace, Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest team news.

Everyone who played against West Ham is available, and on Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere who played for the U21s yesterday, there was no bad news anyway.

“I have no news today but after the game we had no report that anybody had any problems,” he said.

Asked if Wilshere was ready for first team action, he continued, “Wilshere needs one more game. The U21s play on Monday and he’ll be involved in that, after that we assess if he’s ready.

“I will see after that how he compares to the other competitors.”

After the disappointment of Upton Park, Wenger called on his team to right the wrongs of that day.

“We need to rectify the fact we conceded goals at West Ham and come back strong defensively,” he said.

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Bob Davis

Good news that most players are fit and ready to play.

Palace are playing pretty poor at the moment and looks like they could be in a relegation battle if they don’t start to pick up points.

We have to catch Sp?rs so a nice 3-0 victory will do nicely.

Come on you reds!

Arsene-al fan

Too true on the defensive, I don’t want to see Adebayor or Chamakh given the same chances as Carroll.

Per and Cech back?

Fool of a Took

Can´t wait for us to make Chamakh look like a world beater as he heads in his second (and winning) goal after we failed to stop a cross and that Bellerin is the one who is marking Chammy 🙁 Yes, I am a bitter old man right now. But this season is making me sick. Liverpool is having a european adventure. I don´t care it´s “only the Euro League, it looked amazing last night. I WANT THAT! CIty is in the semis in UCL and can´t be arsed by the league atm. Spurs will finish above us and Liecster will… Read more »

Juxta Position

Your post is pretty insulting. Otters are known to be quite intelligent animals


Yes, a thousand times over about Europe and adventure and the joy of going into big games feeling hopeful. When was the last time any of us felt even a flicker of hope in the CL? Don’t suppose the players do either, which is the worst bit. Watching Liverpool last night was like watching a force of nature, or super-nature. They’re a dismal team, almost as dismal as the one who beat Milan, and BVB are a superb one who did absolutely everything right, but even BVB, as their manager acknowledged, somehow knew in the second half that against all… Read more »

Tarquin Farquar

I was at the barca game and I certainly felt hope, the first 70 mins we were superb. Jeez the comments section on here is becoming more like that blog called le cunt or something like that, run by a fella called cuntro I think


the grass is always greener on the other side. we always want what the other has. the Arsenal team needs to strengthen its resolve and take on a spirit of fearlessness. our defense needs to be sorted out. and we need to be ruthless in front of goal. i think these are the three main things needed to transform us to world class. and i think we have the players for this. it is just a matter of getting there. unlike many, i believe in Wenger still. maybe it is because there is something mad and beautiful about him being… Read more »


Go easy on the otters…


Same old same old!


I feel sorry for Wenger for all the vitriol he faces. He’s such a nice guy and quite intelligent.
But his best days are clearly past him.
I hope he can win something with us next year and leave on a high.
Either way we need to get somebody new in.

Also that twat Kroenke has to go, along with Gazidis.
And a bunch of shtite players like Walcott, Ox and Flamini.

Giroud's Buldge

I think the down votes are mainly for the comment that the Ox and Flamini are shit.

The Ox has great potential that isn’t yet squandered.

Flamini was a good, if not great player, in the twilight of his career.

Walcott is an enigma.


I don’t think Walcott is an enigma. It’s quite easy to work out that he’s just not good enough for the Arsenal


Yeah, wouldn’t say Walcott’s an enigma either. Just a very limited footballer who’s never adapted to the style of play ingrained at the club since Wenger’s arrival. Would do well at a counter-attacking team (could easily do a similar job to Vardy), but it won’t happen for him at a top level club who dominate possession.


Flamini was good, if not great? What part of him marauding around the pitch near their goal, abandoning all defensive work and getting carded within minutes of coming on would you call good? Please help me understand. As for the Ox, his stats speaks for itself (3 goals ? and an assist? ) if not his god awful, spineless performances. He got chance after chance at the expense of Campbell who bust a gut everytime he came on. I remember when Gervinho played much better than Ox did and got slated off on this very site as a club footed… Read more »


I think you’re so wrong about Gazidis. I think he’s only straw we’ve got left to cling on to. He’s done a fantastic job as CEO and shows every sign of being both extremely competent and having some ambition for the club. If he gives up on us to go somewhere more rewarding, we are utterly, utterly sunk. Who, apart from Gazidis, would you trust to appoint Wenger’s successor? Chips Keswick, Kroenke, Lord Harris of the carpet empire, Wenger himself? Nobody at Arsenal apart from Gazidis has any contacts in Europe. Lose him and our situation would be as dire… Read more »


I agree with this. After Dein’s departure, I think Gazidis is one of the few bright spots in the clubs upper management. I’d love to see a shake-up at the board level but Kroenke has things so well sewn up that there’s literally no chance of that happening – at least for the foreseeable future (& given that he has his son involved too, we could be talking in terms of lifetimes before his grip is loosened). Given that, Gazidis is the last person I’d want to see leave.

Fosk Goooc

I do like thoughtful replies, and you are quite persuasive. There are a lot of management issues about the club that have rankled for years that Gazidis has done a good job on. Staff even used to name him as the person responsible for the improvement. I think you are right about Wenger’s succession, unless Arsene is allowed to anoint his chosen one which I expect will happen. I do not think Arsene will go this summer, but after Ancelotti, Pep and Klopp were snapped up I thought there was nobody out there until someone pointed out del Bosque and… Read more »


Yes, I think we could get Loew; there were even rumours once that he was Gazidis’s choice. I’m not particularly thrilled at the prospect but I agree that we could do a lot worse. On Gazidis sitting down and chatting with Wenger, I’m sure that he does it all the time – one of his big strengths is that he’s quiet and tactful and persuasive. Without him we’d still have failed to address the two elephantine problems that have troubled us for years: injuries and the mess our academy had got into. It’s definitely Gazidis we’ve got to thank for… Read more »


While we have to ensure we atleast finish 3rd this season, I hope Wenger is spending a good amount of time on his transfer plans!

While we are not mathematically out of the title race yet, this is a season of what could have been. So, unfortunately, I can’t help looking ahead to the silly season for hope!


3rd place is so disappointing when Spuds and Leicester finish ahead of you.

Clock-End Mike

We have not only to ensure that we finish 3rd, but be there to pick up 2nd if the Sp*ds stumble, which they’re just as good at as we are. And you never know…

Arsene-al fan

Stop killing us with hope.


Ha ha, sorry, transfer plans?? Really??


Some people never learn.
Transfer plans indeed.


I really hope Per starts. I know he has his faults, but he’s a hell of a lot more calming than Gabriel. As stated on blogs I think, it’s not all about pace, look at Huth and Morgan. Unfortunately for Mert we play a very high line at times. Gabriel is decent but technically he’s pretty average, it looks like effort for him controlling and passing the ball! He’s just a bit rash as awell.. prefer a calm CB personally. Hopefully this will be Chambers in time.


Gabriel is good against lesser sides when Arsenal play the high line. Mertesacker gets often exposed with high line and Koscielny and Bellerin can’t cover for him every time. Unfortunately Gabriel has some trouble with crosses and man marking against better strikers, he could improve though!

Fosk Goooc

Actually I think the problem is the other way round Per has had Kos’ back far more this season than the other way round. Most of the things Per has been criticised for most are when he has been trying to cover Hector and maintain his own position. A lot of the time it is not such a problem because Hector gets back, but not always.


I completely agree with you. Gabriel maybe a good player later on in his Arsenal career but right now, I have never seen a player that is so jumpy, nervous, and unsettled in recent time like him. Per is a better player than him. Per uses his experience and positioning to a greater advantage. I hope Per plays on Sunday.


and then when Per starts and we lose, everyone becomes a world class coach and is going to comment on how Wenger should have known that Palace have a lot of pace and it was completely naive of him to start Per ahead of Gabby. I love Per, most of our play builds up from the back with passes from him as the fulcrum, something which Gabriel is not good at. However, I’d stick with Gabriel against Palace, who have some pretty fast players running at you.


Interesting ‘sponsored silence’ from Arsene and the club this week. And I, for one, welcome it. I think everyone knows what’s what at the mo. Endless spouting of ‘we have to respond’, ‘we have to show mental strength’, ‘bounce back against Palace’ is pointless, cheap, and almost insulting to the intelligence of fans who realise they have come up short this season, and wasted the great chance they had in January. Less conversation, more action please.

Rohith J

Why can’t we give Chambriel a go? Might as well get some game time.

number 7

probably better and less risky to try that out during pre-season


The good news about most players being fit doesn’t really help our cause now. If it were the case in Jan/Feb then maybe. Now its scraping for 4th place and if things go well then try and get the better of the Spuds. It is difficult to fathom how this season past us by. Had a great chance to bag the EPL title.

Anyways, plans for the next season should begin soon. Seems like a lot of players needs replacement.


It’s not hard to fathom how the season passed us by!

We don’t play as a team is sadly the latest realisation. Teams work their arses off for each other, wingers track back. We don’t do that and nor did we at West Ham is the most recent example. Where was Sanchez in tracking Creswell? At barca he was all over doing that and if he’s not why isn’t he told too by teammates and the manager


how on earth have we bottled this wonderful chance to win the premier league is beyond my imagination. We are above man city, chelsea , man utd and still we are third. The way things are going , it’s almost impossible for us to win premier league next season. Klopp seems to be doing magic with liverpool and they will be a real deal next season, with pep coming in, mourinho going to man utd and chelsea spending heavily next season with conte on their side, I wonder what is the realistic chance of wenger leading us to the premier… Read more »

Easy as JVC

I agree with the first half of your post, however I am really baffled as to why so many people have Pep and Conte as a given for success?? The Premier league is so completely different to anything they have experienced in the past. They have never had to manage a whole season against 14 or so really good sides and another 5 tough sides that will put you away if you show up half cocked. In Germany, Spain, and Italy there is nowhere near the same intensity week in week out. Don’t get me wrong I think they will… Read more »


…we always ‘bouncing back’.. always! …never ‘bounce on’


Wenger has run out of ideas. What happened at West Ham last weekend was not the first time such collapse or ineptitude occurred? He seems to present issues like they are new or he is ignorant of them. Last weekend epitomised the actual problem with Arsenal for the past 6-7 years. The problems in Arsenal are obvious but it is only Wenger that doesn’t see or recognise them.


The biggest problem is looking back at him in the mirror. But when you have no pressure to achieve from above or consequences for failure it’s hardly surprising

Remember lots of people saying west ham should keep allardyce to ensure they were in the premier league when they moved into the stadium everyone else is paying for? Credit to them they believed in better appointed a young hungry ambitious manager and look at them fly!


Praying for Arsenal to win the league next season is praying for Arsene Wenger to extend is contract for another 3-5years. That will really be horrible to bear.


Lets face it. We are out of the league. Just play rosicky 7 games straight and give us something to enjoy until the end of the season. For me, we didnt win a trophy in the 2015/16 season. But it was the last time we saw this man in an arsenal shirt. The first time i got i saved up enough money to go overseas i saved to go gets some tickets to london. It was a 0-0 draw at the emirates, but watching rosicky out there that day was worth the fair. It was my only emirates experience and… Read more »

Bank of friendship

Dunno why anyone listens to wengers press conferences.
They are so boring and predictable like his 70th minute substitutions!.
He says correct the defensive mistakes.
They have been the same mistakes for last 5 seasons.
Need a change


ah so much of negativity these days..hope a time will come where we gunners support the team till the end of the season and only provide positiveness arund our players and manager..and provide remarks like “failure” “typical arsenal” “synonym for 4” etc at the end of the season if we fail.
Still we have time..if we all actually bring a positive attitude towards the club then the players and manager can be motivated win all matches and then if God wills we might still win the league..who knows

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