Thursday, March 30, 2023

Wenger reveals team news ahead of West Brom

Arsene Wenger has provided the latest team update ahead of tomorrow night’s Premier League clash with West Brom.

The Gunners need a win to get back on track in the race for a top four finish, and after Newcastle’s 1-1 draw with Man City last night, those points are even more important.

After the Palace game there have been no new injuries meaning everyone is available. Despite some run-outs in the U21s, Jack Wilshere won’t be considered for this game, but could be in contention to make the trip to Sunderland at the week.

There was an update about Santi Cazorla, with the manager confirming he’d returned to normal training.

It’s expected that some changes to the team will be made, with returns for Per Mertesacker, Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud a possibility.


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If we can’t beat West Brom home or away then how could one say we deserve to be competing at the top?

Also, I still don’t understand why Gnabry went there on loan. A 30 year old Labradoodle could forecast that move was going to be a disaster.


I don’t remember reading any negative comments here about Gnabry’s loan-move to west brom until well after Pulis’s remarks.


Are you serious? Sorry, my irony detector isn’t functioning any more over Arsenal.

Have to say this made me laugh –


Well, we did beat the top team, home and away.

I’ll get my coat.

Fool of a Took

Lovely blog this morning, blogs.
Even though I am as tired of Wenger as everyone else, you have to give him credit for giving us all those memories.

Come on Arsenal!!


Yep totally agree. A beautiful blog post this morning. We must always remember those moments.

glory hunter

The blog actually made me even more angry than i was before. It just dawned on me that Arsene has been the manager throughout my adult life, that is ridiculous. I love him to death, but ive had enough, i remember when i used to look forward to his press conferences, now i dont even bother listening to his post match thoughts. This is not what supporting my team used to feel like. We need change, dont get me wrong like blogs mentioned in the arsecast with James, it might get even worse with a new manager but im willing… Read more »

Bergkamp 3:16

Angry? Made me shed a few tears, though not in anger. It was nostalgic reading Blog’s post this morning took me right back to my childhood. I can remember where I was at every moment Blogs mentioned. I will be eternally grateful to Wenger for the memories, that’s for sure. In recent years I oscillate between love and hate for Wenger but when it’s all said and done change at the helm will come. Whether it’s at the end of this season or next, it will come. All we can do is get behind the team.


“We need change”
Because you want more variety of Arsenal managers at the pressers to keep it fresh??


tired as everyone else? so not very tired at all then? I don’t know any Gooners who are! some goons yes, but they wouldn’t appreciate this mornings blog either!

Steve Bould watches you sleep

Please give campbell a look in for this one arsene. He might not be the most talented but he’ll put in


Good call. He didnt really put a foot wrong then went down the pecking order. Dont really know where he would come in though, alexis and iwobi are our form players atm.


Well Theo has been subbed on the last two matches or so. Given the performances Joel could at least warrant that spot I think.


He’s pretty talented as well.

That’s what he said


Lets try to win this at the very least! COYG!


Reading this morning’s blog gave me some hope for the club, really great post. I would recommend every Arsenal player to read it, take it all in , read it again and fucking man up. Adding some passion, fight and unity to our current state of football would at least make it more bearable to watch.

Third Plebeian

It really gave you hope? It made me feel sad. It was almost like reading a eulogy.


Oh chin up mate!
This has been a freak season with us very probably ending up doing better in the league than any of the usual top four teams!

That’s made me feel a lot better suddenly!

Share the word folks…….:-)

Third Plebeian

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the post very much. I just didn’t feel the same thing as you or others. It made me wistful of good times gone, when those amazing moments of yesteryear–unlike the amazing moments of the last ten years–actually brought titles.

Mind you, remembering that team of Pires, Henry, Bergkamp, etc., always does make feel some intense nostalgia. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long.

Glen Helders left foot

Excellent blog this morning remembering all the great times Wenger has brought to us and how brilliant he was, but it also shows how he has really gotten away lightly with that state we are in now. There is genuine love and admiration for him but he obviously cannot do it anymore, there is no other big club in the world where a manager would be allowed to preside over this horrible decline and apathy that has decended onto us,failure to correct the same mistakes year after year is just unforgivable especially now with the resources at his disposal. People… Read more »

Arsene's zip

OR, you could cheer your team on, encourage them rather than demoralise them, and help us get as many decent results out of the rest of the season as we can.

Arsene had always said he will honour his contact, everyone is aware how much restructuring will be needed, so all this protest bollocks will amount to nothing but displeasure and will demoralise the team.

So give it a fucking rest until next year.


Before we were told wait till the end of the window, then wait till the end of the May, then the excuses like “no money”, “unlucky” comes out, and now you have no more excuses and you just want us to shut up? Why don’t you do that yourself.


Fans being unhappy does not turn them into experts. The board decisions are more complicated than firing a coach and getting another one. Where from? Think Simeone will leave Atleti? Wrong! He will not son. He’s having a good moment there making history.

Crash Fistfight

Why is everyone on this board so obsessed with Diego Simeone?

Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s doing a brilliant job at Atletico and I admire him for that, but his team plays horrible, cynical football that everyone hates when it’s Mourinho in charge – why does everyone love him for doing the same thing?

I don’t remember Arsenal fans being delighted about the way Chelsea parked the bus to a Champions League win – it appears it’s only if a team wins at our expense that we get on our high horse about the style of football played.


Because most people on boards and twitters and facebooks have no idea of what it takes to coach and manage a team. That’s why everybody except for Wenger will be the ideal replacement. The grass is always greener on the other side. Some of these folks were calling for Ranieri to take over next season. I would love to see him manage his style of football on both domestic and European front. He’ll probably get chewed up with the 2 games a week schedule. As much as some other managers are thrown around as options, it’ll come down to the… Read more »


Starting with Wenger.


No need to experiment and switch players in an out at this stage of the season. Not like we are competing in any competition and are need of squad management for the run in. Just play the first XI and hope they play their way into form. Who knows, we are not gonna win the league but catching up to the Spud is still a very dim possibility.

Wenger's love child

For all those memories I can take one more year of this. Unless it’s laddled with key signings and lots of trophies. Like lots of them, then I can take three more. I can’t take him getting fired, I’m a young gunner and his is the only era I’ve known.


This is where I’m at as well. One more year, a few new tweaks, see what happens, qualify for UCL (yet again, how boring). Leave the club in good shape for the next. Competitive, within reaching distance, financially sound, and still an attractive prospect for players and managers. I see that as far better scenario than pulling the plug 1 season early, destabilizing and creating doubt and unrest in the players and potential players (Man U anyone? Chelsea?) when it is wholly unnecessary. One season is not that distant of a longview to wait out, especially if it’s clear it… Read more »


Well said and also eloquently put. I concur with your view. ….


I think we should allow Wenger to see out the final year of his contract. He made mistakes this summer but the guy isn’t an idiot. People who want change this summer – who do we get? “oh anyone is better than Wenger”, I’d like to hear you saying this when we languish in 8th place having spent £200 million because we have to “spend some money!!”. We can have one whole season to plan behind the scenes for his replacement. Arsene runs the club from top to bottom, it’s not a job someone can just come into before pre… Read more »

Bob Davis

I think we need some changes after the Palace game. Bring in Mertesacker and Ramsey. Give Gabriel and Iwobi a rest.

Great to see Wilshire and Cazorla coming back to full fitness.

Hope they give us a boost in the remaining games.

COYG – It’s only West Brom!

Scott P

Disagree with taking Iwobi off, he’s had a great end to the season, won’t go to the Euros, and has a young body. He should be able to cope with playing through the rest of the year.

Have to say I agree on Gabriel though. I really did have high hopes for him after his first few games, and still hope he can recover, but recently has been slightly cringe-worthy at times. If he is selected, he’s got to show us we he’s got!

Glen Helders left foot

We don’t need to spend 200m ,I believe the squad of players we have with 2or 3 additions is well capable of challenging,possibly winning the league if there is some sort of discipline and structure put into them,Wenger clearly can’t do this.
And all this,oh who will we replace him with stuff is just pure fear, you win fuck all without taking a few risks. I don’t know how people could want another soul destroying groundhog season like the previous 10 we’ve had, they literally are taking all the enjoyment I used to get from arsenal away

Walmart Heiress

A stirring blog today, put a big smile on my face!


See what riles me is not ending up in fourth but it seems like we’re constantly aiming at it. It’s a soap opera where the writers have run out of ideas and are constantly dressing up the same scenarios. I could almost believe that someone with a degree in economics is raking in a fortune by betting on us to be struggling to reach the CL qualifiers. All I want is a team that tries FFS if we give it our best and end up in fourth or fifth then that’s the way it is. #ya gunners ya


For all the talk about Wenger being tactically clueless and not capable of instilling discipline or structure, don’t we have one of the best record in the league against the top teams this year? If anything after half a decade, his tactically nous has finally improved from over last two years where he routinely was getting routed. His failing clearly has mainly to do with the transfer market, it doesn’t matter who we were competing against since we were never going to win the league with trash like Giroud and Walcott leading us. He’s had almost 6 years to improve… Read more »

olar olar

How anyone can still defend Arsene after this hugely disappointing campaign is a misery to me,and when people keep talking about memories,I wonder if they truly believe we can’t do much better than 3 PL titles in 20 years,no UCL trophy,no sustainable challenge.


I enjoyed this morning’s blog and I understand the need for perspective, especially when things aren’t going well.
However Arsene also gave us the Emirates, a soulless, corporate shithole of a stadium that makes the club loads of money but lacks everything that was great about Highbury. The views from the upper tier are shite and there isn’t even a recognised home end but not to worry, there are plenty of seats in Club level for the rich and the pitch looks lovely for every game.
After Wimbledon and FC Utd of Manchester maybe we should be next.


FFS what are you saying…. ‘Wenger can’t do it anymore!!’ What a load of bull. There are 19 premier league managers wishing they could do it as well as he has this season, a season we call a disaster, never mind 20 years in a row!. The two managers that will finish above him this season have never done it before and will not do it again, with their current clubs. So that makes him a washed out failure? Come on! Have any of you self righteous whiners achieved anything like this in one year, (never mind 20, never mind… Read more »


‘You don’t achieve top four for 20 years by occasionally misplacing a room for leaving your headphones and wallet in during the game, oh and then what also suddenly turning senile!’ Eh?


I think Wenger will see out the last year of his contract. But he would need to do something special to get any sort of extension after that, at this stage any contract talk with him would be met by open rebellion from the fans.


I think Wenger may have sold his soul to the devil to try and achieve the Premiership title this season.
I heard that at the beginning of the season the devil said to a desperate Wenger…
“Arsene if I can make sure you finish above Chelshit, Man Shitty, Liverpoo and Manure at the end of the season, will you give me your soul?
Gutted for you Arsene! 🙂


….You can see it in his face in the picture.


Please play Chambers, Gibbs, and Campbell tomorrow.
Give Monreal, Bellerin, and Welbeck a rest.

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