Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Wenger: Win all our games and we have a chance

Leicester City need to lose three of their remaining seven games if Arsenal are to have any chance of winning the Premier League title.

The odds are stacked against the Gunners, something Arsene Wenger readily admits, however, the Frenchman is eager to see his side play with commitment and passion as they look to pile pressure on the Foxes with eight successive wins.

“If we win all the eight games, we have more than a chance to win the league, but our target is to win the games,” Wenger told press in his pre-Watford press conference.

“Let’s start to be pragmatic, and win the next one which is [on Saturday].

“It depends on the results of Leicester City. We are depending on Leicester City and nobody knows how they will go in the last seven games. They have seven games, we have eight. What is important is that we play our eight games with complete commitment and passion, and see where we finish.

“Everyone says Leicester City is a team who have overachieved but now you see all their players go to play with their international teams and they are the best players in their national team. It is no coincidence that when a team does well, they have good players.

“The stress becomes bigger but Leicester are in a very strong position at the moment. They can still lose it. The only way we can achieve that is with us performing.”

In addition to tomorrow’s home game against Watford the Gunners host Crystal Palace, West Brom, Norwich and Aston Villa. Trips to West Ham, Sunderland and Manchester City make up the rest of the schedule. The games are winnable. And also losable. And probably drawable.

To ensure there’s a little more wiggle room, Arseblog News will be keeping its fingers crossed that some massive scandal rocks Sp*rs and Leicester in the coming days leading the FA to demand huge points reductions immediate relegation for both.

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No chance

Ozil's brother

Believe it or not,the was gone the moment we allowed LC to open the 11 point gap. Wake up to reality!

Ozil's brother

Sorry *title*

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

We lost more than 9 points in less than 7 games. Wenger thinks Leicester can do same. Sadly, he based his statement on his own experience which hasn’t been Leicester’s experience so far.


It aint over untill its over- lets go gunners !

Post January Blip

It’s very unlikely but it’s possible. The players know they’ve let a great opportunity slip this season but it’s been a crazy year. This lot are capable of winning the last eight games, but I just get the feeling it’ll be a case of too little too late.

I’d love to be proved wrong obviously. That way I could have my very own Fever Pitch experience on the streets of Islington. It’d be mental!

Bob Davis

He has to say that. There’s reports Wenger will have words with Ozil regarding his comments about the title.

Sure we have to believe but I think Ozil was just saying what we all believe that Arsenal won’t win the title.


I’m kind of torn between if Wenger saying what he does actually gives his squad hope or actually just makes him seem more far from reality and just can’t see the problems in front of him. Ozil speaking out just reinforces my idea that the squad don’t actually believe what he says, I find the honesty refreshing. But does the honest defeatism help the mentality of the squad? Who knows, different people react to different things, I personally don’t think Wengers unrealistic optimism is helping though. Especially now he is trying to preach something that I would say 90% of… Read more »


I don’t think it has anything to do with honest defeatism or anything like that. Simply put I think Wenger has recognised that there is negativity and pressure around the club and would like players to be united on public forums and refrain from criticising their team. Perhaps he is actually trying to protect some of the more fragile players (confidence-wise).

I think he’s right in this regard (Ozil), although I can see Wenger’s point of view – all criticism should remain in-house and behind closed doors.


We’re going to win all the remaining games, make up the gap and finish third on goal difference, because that’s what Arsenal do

Toure motors

BBC football are quoting Wenger as being disappointed with ozil comments that we mucked up the league for ourselves. Ozil is right and Wenger is wrong, our squad is far more talented than either Leicester or spuds


I’m pleased Mesut said what he said especially by stressing on the fact we’re still in the race. Yes, we have messed it up big time and if Arsène is not willing to admit it, then may Mesut leave and go to a more lucid manager.
Personally, i’m more than fed up to read always the same excuses! Mesut’s honesty is very refreshing!

Man Manny

If we win all our matches, we are guaranteed second place; if Leicester drop points this weekend, the title becomes probable.

Man Manny

To add to that, Leceister needn’t lose three games. Two losses and a draw should be enough if we win all our games. That makes us have same number of points.
They are not winning by wide margins so if we win all, we should have a healthier goal difference than them – like City and United four seasons ago.

The Farmer

I agree – even 3 draws and a loss for Leicester if they start to tighten up a bit. Southampton and Liverpool wins today and I reckon anything is possible if we can get into a groove.


agree we can win the league as spurs and Leicester will both drop points and we will be fine upto the point where we can actually win the thing and we will fall apart under the pressure as always.


but haven’t sp*rs got a much better goal difference? So if they win their remaining games they’ll be second on goal difference….

Man Manny

I understand you goonerestgooner; but my point is on the premise that we win all our games. That said, I think Spurs will drop more than three points which makes the goal difference irrelevant.

Oor Wullie

Are Wenger and Cech riding horses through a forest on the picture?


god I hope so!


Özil said we screwed up but he didn’t say there is no chance of winning the title. Typical media cherry picking player quotes for sensational journalism.


We haven’t won more than five league games in a row this season and that run finished in October.
We’ve been winning ones and twos and three once, so it looks highly unlikely we’re going to win eight games on the trot.



Since we beat Leicester at home here is our record:

Played: 9; won: 2, drawn:2, lost:5

And our Premier League record over the last ten games?

P:10, Won:3, Drawn:4, Lost:3.

So please explain to me how we’re gonna win the next eight.


Cos that’s the Arsenal way fats……We’ll win the next eight, but it won’t make the slightest bit of difference.


This – like the public rebuke of Ozil – is pure theatre. Wenger knows the title has gone just as well as the rest of us. This is PR. Nothing more. When we finish third (or fourth) at the end of the season, he’ll insist we were in right to the end.

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