Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Wilshere plays 90 minutes in U21s defeat

Jack Wilshere played the full 90 minutes for the Arsenal U21s today as Steve Gatting’s side sought the win that would give them promotion to Division One next season.

Unfortunately, they lost 3-1 with Serge Gnabry scoring for the second game in succession. However, Arsene Wenger will be pleased that Wilshere came through the full 90 minutes – the first time he’s done that since pre-season last summer.

Wilshere was joined by Tomas Rosicky once more – the Czech international played for 71 minutes before being replaced by Ben Sheaf.

It’s another step towards first team action for both players, and with the England and the Czech Republic in action at the European Championships this summer, they’ll need to make comebacks for their clubs to be properly considered.

Wilshere probably stuck his tongue out a few times, while we’re guessing Rosicky scampered around like the eager puppy he is.

Everyone loves puppies!

Archer the puppy

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Huge paws


You know what they say about dogs
With huge paws…


Arseblog’s dog walks up to the bar and says “a pint of………………………………………………..barmaid says “why the big pause?”
I’ll get my coat….


That is one ugly pic. Alsatians are normally cute when they are young, and when they grow up, they respond to every question with a sound that sounds like “Look ….”


Get in the sea


There’s something wrong with you psychologically for sure. Maybe you were hugged too much as a child or not enough but to see anything other than level 10 on the cute pup scale points to deep lying issues. You have my sympathy.


I don’t know if it is ugly. I’m just a little saddened that Mr. Blogs has named his puppy after that douche bag in the cartoon of the same name. I mean, I enjoy watching it, but.

Please tell us if there is a different origin for the name, it would be a relief.


Join PVS in the sea.


A truly bizarre, fittingly Kafkaesque comment if ever I read one.
Just looked up what PVS stands for. Explains the comment.
That is one adorable looking dog.


Jesus H Christ!, people get a grip, it’s only a puppy picture, no need to tell anyone to jump in the sea or tell them they have psychological issues just because they happen not to like the picture, or the puppy.

Grow up and accept other people’s opinions, ffs!

I love the picture and the puppy looks very cute, but if anyone disagrees then that’s fine too.


That U21 is really weak. How can you play players of Wilshere and Rosicky’s quality and you still lose 3-1? Maybe those two players are not yet in form or the other way round.


I like trees.

Petits Handbag

I like air conditioning


cold, dry, bacteria-ridden air. what’s not to like


I like lamp.

Gza tang

I love lamp


Dude what do you mean the other way round? “maybe those two forms are not yet in player”?

Getso gunner

He should have come back earlier than now

Samuel Nnanyere

Iwobi is just training, by the time he starts ⚽, he will be contesting with the worlds best footballers,


Surprised they lost with Jack, Tomas and Serge but all is good on the way back for the chaps!

Samuel Nnanyere

Good upbringing of a great star ? Iwobi


Is that a your dog when he was a pup blogs?


Sometimes I wish their ears stayed floppy 🙂


I fell I know him a bit at this point. Also that ‘fox’ is your command for ‘stay alert, dog-nappers around’- gotta love that


Love him, he’s fucking adorable


He really is isn’t he, look at him there with his wee tongue hanging out as he plays with his ball. Happy days.

Puppy is nice too.


Is adorable Alsatian too?

David S.

Dammit! I hope the lads win that last match. The playoffs are always a risky route to promotion, and if we want our youngsters to properly develop, they need to be in division 1.

Mesut eyes

Only if…

Will anything ever change…read this post next year and the year after

Kampala gooner

If only jack would stop his all action approach especially regarding going into challenges we may be able to see him for than 5 games a season.

Parlour's pay packet

Why should he have to change? It gives him an edge. It’s guys like Paddy McNair that need to change.


AH ! Funny! So what do we do now? Taking him back and losing?


In other news, developing a serious case of Klopp envy.


I think Jack got the assist for the goal you know, pretty tasty through ball.


Interesting that you didn’t even mention who they lost to. Not necessarily bad mind you, just interesting.


Good news.

But Gnabry still looks like he’s carrying extra weight. Does he have work ethic issues?

Dial square

I thought the U21’s might be doing a better than they are, a bit disappointing that they are not even in the top league, given the set up and ‘pulling power’ of the club, plus the amount of “very very promising” much sort after young players we seem to sign.


watched the highlights the U21 has the same defensive issues as the senior team.


So the under 21 team manages to fluff their lines in an important match!!! Enough said!!!


Archer is a yummy dog. Now I want to post a pic of my dog. She is yummy too a female version of Archer…..

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