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Arsenal Home and Away: Someone is wasteful at home, By the Numbers

Cech please…

15 – Clean sheets by Petr Cech in the Premier League this season (tied with Hart and Schmeichel)
17 – Dirty sheets by Petr Cech in the Premier League this season
29 – Goals conceded by Cech this season (tied with Hart, 2 fewer than Schmeichel)
9 – Goals conceded by Cech this season from shots outside the box (this is double what we would expect to see)
1.7 – Goals conceded per game in games which Cech concedes a goal (29/17)
1.7 – Goals conceded per game in games which Hart concedes a goal (29/17)
1.6 – Goals conceded per game in games which Schmeichel concedes a goal (31/19)

Home or Away?

17 – Arsenal shots per game at home (306)
13.6 – Arsenal shots per game away (245)
6 – Arsenal shots on goal per game at home (108)
5.2 – Arsenal shots on goal per game away (94)
1.5 – Arsenal goals per game home (27)
1.7 – Arsenal goals per game away (29 – minus 1 penalty)

12 – Arsenal conversion percent in away games (goals-penalties/all shots)
9.2 – Premier League average conversion this season (goals-penalties/all shots)
8.8 – Arsenal conversion percent in home games (goals/all shots)

25 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots on goal that they are scoring in home games (75% opposition saves)
31 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots on goal that they are scoring in away games (69% opposition saves)
32 – Percent of Premier League shots on goal that have been scored this season (68% saves)

68 – Percent of shots on target that Premier League keepers have saved this season
68 – Percent of shots on target that Premier League keepers have saved at home this season (and by default the same in away)
77 – Percent of shots on Target that Arsenal’s keepers have saved this season
84 – Percent of shots on target that Arsenal’s keepers have saved at Home this season
70 – Percent of shots on target that Arsenal’s keepers have saved in Away games this season
54 – Percent of shots on target in the 18 yard box that Arsenal have saved in away games
86 – Percent of shots on target in the 18 yard box that Arsenal have saved in home games

So, what we have here is an Arsenal team that defends above average in home games (hence the 11 goals conceded, 2nd best in the League), who create shots for themselves at an above average rate in home games (4th best), but who finish goals much better in away games.

One clue as to why Arsenal don’t finish as well at home is in the key passes from through balls stat. As you know, through balls are scored at a much higher rate than most other key passes. You should also know that Arsene Wenger is known for two major statistical keys: he likes his team to shoot in the box and he coaches through balls as a means of attack. His teams almost always lead the league in shots taken in the 18 yard box (while simultaneously finishing near bottom in shots from 18+) and in through balls.

But what we see with Arsenal and through balls this season is that in away games, Arsenal actually get more through balls (19) than they do at home (17). Arsenal also finish those through balls much better away (8/19, 42%) than at home (4/17,  23%). This indicates teams are hunkered down against Arsenal and blocking or saving shots from Arsenal’s most potent attack, the through ball.

I looked at all the other stats I have available from whoscored and squawka and I don’t see too many huge differences in the way that Arsenal tackle, intercept, etc. Nothing that stood out to me, except one weird fact: Arsenal are 2nd in the league with 2.1 key passes per game from long passes at home, and 2nd from the bottom with 0.9 key passes per game from long passes in away matches. I’m hesitant to say anything definitive about why I think that is because it’s odd.

Against the top five teams (Arsenal, Tottenham, Man U, Man City, and Leicester), Arsenal have the best record overall, taking 2ppg from 7 matches.  At home, Arsenal’s record in these “mini-league” matches is impeccable: they have won 3, drawn 1, and lost none for 2.5ppg.  But in those away games Arsenal are just 1-1-1 or 1.25ppg. That’s not the worst record, that prize goes to Man City who haven’t beaten any of the top four rivals this season. Leicester have the best away record against the top five, with 1.75ppg, having only lost once in away games, against Arsenal.

As for the players, Özil has 9 assists home and 9 assists away. Alexis has 6 goals at home, 6 goals away. Alexis also takes 3.6 shots per game home/away. And Özil actually creates more key passes at home (4.8!) than he does away (3.4). The big problem is the Big Frenchman. In away games Giroud has taken 33 shots and scored 8 goals for a cracking 24% conversion rate. But in home games, he’s taken 62 shots and scored just 4 for a conversion rate of just 6%. He isn’t taking shots from distance in home games and has gotten more shots in the 6 yard box than any other Arsenal player (7) he’s just not converting.

And it’s not that Giroud is getting a bunch of headers (which are low percentage). He’s actually scored 3 of his 4 home goals off 27 headed shots (11%). The problem is the other 35 shots which he’s only converted 1 goal! That’s an astonishingly poor 3% conversion rate. In the away games he’s scored 6/21 (29%) with feet and 2/12 (17%) with head.

Özil and Ramsey have a poor conversion rate as well at the Emirates. They have combined for just 3/57 (5%) at home and 8/59 (14%) away.

Alexis is Arsenal’s most consistent player, he’s converted 12% both home and away this season.

Anyway, there you have it. It looks like Arsenal are a significantly better offensive team in away games and a much better defensive team in home games. It looks like Giroud, Ramsey, and Özil are all profligate at home and keen finishers in away games. And that Alexis Sanchez may turn the ball over a bit but he is Arsenal’s most consistent player.

Whether any of that has anything to do with the atmosphere at home is your guess. I’m just reporting the facts.


Sources:, Squawka,,, and my personal database


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Bendtner's Ego


Do you think that our lower conversion rate at home might have something to do with other teams setting up with more attention to defend, hoping to spring a counter attack?

On our away matches, these teams might be more likely to have a go, thus allowing us to convert.


I swear I mention that above.


Third paragraph after the stats. That makes sense: teams play to win more at home, and (in general) come to the Emirates aiming for a draw. Is it possible that the immaculate condition of the pitch helps that (away) objective? That is, perhaps the predictable nature of the Emirates pitch is easier to defend on, such that the attacking team really needs to be technically precise and ruthless in converting chances – whereas more unpredictable pitches throw a bit of chaos into the mix? The data on home and away (Arsenal) saves from shots on target seems to at least… Read more »


Did you check the possession in home and away games, along with pass completion rates of all the positoins (ie. defenders, mids and forwards)? It might give a little better picture.

Arsene-al fan
Arsene's zip

Out. Fucking. Standing.


Fascinating as ever, thanks. Any link between poor home conversion and number of shots being blocked? I’d imagine if teams are defending deep some of those chances missed at home may be under more pressure from defenders than those away.


I will try to remember to add that to tomorrow’s post.


Poor home form. As much as the gaffer should come in for criticism, the fans should not be free of it. The atmosphere at the Emirates is always one of nervous tension. Arsenal fans are some of the most insipid in the country and negative much as they like to think they are the best. Against norwich you could feel the palpable tension. IT filters down to the team. They are highly paid some would say over paid but they are also human. You could feel they were playing more not to commit any mistakes firstly then going all full… Read more »


Money to spend like we had last year you mean.
Why do you assume this coming transfer window will be different from the last.
We may still hear there is lack of strikers. We may hear that we have enough quality up front. We may even hear that’s it’s a international tournament year and players don’t want to move.
The fact we have money and some fans feel we need x y or z means nothing if Arsene doesn’t want to buy then he won’t. Like last year. Our need is no less obvious this coming season.

Andy Mack

It is slightly different for 2 reasons; 1) we have some players leaving. 2) some players have seriously under performed this season (again?) . So we do have to buy this summer, but who it will be (and whether they’ll be a success) , I’ve no idea. Last season we came 3rd and the 2 teams above us both bought players in, but it looks like both of them may well end up below us this season, so just buying players isn’t necessarily the answer. Our neighbours had a big clear out and only bought a few in, of which… Read more »


To be honest andy mack I’m not to bothered if he brings in players or not as he can’t seem to motivate those we have so I have no reason to assume that he will be able to with any new ones.
Walcott will remain and no doubt get game time as will one or two other under performing players. So I’m sure things will remain the same as many fans on here seem to like it


I would like to give you 100 thumbs-up for that last sentence but Arseblog won’t allow me


What drivel. It’s a shame our ‘classless’ fans don’t pay a ‘classless’ sum of money to watch the dreariest, most predictable football in the league served up by a bunch of players that have the back bone of a jellyfish


been going on my mates season ticket for the whole year – one thing i wanna know once and for all about the most expensive tickets on earth.

I got 19 league games, 8 champions lg, and Fa cup games all on the season ticket.
i seen Barca and Bayern @ emirates. is this the same for other clubs, do they include champions lg and fa cup games as part of the season ticket? is it just individual premier ticket that are the most expensive or does it include the season tickets?

anyone who knows?

good ol' 1 nil to Woolwich

That’s a great photo for the headline. Superb as always. These stats put a lot in perspective. I’m all for the 12th man being an integral part of football and also having influence on the outcome of a game – granted there are times the 12th man hits an amazing 11 men on the opposition team. You can see how Dortmund wilted under Anfield pressure, just magical! I stopped commenting for a long while because frankly, I can’t stand the bile in the comment section these days. People having a swing at Wenger when they consistently fail themselves in their… Read more »


You make a huge assumption that people who dare to criticise the manager fail in every day life.
With respect a rediculas comment.


That’s not what he said. He said ‘People having a swing at Wenger when they consistently fail themselves in their day to day lives -but I digress.’

“People hate Wenger more WHEN they have other dissappointments in life” (probably because football’s not being an outlet of happiness when Arsenal don’t perform well)

Not Meaning:
“People hate Wenger BECAUSE they are perenially dissappointed in life”


maybe, but il stick with my interpretation of what he meant thanks

bims lay

Lol….i gave you a thumbs up because i find your doggedness to purpose amusing… about entrenched anti wenger sentiments

Mesut O'neill

I am a multi millionaire married to a supermodel but I still think Wenger could do a better job.

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Greetings, Mr. Trump!!!


Because people may or may not fail at every day life = arsene is exempt from criticism?

Wow that’s some magical logic, Arsene sign this guy up as your PR man immediately!


I agree to a large extent with what you’re saying. And that to be in the top 4 and sitting above our usual rivals the amount of downright abuse and vilification on all the boards is hard to fathom. And yet……. at 1-0 up against Norwich I find myself half expecting to see us concede a weak goal and truly relieved when we don’t. For me the biggest problem is having to concede that yes my team choke in January even though I’ve been in denial for years. The Groundhog Day effect has to stop otherwise we lose belief and… Read more »


Quite frankly you’re talking bollox.


“Respect to them and the gaffer”. Hilarious. Really.

And another thing. I’m getting sick of our fans referring to that Dortmund game when talking about our poor atmosphere. OF COURSE it was a good atmosphere. ALL big games have a good atmosphere. ALL big games at the Emirates have a good atmosphere.

You can’t expect people to get as hyped as against Barcelona, or Bayern, or Dortmund (teams who actually want to play football) when playing against budget teams like Palace or Norwich, who just stick ten men behind the ball and wait for the counter.

Budget lettuce

But I don’t suppose you’d be happy when the team agrees with you about that whole not turning up against ‘budget teams’ thing. Maybe you get what you give.

Know what I saw against the last ‘budget team’? A Norwich team almost sure to be relegated didn’t get a point against a wilting Arsenal, and their fans were singing, holding up banners, cheering their players, all after the game that they lost.

Arsenal home support stayed till the final whistle – to hold up A-4 size printed sheets of paper to express their disapproval.


I seem to see this sort of comment a lot now from those defending Wenger, or simply parroting his statement about us not being relegated so it’s not all bad. Are we seriously saying that Norwich have the same expectations as Arsenal? Perhaps we should lower the ticket prices to match and the wage bill etc. This is the same logic that keeps us locked into accepting mediocrity. I was at the game on Saturday with a couple of clients using the company Club Level tickets. They are regulars and were amazed by the difference. I find it a touch… Read more »


“Maybe you get what you give”. Doesn’t that work the other way too? These bottlers getting paid ridiculous amounts a week because our managers a nice guy, to make the same mistakes over and over, posting pretty little selfies of themselves every time they split their cheeks to take a shit, or to show off their new dogs or cars, while our fans pay the highest season ticket prices in the world? OF COURSE the Norwich fans were singing! They are away fans (ours are also great), and have no expectations against a team like Arsenal. It also helped that… Read more »


Nice stats. I blame the Arsenal fans for the poor conversion rate. Interesting weekend, wasn’t it? After another dreadful, lifeless home performance, we managed to nick the win which, thanks to the two Manchester clubs’ slip-ups, more or less guarantees us another top-four finish. So we can look forward to being humiliated in the Champions’ League again next season. I can’t wait. But the real story was the “protest”. Bit of a damp squib, wasn’t it? Incredibly, the majority of fans in the stadium appeared to be in support of our wonderful leader. I just don’t get it. Whisper it… Read more »


100% agree. the club needs to unite the fans next season. ideally they would unite them behind a new manager with a new philosophy and vision.


Beware of what you wish. How cool new managers of Liverpool, ManU and Chelsea doing? Are they not class enough? Super duper WC and CL finalists here doing some pathetic job not even qualifying for CL.
In Wenger I trust.


How cool new managers of Leicester, Spuds, Hammers, Chelski (Hiddink revival), Liverpool (Europa favourites). Super duper WC and CL finalists here doing better than some pathetic job JUST qualifying for CL.
In Wenger we rust

Me So Hornsey

I watched Leicester today in the mindset of a Leicester fan for obvious reasons. They play with a frantic yet controlled urgency and composed organisation when they don’t have the ball that I could only ever dream of Wenger drilling into one of his teams. Leicester also have the added bonus of plan b and c. A Huth or Morgan on the end of a set piece/corner. Against Norwich on Saturday, I was never at ease when we didn’t have the ball and constantly worried that losing the ball in the opposition half would lead to a decimated goal for… Read more »


Verily, this is the truth.


Hit the nail on the head, my sentiments exactly

Neil #2

A comparison I’d like to see with the foxes: total minutes played/games played. They seem to be a very durable squad (though admittedly they didn’t face mid-week European matches)

Andy Mack

As a side question, If we had Huth and Morgan as our CBs, do you think as a pair they’d get more or less than 10 red cards per season?


Leicester have the support of the fans. I’d like to see them perform like that in an environment like ours.


When the Foxes are playing you see everybody and i mean everybody hustle on defense and offense. When the Gunners are playing I see mainly defenders defending and everybody attacking. Most times i feel sorry for the full backs when they have to bomb up front ahead of wingers and have to run pass those same players to get to the player on the break away. Sorry but that makes life very difficult. A team performance is needed from Arsenal not units performing. players like Walcott, Ozil, Ox need to put in that defensive effort and surely you would see… Read more »


There is a huge amount of supporters that just want to watch football. Whether win, lose or draw. It offers an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Watching Arsenal puts a smile on my face and gives me hope in the ideals of football being there to elicit all the emotions I dont get to show in my daily life. I love this club and what it stands for. trophies or no trophies, I will support Arsenal.


I will support Arsenal no matter what, but it’s kinda hard to smile at the way we’re playing right now or what’s happening around the club at the moment.

Lone Star Gunner

By a bizarre coincidence, I was in a pub in London for the 3 – 0 win over Manure. I was traveling from Texas to London, Edinburgh and Vienna for business. It was so exciting, when Alexis scored the third goal I exulted “He did it again!” At that moment, having unintentionally revealed my Arsenal fandom, another barfly leaned into me and said – “You’ll never win the League with Arsene Wenger, he’s a Specialist in Failure.” I gave him a cheekily appropriate reply at the time, and it appears he was a Chelsea fan so F him. However, in… Read more »


Love “high watermark” so true…

Malaysian gunner

Is it any wonder? Our Egyptian md said Wenger asks he players to shoot less.
Don’t be surprised the players will be under orders not to win at all.


Except that’s not what he said. He said that Wenger had pointed out that there’s no problem in taking a speculative pop from way outside the box, unless doing so wastes an opportunity to pass to someone in a more favourable position.

Sound advice. You have to feel sorry for the poor sod who’s just bust a lung getting into space in the right place, only to see some spanner ignore him and thump the ball into row Z from 30 yards out.

Crash Fistfight

All very logical. However, the problem with that is that by not shooting a player may have wasted possession by trying to pass to someone else in a ‘better’ position, only for said player to not be in a ‘better’ position by the time they take the shot. Surely you can’t have missed this happen umpteen times? The ‘pass to someone in a better position’ mindset makes players look to pass before even contemplating that a shot from where they are might be productive. It may not be an implicit instruction not to shoot, but I’d wager that subconsciously the… Read more »


I ain’t got time for this, perhaps if only i was still on the fence about how shit we are. Let’s fucking end this debacle of a season already!


Citeh lost!! Mad mad season…

On the fence

Blah blah blah ….
Same old same old


Hardly a debacle of a season when we’re currently sitting in third. Perspective people.


One perspective is that we are in 3rd place.
Another perspective is that we are below Leicester and Spuds, played some embarrassingly poor football this season, got knocked out of the FA Cup at home to Watford, same old ’round of 16′ story in the Champions League, will finish with fewer league points than the last 2 seasons, and despite creaming the fans for highest prices and having a huge bank balance, we didn’t buy a single outfield player before the season began.


And another perspective is that we are above Manure who splundered on players- Chel$ki who were favourites and Citeh who made a mess of their season. Media treating them softly, right?


Runzac – just to qualify the perspective that you state, all those clubs you mention have either already sacked their manager or they will be leaving at the end of this season. Also, the clubs you mention have lifted the in Premier League title in the last 3 seasons.
You may have low expectations for Arsenal but I don’t.


Exactly, I can’t stand it when people say that “Hey, we’re ahead of Chelsea, United, City and Liverpool”, well that is not relevant because they’ve all had piss poor seasons too and hence will have sacked their managers as a result by the start of next season.

Compare our points total to previous seasons and you’ll realise we’ve gone backwards. Please don’t compare us to other clubs who have also massively underachieved.


You’ve got it all covered, haven’t you?

-Arsenal finish behind City, Chelsea, United
“Ah, but how can you expect to finish above oil and Arab money? We’re finishing were we are wages wise, so we’re achieving our ceiling.”

-Arsenal finish behind Spurs and Leicester.
“ah but we’ve finished above the very people I said yesterday we couldn’t finish above. So that is an amazing achievement, regardless of Leicester and our very own Sp*rs “out arsenalling” us in the very method we said we could use to achieve success”.


I think many people who “have it all covered” are just fans that love watching Arsenal, trust the club and the incumbent manager to do what’s best, and take the rough with the smooth.
Rather than trying to affect things at the club.
I think I may be one of those!


i hate when arsenal fans justify wenger’s failure this season with the failure of the other big clubs. that’s not how you measure success. you measure success against the success of others.


Yeah that’s a great mentality to have. And yet we’ll claim to be a big club.


Oh buy it is. Top of the table Jan and imploding as usual. 2007, 2014 and 2016. Leicester got it right first time.


We are not a million miles away from success with a couple of new faces (especially a bloody good striker) imo.
We do need some fighting spirit next season though, and I guess that has to come from the players, manager and fans.
Keep the faith!


Paul, honestly how my times over last 7 or 8 yeas have you heard people say only another 2 players or so and we will win the title.
We never seem to get those extra players we need. That’s the point


With Cazorla back we have a different balance to the team. Let’s hope he gets some gametime before end of season and you can see what effect it has.

It’s still true that we are unbalanced team against the defensive block teams and need someone to stretch the play.

With Cazorla back I’d like to see Welbeck upfront to stretch the play and Ramsey, Ozil and Alexis exploiting the space between the lines.


Good article, just goes to show that when a team play defensive against us, they simply need to stop the passing lane into Giroud’s feet and beware of letting Alexis and Ozil have time on the ball. Not difficult if you defend deep. Giroud’s obvious show of frustration when he receives the ball anywhere other than onto his toes just makes the opposition realise their tactics are working. Iwobi had a development game, feel he is still working out when to dribble and when to play it safe against defensive teams. Got dispossessed in some dodgy areas leading to swift… Read more »


Giroud is more dependent on confidence than any other player I can remember seeing. It makes sense he does well on the road where the pressure is off compared to at home where he’s got 10,000 douchebags booing him every time he misses a shot.


HAHAHAHA Sp*rs! Can’t even lose a title in a classy way. You put 11 sh*ts with 11 c*nts on the same field and this is what you get.

Yankee Gooner

Unbelievable that no one was sent off.


So, that’s that or the league. Still hoping for St Totteringham’s Day with Sp*ds losing to Southampton and drawing (at least) with Newcastle.

Congrats Leicester. Fair play to them. Losing just three all season – they deserve to be champions. Another could have been season. On to the next.


Well congrats leicester. Shown us how it should be done.
Wenger should hang his head in shame…3 seasons he’s been top of the table by January and still lost the league. Leicester did it right in their first try.
Beginning of the season, they were criticized for sacking pearson,look what change can bring you.


Yes, that must be the solution: sack a manager = winning premier league. They should have you on the Arsenal board for your amazing logic.

You must have been biting your nails waiting for Chelsea to draw/win against Sp*rs so you could trot out your Morgan-like analysis. Guess we all have our reasons to be happy for Leicester, congrats to them!


It worked with leicester, did it not??
But then again, your lord Wenger can do no wrong.
You positive fans make me laugh. Can’t wait to hear the excuses you guys come up with
12 years and no title. Raineri comes back and wins it on his first season.
But we can’t do without wenger…Arsenal will simply crumble without him.


The problem is:
for every Leicester/Ranieri story there are (at least) 3 dozens of Moyes/Man.Utd. 🙂


Basically, what Flashmob said. Wanting Wenger out is one thing – using the example you did to back-up your feelings is a little idiotic. How do you know I think Wenger is a ‘lord’? Anyone who doesn’t want Wenger out (and therefore disagrees with you) needs to be considered a Wenger lover and think Arsenal will crumble without him? What a load of bullshit. If it makes your life better to be negative and whine about Wenger every chance you get – knock yourself out (no, really – knock yourself out). Can’t believe you ran on here straight after what… Read more »


No I am not taking a dig at wenger,I am only stating facts.
Fact is Raineri has proven every excuse Wenger has been giving wrong. Atletico and dortmund already did, but we ignored that and gave wenger the benefit of the doubt.
So no, this has nothing to do with positivity or whatever. Facts are facts. Wenger should’ve resigned 2011. That’s the year he lost it.


So sack a manager = win the league

Oh wait, how did that work out for manchester united and liverpool? Chelsea surely should have won the champions league since they sacked mourinho. And what about crystal palace and newcastle who sacked their managers and have better resources than Leicester?


So because it didn’t work our for them means we shouldn’t try?? You’d rather we have the same 3 trophies every 12 years and celebrate finishing above spuds and claiming we’re a big club? Chelsea and Liverpool changed managers middle of the season…Klopp has taken Liverpool to the last 4 of the europa league beating bvb and got to the league cup final. That’s improvement from where Rodgers left them. Stop giving lame excuses…Leicester, atletico, bvb has proved the “financial constraints” excuse wrong. Wenger has screwed title challenges up not once but 3 TIMES. Wenger should’ve left 2012. No he… Read more »


Rodgers took Liverpool to 2nd in the PL. Europa league is still “only” the Europa league, even Spurs gave up on it as they concentrated on th PL and in finishing in top 3 to qualify for the champions league. No question about Klopp’s quality but he still hasn’t proven himself in the PL. He also had a slump season with Dortmund that Wenger has never had. The financial constraints haven’t applied the last 2 seasons but did for about 8 years during which Wenger did a good job building competitive teams with little money. Not saying that Wenger should… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

Dier got away with it again last night same as against us.Nailed on 2nd yellow not given.

With 9 yellows,eye gouging,treading on hands they certainally showed they are a step above anyone else this season….not.

Come on F A deduct a few points to show them that you cannot act in such a classless way.

Crash Fistfight

9 point deduction oughta do it 😉

uncle D

If most of you want wenger out! Then I can demand bringing cesc back in! It’s a free world!!!!

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Excellent work on some relatively overlooked statistical items.
I wished we could see the same over a 10 or 12 year period.


wanted to add a twist to the plot. nobody thinks arsene will win the league again and neither do it…but…if ranieri can do it after 14 years of jumping from club to club, being mocked roundly and at a similar age to our manager…why cant wenger do it? give him one more season. he has to buy players. he deserves to see out his contract and will do regardless of what fuss we make.If je wins it he can choose to take a new contract. if not he walks away. simeone please.

Bernard Vilakati

Great performance against ManCity, I wish we could have performed like this against the less fancied opponents. Previous years, we complained about losing to top 4 rivals, this year we do not lose to any top 4 club but still not win the league. Fans should be more supportive, that is the real reason we lost the league this time around. Players and Manager were under so much pressure, and the “Wenger Out” cards worsened the situation.

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