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Arsenal scoop £101 million from Premier League

The Premier League have confirmed that Arsenal earned just under £101 million in combined prize money and TV earnings from the 2015/16 Premier League season; more than any other club in England’s top flight.

The Gunners, who were recently valued at $2 billion by Forbes, were eligible for an equal share of the domestic (£21.9m) and overseas broadcast cash (£29.4m), as well as an equal share of the central commercial deals (£4.5m) associated with both.

Arsenal’s second place finish in the table (LOL @ Sp*rs) meant their merit earnings of £23.6 million were just behind Leicester. Coupled with the fact Arsene Wenger’s side were televised 27 times, more than any other side, the Gunners earned £4 million more than second place Manchester City.

Graph courtesy of @SportingIntel 

Sky and BT Sport paid £3.018billion between them to show Premier League matches in the UK between 2013 to 2016. A further £2.23bn was earned from foreign broadcasters in the same period.

The money goes up from next season. Between 2016-2019 Premier League clubs will share at least £7.36 billion for equivalent domestic and overseas TV deals.

Given the huge levels of cash flooding into the game there are sure to be further calls for clubs to cap the ticket prices. We’ve already seen action on away tickets. 

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Wilshere's Swiss Brother

The amount of money in football nowadays… It makes me sick. At least it’s good to know that my beloved club gets a nice piece of the pie.

Arsene-al fan

Top of the PL!!! We win!!!

Who needs trophies?


Like a new trophy

Snake in the grARSE

I love the money in the game. It’s capitalism. People whine all the time but I think it’s fascinating and cool; the dynamics it creates in the way clubs are run.

Third Plebeian

Let’s buy all the players!

Lord Bendtner

*Let’s buy all of the correct players
**Let’s buy A correct players
***We already have all the correct playera


**** let’s buy Lord Bendtner

Mark H

Lord Bendtner’s available on a free, so he’s well within our price range.



Christophe Royer

We may be top but the difference across the whole table is globally not that significant, meaning that, comparatively, this does not put us at an excessive advantage for recruiting new players.


Money in football is peanuts if we consider cinema, which has failed to constantly entertain for more than thirty years, not just a few seasons.

However I support the lowering and subsequent capping of ticket prices or a removal of the 3pm broadcast restriction and cap cable fees. Neither will happen because “laissez-faire” bollocks.


Stan- Wohoo
Haters gonna hate
Ticket prices gonna inflate.


Wu-stan clan


Oi. Where’s the £1 on top?

Andrew Kroenke

This is how I roll. Consider my gift to you as not increasing ticket prices by 20 percent.we are buying Mess I when he retires from football, but for now lets get some bargains in.

Georgy Charles

So, like, does that mean we won the league after all??


Someone contact Islington Council for the bus parade!

Ozil's Eyes on Wenger's Hot Thighs

This should take care of at least one of those world-class targets we’ve always yearned for…….. I’m looking @ u Chris Samba!!

Third Plebeian

Finally, we can buy Salomon Kalou!

He's the soup

Right then, I’ll just take my £3 million fee and be off! Have a nice day


3m out of 101m is less than 3p on the pound. (I’m good with the maths.)
With the newly declared value of the club at 2b+, that’s 1/10 of a penny.

I don’t care about the 3p, as long as they go put a couple pounds to good use.


so you are comparing 101m to £1. Lol ok


3m is pocket change in the scope of the monies at play. Getting bent about 3m when 100m is on the table is silly.


It’s to warm us all up for the impending dividend payment.

Don’t believe one’s been paid since 1974. At least Kreonke’s reluctance to hand over 30% to Usmanov will mitigate the amount.


7.4 billion. Jesus. This is nuts. It’s completely disproportionate with the supporters means. PL teams are going to have to cut some slack to supporters at the turnstiles.


What determines how teams are televised live? in other words, why is Arsenal televised more than the other teams? forgive my ignorance but i just don’t understand it.


I believe it depends on who we are facing, our run at the time of airing and perceived drama. When none of these apply, Sky seem to go with whoever tends to play the prettiest football. if this was the case this season, it was by reputation not by this season’s performances. Manu being one of a few exceptions.


sorry, but i still don’t get it. Every team plays against every team so it can’t depend on who we are facing. Our run at the time of airing also can’t hold water because Leicester had a decent run throughout the season but we were televised more times than them.

Third Plebeian

It’s about eyeballs. The TV companies can only televise a certain number of matches every weekend, and they want as many viewers as possible, because that’s how they make their money (advertisers care about how many people see their product!). That means they’re less likely to televise clubs like Watford or even Leicester, whose fanbase is relatively small compared to big clubs like United, Arsenal, etc., whose global viewership is in the millions. They’re also less likely to televise matches of little significance. More people will tune into matches like United v. Arsenal than they would Watford v. Norwich. More… Read more »


and ‘bollocks’ ? Who invented that?

Elliot Ness

Because we’re Arsenal and they’re Leicester. People didn’t believe in them until march.

Elliot Ness

The* Arsenal


Yep. If you support Arsenal, you typically believe UNTIL March.

He's the soup

Here’s my perspective from a bloke who grew up in London then moved to the States before there was any “televised soccer”. When I started coaching kids here I was flabbergasted to see that nearly every other team wore Arsenal shirts. No other premier league team or European team in the numbers I witnessed for Arsenal. Why? Wenger’s football style, and of course Henry, Bergkamp, etc. they captured the hearts and imagination just as soccer was taking root and as we were heading towards invincibility. I think that has stuck here ever since. Other clubs have caught up a bit,… Read more »


Well spoken

untapped market the US

Arsenal should have made some forays a couple of summers ago in truth.

would not be a bad idea to actually have proper Arsenal academies in the US too to incubate potential talent from North Central America Caribeans.


They’re also massive here in Africa… Kanu basically turned half the Nigerian population to fall in love with Arsenal… and there’s only 160 million of them!

David Hillier's luggage

I’m guessing you’re watching the Premier League outside of Britain where all games are televised? Third Plebeian sums it up perfectly, but to break it down further, there are 154 live televised games (116 on Sky, 38 on BT) a season over here as opposed to all 380 matches – it’s around 4 matches a weekend (Government regulations means Saturday 3pm matches aren’t televised live). There are complicated breakdowns (see here: but to simplify, the TV companies have to select a couple months in advance which games they want to show. In the early part of the season teams… Read more »

Arsene-al fan

Because we are the greatest team the world has ever seen.


I think (I might be wrong here) that the sponsorship deal we have with BT Sport means that we got a higher share of our games televised through them. I still think there should be a clause in that contract banning Michael Owen from, you know, everything.


This must be the only table Kroenke cares about sadly 🙁


I guess on the face of it it’s only an extra million or two more than the club would have wagered for at minimum so it’s unlikely to have an effect on transfers…it’ll probably make a nice bonus to the “consultancy fee” for KSE though.

Ozil's Eyes on Wenger's Hot Thighs



Are we financially doped?


Tell @SportingIntel that his graphs look more like tables.


As a business model, we are bar none. Self financed built on the foundations Arsene made with his wins, thrift and fantastic acumen in market not to mention style of play. We now need to take advantage of said position. However we also need to put things in perspective. As much as we are top in earnings, we are still behind in merchandising to some clubs and certain clubs have very deep pockets or are willing to go into red which we won’t. So when hankering for example for a “world class’ striker, one should remember that we have at… Read more »

Daft Aider

“by far the biggest cash reserves, the world has ever seen”


If this is what Sky and BT are happy to pay, imagine what their war chest is looking like.


I wonder how long it will be before players earning 300k a week is the norm.


Bloody hell. How did aston villa get 11 televised games?


And what would AW do with the new funds? … let it rot in the banks, complaining “there is no one good enough to play for Arsenal” The truth, as bitter to swallow as it is, need be told Aside from Leicester, Arsenal is the BEST of a really very very bad bunch of underperforming teams. (The second place points total says it all) Contradictorily Arsenal would be a much greater team (even in Europe) if only our players know how to deal with the pressure that comes with the expectations of being a big club. You can talk about… Read more »


Correct me if I’m wrong, but considering the CL hasn’t concluded yet, all these money doesn’t even factor in the CL money does it?

Imagine how much more we’d get if we, you know, got to the last 8?


correct, just the PL. UEFA is a separate animal altogether.
I’m not 100% sure but it doesn’t sound like that includes the FA cup either, if anybody but the FA gets monies from that. But They must or in this day and age teams might pass on it.


This is only the Premier League. In fact, the Premier League now pays so much money that every other tournament (Community Shield, League Cup, FA Cup, Europa League and Champions League) is just a waste of time in terms of money. That’s the simple truth. What you really want, in terms of money, is to be near the top of the table in the Premier League, and get televised as many times as possible (which means your “brand” must have a lot of fans). That’s the reality of the situation. Champions League is nice to have if you want to… Read more »

broken red army

Kroenke and Wenger are reaching their goal (and with least affort in transfer market they did it again) so to all you Wenger out glory hunters asking for a title challenge. aint gonna happen. contract extention

broken red army

people who thumb this down really think our American owner have different goal than earnings? hense gives Wenger different objectives than taking part in competitions (instead of actually winning them)? he doesnt even bother to hide it for fucks sake and calls our Arsenal a “profitable business”

He's got no hair but we don't care...

So we’re only valued $1 Billion less than Man City’s CFG, who own 4 clubs worldwide and yet we won’t break the bank for that top, top, top striker we have desperately needed for years. Yep, makes sense.

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