Thursday, August 18, 2022

Barcelona targetting Bellerin and his DNA to replace Alves

It was inevitable. Even though it’s just days after an interview in which he declared himself happy in England, El Mundo Deportivo are reporting that Hector Bellerin is the number one choice to replace Dani Alves at Barcelona.

The Brazilian international is set to leave Barça this summer, heading to Serie A for a lucrative final deal at Juventus, and that leaves the La Liga champions looking for a replacement.

And, as sure as night follows day, the Catalan press have put on their science caps and started talking about DNA.

They say: “The first on the list is Hector Bellerin, 21 years of age, now at Arsenal but who has Barça DNA from when he was little.

“One month ago, Roberto Fernandez [technical secretary at Barcelona], called the defender. Sources close to the player say that he asked Francisco Javier García Pimienta, the last coach who had Bellerín at the club, to initiate contact.”

It’s typically bombastic stuff from El Mundo, we’ve been here before, and they do mention other players of interest including Valencia’s Joao Cancelo, Sevilla’s Brazilian full back Mariano, and even Juan Cuadrado – not known for his defensive nous, it has to be said.

However, just last week Bellerin played down any chances of a move back ‘home’, saying, “I say it every day, for me my home is in England.

“I’ve been there many years now, my family is there, I’m living with my girlfriend. I’m very happy there, and I just don’t see myself anywhere else but Arsenal.”

So, to conclude, Barcelona can stick it up their bum. And this is getting a poo rating of 10. There’s just no chance Arsenal will let him go.


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Fuck off Barca you cunts

Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour!

Yeah you bum cunts!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If they offer Neymar, Arsenal should sell.

Bould's Eyeliner

IF they offer Neymar, we should just buy and keep both and send over more benchwarmers.

Bellerin’s attitude, hair >>>> Neymar

To me anyway. A well-coiffed Gooner is always a plus now that Arteta is gone 🙁

A Different George

We’d still have Giroud.


Hector says he is happy. So Am I.
Hector can tap Neymar up


Hector says he is happy. So Am I.
Hector can tap Neymar up and I will be happier


Briefcase wankers


Couldn’t have put it better myself old chap. Erudite. Simple but effective


694 thumbs up lovely.


Honestly don’t even think Alves will leave, the media’s said he’s set to leave like three years running and Juve have Lichtsteiner who’s basically the same age

ramsey's spirit

Typical of them, also typical of highly dodgy Spanish media.

incidentally 2nd line typo


shouldn’t the headline also be ‘targeting’ ?


Matt Targett?


Hard Targett – one of my favouritte John Woo movies

Plumstead's Finest

talented lad, that one


“Targeting” in American English, “targetting” in real English.

American English doesn’t double the final consonant when forming the gerund of a two-syllable word, although the consonant is doubled for one-syllable words:
target – English targetting, American targeting (but in both, get –> getting)
combat – English combatting, American combating (but in both, bat –> batting)

broken red army

best thing happened this summer? Bellerin being overlooked for Euros. 🙂


Not necessarily if Barca can use that to try and tempt him considering how much of the Spain squad is Barca or Real.


Fuck barca and their DNA bulshit hector stays where he has found his real home…..arsenal


In other news, water is wet. Very surprised they didn’t come out with this ish sooner.

Petits Handbag

Fuck off Barcelona, that’s from everyone here.
Ps: try for Kyle Walker, that cunt would suit your cunting ways


I really, really don’t like this whole “media campaigning” thing they keep doing. They’re basically doing the whole “tapping up” process through newspapers and similar. It’s disgusting, and a work around to the fact that it’s not actually legal to initiate contact with players without some sort of contact with the club (unless it’s within the final six months of the contract).

Stewart Robson's therapist

Chelsea tried doing it with John Stones last summer. Hilariously, they turned out to be shit at it.


Technically Tapping up is not ‘illegal’ as this would produce criminal ramifications and anyone found guilty would have to go to court.

It is however forbidden by most sporting authorities though and a breach of rules, and is punishable by that governing bodies penalties.

in this case, FA and UEFA would have to grow a backbone and use it against the poster child club of football… so.. yeah… let the blatantly obvious tapping up begin.


Barcelona can go fuck themselves with a sand paper dido. Twats.

Giroud's Buldge

Love the image of a sandpaper dido

A Gorilla

Interesting facts on Dido – her real name is Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong, born and bred in Islington, her brother is a member of Faithless and she is a “die-hard fan of Arsenal Football Club”


She went to my school


Thank you 😉

JJ's Bender

Leave Dido out of this! She’s a massive Gooner 🙂

Also Fuck off Barca

broken red army

Inter had something included in player conracts (in 2000s I think) which mentioned the player can not leave the club for Man Utd. I think now you can read my mind…


Some teams in Egypt (where I’m originally from) tried doing something similar and it never worked, because players/agents can force a move to a third club then after a season or even half a season move to that club they wanted. In nowadays football, if the player wants to leave to a team, nothing can stop him.

broken red army

it would be much harder here in europe with all the crazy prices I mean if we have a world class player Barca wanted 1. the player would be too expensive for most other than them 2. if the 3rd party is a club that can effort him then is probably a big club like Madrid or Bayern that wouldnt even consider selling on the player. so I think it would work. (although noway we’d even consider sth like that)

Anonymous Kumquat

it’s been a while since we sold them a dodgy player – maybe they’d like to buy Theo instead this summer?


I don’t think they have forgotten about Hleb yet 😉


They might have forgotten about Song though.


Seriously, after all those years, they should know better than to buy Arsenal players… Not that I’m complaining, debuchy for 30m anyone?

Anonymous Kumquat

Also, Bellerin’s DNA? Definitely Not Available, that’s what it is.


La Crassia


The Barca guys are so full of themselves, one of the officials/players are bound to say I spoke to Bellarin to convince him to join them, we support report them for tapping up.


He’d only have to look at recent Arsenal payers that have left for Barca to see that he’d be crazy. Hleb, Song, Cesc. He’d be a fool.


You forgot the ultimate signing – Vermaelen 🙂


One has to admit that Thomas IS facking CB. Unfortunately a bit injury prone. (Par for the course in Colney).


I have to say, I’m opposite from everyone here.
I say we do enter into negotiations with them, but with a price of £50mil. If they really want our RB so bad, then they will have to stomp up the cash. And I don’t mind letting him go.

I mean lets be honest here, Debuchy obviously has Barca DNA; he’s a knob just like them.

£50mil for Debuchy and they can have him.


For £50m I’ll drive him to the airport and buy him a giant Toblerone and a Puzzler’s World for the journey.


my bad – clicked the wrong thump 🙁 sowwy

someone's something

It’s interesting how this Barca-DNA seems to be tightly connected with success. Like how they kept on moaning about Fabregas having it but not a single thing was said about Merida. Or now how they’ll likely talk about Bellerin having their genetic mutation but not Montoya.

Miss me with the bullshit!


Nice bumper contract coming Hectors way.

Blitz Bailey

Bellerin is still very young so i think he will stay at Arsenal for a few more years yet, and possibly forever if we actually start challenging for the League and CL. However when you are rated as one of the best footballers around in your position, then i dont think you will be happy with top 4 finishes and round of last 16 in Champions league being the pinnacle of your career. So hopefully we will finally get around to building a squad that reflect the fact we are one of the biggest clubs in the world. And i… Read more »

Lord Bendtner

I can imagine them having called Bellerin
He picks up the phone and in his awesome accent, “Bloody hell it’s 4am mate!”
*hangs up phone*


More tapping up from a club with a recent transfer ban, eh? Maybe they should focus more on encouraging their 15 yr old prospects to stay.


Pure clickbait from the Spanish press. FO!


He’s worth 80 million pounds.


And that’s just to enter negotiations.

Sale, would include the transfer of Messi, Neymar and Suarez – with them still footing the salary bill.

Sounds ridiculous? Yep, but Barca are ridiculous.

Not. For. Sale.


I love the fact that at the top, 140 people like the post “Fuck off Barca you cunts” against just one person giving it the thumbs down…… Swearing eh? Tut tut lol

Lord Bendtner

Those thumbs downs are ppl on their phones trying to press the thumbs up button
It happens more often than u think


Whenever I see hundreds of likes and a single dislike I think of Hans Moleman from the Simpsons.


Fuck off. Fuck right off.

Bob Davis

Hands off. We trained him and gave him the opportunity to be the player he is today. He’s a Gooner for life.

Super Joshi

Not this shit again.

Haven’t they realised that Debuchy is available?


De-oxyribonucleic acid.
Had to get that out. Damn you OCD

A Different George

De-Ox is good too, but injury-prone.

El Bergkampo

Messi + Suarez + 40.000.001 pounds and I will be fine with this.


I’d suggest that Gareth Bale’s DNA was the closest match to Danny Alvez..

Xhaka's Tatoo

This is why I hope Barcelona get their Catalan independence and goes bankrupt with a 90% unemployment rate. What a corrupt, immoral sporting club.

Lula da Gilberto

Always with the DNA. Barca you are not genetically superior or different to anyone in any substantial way. Only your food.

Perry S.

eat shit, Barca.


Are they allowed to make contact with a player under contract is this not tapping up?


that’s what I thought

Indian Gooner

Barca can fuck off with their DNA bullshit, for sure.
We ain’t giving our Hector away.


They’d better be happy that I’m coming along attached to his right calf, then. *clings onto right calf*


I get that this is looking like a similar affair to the Fabregas saga. But if the usually drivel comes out of the Barca camp, surely Arsenal this time will complain to the FA and UEFA that this public flattery bombardment from multiple persons associated from one club is a from of tapping up. Might not be a dodgy meeting in a hotel room *Cough* *Ca$hley*, but it’s just as blatant, and just as disgusting and just as unfair to the owning club. Barcalona, for all there beautiful football, are utterly classless.. even spurs have more class than that shower… Read more »

North Bank Gooner


Would like to take Josep Maria Bartomeu on Jeremy Kyle, and make him get all these “Barca DNA” players tested.

Be great if the other guests had a bad case of tooth envy, and pulled his head of to nick his porcelain, that would shut the mug up about fookin Barca DNA!!!!

John 'John Radford' Radford

In all seriousness, we need to put in an £80m release clause in his contract. Then we’ll see how much of his DNA is in Barca.


The DNA in my middle finger tells El Mundo to f right off.

Ozil's a Gunner

Run Hector Run


What if we get Suarez in exchange? Maybe not for free, Hector + 1cent


Barca are fucking broke. They won’t be able to afford Bellerin anyways.


Fuck off, Barcelona.

There. Somebody had to say it.


Don’t go See how they treated Fabregas and his defective Barca Gene. Chucked him back out despite all the bollocks about being Catalan.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Too right.

Barca have never understood that they seek to create order on the pitch, with their neat fourteen boxes etc. while we seek to create chaos. They don’t have players like Coquelin and Koscielny who can mop up when the ball comes flying downfield because a risky through-ball got cleared by a hoofing CB who has no interest in retaining possession for his team. Bellerin would get drummed out of Barca in a year for his positional indiscipline.

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