Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Iwobi gets in on the number change action

Alex Iwobi has become the latest Arsenal player to change his shirt number. The exciting young forward sported 45 last season, but next year will wear the 17 left vacant by Alexis Sanchez who moved to 7.

Alex Iwobi 17
Pic via @arsenal

It’s the latest in a frenzied week of shirt number changing. After Alexis, Aaron Ramsey changed from 16 to 8, Granit Xhaka was confirmed as the new number 16, and even Per Mertesacker got in on the action.

Further number changes are expected with rumours that Petr Cech will take the number 1, Hector Bellerin could be confirmed as the number 2 having established himself as the first choice right back, while Francis Coquelin has asked to have the number of the beast.

It’s just a shame Andrei Arshavin isn’t still here, we could have given him Pi.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Who’s going to step up and fill the vaunted 52 shirt?

Arsene's zip

Surely it’s been retired?


I think if he stepped up his game a bit Walcott could be the man to fill it? 🙂

Lord Bendtner

How dare…

Old Father Time

Let’s have a NEW system..!
1 to 99 – the player who contributes the most in the season gets the 99 ; lesser players get lower and lower numbers. Anyone want to suggest the first negative number player ?

Little Mozart

I wonder who we’re saving the number 9 shirt for.

Lord Bendtner

Limonowonodowski! U know the Ghanian U15 sensation


In Westminster Abbey, the nation pays homage to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. At the Arsenal, we have our own version: the Number of the Unknown Striker.

Lula da GIlberto

I was going to say I hope not Theo, then I realised whose shirt number he actually wears. Funny how the brain filtered that out for me.


That’s quite some show of faith in the young lad. Not going to welbz, Joel or one of the other youth guys (toral or akpom, for example).


Call me old fashioned, but I liked it when the team on the pitch wore 1 to 11.


You’re old fashioned


Too many games and too many injuries for that


Old fashioned


How about a binary system of numbers “mark the 1101001” could be an advantage? 🙂

Arsene-al fan

Or have letters on the back, so we could be amused when we see combinations like D, I, C and K on the pitch or in a picture, especially when the oppo are wearing M, O and U?

Lula da GIlberto

You’re old fashioned. Players just do it by bingo numbers now.

Mr November

He cleared this up on his snapchat. They made him change because 45 was a youth player’s number and gave him 17. He actually wanted to stay with 45.


Arshavin would of loved pie. Sorry Pi


You ruined it.

Wenga Boys

Making me cringe my friend.

ospina's thumb

let those who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number. It’s number, is 34.


So Xhaka wanted 34 -he’s even got it tattooed on his back. But he isn’t going to have it. Anyone else imagine the Coq standing there with the shirt in his hand snarling and growling whenever Vic Akers came too close and Xhaka outside the door with Arsene saying ‘it doesn’t really matter, Granit, maybe next year…’

Snake in the grARSE




Sadly the numbering of shirts (invented by our very own Herbert Chapman lets not forget) is now not about identifying players but image rights which has spiralled so out of control that maureen sold his signature. Truly Faustian. This week football’s own gollum was splashed all over the news posing with a manure shirt surely he’s been given 664 as the apprentice of the beast.


Yes, that’s been puzzling me. How did he sign for ManUre if someone else owns his signature? Was there a licensing fee agreed to use it on the contract?

Colonel Kurtz

I’m glad there’s a new post today, but I’ve got something else to say. There’s a game between Switzerland and Belgium today 16:15 CET.


All this number changing feels a bit symbolic to me. I’m hoping for a change in mentality. It’s about time we stuffed all that shit back in the face of the shit media, shit pundits and shit plastic fans. Shit.


You give a lot of shit about a lot of shit, Sir.

Naija Gunner

……and shit managers

Anonymous Kumquat

“It’s just a shame Andrei Arshavin isn’t still here, we could have given him Pi.”

Let’s not be irrational.


You’re going round in circles here…


At least it’s not imaginary

Anonymous Kumquat

That would just be a bit complex


Seriously. I mean we can only truly approximate Andre’s natural number.

Ox Sans Box

It’s funny because he’s fat.


I’m changing shirt numbers this year too, going from 34 to 35……where’s my arseblog news story?


I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of this musical chair


It should read Ramsey changed from 16 to 8, but you have it the other way round. Sorry to be that guy, I’ll throw myself down some stairs to even it up

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