Thursday, August 18, 2022

Morata: I have tempting offers from England

Alvaro Morata says that although his desire is to make it with Real Madrid, his future may lie elsewhere with ‘tempting’ offers from England.

The 23 year old has been long linked with Arsenal, and rumours this summer say that the 2016 Champions League winners will exercise a contract clause, buy him back from Juventus for a fixed fee, then sell him at a profit to the Gunners who are in the market for a new striker.

The Spain international has spent the last two seasons at Juventus, and says that playing regularly is a priority for him at this point in his career.

“My wish is to succeed in Madrid, but in Madrid there are great players,”  he told AS. “And what I want is to play and feel important. Next year I’ll play on the team that is more likely to give me that [playing time].”

Hinting that it may well be in the Premier League, he continued, “There are some deals that are tempting in England, not only by the contract on offer. I think for my characteristics the Premier League would be a great destination.

“Going to play there would not be a step backwards, backwards. With what I have learned in Italy, if I have the chance to learn something more in England I think it would make me a better, more complete player.

“I’m 23 and I want is to progress, to play, to learn from the best players and to have a good career.”

Whether that’s at Arsenal or somewhere else, we’ll have to wait and see.

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We need the finished article not someone else who might turn out to be good. His goal record is just a bit uninspiring. Spend more and get Higuain!


I would prefer Higuain but wouldn’t be unhappy with this chap. He’s very good, not just in the future but right now. Don’t underestimate him


I don’t see Higuain as realistic simply because of his age. There’d be virtually no sell on fee, so it would be an write off on around £70M when you consider wages too.
I’d love Gonzalo too, but we all know that Wenger is as stubborn as the day is long and a leopard never changed his spots.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

We all know that Higuain is as stubborn as the day is long and a leopard never changed his spots.

Turned us down when he was young enough to be of some use to us. He’s getting too old now.

I don’t take rejection easily, and I don’t see why Arsenal should. Like that Swedish self-abuser, Higuain had his chance to join us and blew it.

F**k him, I say. Up the jacksy, with a spanner, sideways.

Chris O.

In fairness to Higuain, he only turned us down after we dithered over his transfer seeing whether we could lure Suarez. Can’t really blame him for that.


His “goal record” is very misleading, because he was used as a subtitute a lot. If you take the minutes in to consideration that he spent on the ground and the number of shots he needed to score a goal – you will see that he is one of the very best strikers in Europe. For example, far better than Griezmann, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Lewandowski or even Higuain…
Not to mention that his youth and ability to give assists are also very valuable – Higuain gave only 2 assists in the whole season while Morata gave 7


Giroud also didn’t play most of the time and was been used as substitute in second half and went on goal drought for months and still had 24goals in a season his best. So I would not want wenger buying him for more than 28m pound. Better buy aubameyaang or benzema or lewandawski or I prefer lukaku. 50 to 60m striker. Morata couldn’t score goals in Seria A don’t want someone who have to settle.


None of the above is remotely available and Lukaku to Chelsea seems like a done deal.


Arsenal is basically in an akward position, we’re at the end of the food chain of the superclubs. We are probably one of those but can’t really compete moneywise, with prestige or titles. As great as those FA Cups were, no one cares about that. Our poor record in the CL hurts us there as well, even though we’ve been there every year but we haven’t been competing for 10 years. So there’s no use throwing around names of this year’s hot thing. aubameyang will leave for alot of money, like Gareth Bale/Ronaldo money, Bayern Munich is never letting Lewandowski… Read more »


lukaku has no CL experience, i would rather morata


Personally I think Morata is a bit of a risk for the price. People are saying, look at Henry and Bergkamp, plucked from Serie A only to thrive in the PL. Well I’m afraid Serie A isn’t the powerhouse of a European league it once was, plus Juventus are by far the best team there and have been for a few years now, the PL would be a big step up for Alvaro. Especially for a player who spent large chunks of last season on the bench. Whilst his goals and assists (per minutes) ratios aren’t bad, they certainly aren’t… Read more »


Every year some people say “yeah, but who’s available!?”, learn about global football and you’ll constantly discover a wealth of options. But this season we’re lucky, there’s a few names who fit our needs, wage structure and are available, and we don’t need to look far. Everyone has a summer transfer plan wish-list, and I genuinely believe mine is within our grasp. ST – Lukaku + Janssen/Batshuayi (to loan out) LW – Mahrez LB – Rodriguez (should Gibbs leave) CB – One of Koulibaly/Zouma/van Dijk + Holding (for the future) Loan out – Gnabry, Akpom, Hayden to see if they… Read more »


Is it obvious it’s my day off work…?

Pete Gabriel

If the last ten years tells us anything it’s that we won’t sign those players and we won’t win the league ahead of those teams/managers whilst Wenger is the manager.

He is criticised for being inflexible, but fans that think in this way are hopelessly naive – getting caught in the same cycle of hope in the summer then disappointment, anger and frustration by the season’s end.

There are two possible realistic positions to take: (1) lower expectations (2) call for a change of management.


No, you’re totally right, THAT pitch is reasonable. It’s no use looking for Benzema, Aubameyang, Lewandowski. I’d be wary of strikers from the dutch league though. High scoring numbers are very misleading, for ever y Ronaldo/Suarez there’s another Kezman, De jong, Bas Dost.


Completely understand about the risk of the Dutch league, but if we can get either of them for under £20-25m, with view to loan out for a season or two I think it could be a shrewd piece of business.
And thank you for taking the time to read my comments, the pessimist in me assumed the amount of text would put people off reading.


But why would Napoli want to sell Higuain? Not for a small fee and anything above 40 million pounds would be madness.


If we let Walcott go and with welbeck out for most of the season, we’ll probably need 2 players who can play upfront as well on the wing.

I’ll be fine with morata being one of those players. However we’ll need another player preferably having a decent goal scoring record. Lack of goals really hurt us last season imo.

Our midfielders as good as as they are technically, don’t have decent goal scoring records.


Probably, but my guess is Morata will be the striker and we’ll get another winger-forward, a Mahrez/Sanchez-type. Those seem to be more available than pure strikers.


I bet Wenger plans to play Morata as a winger-forward, say as a replacement for Walcott/Ox on the right side.


Actually we’re well stocked on the flanks. We have Sanchez, the Ox, Campbell, Iwobi possbly Özil and Ramsey that could all play there.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

“Not for a small fee and anything above 40 million pounds would be madness.”

What if it’s 40 million and one?


That brought a chuckle ?


11 goals in 47 games last season is hardly an upgrade on Giroud. Esp when considering how much Morata will cost too!


When Juve played Bayern he was one of the best players on the pitch.


While it’s true that his scoring record is not the best, he’s a player who can have a big impact on the way his team plays. If you check the 2015 UCL Semifinals, Juventus-Madrid, you’ll see that he’s actually the best player in both legs for the italians, scoring the 2 goals that led them to the final. Also, on that Final vs Barcelona, he was the one of the few that could keep up with that Barca team, scoring the only goal for Juve that night (!). And he wasn’t the main stiker that night (Tevez was), given that… Read more »


I was almost totally with you until you mentioned Higuain. Guys had a career season and nearing 30, will never score that many goals again. Aubameyang is probably the best available proven goal scorer out there right now. Sell Theo to the Hammers, buy Aubameyang and total outlay probably not more than 30m to net at least 15 more goals a season. Expensive but definitely worth it.


It was me, I said I would run him a bath.

Cliff Bastin

And then BOOM aubemeyong

Arsene-al fan

Isn’t it more likely Real will buy Aubameyang and partly fund it with Morata?

Not saying I wouldn’t love Aubameyang.


Aubameyang is not leaving. He’s got a contract and BVB is already losing Gündogan and Hummels, potentially Mikhytarian. No way they’re selling.


Contracts don’t mean much this days. Take Arsenal as a case study.


That’s just a cliché. Arsenal chose to sell when playres were in their last year of their contracts and Fabregas we chose to let go. BVB don’t sell if they don’t want to and have a choice. Aubameyang is tied down till 2019, there’s virtually no need to sell now, bar a serious injury he won’t lose muhc worth and they can lay the waiting game on that one.

Andy Mack

We didn’t choose to sell the 2-faced Spaniard, he went ‘on-strike’ knowing that we could not afford to keep a 1st team player without him being available at that time.


Beside sthat I think we make it far too easy for players to leave. I still think we should have kept VP for that one year and we should have made it far harder/more expensive for Barca to get Fabregas. So what if they stomp their feet, look at what BVB made with Lewandowski, they got another great season out of him which was much more valuable then a few millions.


cesc fabregas went on strike and refused to play. he left us with very little option, much like rvp. Nasri gets more hate but he begged wenger to play against liverpool, did not go on strike and seemed like he had little choice in the matter. these players caused AFC major headache


Nasri wanted to leave and said even if he was made to stay, he was going to leave for free in the next season. So he has to get sold.


And either would have gone on strike for a full season? I think in thos einstances a DoF that is more distant from the players would ahve helped making better decisions. Maybe they stomped their feet exactly because they knew it would get them what they want. Anywhoo, that’s ancient history now but I really think we do need a DoF going forward.


That’s misleading, I’m sure they would have left, but you only need to sell if you want the money. I still think football clubs are no banks, I’d rather take the player playing for another year, especially that seaosn, there was no need to sell Fabregas AND Nasri, he should have at least kept one of them, screw the money.

Andy Mack

We weren’t in a position to risk finding out if they would or wouldn’t strike for a year. Both of them and their managers knew we couldn’t afford to play hard ball.


Next thing you know he’s holding a Utd shit and standing alongside Mourinho

Arsene-al fan

So holding a shit and standing next to one?

Surely he won’t fancy that?

Arsene-al fan

Why haven’t we got a poometer rating on this?


That’s because he hasn’t linked himself directly to Arsenal

Arsene-al fan

It’s a shit joke.


Jesus, the club store really will sell anything these days won’t they?




You were right the first time


Man UTD shit is definitely no shiRt, mate…


At this point do we even need to offer him a contract? Best way to tempt a striker should just be a loop of Özil’s assists.


I don’t think we will see such an expensive striker coming in if any at all. The xhaka deal was done early primarily to placate season ticket holders into renewing. Xhaka is an excellent signing and much needed but I have a horrible feeling that apart from a couple of young squad players that may come in that’s it as far as big signings for the season. Hope I’m wrong and we go all out for what we need but we have had similar needs in various positions for years now and Arsene has kept faith in what we have… Read more »

Al Gilmore

Arsenal don’t need to placate season ticket holders. That is a myth. We have a waiting list. Wenger ploughs his own furrow, like it or lump it…and doesn’t dance to anyone’s tune or do things to placate anyone. Otherwise he’d buy more players than he does. Cos that’s all we want as fans isn’t it? A shiny new player and that Transfer Window Trophy! We will buy a new striker and it will be expensive. V expensive if it is a truly World Class one or slightly less if it is the likes of Moratta who is in the extremely… Read more »


The myth is the season ticket waiting list and the thousands that are eager to take them. It’s just not happening as fast as it was years ago. They have to go deep into the list to get the take up. And eventually if it hasn’t happened already the well will run dry.


From commercial perspective it doesn’t matter one tit whether your waiting list is 100 000 long, or there are just two people there as long as you sell all tickets.

DB10's Air Miles

Do you honestly believe that a life-long Gooner who has waited 10 years for the opportunity to be offered a season ticket will say no and be taken off the list because the club didn’t sack the manager that they don’t like or buy the striker that they do like? Besides I don’t think these views are shared by the majority anyway.


I know people who have waited longer than 10 years, but due to the global financial crisis were not in a position to take-up the season ticket when offered to them.

It’s not just the price of the ticket, it’s the cost of the whole day/weekend out. ~£5 a pint in local boozers, even more if you travel from afar and stay in a hotel.

I also know people who over the past 3 seasons have accelerated up the queue disproportionately (due to the above).

Giroud's Buldge

I definitely think Xhaka will be our only main signing.

I think Elneny was bought in advance to help us recover from the departing trio. I can see us signing perhaps a few young players but I think any belief that we’ll sign somebody special is false.

I’d LOVE to be proved wrong though, and I have been in the past (my beloved Ozil) but then again there was last summer.

I’m not expectant.


Morata is clearly very talented and has an impressive habit of delivering on big European nights– like his Juventus predecessor Zibi Boniek. But he’s still a player in development, especially as a striker, and I worry that if he does fulfill his potential at Arsenal he’ll soon reveal his Madrid DNA. On the other hand, that isn’t really the downside here. He’s almost certain to improve our squad– he’s a very different player from Giroud. He’s more what some hoped Walcott would be on the basis of the Leicester and United games– perfect for a quick counter-attacking game, but needless to say, much… Read more »


And I don’t think either is realistically available.


There is realistically no way we’re going to find a finished product. Good strikers are really scarce, every superclub bar Bayern Munich and Barcelona is basically looking for one. What we should rather be looking for and what we were always good for was to find the guy who’s undervalued at the moment, someone who could become one of those superstars, a Henry, Anelka, Van Persie or Adebayor. With those guys Arsenal can make a good case why we’re better suited for them to fulfill their potential, to be the no. 1 striker.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Exactly, if those players are young then Wenger’s reputation becomes an extra enticement to convince them to come to us. Established players want a Superclub and a Superwage. We will never compete with that because it depends on how each player views potential Clubs, not how the fans of potential Clubs view their Club. We think we deserve the best. The best think they deserve Barca/Bayerrn/RM. Unless the truly top player has some specific reason to choose us, then his self-centred, big-headed, money-grubbing thought as he briefly considers us is “Arsenal? Fuck no, I’m good enough to play for Barca/Bayerrn/RM… Read more »


Wenger is always looking for cheaper option. He does not a have a winning mentality. He has been preparing his team for many years without any result. He need to get the likes of Higuain, Aubemayang or Benzema and he must not be shy to add the kind of Kante and Koulibali in order to give the team a chance at the beginning of the new season

DB10's Air Miles

Well to be fair he did spend last summer courting Benzema so………..

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You seem to be under the false impression that we are Barcelona.


We get the pony, we always get the pony.

Lord Bendtner

We got Giroud, welbeck, Walcott, Campbell can play there, so can Iwobi and Sanchez. Also we might try Merts up there too because he’s a BFG.
So yea that’s 9 strikers already, come to think of it we might as well sell a few and still be there for that title push


can we get the poo-o meter out for this please Mr. blogs


This guys heart is at Real Madrid. Take the profile of Spanish Chaps, Reyes, Fabregas, Torres (Carzola and Monreal and Arteta are exceptional) all had home fever. Morata is still young, once he excels at Arsenal it is a matter of only one season. I would prefer a matured one and proven a striker than Morata. Can take even Pierre-Emarick Aubemeyoung. Haguian might also be OK. But why not just Lukaku and job is done. His power and stringency might be key!!


Stringency is a really important quality in a striker. Not to be undervalued.


Not necessarily. Torres didn’t become home sick, he was kicked out. And then you also have players like Silva who lived in England happily ever after.


Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but this overwhelming admiration for Lukaku has a bit of the Benteke MK II feel to it. He doesn’t offer anything marginally better than Giroud, and the want to sign him seems to stem out of pure desperation to just get a new striker. His first touch is poor, his link up play doesn’t have a sniff on Giroud’s (which is essential if you’re playing for Arsenal), and he also misses sitters here and there. He excels in a team where he’s afforded space, where the opposition doesn’t park the bus, and the team plays… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Tell me why Lukaku would choose Arsenal over every other team in the world. You aren’t daft enough to think he will join uis for a wad of cash are you? Of course you aren’t. So why would Lukaku make Arsenal his first choice place to play football. What are the things we can offer him?

Tell me why Wenger can say “Lukaku. Come to Arsenal” and it is job done.

(…and don’t give me any of that “Cos we’re better than Everton” crap.)


If Wenger actually wants to spend that much on a player he must be “top quality”. No worries about this one.


I remember a couple of other players who struggled for goals in the ultra defensive Serie A, Thierry and Dennis. They did alright in England.




(Considering Morata’s playing tmie he hasn’t exactly struggled though)

Crash Fistfight

Is it just me that is put off by the attitude displayed in these quotes? He basically wants to use any other club as a stepping stone to get back into the Real Madrid team – does he not realise he is a Juventus player? As a Juve fan I’d find these quotes disrespectful – he doesn’t appear to give two shits about his current employer.


But he’s not staying at Juventus, he knows he’s leaving, it was bascially a glorified loan. Madrid are going to use the clause and Juventus are not paying the amount, so why should he cry over a club he’s been playing at for two years.

Crash Fistfight

Well, seeing as it has been implied that Real are only going to buy him back to sell him on again, I’d think he’d have more loyalty to the team that has actually given him a chance, instead of the one that flogged him off the first chance they could get (and will do it a second time if the rumour is correct). If I were him, I’d be inclined to continue playing for the (twice in a row) double winners in Italy, where I might actually be valued as something other than an asset to cash in on. PS… Read more »


Too much shit flying around here for my liking

Lula da GIlberto



I think Morata is overrated just because he played for RM (just like the other Barca/Real players). His scoring record is average and his accuracy, if I am correct, is even worse than Girouds. He is not near as good as Giroud is and he is not worth more than 20 million. At 23 of age he is probably playing at his full potential (if he won’t be a late boomer). And if he can’t make it to Juventus starting lineup why he would be good for us. But don’t get me wrong there. He can be someday a world… Read more »


Giroud is a very good striker but he’s streaky. I don’t think we’re realistically getting an upgrade on him. But what we need is someone to complement him, who can take over during his dry spells and when he gets tired. the problem has been we basically ran him into the ground. If we had someone who could take at least some of the burden off him and challenge for the spot of oour main striker we’d be a better off already.

Sam Crow

Why is he run into the ground? Messi, Suarez, Ronaldo etc play twice a week every week and never look knackered


But he does. So what to do about it? Get all up in arms about it or look for a solution?

Sam Crow

Who says he’s run into the ground? He hardly played in the latter parts of the season and that help him set the world alight.


They have it pretty easy in their league though don’t they. Same is true of PSG and Bayern for that matter.

Andy Mack

Yes, they have maybe 6-10 tough games (plus the CL) but most of the other games are like training

Juan Cornetto

I’m not clear on what the tempting offer is from England. Is it for a sofa at DHS? If so, don’t be taken in Alvaro, those offers are running all the time, hardly anyone pays full price for a sofa there.


I think you mean DFS. Not the Department of Homeland Security…

Juan Cornetto

I know what I meant. And you’re right, it was DFS. It can be very hard to buy sofa’s at the Department of Homeland Security, they insist on collection and for those of us with small cars it’s a logistical nightmare.


Haha you’re explanation is both compelling and understandable, well played sir!


If Madrid buy him back from Juventus and sell him on to us, then he makes two transfers in one window right? Is that allowed?


It’s about the registration of the player, not the transfre per se.


That makes sense, Thanks!


I, for one, think we already have a world class striker in Sanchez, it’s such a pity Wenger stubbornly misuses him by sticking him out on the wing. He could be our Aguero. Of course I’d like me a Higuain or Cavani, but let’s be real – of all the realistic CF targets this summer, it’s hard to find a player better than Sanchez. A modern winger/wide advanced midfielder (or two) should be a top priority for us – Walcott and Ox haven’t lived up to expectations, Campbell is mistrusted, and playing Ramsey on the wing is big enough proof… Read more »

Viva la Prof

I agree about Sánchez, I think he could be our Saurez but way less racist


Not sure he would be the same player without the biting and the racism


Morata or Aubameyang.

I know which one I’d rather

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Arsenal or Real Madrid.

I know which one they’d rather

Reality Sucks!!!!

broken red army

please no Morata. even in his current club he is behind Dybala and Manzu, even Zaza is a much more profilic finisher. I know he had one great sprint through Bayern’s defence before his assist but that was one the few highlights of a medicore season he had. (somehow reminds me of Walcott vs Liverpool years ago) he has qualities of course. but not the ones we need. we need a executionar for our attack a finisher. Id prefer any of Higuain Lukaku Auba Dybala Griezman or Icardi. and yes Icardi in my opinion, is right behind Higuain in SeriA… Read more »


Griezmann is definitely not a lone striker and a superb finisher, could even struggle against deep lying PL defences if played as CF as he is pretty small. If he one day wanted to come to Arsenal he would probably suit better as a wing forward. One of the best but not the CF Arsenal need, and probably wouldn’t even want to move. Higuain is a quality player but financially doesn’t make sense at all because of his age. Lukaku is an alternative but there are many possible teams for him which will probably bring the price up to over… Read more »


Ppl thumbed me down for suggesting we sign Paulo Dybala last summer. We should go in with a big bid for him IMO


Too late for that. Don’t think he ever wanted to leave Italy to be honest.


By all suggestions we were actually in for Dybala but he choose Juventus.

Viva la Prof

It would have been great to get him before, Dybala I mean, but we missed that boat.

I would love us to get Lewandowski. I feel like a cunt for thinking deep down that OG (that’s the handsome french bastard not Owen Goals or Ice T) is probably going to be top goal scorer at the euros, but naturally comeback and be shit for us, while I spend the season reading how we almost got Aubameyang before he went to Utd.


This all begs the question: why the fuck didn’t we go for him when he left Real Madrid?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Maybe we did and the Press just didn’t find out. Wenger doesn’t like to do his business in public.


What about James Rodriguez? Will surey leave Real but is he too much of a glamour signing? Could play on the right wing and provide goals/ supply for Alexis and a CF.

An Ox-sized Coq

Morata has proven time and time again that he plays his best in the big games. Last year scored in both legs of the CL semifinal against Real Madrid, and scored in the final against Barca as well. This year he absolutely destroyed Bayern but for some reason was substituted, where Bayern went on to score 4 goals and comeback. Morata also scored the winning goal in the Coppa Italia in extra time. I don’t really care what level of football you’re playing, players who come up in moments like that are worth their weight in gold.


Allegri might have some pressure to play Dybala as he was their major signing last summer. They also have Mandzukic and he may pair up with Dybala better than Morata (not watched too many of their games tbf) Agree with you that Morata was man of the match before being substituted in that match, not sure if I have seen such performance from any arsenal player during the last few seasons (apart from alexis against some weaker teams maybe)

Gutbukket Deffrolla

What use is Morata scoring in Semifinals and Finals if we don’t get that far? There’s no finals in the Premier League. We need somebody who will consistently perform in the little games, and no, I’m not being funny there.


Clearly not “world Class’ yet when you consider he only scored half the amount of the always criticised Giroud (even if he scores plenty from the bench). Giroud has plenty of assists. But Morata has massive potential. And as I have frequently repeated, the problem with Giroud is not Giroud. he scores 20 goals a season. The problem is Welbeck and Walcott for what ever reason regarding fitness, starting or simply not scoring. Giroud is not the problem. the problem is the supporting cast. Welbeck still has plenty of potential fulfilling the pacy direct role but also offers some of… Read more »


One of the best posts I’ve read here. Giroud is a quality player but needs competition, you can’t expect him to deliver in 50 matches per season. Also think we would need more competition on the wings, more than we need a CB, as Iwobi can’t be trusted as first choice yet and Walcott and Ox have been pretty poor. Campbell showed glimpses but the question is is he good enough to play every week on the required level, plus I think he might be a bit too slow for the wing role. Then you have Gnabry but can he… Read more »


I’ve watched most of Juve’s games this season. Morata is class – fast, skilful, good finisher. He’s likely to feature for Spain in the Euros (started their last friendly and got 2 goals). If Wenger wants him, shouldn’t dither (again), but talk to RM and do the deal now. If he has a good Euro’s, his price will be such that Wenger won’t want to pay it. Don’t know how much say Morata has in the transfer, but he’ll want to play for a team that doesn’t bench him. He’s too good for that now. At RM, he’d be on… Read more »

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