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Pictures: Arsenal home and away kit 2016/17

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Ross Lambert, we’ve got pictures of the Arsenal home and away kits for next season.

Apparently they’re on sale in Sydney somewhere, an over-eager stock boy has put them out on display for everyone to see and to buy. This is way ahead of the scheduled release and they do look pretty official – of course there’s always the possibility they’re not 100%, but they do seem to tally with previous leaks about next year’s kits.

Here’s how they appear on the racks down under.


Arsenal home kit 2016/17


Arsenal away kit 2016/17

Thanks to Ross for the heads-up.

We also haven’t done that really annoying thing of splashing a great big watermark over the pictures, so you’re free to take them and use them, but if you get them from here a link back would be appreciated.


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Good home kit. Decent Away kit

Mesut Aussie

Think they’d be better if along the same themes. Eg same collar style, patterns etc. just red and white vs yellow and blue.


I think the home kit looks like total garbage, the away kit looks okay.
I cant say I’ve ever really been a fan of the kits that Puma make. I know its not really important, but I think losing the Nike sponsorship was kind of annoying as they knocked out some really class kits for us over the years. I know that obviously Puma are paying us a truck load of cash for the sponsorship deal, but I cant see them knocking out a kit that will be truly iconic.

Lula da GIlberto

Don’t like the away – prefer yellow and blue. But the wife likes them, and thats good enough excuse for me to spend absurd money in the club shop come August.


I prefer the home kit


I prefer the away. Its better than our current away kit and more importantly the home kit has a bit too much going on. “The hidden V” the white shoulder straps the navy trim and lets address the elephant in the room that has left a bloodtinged skidmark all down the front.


Can’t we have an image of St Totteringham somewhere? It’d really add that special little something


I actually prefer the away kit, so feckin expensive though!


They’re nice!

Not sure about the bit of extra cloth at the base of the home shirt v neck. Why do it? But other than that, really like them.


A tribute to Patrick Vieira’s ability to chest the ball in that exact same spot.


Nah, a tribute to his vapor rub


1993, just needs the adidas logo there

Arsene-al fan

Red shirt, white sleeves.

We should get rid of the white across the shoulders. which appears to be expanding per these pictures.


Couldn’t agree more. Hide the top white part in the picture above and the kit looks 10 times better. The kit from the 2011/2012 season was the last basic red shirt with white sleeves kit we had. I loved it!


These are both ok for me. Not amazing but not bad either. Always looks better when it gets on the guys too. I think I will use my money and buy a retro jersey this year though.


Ah, but in certain countries, such as Luxembourg and Bolivia, shoulders are considered to be the most vital component of the sleeve. Also, in the northernmost island of Norway, Svalbard, a sleeve includes the rib cage, too- much to the detestation of the (relative to Svalbard) southern torso sleevers in Tromsø. If you want sources for this information, you just have to turn your internet off and on again 4 times whilst rubbing your nipples to summon the almighty “Sky Source”.

henley gooner

Away shirt should have blue trim. not grey.


Maybe it’s an association with the success of that era but I loved the shit out of our 03/04 and 04/05 kits and they had a similar white design across the shoulders and even about the players names in the 04/05 one. That kit with the gold trim was sexy! But then again it may just be the thought of Pires destroying Tottenham in that kit…


Hideous away kit. Home kit just the same. Expect a massive decline in sales. When will Puma start making good ones for us? They make them for Dortmund at least


What’s wrong with the away shirt? Gives me vibes of the ’99 away I had with Suker on it.


I like the away shirt and I’m glad we have a proper yellow – it’s always been a lucky colour for us.

Ted E.

Having a dark color to cover the arm pits is also key… The away shirt will look a lot better come the end of the season.


Its an unreal shirt, I agree with ya, dont get most of the comments on here saying its bad. In fact dont think ive ever read comments on arsenal kit leaks where people are happy


I think Zlatan would look good in these.


He is brash but is a winner.

We can do with kind of winning attitude in our squad not necessarily Zatlan.


he’ll jet off to LA. i’m thinking xhaka and henrikh mkhytarian


Home kit, to me at least, looks inspired by 92-94 adidas kit.

Saigon Jack

That away kit is a shit version of the 2005/6 one.

Jack The Lad

Home kit is just the same as the last two. No idea why there’s a dark red stripe down the front.

Away kit looks great though! A proper collar and smart stripes on the sleeves.


I like the away kit….assuming it’s not too bright a yellow

broken red army

how good Lukaku would look in that away kit converting Ozil’s through balls. it doesnt suit Kante on the other hand but man do we care sitting here way up the table? oh look a unicorn!

Jay Song

The away kit looks like the Dortmund kit


Auba and Reus will feel right at home in that away kit.
A man can dream…


I don’t like that away kit, i prefer 2015-2016


Why the darkened line down the middle… just why!? Looks like a bike perfectly ran over the middle of the shirt

Merlin's Panini

oh, hadn’t noticed that! I just assumed it was a crease in the shirt that deflected the light differently. Yeah, it’s not as good when you notice that there.


Looks like just a shadow to me.


Random crimson red line down the middle of the homestrip is unnecessary but it’s ok otherwise. The away kit looks like a throwback to our 2001 away strip, very good!

Merlin's Panini

I like the home kit. Not that much different to this season’s. Has a bit of a 1989 quality to it. Here’s hoping our results do too. The away kit is alright. I’m not much of a fan of the stripes on the torso, but at least they’re fairly subtle. The sleeve stripes are cool though and I like the collar. I’m liking Puma as a kit maker for us. The first home kit they made was a bit naff and I didn’t like this season’s away kit at all but the other ones they’ve done have been great and… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I preferred the first home kit (which I have) to this season’s. I don’t like the mid-90’s style granddad collar – why didn’t they go the whole hog and put laces in?

This one’s ok – kind of reminds me of an old (1990ish?) Adidas shirt.

I’d quite like the away kit, but why black/charcoal/whatever the second colour is? Would’ve been much nicer with some form of blue (probably navy). This one reminds me of the away kit from 2005-07.


I don’t like the narrow stripes on the sleeve of the away kit. I think it’d look better with the solid colours, like on the home kit.


Not at all impressed with the kits esp the away one. Home one just has an additional vertical line in the middle. Lol


This looks much much better than that


Home shirt needs an iron!

D Goon

As long as there’s no blue shorts on the home kit then allllllll good

Litle Mozart

I genuinely like both shirts equally. Probably go for the away shirt first.

Clock-End Mike

Agree with the other mostly positive comments. At least the away kit looks ten times better than this season’s disastrous effort.


SO basically Puma have no ideas themselves for the home and have just copied the 92 – 94 adidas collars from those shirts – looks another cheap an tacky shirt – and no doubts a horrible cheap feeling plastic badge again from em – away shirt if true looks decent enough – tho i doubt puma would’ve allowed them to be released anywhere yet – and as for that horrible skid mark stripe down the front what the f*** are they thinking – bring back nike at least they had original ideas and kept the home shirts as they should… Read more »

Ant Lester

Disappointed. Can’t afford to keep buying shirts, so still waiting for a good Puma home shirt. Really thought we’d get a proper collar this next season. Leicester are with Puma and their new shirt looks great, so was hoping for the same template. Shame. At least the away shirt looks better and the yellow is improved.

We've done it again 16

why do they insist on using grey on the away kits? would look better Navy.


I like the Away kits, cool collar and sleeves.

Home kit is meh, what’s up with the racing stripe?

Gary Baldy

Don’t they have irons in Australia or have they nicked all the ironing boards to go surfing ????

As for design, in would be nice if the sleeve colour stayed just on the sleeve and not up the shoulder, and the blue could be more blue than nearly black/ indingo.

But, seriously, guys, creases. It’s not right, you know.

Crash Fistfight

You can say that again.

John Kosmina

Mate, did you notice the price of the strip. We can’t afford irons down here!!! At 120AUD no wonder we all buy them from kitbag and uk stores and get them shipped over

Gary Baldy

Don’t they have irons in Australia or have they nicked all the ironing boards to go surfing ????

As for design, it would be nice if the sleeve colour stayed just on the sleeve and not up the shoulder, and the blue could be more blue than nearly black/ indingo.

But, seriously, guys, creases. It’s not right, you know.


Away kit (y)

The black line on the sleeve of the home kit. . . what’s that for?


I really like the away. Similar to the ’06 away. You know, the one that Rosicky wore in his rookie year with us. sniff…..sniff…….sniff. (I’m still a blubbering mess).

Cliff Bastin

Waiting for the horrendous purple and lime green checkered cup kit


That need to have the words hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and and about twelve laughing emojis on the back.

David Hillier's luggage

I think this sums it up nicely:


Phwoar, love a turn-down collar on a football shirt


Stupid V-neck looks like a fucking Thai knockoff FML


Not a big fan of Nike as a brand but their kits for us looked about 10 times classier, especially the home ones. Hope we do well enough towards the end of this contract that they or Adidas make us a nice juicy offer for the next one.


Not a huge fan of either tbh, but they’ll do.


Both are decent enough designs – only so much that can be done with the home shirt but 2 wishes please:

1. Please play in red socks again with the home kit. Arsenal just look meaner when they wear red socks; and
2. Lose the grey and stick to yellow with blue trim for the away kit because it is iconic.


Meh, i think theyre ok but What’s up with puma!? Nike just make a better kit, better fitting, better material, better to wear. Why the low cut neck? It should be tighter round the top in stead of showing of the hairs on my chest and sitting half way down my shoulders. Won’t stop me buying them though!


I think we should bin both and just play in that glorious third kit from last season. The white, gold and aqua partial diagonal stripes really made me moist.


…and perhaps the purple and black hooped monstrosity as a second kit?

MIke de Jong

Thank God, no bloody blue kits (or are we awaiting a third set?) Not the one on the left of the away kit, I hope

Ted E.

There’s always a third kit. And a training jersey. And an away training jersey. And a third kit training jersey, commemorating the tenth anniversary of signing Squillaci.

He's the soup

If I had the money I would buy Arsenal Football Club and…

insist on one classic red/white home kit and yellow/blue away kit forever. No changes. And they would be affordable for all fans, without the ridiculous markup.

…i would also rename the stadium “Ashburton Grove” or “New Highbury”.

Of course I know why it is the way it is, but doesn’t mean I have to like it. There was something special about the old shirts with no sponsorship, the programmes were ad-free and the stadium was just a stadium. *sigh*


Is it just me or do they look quite cheap? Like a decent knock off you’d get on holiday in Spain?


These kits look average and are a regression from this season’s designs.

I prefer something like the current kit which has a smart collar.

Kirk Fletcher

Sorry but this past season home kit OWNS!! this home kit!!!!!!!!!! Think I will not buy this year.. keep wearing my long sleeve home kit from this last season it looks great in long sleeve!!. Mad as shit though that I had number 17 on the back and now Alexis is number 7….. I knew this was going to happen… should have went with my gut instincts!!!!!!…. and kept it numberless!!!!!!….. sigh… anyways 2015-16 home kit is so much better!!!!!


Home kit looks fresh really smart but away kit looks like it’s been made on pro evolution soccer

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