Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Reports: Arsenal back in for Morata

Various reports this morning say that Arsenal are negotiating a transfer for striker Alvaro Morata.

The 23 year old Spaniard is currently at Juventus, but former club Real Madrid have a €30m buy back clause which they can choose to exercise this summer. It’s suggested that Arsenal are trying to negotiate directly with the La Liga giants in order to a deal which would see him join the Gunners after they buy him back.

Corriere dello Sport say that’s what the plan is, but papers say a lot of stuff.

Juventus director Giuseppe Marotta admitted it was out their hands, saying, “Morata’s future doesn’t solely depend on Juventus despite our desire for him to remain here, but the outcome of the conversations with Real Madrid will dictate his future.”

The 6’1 forward scored just 11 goals last season, but is seen as a player of real potential, and it’s not the first time Arsenal have been linked with him.

Before he joined the Serie A club, Arsene Wenger denied a loan deal for Morata had been done with Madrid as far back as December 2013, but he is a player who has been on the manager’s radar for some time.

With Danny Welbeck injured, the need to add at least one forward to the squad this season is acute, although we do tend to shy away from deals as complicated as this one would be.

He fits the bill, but we’re erring on the side of caution, giving this a runny 7 on the poo-o-meter for now.


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Arshavin's fake moustache

No one wants a runny poo

I like Morata a lot. I know his goal scoring needs to improve, but I think he does have the (potential) makings of a top striker in there somewhere, and he still is really young. It is hard to really quantify his abilities when he doesn’t really get a lot of starts, and the Italian league is notoriously difficult to score in (unless your Higuain). I think he could be a decent acquisition, I can’t see him being cheap though, I think if he is going to go for 50 Million + we could get Lukaku for that money.. so… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Hmm….a younger and less prolific Giroud?

No thanks. This story’s full of poo.


His stats aren’t really comparable to Girouds.

When Giroud was 23, he was playing in the third/fourth tier of French football at Grenoble where he only scored like 2/3 goals in about 30 games, then he was loaned out to FC Istres where he scored about 14/15 goals in about the same amount of games.

There is a distinct jump in quality between the French lower divisions and La Liga and Serie A.

I’d back this kid to be more prolific in front of goal then Giroud has been.


Italian league known for being difficult to score in? Maybe 20 years ago, not anymore!


Clearly not mate.

A goal scoring record remaining intact from the 1950’s clearly shows the Italian league is not an easy league to score in.

The last young striker we signed from Juve didn’t do us too badly.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Lukaku is up for sale and wants to come to us more than any other team in the world?

If that’s not hard information then you’re fantasising.


So…. there’s no game this weekend then? : (


Lukaku. £50m. Job done!


Apparently 65m is job done for him…


I’d expect someone with a better first touch for £50m!


We should’ve gone for dybala last year. Morata is not even as good and yet costlier


Dybala is class, but he is a bit on the small side and might find the PL difficult.
A guy I’d like to see us go for is CSKA Moscow forward Ahmed Musa. He can play anywhere across the front three, is damn quick, and has a mean shot. And he’s only 24.


Dybala is going to be a star and we will look back on what if’s. Could have had him for 30 mil and he will be worth 60 mil next year. He is a quick and sudden player just like Alexis but from the right side. It’s a shame we didn’t get him.

Crash Fistfight

I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I’m not a huge fan of his. I don’t think he’s good enough technically to work in our system (although he is fantastic for a team playing a more direct style).

When teams park the bus against us I can’t see how he’s going to score – his touch and passing are atrocious!

A Gorilla

Agreed, lets hope Arsene thinks so too.

Ibrahimovic or Aubameyang are my top picks – followed by Lukaku or Griezmann (unlikely)


Athletico like selling their top players so maybe Griezmann. He plays as an auxiliary striker in a 4-4-2 though… Could he be our lone striker?

Third Plebeian

Atletico aren’t selling Griezmann. I wish they would, but they won’t, and we won’t offer the kind of money that would change their minds.


Whoscored list Morata’s weakness as … Finishing. Please. God. No.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Wenger loves players who have other qualities but weak at finishing. The only who was good at finishing when recruited was Eduardo.


I think it’s that Wenger gets players who score goals and gets to them to score less goals but do other things. Chamakh Giroud Gervinho all came in as proper goal scorers. But in France. Maybe that’s the problem..


Oh Eduardo how I miss thee
Scored a sumptuous finish recently vs Sevilla and just then I thought how we could use a classy guy like this.


He might cost as much as £65m

Third Plebeian

I doubt that very much. I’d say closer to £40m. Still a lot for a player who really hasn’t fulfilled his potential.

Jay Song

Lukaku is a good player but at £50m ~ £60m I don’t think he will be sold to anyone unless the offer comes from China or something.

Everton will want that sort of money since they paid around £35m but I think he is way too overpriced.

We can probably get Morata for around £30m which is probably very realistic figure for us.



Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I would go for Isco or James to replace Walcott and buy a poacher.


Isco or James,hmm. Mahrez anyone?

Shire gooner

Got to be James surely? World class and cannot get a game at the moment.


Lukaku is defo worth £50 million, the amount of goals he’s scoring at Everton; most of his own making is ridiculous. And don’t get me started on his potential given his age.

If we’re serious we’d pay up.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Goes he score all of these solo goals after wriggling his way through two solid banks of four defending players? You have to be able to do that if you’re going to be an Arsenal striker.

Jack Action

Going to PSG for all intents and purposes. Heir to Ibra.


Would be a good signing for us, but I’ve been burned far too many times in the past to get even little bit excited at this stage.


Sounds like theres genuine substance to our interest. Whether or not it happens is another story.

Fits the bill for what we need. Gives us that something different up front to Giroud. His ability to get round players could be frightening with mesut and santi behind him.


For whether it happens or not, I use the reliable poo meter!


Decent player, could be a real winner, but would much rather see us go balls out for Lukaku. We have the cash, make a statement Arsene, that’s how you shut your critics up and futureproof our forward line for years to come.


The critics will be on his arse again after the first loss of the season. You can never rid of critics, some deserved, some moronic. Wouldn’t matter if he spent 10 million or 60 million. The same way everyone and their mother was chewing up Ozil.


The same critics that now laud him as the best player maker in Europe. Fickle




We ned two world-class strikers for when one gets injured or arrested. We have enough midfielders already, the Mirror claiming Kante is on his way.
One w-c centre back will help solidify our defence. Most importantly, we have the X-factor in Xhaka. Alexis. And the OX. Game over.


Arsenal desperately need a proven goal scorer. Arsenal possibly interested in non proven goalscorer.

Jay Song

Yes true but which proven goalscorer we could get?
Messi? Higuain? Lewandoski? Suarez? Ronaldo?

The only realistic choice we have is to get someone young with potential and develope them.

A Gorilla

Zlatan and Aubameyang could both be bought. Emphasis on ‘could’ as not likely, but I wouldn’t have said Ozil or Sanchez was likely in May of those respective years either.

Crash Fistfight

Just a quick question: is the A in your name your initial, like in Magilla Gorilla (I was thinking maybe Anthony Gorilla)?

A Gorilla

Ha, couldn’t tell you mate. It’s a simpsons reference. I wasn’t brave enough to put my real name on here, unlike you.

Jay Song

Yes fair enough but Aubameyang and Lukaku seems way more unlikely to be honest.


Lukaku or Aubamayang?


Don’t see how a player with 26 goals in 92 apps in his last two years in the Serie A is an improvement over Giroud. He’s never scored more than 15 goals in a season at the top level, with his highest being 18 for Castilla. I’d move this to a 10 poo rating personally.


He was fantastic in the knockout stages of the Champions League last season. If I remember correctly he scored big big goals against Dortmund, Real Madrid, and Barcelona in the final


10 poo just because you don’t rate the lad? Giroud was top scorer when Montpellier won the league (21 goals in 36 league apps). At the Arsenal he hasn’t come close to that except maybe 2014-2015 (14 in 27). You can’t judge a player based on his performance in other leagues except when it is out of this world good/bad. Moratta’s performances have been neither.
On top of that people calling for 50mil on Lukaku. That’s outrageous, if he was worth that much other clubs would be all over him (they’re not).


Lukaku scored 20 goals on loan to WBA as a teenager (maybe 21) didn’t he? He’s young, strong, quick and can improve.

How do you know other clubs have not been all over him? Transfer windows not even open…

Andy Mack

17 in 38 at WBrom.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But can he play like that in our typical style? i.e. with next to no space to work with except when Ozil can get a pass to him. Would Wenger change our style for a new player? He didn’t for Ozil or Alexis. Seems to me that scoring a lot for Everton doesn’t translate directly to scoring a lot for us. A lot of players thrive in a particular style of play or with particular players around them (You know, partnerships they’ve developed over time). As a result virtually no transfer to Arsenal could be guaranteed to be as effective… Read more »

Jay Song

I think we must be realistic.

We can pray for something imposible like signing Suarez now or something but only realistc choice we have right now is sign someone who is good and young and develope them.


Agreed. Lukaku.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If your pray for Suarez looks like working then I will prey he breaks both legs in 53 places before we sign the forms so we can send him back to Barcelona in a bucket, with a reject slip.


What was Girouds, rate of scoring before he came to us? I ask because I don’t think I’d ever heard of him before move, so can’t be great. Plus Morata, is younger, of a higher pedigree and played in better leagues. His potential is greater than what Girouds was. If we buy him, give him a chance I say. Though, tbh, Aubameyang please!!

Andy Mack

I think HFB was the Top scorer in France for Montpellier the season they won the league.
So he was quite well known.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, the French Vardy, only a LOT prettier.


Worth bearing in mind that Real don’t want him themselves; the purpose of the buy-back clause was to sell him at an immense profit to somebody desperate and daft. He looks a good young player with plenty of potential whom Juve would like to keep, but the downsides are that he rejected us (or England) in favour of Juve in the past, which suggests he won’t be that happy and that the price is ridiculous. His conversion rate last season was worse than Walcott’s, much worse than Giroud’s. I thought Lukaku at 60m was overpriced but this takes the biscuit.… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

It would be hilarious if Real bought him back and nobody wanted to sign him. I like the comparison to Welbeck. Not in style, but in the fact that Welbeck was a player I always liked when he played for England due to his work-rate and versatility, but not someone I wanted at Arsenal (although I now think he’s got way more end product). I feel the same with Morita. In his case, he’s a real team player with sound technique and links the game well, but he doesn’t score enough! I like watching him when my enjoyment of the… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I wasn’t talking about the bloke from the Karate Kid, BTW – bloody auto-correct!


Whatever catfish son

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Wax On, Wax Off. (Like Giroud’s chest?)


Could be that he doesn’t want to return to Real where he wasn’t given enough chances. Would surely be an improvement over Jese.

Andy Mack

The players feelings about England and/or Arsenal will have zero effect on the price.
That’s between the clubs.
It would have a major effect on his personal terms though, or he could just say ‘No’.


Hope there’s substance to this one. Does anyone know if he can play out wide as well?

Granit, another wide player (Isco is out now, isn’t he?) Morata and maybe a CB and it’s a good window.

I know, I know

No Way, Jose

If memory serves me well, one of the reasons Wenger did not go through with loan/transfer deal was because Real wanted to put a buy back clause in the deal. Wenger said the club of our stature should not agree to buy back clauses when signing a player. Juventus were clearly okay with it


Not unreasonable by any means. Arsenal is not a feeder club to Real, like the Spurs.


No, just for ManCity.

Andy Mack

We’re no longer a selling club!


Strikes me as this generation’s Kalou where we’re going to be linked with him for the rest of time. Really don’t think he’s good enough to warrant persistent efforts to get him, even if we were interested initially. Hope it’s not true, he’s very much in the Danny Welbeck category of a solid player but nowhere near clinical enough. Better options out there in my opinion, even if they would cost a touch more. I know lots of people think he’s not good enough because he ‘never does it against English teams’ (accusations levelled against Messi and Zlatan at various… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Ah, the link to Kalou. Like a soft, warm blanket on a cool summer’s evening just to let you know that the transfer window is just around the corner.

Andy Mack

Cavani is 29 and not cheap. A year to ‘settle’ and he’ll be 30..
IMO Not going to happen with us.


Not clinical enough, same bracket as Welbeck.

I’d rather we admit our failing and go for Higuain again. We really should’ve paid the £30m for him.

Higuain with Ozil behind is a mouth watering prospect.


Higuain for me too. 36 goals in 35 games. Same League in which Morata bagged just 7. I prefer a striker who is nearly 30 goals a season better than Morata!


And Alexis and Mahrez on the wings!


Grizman for Magrez.

I rate him more than reus


If we are going to spend that much money it’s better on a proven striker. We have enough young potential coming through the ranks who can deliver more than 10 goals a season, we really can’t afford another experiment

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You may be surprised to hear that we’re not the only club in Europe looking for a proven striker. We have competition because real life transfers are not “point-and-click to buy”.


A top class player Arsenal can afford. Napoli will probably want crazy money for Higuain so buying an unfinished project makes more sense, which probably means Lukaku or Morata. Of course there is always the risk he doesn’t develop into a goal scoring machine.

Also, think Higuain is more of a poacher, clinical but no by means a complete striker. Morata’s overall game is better and would suit a technical side like Arsenal. His solo dribble and assist against bayern in the cl this year was a thing of beauty.

Public Elneny Number One

I don’t think theres anything wrong with a poacher, means there would be a striker in the box and how many times has a cross or a ball gone into the area and we have no player there?

Jay Song

I don’t think we would have signed both Higuain and Ozil in 1 window.
I hoped we could sign Higuain but at the end of the day signing Ozil was always the better choice.


He has 7 goals in 34 games: a goal every 208 minutes (He scored 8 the previous year). Giroud has 16 in 38, a goal every 152 minutes. He often comes on a sub and plays on the wing. I just cant credit us with being interested in Morata. He’s a back-ups, back up surely?


It’s hard to compare someone who plays on the wing with someone who plays centrally, maybe what Wenger is thinking is a front three of Morata, Giroud, Alexis

The old spread the goals around theory

Dr Doctor

Giroud is better.


Has to be Higuian… he’s been in immense form this season – 36 goals in 35 matches. He has a massive release clause but something like 65m Euros should tempt them into selling as he reportedly wants away. Seems a ridiculous amount of money, but if we an to win the title it’s players of that calibre that will make it happen; we need a step up from what we already have.


One of today’s gossip rumours is that Higuain has requested the reduction of his release clause from 72M pounds to 40M. I would love to have Higuain in our squad. Morata, not so much. As others have pointed out, we already have enough players who are multi-faceted contributors – what we need is an out and out poacher whose only role is to finish the opportunities that everyone else puts on a platter for him.


I have requested a cool 5 million bonus from my job as well, and await their positive response.

He can request anything he wants, doesn’t mean it is going to happen.


Yeah I am not keen on Morata personally but he might be the best option. We need a top top goal scorer, some one who is lethal in front of goal, unfortunately there is not many available. There might be a chance of getting Higuain or Aubameyang if you throw enough money at their clubs.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Higuain didn’t want to come to us before. What’s changed?


Serie A stats this season
Games: 34
Goals: 7
Assists: 8

Giroud had a better return than that…….


Did someone just down vote statistical fact?

Crash Fistfight

three people and counting…

A Gorilla

Statistics can be used to prove anything, 40% of people know that.

Crash Fistfight

I got that reference, even if I didn’t get your name.


lacazette? batshuayi? lukaku? over morata imo. Seems like a good player but we need a goalscorer and he doesn’t score a lot of them. Maybe needs a good run in the team but would be a massive risk for the money Real will demand. The other would be similar prices and are all better goalscorers.


Wenger has his faults but his record at identifyng striker talent is second to none. Now, whether or not he signs them is another matter entirely, but he does know talent. I’d trust him on this one.

broken red army

thats why he missed out on Ibra Suares Higuin Dyabala Drogba Ronaldo… and why weve been stuck with Giroud while a whole planet saw we needed a goalscorer. when was the last time he brought one again? 10 years ago Adebayor? 2nd to none!

Andy Mack

You don’t think there may be other reasons for missing out on those guys. It’s just the managers fault… OK thanks for clearing that up!

broken red army

everytime he had the money. and half of them were way cheaper than the ones we bought at the time. and years since we had a proper goalscorer we brought all the little playmakers but man couldnt spot any top striker but Park Chi Yung Chamakh Sanogo Welbeck or Giroud. look at league 4 past winners and the vast of top strikers they had over the years. and not necessarily more expensive ones but their quality. even Spuds found one after Defoe (and guess what under Arsene nose Mr. Harry Kane). so if you want to insist a wealthy team… Read more »

Andy Mack

When were “Ibra Suares Higuin Dyabala Drogba Ronaldo” ever cheaper than the players we bought ?

broken red army

I said some of them and I said at the time we missed. see Ibra was free on trial, Drogba was rated 3 million. Ronaldo 10. and even Suarez Higuain and Dybala are worth double or triple the amount they were when we missed. and mate these are not the point. it of course is that its been more than a decade since Wenger last introduced a proper striker to this team. and thats noway near a top club standards let alone being the best at spotting stiker talent. have some perspective lad. dont need to keep opposing for the… Read more »

Andy Mack

OK, so you mean we should have bought the top ones when they were only prospects (and we had TH14 etc), or the others that cost more than the players we could afford at that time.

Your point is fair but your examples aren’t.

Andy Mack

Although we did of course try to buy Suarez but he decided he didn’t want to join us after all.

broken red army

“spotting top strikers” is my point. and you say missing out on top strikers before they went on to be just that is bad examples! (that is what say a Diego Simone is good at. every given oppertunity they surprise fans by interducing great strikers.) my father god bless his soul used to say when people oppose you there is no way you can convince them otherwise they will be deaf so they make sure theyre always right.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Good old “Free on trial” Ibra told us to fuck off because “Zlatan does not do trials”. If I were Wenger I might offer him the job here, but I’d damn well insist he plays a trial first and then happily watch him piss off to play out his fading years in China.

Dennis The Menace

Would not add anything that we don’t already have between Giroud and Welbeck, and he is not a truly potent goalscorer, much better options out there i.e. Higuain, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Batshuayi

el nino

Less poo’s better / more poo’s bad?

I don’t understand the poo’s


The less poo involved the better – depends what you’re in to but it’s generally a good motto to go by.

Rohith J

Good player, but does not offer more than what Welbeck does IMO. Not the 25+ goal scorer in the league we are looking for. But he is only 23.

The Ice Man Cometh...

At lease we’re looking at strikers.

Jay Song

I think signing Morata is a better choice.

Higuain is clearly a better finisher but Morata offers much better link up play. Ozil Sanchez Morata and maybe Ramsey on the Right offers good balance and goal threat in my opinion.

Higuain is 29 and Morata is 24 so potential for improvement is there as well. Higuain may struggle to adjust his game to ours.


Higuan in 28

Jay Song

Ah don’t be so sensible mate
He is turning 29 this year

biafran arse

I want him,top player,handsome too


Arsene wanted Suarez- world beater, he wanted Higuain- record breaker. If he wants Morata then I trust him. He’s usually pretty good at picking strikers. (Sanogo and Gervinho aside)


He is definitely a starter for me in CL and FA cup. Super sub goals in the PL would be a bonus. I can see this happening simply because of his age and the fact that he is Spanish makes his integration into the squad easier. But 25 million is the maximum I would be willing to pay for him.
I would be very happy with

I want the ox,theo,chambers,Gabriel and Campbell to struggle for gametime next season.


Players that reach 23 with a low goals tally, don’t suddenly become prolific later on. I’d prefer to take a chance on someone used to scoring plenty like Vincent Janssen than Morata.

Higuain didn’t want to come to us before and will likely be looking for one last big payday. He doesn’t generally score more than Giroud, apart from last season. Lukaku is questionable and there must be better at £65m.


His goal scoring record is very good, actually, but he is 29 yrs old. I can’t see the logic of it. Man U could buy a van Persie at that age, knowing he would be good for only a couple years (actually, one), because he was getting to the end of his contract. They’d never have paid anything like £65 million for him, though, or whatever the inflation adjusted equivalent is of what Napoli would demand for Hiquain.


You are right of course, but the few times I have seen Morata I didn’t get an Henry vibe:-)

the only sam is nelson

“Players that reach 23 with a low goals tally, don’t suddenly become prolific later on.”

Have you ever heard of a former Arsenal striker called Thierry Henry? He scored 23 in 121 appearances for Monaco and Juve before joining us aged 22.

I can’t say there’d be a statue of him, pumping his fists at spittle-flecked enraged Spuds fans, outside our stadium, if you were right. But there he is. So, perhaps you’re not entirely correct. Unless you’re going to say that the key year is 22-23 and AW had nothing to do with it, in which case…. hmmm.




“Players that reach 23 with a low goals tally, don’t suddenly become prolific later on”

Unless they leave Manu ( score none) and go to Spain and just score dozens of goals

David Hillier's luggage

This smells of Real Madrid trying to bump his price up and generate inflated interest so Juve pay to have the buyout clause removed (similar to our situation with Vela). Given they sold him for €20m, bringing him back would represent a €10m loss. Real seem to want to make around €35m off the player (given some of the figures banded about before his move to Juve), meaning selling him for €45m+ this summer. Having a cash rich club like Arsenal ‘interested’ in paying €50m for him forces Juventus’ hand a bit. What will happen is Juventus will pay something… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

That makes a great deal of sense – seems like the most logical outcome.


Or it’s just a simple case of us wanting a striker with good potential who has CL experience, played in two top leagues and also a regular at international level. Morata is a very big possibility because he can play anywhere in the front 3 and Giroud will still be the main man.
I think we should get Morata and keep Walcott.


Morata is as good as done if Madrid are not too greedy and if we stop being too stingy. Will be a good signing at his age.


Are you Arsene Wenger in disguise?


Keep Walcott?
Oh my days!….. and I’m 51 years old! 🙂


Think the club will probably bring in striker about the same level as Giroud, with room for improvement. Morata fits that perfectly as he is also bit of a hybrid between Giroud and Welbeck. In a perfect world you would want a world-class striker to replace Giroud but chances of getting that player are slim. Think Giroud can be “world class” in patches as his stats tell. He is seldom in form for a whole season, probably because of playing too much, being a bit limited and very dependent on his mental state/confidence. Morata would provide a sifferent type of… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He is seldom in form for a whole season, probably because of playing too much, being a bit limited and very dependent on his mental state/confidence, and usually having two or three defenders super-glued to his shorts.


If ever there was confirmation of the idea that top-class strikers are very few on the ground, it is the £50 million price tag for someone like Morata. (Ditto Lukaku.) I can’t believe we got Alexis for less than 40 mil, frankly.


we could try a 40 million and 1 pence bid for Aguero


I would throw in a Cornetto, too. But only if they accept in in the next 72 hours.

Andy Mack

Why? Does he have an ‘over £40m’ buy out clause then?


If Real wants the money, they would just let Juve buy his buyout clause. They get about 30m€ for this deal. If Real buys him back and sells him to some other club, they would have to sell him for 60m€ at least. Of course it depends on if Juventus actually want to keep Moratta. This transfer seems complicated as f*ck. I don’t think we should waste time on it.

angel goon

I would slap a massive bid in for aubameyang and test dortmunds’s resolve. He is the only striker i feel we may get that is better then what we already have. Morratta or lukaku are simply not worth the money.


The last time we signed a striker from juve it worked out pretty well. People said he didn’t score enough too if I remember it right….


As I was reading these comments, I was thinking the exact same thing……
But lightening doesn’t strike twice…..unless the lightening is Arsenal finishing above sp*rs ; )


Then it strikes 21 times (and counting).

Andy Mack

Or us getting exactly the wrong player injured at exactly the worst possible moment…


Bony from MC???????

Crash Fistfight

Nah, he was over-priced at £25m. Not any better than Giroud, and moreover he will miss 4-6 weeks every other year when the AFCON is played.


“Not any better than Giroud”…you’re having a laugh…right????


Bony is rubbish.

Michael Bluth



IG: “Hey, we’ve got to sell some season tickets; how about a good ‘warchest’ story?”

AW: “Good idea!”

I was just thinking this morning that this has been a perfect season…for Stan, Sir Chips and Lord Harris of Peckham. Having spent practically nothing in the transfer window last summer, the club have finished second, winning that all-important Champions’ League place. Huge amounts of revenue to come, with minimal outgoings – perfect business!

But for us Gooners it’s been yet another year of underachievement. But who cares about the fans?


Mate you’re just fucking boring


Now is the time for hope Fats….COYG!


I want Kane to pull a Sol. Lukaku is way overpriced and if we are going to break the bank then why not for someone who has proven himself in the epl twice already.

Jay Song

Do you seriously think he is going to come to Arsenal?
Are u playing FIFA mate?


I have yes.
But is it really that ridiculous to think he would switch? If anyone could convince him it would be AW.

Jay Song

Why don’t we try to get Suarez?

Andy Mack

He said no to us because he wanted to go to Spain, so I doubt he’d be interested unless we offered him the gross income of small country.


I’d love for this to happen, but I don’t think there’s any chance of it. He’s the best goalscorer in the league already, and we wouldn’t have to take time to break him in to the PL pressure cooker. Plus, his entire family supports Arsenal.

Unfortunately, he’s perfectly happy where he is, and it would take a bid of 100M pounds or more to get the Spurms to even open discussions.

Crash Fistfight

He’s not the best goalscorer in the PL. It just happens that the best goalscorer in the PL is often injured for a quarter of each season because his hamstrings are made of tissue paper, so he didn’t have enouh time to score the most goals.

Crash Fistfight

So at least 2 people think Kane is better than Agüero. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Andy Mack

Or they didn’t understand that you were referring to Aguero…


Hasn’t Lukaku proven himself over the last couple of seasons at WBA and Everton? Sterling went for 50m and Stones will probably go for around the same price this summer. Yeah, the prices are ridiculous, but they seem to be the going rate. Listen, Wenger’s buying no one for 50m – maybe messi, at a push.


I would put in a bid just to test Kane’s resolve. I’m ready to bet his loyalty to Sp*rs would suddenly vanish when he realizes there is a possibility to play for a real club, with the likes of Özil and Sanchez…


All we need to do is put a muzzle over his jaw and tell him we aren’t going to take it off until he agrees to sign. Since he can’t breathe without his mouth open the whole thing would take less than 3 minutes to sort out.


Vincent Janssen looks more interesting to me


My Gran is still available…


Not a chance of signing this fella.

11 turds.


This bloke scores less than Giroud.

We don’t need another physical striker. Giroud is better and also adds assists.

To those constantly moaning on about Giroud ad tedium, Welbeck hasn’t exactly scored heaps returning and Walcott has been worse.

I think the striker we need is someone to complement GIroud’s physical approach and heading ability, Welbeck’s direct pace. We are missing a fox in the box player who is clever and tricky, has good dribbling skills like a Pato or El Sharawwy (Before they got poor). Creativity and dribbling skills is what we need.


If you’ve actually watched morata, you’d know he’s fast and quite skillful. Can beat a man and creates chances…just because he’s 6’2 doesn’t mean he is a physical striker.


I really think this is NOT going to happen. If our interest in Xhaka is legit (which I sincerely hope it is – it’s a mouth watering prospect to have him and Santi together holding the centre), I don’t see AW splashing so much cash again on someone who, at the end of the day, is only a prospect. I do agree that getting a proven goal-scorer is going to be quite tough, however, if we are going for potential, I certainly think there are quite a few other options with more “proven” potential than Morata at a price-tag which… Read more »


Aslong as we don’t have Walcott “competing”with Giroud, I’m fine. Morata would be sound if he’s under 35 mil. (Which is still too much imo.)

craszy gunner

Morata probably has an agent with a big mouth…ask your self if the £51m was yours even in this inflated ,arket will you pay that amount for a prospect?…You pay £30m and above for proven players!..

If Wenger pays that amount then we have to assume that dementia has finally set in..

But then you never know maybe Wenger is planning to pay with monopoly money!

Higuain will become available..and I am sure at a bargain…Napoli have to sell him in this window because no one will pay big money for him once he clocks 30!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“You pay £30m and above for proven players!”… that was last season. This is the second season of big money in the PL and everybody who has a player to sell, or is a player looking to make a move, will want a big slice of that. Prices will be significantly higher this summer, especially for proven players.

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