Saturday, March 25, 2023

Rosicky included in Czech Euro squad

Despite not being able to play one more time for Arsenal before his departure for the club, Tomas Rosicky will have a chance to pull on an international shirt once more having been included in the Czech Republic squad for Euro 2016.

The 35 year old midfielder has been included alongside Petr Cech for this summer’s tournament, hoping to odd to the 100 caps he’s already received.

Speaking to the official site earlier this week, Rosicky spoke about how difficult it was to leave Arsenal, having seen a generation of young talent grow up in his 10 years at the club.

“It is very difficult to say goodbye after 10 years when you know everyone at the club,” he said.

“All the young English guys when I came here grew up alongside me, I have seen them since they were 16 years old basically – Jack, Theo, the Ox, Aaron and Kieran Gibbs, so many.

“I have seen them grow from little lads to the big players they are now and this makes me proud that I had an influence on their growth and education. That is why it is really difficult to leave.”

And hopefully we’ll get to see him do something like this one more time.

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Happy for TR7. I hope he gets a little playing time. would be wonderful to see his magic again.

Bould's Eyeliner

Now I just have “Yesterday” by Boyz II Men stuck in my head.

:'( Goodbye TR7, you will be missed. Best of luck in Euros.

Non sequitur- this new font on comments is disgusting.


Mine is banjaxed too – the pics on the side cover the end of people’s posts and a third of the video…


Most of our midfielders lack his tenacity. Love you rossa. Jack probably learned a lot from him. Especially this skill


I remember Stuart Robson saying he’s not a player who throws himself that much and lacks getting stuck in.
I just wanted to slap this in his face like a wet fish

Scott P

I hope he has an absolutely wonderful tournament, he deserves that much.


Hope this gives Tomas a chance to bid his fans a proper farewell before retiring from international football. Viva TR7!

Crash Fistfight

What’s with the new format? Not that there’s much difference between the old and new, I just wondered what the rationale was.

Crash Fistfight

Actually, I’ve noticed a slight annoyance. I generally close the ‘other stories’ pop-up on the side of screen straightaway so that there are no pictures on the screen, but I need to go full-screen to close it now, with the new format.

It would be better if either the pop-up could be disabled or if it appeared at the bottom corner of the screen.

Shire Gooner

What X? Neither IE11 or Chrome work properly.


I’m missing an x, chrome on iPad

Crash Fistfight


It’s not that there’s no X, it’s that when I’m not in full screen the X is obscured, so I have to go to full screen to be able to click to close.

I don’t tend to have the window in full screen so as to avoid showing pics/ads that make it obvious it’s not work-related! It makes it a bit annoying, having to maximise every time I go to an article/refresh the page to get rid of the pop-up.

It wasn’t a problem on the previous format, as the X was always visible.


Site is absolutely buggered for me – the main blog site looks fine though?

Shire gooner

Mine too. (IE11)


Sorry Blogs I have to say the new format is pants but nothing depresses me since saturday and Tottenham’s implosion so never mind eh


It is only bad on when I’m using the phone or iPad. On the desktop it works fine but the mobile screen doesn’t have the x to remove the “more stories” link. we’re just creatures of habit I suppose. Just tried it on android and it is even more chaotic


This new format is pretty horrible. Can’t make the “other stories” box go away. The Courier font for comments is dreadful. The screen used to be nicely organized, now stuff is all over the place. The “next story” and “previous story” links are shrunken and hard to find. Why is it being “fixed” when it wasn’t broken in the first place?


Whatever you did, it worked! Much better looking this afternoon than this morning. Fonts seem to have settled down, the Other Stories box has its little “X” back, and the next and previous story links are much better. Thanks!

Buzzy Gurkha Gunner

Wanna see him turn shimmy and bamboozle defenders with a bit of suprise pace !


I like Tomas, but Czech Republic must be short of players…


I still feel like he could play for us. As you can tell my love for Tom is strong


Remember when he scored that goal I was so excited to see him play for us. Didn’t know much else about him before then, besides those goals he scored in the Champions League in 02/03 (I think). While it’s fair to say injuries mean that there’s an element of what might have been, he’s still been a massive influence on the club. Hope he gets the swansong he deserves this summer.

Indian Gooner

It would finally see our Rozza play..
Extremely happy for our Legendary Mozart.


I remember watching that match on TV. It was right after we’d signed him, and the commentator cried out “They’re gonna love him at Arsenal!”

Truer words were never spoken.


Hey Blogs,
A little off topic but is it only my screen that’s buggered?

The comments section has a huge amount of contrast (can’t see the profile pics) and I can’t make the stories box go away. That and the ad’s cover pretty much bottom and right side of the screen.


By way of feedback, the new format on mobile iOS Safari is showing a lot of repetition of articles. Plus the Rosicky Euro story isn’t showing as the most recent in the Home section.


It’s back to mostly how it was now. I liked the brief big picture display before you clicked on the article so if that’s coming back then I’m all for it. One of the things I really like about Arseblog News on mobile browser is that all the news articles show in one place. You don’t have to click into the sub-headings to get to new articles.

Also, thanks for all this.

Frankie boy

Same here, stories boy is there to stay no way to get rid of it, old format was so much better… Why change it when it was working great.


iOS mobile looks same as ever for me on iPhone, perfect

But on topic, I’m really happy for little Mozart and really hope he gets to play

I think the czechs will be my main team at the euros. Given, you know, England and all….

Go Tomas go!!!


really happy to see tomas picked and will be even happier if he gets some playing time. i’m still hoping he gets his testimonial at the emirates.

for what it’s worth, i’m using chrome on a desktop and the new site and format look great. i even like the font, i find it easier to read. and this is coming from someone who generally does not like change and likes to complain about things.

Not Mark Strong

What a player he was at his prime, I still remenber his goal against spuds 2 years ago, like it just happened. Thanks for the memories Thomas


Why are we letting him go? Surely hes a good player to play once in a while and to have around the squad


This news has made me far too happy. Can we have a Rosicky-watch liveblog just for Tomas at the Euros please Blogs?

We don’t talk enough about his goal against Brighton. Seen it described as “Rosicky dribble, no look pass, chipped assist pass (Giroud), volley, goal”. Followed by him raising both hands in the air like the Chief Whitewalker.

If you’re gonna beat lower-leagues opponents on the way to winning an FA Cup, you do it in style, and TR7 had plenty of that.


Something is definitely wrong with me. My 6 year old son sang IHA to me last night and leave let out such a loud whoop I startled my wife.
5 days later and am still smiling, football is beautiful people, let’s not forget that in our Out / In issues

Santi Claws

Just letting you know the new format’s working fine for me – I’m on a 2014 Macbook Air browser, like the fresh look!

Lula da Gilberto

This is just excellent news. Come on Tomas!

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