Szczesny coy on where he’ll be next season


Wojciech Szczesny says he knows where he’ll be playing football next season, and that he’s learned more in his time at Roma than in all his years in England.

Perhaps there’s an element of saying what the audience wants to hear, but it doesn’t reflect well on Arsenal, even if it is an off the cuff remark. However, it’s an open secret that both Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski, who left to go to Swansea, have been unhappy with the goalkeeping coaching at Arsenal – so his comment may be particularly pointed.

“If I stay at Roma, it’ll be the opportunity to grow and improve even more. If I return to Arsenal, I’ll make use of my experience,” he told Il Tempo.

“I learned more in four months under Spalletti than in 10 years in England. He puts a lot of importance on playing the ball to feet. One day we trained for over 45 minutes just on goal kicks.

“I really get on with goalkeeping coach Nanni too, as he is a great professional and I never get bored. We’ve got a strong friendship. If I have made steps forward in my career, it is thanks to him.”

Overall, he considered his loan spell in Serie A a successful one.

“I consider this season very positive, I had to change mentality quickly, it was a very important opportunity for me,” he said.

“It was a waste of time sitting on the bench in London.”

If I stay in Rome, I will have to grow more, if I return to Arsenal then I will treasure my experience. I learned more in 4 months with Spalletti than in 10 years in England.

“The Gunners have paid most of my salary, and I have a two year contract left with them.”

As for next season, he said, “I know where I will play next year, but I do not want to say.

What we would say is that more than once he’s been misquoted, and he’s happy to correct those quotes via his Facebook page, so it might be worth keeping an eye on that just in case he has something to say.

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Arsene-al fan

Staying at Roma most likely. Then back to us I reckon.


I imagine they’ve already agreed an extra year loan with Roma, or Ospina has expressed his desire to move on and Szczesny will return. I would like to see him learn from Cech for a bit, either this season or next. Would really enhance his potential in the PL.


I wouldn’t want to believe the bit about learning more in Rome in a season than in all his time at Arsenal is true. I mean I could believe that being the case (I’ve heard some worrying stories about Arsenals goalkeeping stories) but not that Woj would say it…unless he knows he’s off and he doesn’t give a shit about burning some bridges on his way out.
Whatever happens it’d be a shame if we end up selling him as I still see him as our long term first choice stopper.

someone's something

Care to share some of those stories with us? I’d love to hear some of ’em. Or maybe you could just point me in a direction where all those stories have been shared (forum, blog etc).

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I wud personally keep Chesney, and sell Ospina. There is no way Ospina wud agree to be third choice.

Chesney can play the cup games, and he will have plenty to learn from Cech. The biggest benefit will be that Chesney will be a ‘home-grown’ player for the squad registration rules, and thus that leaves more room to get another top signing.

A non home grown players who essentially sits on the bench, like a 2nd choice GK does, is a huge waste of non home grown squad space.


Home grown players from next season will include; Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Ox, Gibbs, Szczesny, Welbeck, Coq, Martinez, Chambers, Bellerin, Jenkinson. I don’t think we’ll have an issue with the 17 non-homegrown players we can register.

Insterestingly we have a pretty decent homegrown XI. (Albeit w/Jenkinson at CB)


Stories have ranged from training ground bust ups between keepers and coaches to plans being made to overhaul the gk coaches entirely. I think as recently as when Cech arrived there was a bit about how Arsenal goalkeeping coaching is quite stale and unprogressive compared to what was going on at Chelsea. We lost Tony Roberts to Swansea last year and haven’t replaced him, Gerry Peyton (who it’s common knowledge doesn’t get along with Szcz at all) is our only gk coach. As for sources I’ve read a few of these things on this blog over the years and some… Read more »


Apparently Scez and Gerry Peyton don’t get on. Or so I read in John Cross’s book I think it was. If you can believe that too, of course……
I don’t think he’s ever going to be the keeper we need him to be anyway.


I can understand that you don’t want to hear any negative comments about Arsenal’s goalkeeping coaching but unless Szczesny denies that he said it – which in the past he’s been quick to do on Twitter when the press misrepresented him – you may have to accept that it’s true. That Szczesny thinks Roma’s coaching is better than ours shouldn’t come as a massive surprise. Spalletti is widely reputed to be a brilliant manager, so I’d expect Szczesny to feel that he has learned a lot – note how he singles out the match preparation (not something that even exists… Read more »


I still hope he would make it with us. If he is willing to go on loan or backup Cech for couple of seasons, he could make the position his own for the following 8-10 yrs!


Well he hasn’t played with Cech yet and I’d like to think Understudy to Cech would be an incredibly educational experience… And one that he would benefit from

But this doesn’t sound positive.

At the same time he was fabulous on St totteringhams day so it’s tough to know what his real desire is. He’s obviously still a proper fan

If ospina goes and szcz doesn’t return we will need yet another signing, and I’m doubtful about our ability to get that done. For his faults szcz would be a fantastic number 2


He just isn’t that good. What’s the point of having him back? He doesn’t want to be the backup and he certainly isn’t getting the starting spot. Let him go already.


Petr Cech managed pretty well.

Martin Finley

Well Wenger can be very overbearing with players sticking by them for a decade despite getting nothing in return. So perhaps it is the same with his coaches and staff.

He could definetely be more ruthless and set a certain high standard for the club and those whom cant deliver up to that standard need to go.

Much like it is in most other occupations. You need to pull your weight and know what your doing or you will get sacked.


This comment would need some references and examples of how Wenger is supposed to have low standards.


When he can disregard great performances against Barcelona and Man Utd that we can still remember fondly for a year out at Roma, it strongly hints that he’s on the way out.

It’s a real shame as I thought he would’ve provided excellent competition to and could’ve learned from Petr Cech.

If there’s any truth in his saying, perhaps it might be worth to bring Christoph Lollichon, Cech’s goalkeeping coach before he joined us.


I remember reading that Lollichon would be moving over with Cech at the time his signing was announced. That move was subsequently nixed (or was never on in the first place) but it would seem to make some sense to grab him if we’re going to make Cech number one for the next few years.

Bob Davis

It would be great to see him show us what he’s capable of as a reliable number 2.

I still think he has a lot to offer, just needs to act like a pro and cut out the antics.

Maybe Cech could give him some guidance and training.


the only thing he’s learned in Italy is he can smoke in the shower with out a bollocking


He’s an ungrateful twat and a bang average keeper at best. And he needs to learn to keep his gob shut.

I’ll be glad to the back of the muppet. The useless c*nt.


What he apparentlly actually said was that he learned more about “ball distribution” in four months. He also likes the protection goalies get in Italy:


Oh Blogs, I did tweet you about it, Arsenalist absolutely right here!
Also, he did not give the interview to Tempo, he talked to Przeglad Sportowy, as you’ve got it in the link. It seems Tempo had the news on Chezzer loan for full wages and cut themselves a part to expand, then some lazy twat in Evening Standard quoted. I see the clickbait doing rounds at BBC now.
As I know you hate such things and people start unleashing on Chezzer now… You could’ve had put that out a bit, you know…


Blogs, FYI the auto load vid ads keep crashing safari on my iPad. At least it seems like that’s what it is.


Confirmed the “Howcast original” auto loading vid ad hangs up loading and crashes the page.



Sam Crow

Seems like he’s telling the truth, other players have said the same about learning nothing at Arsenal. Cesc, fabianski and a couple of others I can’t remember off hand.


Didn.t see much of him.for Roma so can.t reallybsay if he improved there or not. But what is true is that he showed little sign of improvement whilst he was our 1st choice, which reflects badly on him, or the coaching or both!


Angling for a permanent move away by saying all the right things to his proposed employers. Not a good strategy but sometimes effective. Will backfire greatly if the prospective buyers doesn’t take the bait and you are stuck with the current boss. Whole interview simply highlights his work place immaturity. But frankly equating 10yrs where the boss took a great leap of faith against popular opinion and moved you through the ranks to a first team shirt despite your numerous misdemeanor to 4 months of the new bright shiny stuff is one of the most mind boggling stretches I have… Read more »

Sam Crow

He said he’s learnt more in 4 months. What’s that got to do with Arsene progressing him into the first team?

Dan Hunter

Here’s a translation of his interview from Polish… should clear the bullshit up: “How big is difference between Serie A and Premier League for a Goalkeeper? – Gigantic, I think that Italian league is easier due to less physical intensivity. Goalkeepers are more protected outside the penalty area. Also tactics are more important than in BPL. I’ve felt it especially when Spalleti came back to Roma, replacing Garcia. Goalkeeper’s role in distributing ball is huge, in this aspect Spaletti taught me more in 4 months than Arseal in ten years. There is no more kicking the ball to the other… Read more »