Video: Granit Xhaka – Welcome to Arsenal


Granit Xhaka, welcome to Arsenal. A little taste of what we’ll be getting next season, thanks to @CulannDavies.


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Seriously, some of those passes were beautiful. Got a bit of the Alonso about him.


A weird combo of Alonso, Wilshere and maybe Matic.


Long balls, left footed and a decent tackler. I see it.

Danger Mouse

Great signing. And another player who’s cited Wenger as being a big reason to sign. Ozil and Sanchez said similar things when they signed. Wenger’s standing in the game is sometimes forgotten in all the rush to criticize. We’ll miss that when he goes.

Third Plebeian

Granit is chiseled, that’s for sure.


Dare to Zlatan


Love the way he took on Pogba in those snippets of Gladbach vs Juve. Fine player. Also, fine Arteta replacement in the looks department, lads. 😉

Crusty Coq Soq

Utter filth. Needs his own PornHub channel.


If he grows to be a specialist at those ‘Alonso’ passes then we will have added a major asset to our attacking prowess.

Our counter attack will be fire.
Granit==) Alexis===) Goal
Instead of Koscienly ===) Ramsey==) Coq==) Mertesacker===) Koscienly=== ) Giroud Ball out.


Not seen much of him but excited by this lad. Anyone can make anyone look great on YouTube, but interesting comments in press too. Like the promise of aggression and also fact that he’s captained club and country at such a young age. We’ve been crying out for leadership and we’ll need that even more with Artetta leaving/Per’s influence on the wain.


Perhaps he will be the rock that the wise man (Wenger) can build his house upon

another yank

Perhaps a granit foundation?


The first 2 mins of that vid could’ve been the Arse. Tremendous through ball, walcotty finishing.

Shire gooner

Is Walcotty now an adjective?


I think wenger was always searching this kind of player to have from deep midfield with brilliant passing, because when teams comes to emirates they always park the bus and coq is always available in midfield but his passing is really poor especially long bals and when he sees an opening and tries to play the pass he always make a mistake and that is one thing than wenger never liked. With granit brilliant passing from deep and almost always finding an opening I expect many goals at the emirates and also this will provide more space for ozil an… Read more »


Passing isn’t Coquelin’s strongest area but you make it sound like he has sunday league level passing. His oassing is okay but he needs a player with good passing range to play with. Coquelin is really good at breaking their counter attacks which is also important. Not impossible that Xhaka and the Coq would start matches together against strong opposition. That defensive option has been missing for a while.

Surrey Gooner

Interesting that so many of his superb passes ended up with his team mates not scoring. He should feel at home with the current lot if they take this season’s form into the next. ?


Funny that no one has mentioned he’s left footed.
Also, the song in the video is a Darius remix of Sunlight by the Magician.
If you’re looking for new music, Darius would be a good place to start!
Looks like Xkaka can really spread the ball, both on the ground and in the air. The video didn’t show too much of his dribbling ability. In any cases, excited with the signign!


Reminds me of Petit.

Which is a very good thing


Fuck yeah I hope he sticks around longer though


Elneny is Cazorla replacement/back up. Xhaka is Coquelin upgrade.

Cape Town Gooner

I see him as more of an Arteta replacement.

Xhaka & Cazorla could be a great midfield combo especially at home or vs “park the bus” opponents. Xhaka & Coq could also be a great combo if we expect to be under the kosh…

Mesut O'neill

Wenger just killed Elneny


With our injury record everyone will get enough games.
And that could be the difference COYG!


Looks like this guy’s going to give Ozil a run for his money with some of those through balls!

Gary Baldy

Xhaka can only be good for the competition for places as much as adding depth to the squad. In what will hopefully be a congested season, with interest in all four competitions lasting long into the second half of the season, as long as the team gel, no matter who plays with whom, then we should have the personnel to cope. I will assume we are owed at least a year free from injury to our midfield by the football Gods because I think it is fair to say we have given above and beyond our sacrificial quota for quite… Read more »


Dear Arsene, thank you very much for giving us a beast Ozil at the base of midfield and a pure Ozil at the tip.
I am fucking excited about this combo!

Gary Baldy

A beautifully succinct observation ! I concur unreservedly !


And Borussia players seem to be missing all the great chances he has created.. so he will feel at home at Arsenal 😛 just a joke ..

Gary Baldy

Damn, you got in first with my exact, and rather droll, sentiments !

However, those converted chances towards the end of the showreel were looking pretty tasty and he can take a free-kick, too !

I can see him working very well with all parts of the team, from the out ball from defence to the quick passing with Santi/ Özil/ Sanchez/ Wilshere/ Elneny, to the long ball to our target men beit it Giroud/ Welbeck, A.N. Other or even for Sanchez to run onto. He looks quite exciting as long as he doesn’t get too many reds !!!!

palace gunnerfan

Good to see xhaka in shape which the team need even with elney and bellerin in team you can see where to tighten and strengthen team gabriel and kosc