Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Welbeck looking for repeat City performance

One of Arsenal’s best performances last season came at Man City away when Santi Cazorla and Francis Coquelin bossed the midfield, and the Gunners tactics on the day worked out perfectly to secure a 2-0 win.

Perhaps the circumstances of this game are a little different, an end of season affair rather than having the intensity of one that might influence the title, but Danny Welbeck says the Gunners have to strive for more of the same.

The former Man Utd man will obviously have a bit extrea for this particular fixture, and he’s hoping his teammates can serve up more of the same.

“The performance was outstanding, from the first minute until the last,” he said.

“It was a great team performance, everyone worked hard throughout the game and I think tactically we were spot on with how we approached the match.

“I’ve got some good memories [at Man City], and a couple of bad ones as well. I think it’s important to focus on the next game coming and make sure that it’s another good memory.”

Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger hasn’t yet ruled out the possibility of finishing above Sp*rs this season.

“Our target is still to get in front of them if possible,” he said.

“At the moment it’s not done. If they do it, well done. We’ll fight until the end to make sure that we have a chance that we get in front of them.”

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Arsene-al fan

A draw at least please. No Kompany, poor in the CL, we must have a chance.


Please. Stop. Talking. Just go out and win. City are not very good at the moment so it should be well within your capability. If you play well, and win, fain enough. If you put in another performance similar to 90% of those we have seen this season…well you will look like a fool. Again.

Clock-End Mike

“You”? You mean if *we* play well enough *we* can win this. I hope that’s what you mean, anyway.


sorry i meant ‘we’…but was referring to ‘you’ as unfortunately i wont be playing this weekend;)

Charlotte Bates

Wrong! Danny Welbz is one of the few in the team that consistently puts in 100%. @ Jericho

As per above post; That the spirit Wezza! COYG


He. Can’t. Play. Until. The. Match. Starts. And. Has. Media. Commitments. To. Fulfil. Not one person in the English pl narrative has ever called Danny welbeck a fool.

Support your team.


New dictionary entry for 2016: ARSENAL Verb To be in a position of major strength and consistently find new and creative ways to surrender dominance to the point of catastrophic failure Example: I was offered the job of my dreams after months of preparation, however when the hiring manager signalled to shake hands and conclude the interview, I proceeded to arsenal the situation by whipping my dribbling cock out, performing maniacal windmills in his face and subsequently getting myself arrested. No job offer was forthcoming. 2) To always make someone dramatically inferior to your ability look and feel dominant. Example:… Read more »



To fail to see that things aren’t as bad as they seem and exaggerate how terrible a situation actually is.


The other day I was sailing my yacht in the Mediterranean and as I glided past a sinking ship crammed to the rafters with desperate families fleeing their war torn home, i was just thinking about how lucky I was but then I scratched my finger and broke a nail and it turned into the shittest day of my life ever.


One of you refers to a nine year old with a dildo and the other makes a joke about a refugee boat.

Jesus fucking christ.


jesus masturbating is hardly pc.


and you taking the Lord’s name in vein Ron! Tut tut…

Charlotte Bates

Nice one Danny! With ‘supporters” with Jericho’s attitude no wonder morale is low… COYG


im not sure Danny reads my comments.


No, he definitely doesn’t…


This made chuckle. Come on guys, it’s only a joke, right?


I can’t wait until we’re in the same position next season still with Wenger in charge

not deluded

Watch out for splinters.

Steve Moore

Top answer. Prescient too.


Less we forget, the assist was from Giroud The media and some quarters in the fan base like to make it out as if Giroud has been a complete failure. We only started to see Giroud back in the line up because Welbeck wasn’t exactly scoring them either. They both have their good and bad points. What is certain is Giroud acts as a node for the rest of the team when not scoring. Welbeck is better on the break for us. But Norwich sat very deep which is likely why Wenger opted for Giroud. The Frenchman needs a string… Read more »


Did anyone notice that there are no pictures of Sanchez in the “Arsenal train ahead of Man City match” on the official Arsenal website?


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