Alexandre Lacazette linked as striker search continues


Weekend reports in the Sunday Mirror say that Arsene Wenger is to meet representatives of Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette this week.

Having been knocked back by Jamie Vardy, the Gunners will have to move on in their search for a new striker – a signing considered crucial this summer by the Arsenal manager.

Lacazette has been linked with us previously, but last summer pledged his immediate future to the Ligue 1 side. Having been unable to force his way into the France squad for the European Championships, he might well be inclined to think a higher profile club would provide him with a better opportunity for the 2018 World Cup.

The 25 year old bagged 23 goals for Lyon last season, and does tick some of the Wenger boxes. He’s French, would be relatively good value in this current crazy market, and could well be the kind of player who can develop over the next couple of years into the striker we all want.

How much truth there is in the story is anyone’s guess though. The Arsenal manager is in France covering the Euros, and could easily find time to have meetings with agents etc.

We’re not TDK enough to know if he can reel Lacazette in, but undoubtedly Wenger has watched some tapes because you need to C90 minutes or more before making your mind up on a player.

All the same, we’re erring on the runny side with a 6 poo rating for now.


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Please.. can we keep ourselves far away from him? Really not convinced by his standard..
Plus in that league, even Giroud was able to become top scorer without playing his best.
Thanks fuck.


Leicester showed that French domestic football is a disaster: They nearly got relegated with Mahrez in their side in 2015. Not heard much of Kante since they signed him either. Just seems to have disappeared.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Drogba, Hazard and even Henry (after few months stop in Italy) came from Ligue 1). However, I do not think Lacazette is the striker we need. I watched him in a pre-season game last year and he was putting zero effort because it was pre-season even though his team was down by two goals. Plus, he is not going to be cheap. Aulas, Lyon president always overprice his players.


Oh well if you watched him in 1 preseason game then you must have a pretty idea of him as a players


Oh well if you watched him in 1 preseason game then you must have a pretty good idea of him as a player

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

robKong, how many times have you seen Lewandowski in a stadium? But you know he is a top top forward, right? I was giving an example of what I do not like about Lacazette. It doesn’t mean, I do not see him on TV regularly buddy. Didier Deschamps did not select Lacazette even though he regained form. He was reluctant about Payet at the beginning of the season but was convinced afterwards. DD knows.


I agree with you over there. He might offer something different to Giroud. And would be relatively easier to get by the looks of it. However the core issue is that we don’t score enough goals. If we can’t get the fabled 30 goals a season striker, we would need more goals from the midfield, something Wenger also talked about last year. Our midfielders as good as they are technically aren’t goalscorers be it ozil, cazorla, wilshere. Presently we can address it by improving the right side of our attack. A goalscorer on the right wing would go a long… Read more »


Actually, I think I would pay through the nose for Griezman. But am not the gaffer.

Unyoke The Ox

Griezmann just signed an extension with Atletico.

I like Lacazette. Fast two footed and is ruthless in front of goal.

He played a lot of last season with niggling injuries and was missing Njie |(who left for the scum) and Fekir who was injured for most of the season. They made a fair few goals for him the season before, so, all in all, he did well to score as many as he did.


for me he wouldn’t just be secondbest choice. he’s smart, versatile, has got a great shot and keeps his cool until the very last moment. a good supplement to giroud cause he’s a totally different player. and the french league isn’t as bad as it is supposed to be (what about payet who played there until last year?). just look at this:


You do realise Giroud was our top scorer right? I’m sick of this myth that Giroud is shit. We need someone else as well as Giroud, because he can’t do it on his own, he’s not that type of player.

Keown's European double.

You do realise Giroud got 16 league goals last year , 3 of which were against one of the worst teams in premier league history on the final day, despite playing all season with Ozil.


Papers are hilarious.
When West Ham were in for him, he was likely to cost £30m. Now that we are, allegedly, interested I saw a price tag of £45m.

Gus Caesar

That’s just a reflection on the way the pound’s gone!


Too soon? 🙂

Gus Caesar



You know who else is French, Griezmann.


Griezmann and Giroud combine really well as do Draxler and Ozil


Griezmann just signed a new contract at Atletico.

I think Draxler is a bit more interesting, and apparently available with Wolfsburg wanting him out. Also, Mourinho is reported to be interested.


Ye but he could also make it to raise his transfer value, some respect for the club or smth


By the way…
It would be interesting to buy somebody (and hope he improves the team significantly) who didn’t manage to secure a place in a national team where our current striker is leading the line…

In my view (next to Greizmann and Draxler) Reus would be interesting to think about either…


“Also, Mourinho is reported to be interested.”

I’m sure we can forgive Draxler that, if he keeps his wage demands down, apologises profusely and promises never to anything cunty enough to interest Maureen again.

David C

Greizman is awesome!!! He tore Ireland apart yesterday, but he just signed a new deal with Atletico…


Just wanna buy something super fast who runs behind with good timing…. and can hit the net, the back of it preferably.


/Theo’s lacing up his boots.

I have no opinion on Lacazette tbh. I just feel if we really wanted him, surely we would’ve got him the last 2 seasons he’s been whoring himself to anyone interested?

I see Henrik is off to Uniter then. What happened to all the Arsenal ITKs that told us there was definite interest from Arsenal?

Sigh, I hate transfer season.

Scott P

Interest doesn’t mean it’s a done deal…


We all want Henry.


We’ve been keeping tabs on him?

Frank the Gooner

We need to stop crossing our fingers for Griezmann. He just signed another contract at Atletico to keep him there until his prostate is the size of an orange. Draxler would be a great Theo replacement but doesn’t solve any striking problems we have. Bring in Lacazette I say. Can play out wide. Finishes well. Is a little bit older. And french. And Draxler. And sell Theo.


Honestly I’ve never been impressed with this guy whenever ive seen him play. Looks pretty average tbh. But then there are barely any good striker options in the market. Have to trust Wenger on this one. My gut feeling is that we won’t go for him. Lets see


TDK C90’s? Ooh-er, a bit posh, are we?


Like Walcott, but a footballer yeah? I jest I jest. : /


If the view that we were going for Vardy to be a stop gap till Welbeck returns I don’t see us going for a young striker, we may get someone maybe on loan. But if we were going for someone in nearly the same age bracket I really wouldnt mind Mauro icardi. And wenger has stated before he prefers south American strikers


Who made official that Vardy was some kind of stop gap till Welbeck returns? You don’t spend £20mil and 3-year contract on a stop gap. Not sure why everyone just assumes that Welbeck is our long term solution when he’s never shown a prolific goal scoring form, will be coming from a long term injury and is 25.

Welbeck shows the way to the TYPE of striker we need. But he isn’t the answer.


Remember that Welbeck can also play on the wing so Lacazette arriving wouldn’t mean the end for him. Think even Lacazette has started some games on the wing for Lyon?

Ramsey's spirit

If wenger and henry think he can do the job that’s good enough for me

Ozil's Eyes on Wenger's Hot Thighs

“Raheem Sterling to replace Adam Lallana for England vs. Iceland – reports”

No offense but this offends me somewhat. What’s special about these mediocre lot that it makes the headlines whether one plays or is dropped? This actually makes the headlines on ESPN?? It’s been a recurring theme since the start of the Euros. Just makes me sick.

Sorry, I feel better now

how is that in any way related to this article or Arsenal?

Lord Bendtner

My preferences:
1) Cavani
2) Lukaku
3) Some dude
4) Lacazette
5) Messi, until he missed that penalty, he would be too much of a burden for the rest of the players

1) Jesus Navas
2) Jesse Rodriguez on loan


Jesus hasdoneabsolutelynothingatcity Navas?


Jesus noleftfoot Hlebianfearofshooting thankgodtheresafence Navas?


nice use of hlebian there. becoming a popular word on here . should replace procrastinate in the dictionary


Erring on the side of runny would’ve been 7 poos for me, somehow.

Also, TDK?


Let’s get Shane long. Battered kos again yesterday


If we were going for Vardy, then apparently diving cheats are all the rage?

Crash Fistfight

Call me crazy, but even though Shane Long is a bit of a cheat, I really like him (probably mostly because of that cynicism, but also because he works his socks off and also has very good movement). It’s only when he plays us that I don’t like him.


Nothing like prolific enough.

Crash Fistfight

No, not for us.

I wasn’t suggesting we signed him (I’m sure greg wasn’t seriously suggesting it either, for what it’s worth), but I still like him as a player.


I think given the paucity of available top quality strikers, it’s a must that Wenger also improves on his other attacking options, effectively meaning an upgrade on Walcott.

If we can take a punt on someone like Lacazette and add real quality to the wing maybe with a Mahrez type, I’d be fairly happy.

Anyone heard much about where Payet will end up?


Payet is already 29 and West Ham are cash-flush.

Also, if Wenger’s view that he’s inconsistent is correct (and why not, he knows French football), he probably won’t replicate his form now that there’s no French squad to aim for.


YAY the French Walcott!


Read “bagged” as blagged at first, considering its ligue 1, the later was probably apt

Crash Fistfight

Even if Arsene is to meet with representatives of Lyon this week, how do we know it is about Lacazette? It could easily be about that Fekir that plays for them.

Frank the Gooner

Fekir yes please that kid is a weapon

Geoff Vader

Next you’ll be saying we’re after Maxwell, although his complicated ownership with BASF could be problematic.

broken red army

I’d consider this transfer window another disaster unless we bring in a top finisher no matter who we sign besides without the goal scorer we will have another season like the past 10. lacking an obvious signing or two to compete. and I’m not going to say which striker we should go after or for how much. the man is earning tens of millions and have hundreds of it as budget. if after this many years he still cant figure that out (which after tons of opportunities he showed us that IS possible) then just lets support this lost cause… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Truth is, we should have bought someone before, because nobody has become available in the last 3 years, plus player prices have gone ridiculous – Sadio Mane for £34m ffs!

We should have bitten the bullet and stumped up the extra £5m for Higuain (like most people wanted to do, before someone goes all revisionist and pretends that wasn’t the case).


This is Liverpool though, they paid 35m for Andy Carroll


45 million for Lacazette is too much. He reminds me a bit of (a perhaps more prolific) Wiltord. At these prices you understand why Vardy was a bargain (and a no-brainer) at 20 million.


I don’t actively follow the French league, but I’m fairly certain Deschamps does. There must be a reason Lacazette is so far behind Giroud in the pecking order..

broken red army

Gignac and Giroud ahead of CL and Eroupe winners strikers , last couple of seasons Ligue 1s french top scorer and young player of the year which was also a striker. yeah Giroud and Gignac are better than them all.

Crash Fistfight

Are you talking about Benzema here? If so, you do realise he’s been left out of the squad because he’s been accused of plotting to blackmail Mathieu Valbuena, don’t you?

broken red army

thats Benzema. still Gameiro Lacazazette and Dembele were ignored and I think Dechamp (as a short defensive player) who always had difficulties againts big strikers chose strikers on his own old expriences and vulnerabilities.


Thank god no body mentioned Lukaku today.


Lukaku=Belgium’s Emile Heskey

Little Mozart

Please be some truth to this. I can’t express how much I want Lacazette.


Haven’t seen much of Lacazette unfortunately, so dunno how good he is, but 40m sounds a bit steep no?
If we’re planning on spending that much surely someone like Griezman or Draxler would be better?


I never even read anything with more than 4 poos.

Jack Wheelchair

Are we interested in ‘good value’ or winning the title?!!
Icardi, Reus, Draxler, Abamayang, Lewindowski, Benzema….shit or get off the pot Wenger!


Lacazette is definitely better than Icardi in my opinion. Icardi is a pure finisher and does almost nothing else, while Lacazette is very quick and can create goals for himself and others. We’re not getting Aubameyang (who announced he’s staying), Lewandowski, or Benzema, and Reus would be great but isn’t a striker. Looking at the market, I’d say Lacazette is one of (if not the) best options available.


I heard we were trying to sign Slimani, who is far more prolific and well proven in a decent League.


He’s class on fifa and would makes us pacey come fifa 17.

This is the only way to judge a player in 2016


What about football manager? That’s important too.

Ramsey's spirit

Unfortunately Lacazette probably is worth 40, given his age and the rapidly rising cost of even average players. The days of 30 mill being a top 10 in the world striker are sadly passed, we NEED someone and that places us at a huge disadvantage in negotiations. Get the best we can as fast as we can with some grace the begin fine tuning the rest of the squad rather than moan about the bang for buck untill no bang at all is available. Moan about this transfer cost if it happens before the season is out and you have… Read more »


There’s a reason why Deschamp starts Giroud instead of Lacazette for France. Those criticising Wenger at tedium should take note. Besides scoring 8 goals in 8 games, he contributes to a healthy amount of assists and with many teams sitting deep defending 4-5-1, teams like France and Germany use a similar approach with big physical strikers like Pelle for Italy and Gomez for Germany. The problem has not been Giroud. He scored 24 goals this season. In walcott’s best season for us, he scored 21. The problem is both Walcott and Welbeck whether for availability or other reasons have not… Read more »


He’s like Walcott, except that he has two good feet, while Walcott has none.


Just buy a striker… Any striker that can run is all I need and like it or not we have to take a risk as the proven strikers are too expensive even for us…!


L’équipe in France says Arsenal will make a 55M€ offer…
To be continued


Lacazette is WAY superior to walcott. Don’t know where this comparison is coming from. Fact is he is a much better finisher than anyone we have at the moment. For me he is the best bet available. We obviously can’t the likes of Lewandowski, Aubamayeng and even Morata. Lacazette or Icardi would do it for me. Both are better finishers than Giroud and can get better with time. Fact is we can’t go into the season with Giroud as our first choice. We won’t win the league with him upfront. 16 goals in the league doesn’t win you titles. Unless… Read more »


For everyone saying Lacazette is just the French Walcott, is that really a bad thing? Arguably our best performance came with Walcot leading the line against United and we also thrashed Leicester 5-2 with Walcott at CF. So is having a pacey forward who actually stays healthy a bad thing for our system? Furthermore Lacazette can shoot with both feet, plays with far more physicality than walcott ( shrugs defenders off with a drop of the shoulder rather than jumping out of the way from a challenge) and is a far better dribbler and passer of the ball. To say… Read more »


Agreed. You hear that kind of thing a lot actually. It seems that every new black cm is the labeled the next Viera, which is more offensively lazy than anything else, but also seems to pigeonhole a whole category of players into one mold, which puts unfair and inaccurate expectations on many of them. That being said, Lacazette actually looks promising. We don’t really have a striker that offers a similar range of ability that he does. He looks a good finisher, and his pace can really add something to our team (Walcott’s pace never really had the effect we… Read more »


I’m also of the opinion that we don’t need a world-class striker to win the league or even to go far into the CL. Look at Leicester for fuck’s sake. We just need options and depth. Last season all we had was Giroud for most of it. Why do feel the need to subscribe to the galactico model of transfer activity when the alternative strategies employed by teams like Leicester and Atletico have been proven to be just as effective?


the best comment on here