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Deal for Nigerian starlet on cusp of collapse

Nigerian teenager Samuel Chukwueze looks likely to miss out on a move to Arsenal, according to 

Back in January Arsene Wenger acknowledged that the Gunners were in talks with the right winger but it appears negotiations have stalled since then.

It’s now thought the player, a star of his country’s victorious Under-17 World Cup side, could move to Porto.

Chukwueze’s compatriot Kelechi Nwakali has signed a contract with Arsenal but is yet to travel to London to join his new teammates. It’s believed Nwakali will do just that as soon as his summer international commitments are over.

“I just came back from London, I have signed a five-year contract with Arsenal, ” Nwakali told in March.

“So many teams were interested in me but it has been my dream at a tender age to play for A

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Arsene-al fan

Shame, he looked promising. I wonder what happened, was he as old as Kanu?


Walcott 2.0?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Mo Money,they call it.



Third Plebeian

A real shame. There were rumors he was the New Aliadiere.


…10years later
‘Wenger almost signed African player of the year chukwueze as a kid’
This is Arsenal!


No big deal news. We have already signed plenty of ‘starlets including a couple of Nigerians, one voted best player in recent tournament. If it happens it happens. If not so what? Wenger has been steadily improving the academy. He has successfully brought through Coquelin, Bellerin, Iwobi to first team with little transitional issues (not least to some extent Campbell) We have to remember that as much promise as some of these players have (and trumped up by media), there is some ways to go to fulfill potential. Remember an Alban Bunjaku? Very skillfull player in our academy some 5… Read more »

The Car2n Goon

The first post of yours for roughly 6 months that hasn’t gone into an in depth analysis of the Arsenal first team squad and why Flamini isn’t the shittest footballer on the planet.

Are you OK, mate?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

There is a pretty good reason he hasn’t made the Albanian national team, Alban Bunjaku plays for Kosovo.

He played for Sevilla reserves after he left us, then Derby County (didn’t actually manage a 1st team appearance though), and now Dordrecht (in the Dutch equivalent of the Championship).

He hasn’t hit the heights yet but he’s only 22 so still has a chance to develop. He could be the next Messi 😉 (Miracles CAN happen. I’ve read enough Roy of The Rovers stories to know that)

Third Plebeian


So out of character for Wenger. Vardy’s got maybe two more years playing at the top?

Still, a good signing, and hope we’re also looking at another attacking target. I’d say Walcott’s as good as gone this summer.


It makes sense that in a transfer window where we are likely to sell some home grown players, we need to buy home grown to meet the quota.


It’s very weird but it also makes sense in the most non Wenger way… 22 million release clause and only for teams in the CL. Liverpool and Utd can’t trigger it. Neither can City as they are not technically in CL yet. Spurs have Kane. Vardy probably wants its all sorted before his pre euro sex marathon. Welbeck is injured for the season so better than getting someone long term get a 29 year old capable of smashing them in so as not to ‘kill’ Welbeck. It’s uneasy but it’s there on a fucking platter…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

But… but… but… he scores most of his goals from long balls. We can’t do long balls because we’re developing a team to press high up the pitch, so we will never, ever see any kind of space behind any opposition defence. Mind you, if he did find space, and if he did actually reach the ball, then he’d need a Mahrez-type nippy bastard to pass to if the goalie looked like blocking his own shot (That’s how Leicester did it, after all). Maybe we can use Bellerin to be our Mahrez clone. He’s got the speed, AND a footballing… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Also, can’t imagine this will happen easily. I’d imagine Leicester aren’t keen on letting him go, and who knows what Vardy wants.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Vardy looks like the sort of bloke who’d like a pie and mushy peas and a blowjob for afters.


Seems like that bloke’s a proper ITK


Not convinced by the news coming out to be honest, but you never know. Like him as a player but just doesn’t seem right for the players we should be going for this summer, and if we’re in Leicester I’d rather pop to check on Mahrez.
But, if true, I expect it’s down to Wenger failing to lure Aubameyang and wanting a simple solution (and no doubt keeping faith in Giroud as our prime striker).


Plus, fills the ‘brit quota’ should we be losing Walcott/Gibbs etc


And if true why the hell has he got a release clause, and why so low? Something doesn’t smell right at all about this ‘news’…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

We’re using interest in a prolific-last-season-striker as a stick to bash Wenger with? We must be really depressing people to be around.


It’s now on BBC as well – on the Poo Scale it would like a 3 maybe!


Vardy to Arsenal. I think I would be happy about this if it were true and totally stunned.

Gooner Sam

At 29 hes a bit to old for my liking

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Lionel Messi will be 29 in 20 days. Don’t let me ever hear you say we should try to buy Messi!!!!!!! 🙂


Don’t want Vardy. Doesn’t fit our style of play unless we’re going to change it just for him.

Third Plebeian

That’s true, he doesn’t fit our style of not scoring loads of chances.


He wouldn’t be a bad signing but he’s not the striker that will make a difference. He’s not even a very Wenger type player (whatever that is these days).
I’m going to hope this is some negotiation bravado as we angle in for our actual striker.

Also Jamie Vardy is a cunt it has to be said.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Yeah Ian Wright didn’t fit our style of play either. I mean he scored hardly any goals.


Was he the one that’s really good or the one bought to keep him company?

Brendan Rodgers' self-portrait

Jamie Vardy and Jack Wilshere are having a party

Toure Motors

Dick Law & Order just signed vardys lookalike for 10 million


Perhaps we could sign him as well

He's got no hair but we don't care...

News breaking that we’ve met Vardy’s release clause. Yep he is a chavvy twonk but I for one think he’s just what we need.
Just think of how many goals he’ll put away with our supply line! Has the Ian Wright non-league hunger.

Sam Crow

Fucks sake. Vardy’s a one season wonder and hes 29. Please god no.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

But what if Chelsea buy him and he turns out to be a two-season wonder?

Sir chips

This is why samuel isn’t coming. He can’t even get a start in his own comments section.

harold hinney

I don’t care if it’s Tom Hardy gotta be better than Gggggiroud


Vardy to Arsenal all over BBC and Sky now

Sounds like he would be cheap at £20m … maybe not such a ridiculous idea then


Vardy is cheating, diving, racist scum and the thought of him in an Arsenal shirt makes me want to vomit. This has to be some kind of sick joke!


He’s a divey racist but i want him to be OUR divey racist!


If we can teach him to bite we’re all set


Must admit Vardy would be a surprise.

Ghost of Henry

If he can score 20+ in the league with Leicester imagine with Ozil supplying would be a better bet for instant success that Morata.


Why has arseblog not reported on this (vardy) yet so I can see all our fans opinions on this!

Doesn’t seem to suit our style, but he is a finisher.

Monkey Nuts

Jamie Vardy the present day Steve Bull.


Just wait until Theo is 29. Then he will be awesome.

Does make me wonder if Vardy was shit prior to last season.

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