Sunday, November 28, 2021

Euro 2016 update: Jack & Hector heading home

Two more Gunners are heading home, here’s why…

Jack Wilshere

England 1-2 Iceland

Jack replaced Sp*rs’ Eric Dier at half time but couldn’t prevent Roy Hodgson’s hapless England crashing out to Iceland. Wayne Rooney had put the Three Lions ahead after three minutes only for the minnows to hit back with two goals of their own before the break. In response, England – somewhat flummoxed by the gall of their opponents – chose to hoof the ball out of play at every opportunity.

Hector Bellerin

Italy 2-0 Spain

Hector completed a clean sweep of games on the bench as Spain surrendered their European crown with defeat to Italy at the Stade de France. Georgio Chiellini gave Antonio Conte’s impressive side the lead just before the break before Graziano Pelle rounded off their victory in stoppage time with a tidy close-range finish.

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The Mert

Get some rest guys and let’s start the new season out right with a healthy and fit Jack Wilshere!!


The amount of people writing Jack off because of this dismal England campaign in France is growing daily. I really hope he uses that frustration, can get some sort of fitness together (laughs) and proves everyone wrong, because I think if he had actually been played as a number 10 instead of Deli Ali, who can I say, was truly woeful in every single game he played, and how we escaped any criticism whatsoever is just mind blowing. I think we could of maybe been better in the final third, because Wilshere is used to playing big games for us.… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

They look for someone to blame it all on because England is a football superpower that is constantly let down by the coach and a couple of players.

Seriously though, the english are an entitled and deluded bunch. The national team has been nothing more than mediocre for the past couple of decades.

I get the feeling that if they actually put in some hard work and stopped putting ridiculous expectations on the coach and team then they might get somewhere.


Thank you England I won about €40 betting you’ll lose with less than €2.

Lord Bendtner

Jackie Boy!

pirate luckybeard

Am I the only one slightly worried at how well Conte managed to get an average Italy side playing?
Could he get the current average Chelsea team to play half that well?


Me too. But Italians have always had that spirit and togetherness.


Well, presumably not. Because the current average Chelsea team is full of cunts. But I agree it is somewhat worrying.


There are several important differences though. Italian players are motivated and hungry, while chelsea is exactly like Spain – bored and not interested. Furthermore, in the knock-out phase by drawing you slightly increase your chances, whereas in the league every draw brings precious points.


Yes, I share your concerns here. He reminds me of Simeone, not only because he’s very.. enthusiastic, but also when it comes to managing an extremely solid, disciplined side. Italy looks like a proper unit, where every player knows his role and duties.


It may be different though, patriotism & personnel the biggest two factors allowing Italy to perform as they have. Can Cahill be Chelsea’s Bonucci? My fucking arse he will. Cahill is just another mediocre player hyped up by the media to be something he’s not. Players like Florenzi, Giaccherini play their hearts out for Italy, again that’s a big question mark at Chelsea. Conte does look good though, but then again so did LVG at the last World Cup.


Indeed. He is one of the best coaches in the world. He will challenge for the title at least.. With Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and now, Jose Mourinho, Arsenal have a very slim chance of winning the league next season. But you never know in football..


Can’t wait to see a fit jack wilshere next season. But I don’t know if he will start. Maybe a good thing. Even if he gets 25-30games in total next season, hats progress for him


Let’s definitely hope he’s made progress on his hats as well.


I dont see how Jack fits into our 1st team with everyone fit. Good player to have coming off the bench though


BREXIT is working

Trixie Bird


Crash Fistfight

Should be Giorgio rather than Georgio Chiellini.

Crash Fistfight

I can’t believe idiots like Alan Shearer are still moaning about Wilshere being included in the squad. Does he think Danny Drinkwater would’ve come off the bench to win us the game with his marvellous 5-yard sideways passes yesterday?


Maybe not, but I would like to think he would have kept the ball a lot more than the majority of the overpaid prima-donna’s that were picked ahead of him. And I am an Arsenal fan by the way.


Although it was all obviously ineffective in the end, Wilshere at least looked like he was changing it up and trying something else with more vertical and incisive passes.


I’m not English but during the match was wondering (and our TV pundits) why Rooney was taking the role of a deep lying playmaker during the second half . Couldn’t find a simple pass and often was ballooning long passes sideways instead of passing forward, the guy is a striker not a midfielder. Wilshere at least tried and often made something happen, not his fault that Kane and Sturridge can’t receive a pass that comes straight to their foot.


Wilshere came on AFTER the two goals went in and immediately started trying things. He had several balls over the top that were close to creating something. He’s the last guy I’d be criticizing for that stinker, though he certainly wasn’t great either.


Newcastle and Iceland, what’s the difference?
Iceland only faced 5 bottling Spuds, Newcastle had 11 so scored more!

I wish Jack had never gone to Euros, clearly not match fit but now shares the ignominy.
Where’s the Rambo critics these days?


Could not agree more with the first sentence.

Bottlers gonna bottle.

Uba Ngenegbo

Rambo is still crap!


Yeah Stallone didn’t do a great job, Aaron (Class Act) Ramsey on the other hand helped Wales reach the quarter finals.


Don’t expect him to come and save you if you ever get captured by the Burmese army or an Afghany tribe


Or a gang of sp*rs fans.

Trixie Bird

Another half a minute wasted on a bo.lix post. Bloody idiot!


As much as I hate that he’s joining those c*nts, Antonio Conte is very tactically astute.
Spain were made to look toothless.

Third Plebeian

Well, with Chelsea, hopefully he’ll follow in the footsteps of that other tactical genius who came to England a couple of years ago: Louis Van Gaal! How I’ll miss those crazy interviews and the lady saxophone players.


Hahaha and his “masochistic sex views”.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If Jack manages to put his injuries behind like RVP did, I foresee Jack will become captain for Arsenal and England.


what is it with hyping people for no reason. Jack needs a couple of season of playing consistently and if he can manage it playing well consistently to be considered for things like that. i mean lets be real here, he doesn’t deserve the number 10 shirt he is wearing for us never mind captain. Love the player but lets hope he can get fit, break into the team and perform well consistently. he got no guarantees at the mo

Mississippi Gunner

It isn’t for no reason. Jack is a damn good #10 and he’s proven that at a top club. He plays the beautiful game. He’s passionate for England, was the standout player in the qualifiers, and managed to put the ball on a platter for Harry Kane despite lacking match sharpness. His dribbling ability is Iniesta-like. I don’t see how people just seem to forget a player’s quality bc they’ve been out for a long time.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. All I remember is Jack running into people and falling over. A lot.

Mississippi Gunner

Yeah I guess if you’re going to limit his entire game to a criticism then it’s easy to forget what he can do. Gee, I agree, Jack still has something to prove as well. Really all I want is for people to shut the fuck up about Dele Alli


@Paul , I hear they are going to name a street in the west bank after him he’s been so prolific at the suicide mazy runs. poor taste, I hate myself for that one.


Wasn’t “limiting” anything mate, just recalling “old times”…


Ozil is a dam good 10, carzolla a dam good 10. Jack for me has a lot to prove and live up too

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Stop hiping people up. They are what they are; perhaps that’s England’s problem, they field a team based on hipe and not on quality, hence the results.

Jack has the quality by the way and got stuck in the bench behing hiped Dele Allí for the same reason


Well on a positive front most of the England squad are spuds and I can see that lot going into meltdown next season with their flaky minded England players!!

A Different George

Trying to be objective: Jack was was not very good, though better than most–at least he had ideas, for a while, but sucked away by his midfield partners. I have never seen Rooney so bad. Walker was terrible for the first Iceland goal, but played okay after. Dier, who had been England’s best player in the group stage, was irrelevant except when he was terrible. Kane was awful, Sterling shattered, Sturridge a little like Jack–you could see there was a good player there somewhere. Less objective: for the five Spurs who started, here’s two things: Newcastle 5-Spurs 1; England 1-Iceland… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Disagree on Dier. I didn’t think he was bad in the group stage but he had nothing to do. I thought Lallana was the best player overall (and seeing as how Sterling was so appalling I was amazed at the decision to swap the two). Also, however you sugar-coat it, Wilshere was horrible in both games he played. I actually thought Walker was good up to yesterday, where his inability to defend was shown up. All Kane and Alli want to do is shoot on sight. At international level that doesn’t work. I see Alli as the new Gerrard/Lampard. Some… Read more »


Jack looks gutted. As bad as Arsenal are sometimes thank your lucky stars we are not england.


They should sell Raheem Sterling for some bibs and shower gel. He was awful.Oscar Pistorious had better feet than him.


They didn’t take Theo so somebody else had to take up the mantle of the winger who is no-footed.


Stop it!!! 🙂

Stewart Robson's therapist

England’s performance reminded me of playing FIFA with someone who’s still learning which button does what.

Still love you, Jack.


Or how long to hold each button. Being pressure sensitive can be a pain sometimes.

Rick Danes

How do you feel that Graziano Pelle has played? , or do you think he is a bit too much like Giroud?

A Different George

Has anyone noticed that Belgium’s Yannick Ferreira Carrasco looks like Pelle’s miniature brother? Maybe it’s just the hair.


Get him in anyway!


…actually thought you said “Pele”…is Pelle any good? 🙂


Yeah, an “L” of a lot better than Pele 😉 [Gets coat]

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Seriously, just sign a centreback and a striker.


From an Arsenal point of view it was good that Jack got some games, with a bit of rest now he should be raring to go for us.
The big winners this week, Nigel Farage and Theo Walcott, how do they do it?? Does anyone know if I can still play the Euro lottery?


Could someone remind me again why we thought it was a good idea to build around a core of British players?

Jeremy O Dwyer

I don’t think that’s is so much that arsenal are insistent on building around a British core and more that a third of you’re squad being homegrown is now a requirement.

Expect calls for that number to increase after yesterday.

Arshavin's fake moustache

If you’re talking about England here, I have no idea. It’s clearly not working.


Winter break anyone?


YES. It was a mistake thumping you down


“Watership Down” ?


It’s crazy how people love to point the finger at the wrong person these days when they need to look at themselves. Blaming Wilshere is like blaming immigration! To be honest no midfielder who had to play alongside Rooney did well at all! It’s easier to scapegoat a player who came back from injury than it is to blame the captain. And yes it was Roy who made the two decisions, so should rightfully take responsibility. But to blame one player when the whole team were dire just sounds so so desperate. Dark times for England but I’m sure Wenger… Read more »


If Theo had been there he brought some England, by running it out of play rather than hoofing it out
Mark Noble and Drinkwater been furious not be selected after watching that midfield performance. And also, why not take Carrol and Townsend as a plan B, rather than just throwing on more strikers into a system.that isn.t working…bloody crazy


As an aside jeorge bird is reporting that Tony Adams will be working with Henry as joint asst. manager of the U18s next season. Interesting move, i.m happy about it


I don’t think Jack’s best role is in the number 10 behind the striker. I think Jack is better suited as the link player next to the DM. He has an ability to move through traffic providing us with a vertical dimension. With a strong DM, he will have more freedom to go forward and do damage. OTOH Ramsey I feel is better in the number 10 (Ozil) spot. Naturally he will be behind Ozil in pecking order but you never know if Ozil gets a knock and Ramsey has to step up. Rambo has a knack for arriving in… Read more »


Jack should not have gone. Simple as that. He’s not fit at all. I really believed we could do something this summer but Roy really ballsed this up. He’d picked a squad to play the diamond but bottled it after the Portugal game. He then reverted to a 433 but only had one winger in the squad. One winger who is stupendously overrated even when he’s on form (which he had not been for most of the season). Sturridge is a total berk. He’s too greedy and a deluded human. His interview after scoring the winning goal against Wales infuriated… Read more »

Mustrum Ridcully, Unseen Academicals

I think Gibbs, Walcott, Welbeck and Jenkims have dodged a bullet. Not being in the squad means they won’t be tarred with failure. I hope this does not affect Wilshere!

Crash Fistfight

Not saying England would’ve been world-beaters with Welbeck, but I think he was a big loss. He’s able to play the ‘wide-striker’ role that none of the other strikers taken can perform.

I also think Townsend should’ve gone. As much as he’s a one-trick pony, he’s always performed well for England.


What happened to Ross Barkely? Surely he wouldve made some impact from the bench. Or was he not selected? I’m so confused..

Crash Fistfight

He never got on the pitch. Clearly Hodgson listened to all the media and idiot commentators that told him Barkley and Stones had bad seasons and that Alli and Vardy are incredible.


Alli and Vardy are incredible and Barkley and Stones did have a bad season. These are just facts. I do like Barkley though.


Going to be a very crowded midfield for us next season with only three spots open for competition with Sanchez and Ozil surely to start majority of matches (if fit) and Xhaka surely secured a spot too. That would leave the committee of (in no order) Ramsey, Coquelin, Elneny, Carzola, Wilshere, Walcott, Chamberlin, Campbell and Iwobi battling for playing time in primarily 2, maybe 3 spots. Walcott should get some run at forward unless we sign one (pray we do), but the rest are midfielders only. Haven’t seen anything about Campbell being sold, but the poor guy is never going… Read more »


Would not be surprised if Cambell, Walcott, and 1 more are sold, but only if we sign a couple players

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