Ranieri confirms Arsenal want Vardy


According to Italian publication, Gazzetta dello Sport, Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri has confirmed that Arsenal have made contact with Jamie Vardy.

The Guardian reported last night that the Gunners had triggered the England international’s release clause and is free to negotiate a move to the Emirates.

“It’s all true,” Ranieri told Gazzetta in a short statement when contacted about the rumours.

The ball is now very much in Vardy’s court. The striker, who is gearing up for England’s first EURO 2016 game in eight days time, is likely to command a considerable increase in his earnings should he join Arsenal; a six-figure weekly salary has been widely quoted.

We’re taking last night’s poo-o-meter reading from a six to a three – things are firming up.


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Oh, come on! No racists in an Arsenal shirt!


But you wanted Suarez!


No, I did not. I never wanted that cheating racist. If you can only win dirty, you don’t deserve to win…

Colonel Kurtz

You’re being dirty in implying mr W wants clean boys.

Parisian Weetabix

Racism is just another form of ignorance. Some people can’t help being idiots, and honestly it would be quite prejudiced of us not to allow them to play for us.

Nose the Long Way

I must hope that is sarcasm, because otherwise, it’s a great pity mental gymnastics isn’t an Olympic event or you’d be a shoo-in for a gold.


Racism is “just another form of ignorance”? Try telling that to the millions of Africans and Africans Americans who were destroyed by slavery. Your statement is a bit naive. I do get your point that if everyone was educated and understood that fundamentally all humans have the same challenges, all humans love, bleed the same blood, and are on average 99.5% genetically similar, then they’ll understand that human life is human life. But there are still some racists who are presented with these facts and will still believe, contrary to the evidence, that black people or yellow people or green… Read more »


Agree with you, but not sure you get the term ignorance. Just because ylsomeone knows the facts doesn’t mean they’re not ignorant.

Jamie Vardinho

The only logical comment on here ive seen about vardy and racism.

We all mistakes, he was vile and ignorant and hopefully hes learnt from that.

Half of you hypocrits wanted Suarez and were prepared to overlook his racist behaviour and teething issues but its a different story with Vardy eh?

Lets stick to the footballing facts when talking about players please

Drops mic


People are were not turned into slaves because of racism, if you followed history more closely you would see that whites enslaved whites, blacks enslaved black etc,European whites who were the last great slave owners were also the people who initiated the outlaw of slavery which incidentally is still happening across the world to this day, it’s not about racism it’s about economics and human slaves are simply a commodity

New Day Rocks

Seriously, a ridiculous thing to say.



i was specifically referring to the practice of owning another human as property because their African ancestry was considered inferior to Caucasian race. That, by definition is racism and you’d be deluded to believe otherwise.

There are other forms of slavery, of course, and slavery still exists in the modern world in various ways.

Godfrey Twattschlock


Never mind the millions of white people who suffered the same fate or the fact that the African slave trade was run by Africans.

All this racism talk is bullshit and boring. So he said Jap a few times or something. Big hairy deal!

Let’s move on to football.


Yes, but unfortunately he had to takhis advisor at the time was Gerrard so he refused to come to Arsenal. So showing interest in a player does not make it automatic. Player has to agree ..

Vardy with whiskey, Szczesny with cigar

Will take me more than two years to accept this guy.

Third Plebeian

Not sure if it matters to you, but it’s worth pointing out that Vardy apologized for his racist behavior (something John Terry never did). For me, so long as he’s been a good boy since, I’m fine with him coming to Arsenal. Plus he’s a damn good player!

A Different George

It does matter, thanks. Now, if he would stop diving like a shit Arjen Robben, I would be really happy.


Eh, “I apologize for any offense I caused” is the archetypal non-apology apology. Besides, the world doesn’t need another apology. It needs explicit recognition of the underlying issues that allowed Vardy to behave in that way.

Third Plebeian

Spare me. Now we’re attacking people for saying they apologize. In your mind he’s no different from JT.

Time for some perspective, fella.


That’s old news. Come on the guy lives in Leicester, full of Asians, plays with black, white middle eastern players. And you think he’s still racist?


Chelskis is owned by a Russian with a jewish background. Chelsea is full of (admittedly filthy rich) Arabs, Russians, Chinese and what have you (as long it is dosh). This plus the fact that Chelski has indeed a squad with plenty of ethnic backgrounds, yet it didn’t stop JT from making A$hley Cole an accessory in his racism.


Can’t help thinking the real racists are disaffected middle class stiffnecks who still can’t believe a guy like Jamie Vardy beat the system. They are happy to applaud him at Leicester, but they can’t bear to see him reaping from our long tradition of class and wisdom. They’d rather his legacy reduced to a regional afterthought. Typical mobility discrimination, something Wenger fortunately doesn’t give a hoot about. We at Arsenal welcome players from any background, and I like to think we are not scared to rehabilitate players with personal issues. Two of my favorite players, Adams and Wright will testify… Read more »


Booom! 🙂

Third Plebeian

That’s very well said.


It really isn’t. He’s lumping together racism with socio-economic class structures, he’s assuming for some reason that Arsenal is a classist establishment where those of the lower classes are frowned upon. Not least he is defending Jamie Vardy as being some kind of victim of his newly defined racism! I can’t understand how so many people actually agree with what he’s written. I mean all of it is fundamentally just wrong. There’s litterally not a single thing he wrote that makes sense, has the vaguely empassioned and self dignified nature of it made people ignore that?

el nino

Great post

New Day Rocks

You’re describing broad prejudice within the class system – prejudice toward someone from a lower social strata, for whatever reason. There’s a lot of overlap, but it is not per se (in and of itself) racism. Racism is prejudice toward someone specifically based on their ethnicity. On your class argument, the vast majority of footballers come from the working class. Kaká is the only one I can think of who comes from a middle class background. The system doesn’t repress working class players from reaching the top of their profession. Almost exclusively, the best players of each era have come… Read more »

Third Plebeian

The problem here is that Vardy apologized and yet people like you feel fans are justified in continuing to shame him. In that case, we might as well say, “don’t bother to say sorry, because it makes no difference…you’re horrible no matter what you do or say afterwards, because a racist comment is a life sentence.” And people wonder why right wing politics are making a comeback. It’s because people are fed up with being damned forever even after they express regret and change. And btw, I’m NOT a conservative. I’m a socialist liberal, but the culture of vigilance and… Read more »


At this point 7 people have red arrowed your comment. That is terrifying, and people say that Hitler was intolerant?

New Day Rocks

I’m not discounting his apology, but yes I should have addressed it. An apology is more than other footballers have done. I think it’s a necessary part of redeeming racist behavior – by no means am I saying it makes no difference. I do not think it is sufficient to redeem racist behavior – particularly for a 29 year old. He isn’t some teenager whose mind hasn’t fully developed, he’s a year younger than I am. He’s a husband and a father. Society expects more from someone at that age, more so given the responsibilities he has taken on by… Read more »

The Point Of Junichi



Tbh I don’t think he’s racist, more so stupid. He was at a night out, has too much to drink and insulted a taxi driver. It’s not like he has a Swatiska on his chest.


I thought we was racist to the Japanese man in the Casino. Is there another incident that I am not aware of?


He might for all we know. That could make for an interesting goal celebration …


Isn’t it said that alcohol is basically like a truth serum; reveals one’s inner thoughts?

Nose the Long Way

That… Would still be racist, and if true, would make it twice that he’s been racist because the incident with the Japanese man in the casino is what I knew of. Did he do this, too?

Look, if you want to say it doesn’t matter as long as he scores goals, that’s one thing. At least that’s honesty. But making excuses like he’s just an idiot – really, is there anybody who does not call somebody those names without knowing exactly what the names mean, and how it would affect the person being called those names? Don’t be so disingenuous.


Well I’ve read a comment here that said calling someone a Jap is the same thing as calling a french person a frog…so unfortunately yeah there’s plenty of people who generally don’t understand that’s wrong those who do but simply don’t think it’s a big deal.


Talking shit about other people and making fun at them does not deserve the label of Racist for he rest of your life. What was on that video was not nice but I’m more concerned with how acts and treats people in his day to day life than what could be a one time event. But I don’t really rate him that highly football wise, not suited to us really.

Andy G

Calling an Asian a ‘jap’ is not racist – it’s ignorant, at worst. Get over it.


No, uh that is pretty darn racist my friend. Firstly it’s basically the n word, and he also just assumed he was Japanese, which is sort of racist as well.


I think he was very wrong for the way he used it but in itself it can be used as a normal contraction (like ‘Brit’). Unless you think that Ashes to Ashes (‘pictures of Jap girls’) is racist – in which case what was it doing on that Japanophile album, Scary Monsters? It’s not like that other insult.

Third Plebeian

It’s derogatory, but it does not have the baggage of the ‘n’ word. “Jap” emerged in the US during WW2 as a way of designating ill will and dismissiveness towards a country with whom they were at war. I still hear a lot of older people say the word in the US and Canada, often without any sense of it as a ‘bad’ word (i.e., the other day in the grocery store I overheard an elderly couple say, “I love Jap oranges!”). The word can also bring up memories of Japanese internment camps in North America. Originally, people in Japan… Read more »


Oh ffs. Yes what he said was racist abuse. Is he actually racist? Don’t know. But not being able to tell 1 nationality from another is not racist. If you think it is then i suggest you do gradeAunderA’s racism test on YouTube


Yeah I guess they do all look the same anyways.


That has nothing to do with it. If you don’t know someone, and you try to call their attention, common courtesy is “excuse me sir/m’am” or something. If they then ask you, hey guess where I’m from, and you guess “hmm Japanese?” Then no shit yiu aren’t racist because if that. But that is entirely different from saying “Oi Jap!” To call the attention of someone who appears to be asian. To remove race as the example (because it often blinds people), I have a general idea of what spanish accents belong to which region in Spain. Chances are if… Read more »


It’s all semantics but technically the “n” word for Asian people wouldn’t be jap.. It would be gook I would say.

Not that any of those words are nice or should be used!


Racism IS ignorance.

Are you intentionally being obtuse?

Andy G

Racism is ignorance. Ignorance isn’t necessarily racism. BIG difference.

broken red army

his past doesnt matter as long as he comes here score some goals and I believe even a John Terry would be a nice guy under Wenger’s supervision. so that’s not a problem. and on the other note people calling others “rasict cunt” are not far behind themselves. Im fucking with you :))


That’s being judgemental. We don’t watch soccer to judge people on their morals. Wilshere had 2 kids at 18 and Giroud cheated on his wife. As long as Vardy keeps it clean in an Arsenal shirt I say we give it the benefit of the doubt. Wenger isn’t stupid.






People can change perhaps? Especially if he’s surrounded by classy bastards which he will at Arsenal. Imagine acting up with Per and Cech behind you, he’ll get it over time. I hope….

Karthik Rajagopalan

Is it done yet?


Quite a short statement from Ranieri there alright….

David C

Ranieri has said all along that if anyone (Vardy, Mahrez, Kante, etc) wants to go then he will not stop them. He’s got a great attitude about it all and just wants players that want to stay. Classy manager.

Having said that, I really think we’re in for the wrong player. I like Vardy, but not sure how he gels with what we have. Is he that much of an upgrade to Giroud? I really thought we’d go all in for Mahrez who would be a great upgrade to Walcott/Ox on the right.


I want to believe that this is because of Welbecks injury and that our super striker is still to come.

Gudang Pelor

I think he is not meant to be an upgrade on Giroud. He suppose to be the alternative for Giroud, or a complement to Giroud and vice versa.


Albert Steptoe: Right then, I’ll stick to me English “bum”. And that’s the part of your anatomy that swells out of the back of your trousers.

Armchair Expert

I didn’t believe this last night but goddamn this is serious! We mean business!

meh as fuck

Hoping he turns us down to be honest. 20m is cheap for a striker but I can’t help but think any of Benzema, Morata or Higuain would be a better investment.


Benzema? A Madrid stalwart who has scored bunches of goals and is in his prime. What do you think he’d cost? 50? 60? 70 million? Who would we able to sign after making that sort of investment? Same goes for Higuain. Morata? Young lad, the metrics paint him as a much better player than his scoring record, but again – what would we have to pay? Minimum 40, right? And you can’t possibly suggest he’s a better bet to score 20 in the Prem than Vardy – who literally just did that. 20 goals is the best case scenario for… Read more »


“… better than 20 goals in an EPL season…”

Yes, Vardy has done it. – Once. – When he was 29.
By the time he is 23 – Lukaku scored 15+ a season… three times.


Lukaku is a fine player and I’d be sitting here praising him if we signed him. His profile is a bit better than Morata’s, IMO, but again – are you ready to empty your pockets for a guy who is essentially a younger Giroud? Lukaku fits our system. When our system is getting smothered against one of the big clubs, Lukaku will be floundering like everyone else. Vardy will provide us with opportunities none of the aforementioned can create thanks to his pace and work rate. He is an unorthodox, and Arsenal needs unorthodox.


Younger giroud? The only thing these two have in common is their height. Lukaku is a lot more mobile than giroud and imo a slightly better finisher. Giroud is probably more technically gifted so his touch an passing are stronger.

I’d love to get Lukaku not because he is a lot better than giroud but because of his potential and the quality he already has may improve us.


How can we accept signing him considering his comment on Ozil transfer.
He said (not quoting) how can a player leave Real Madrid to join arsenal.

meh as fuck

Long story short: If we sign him AND someone else then sure, I’m all for it. 20m is a snip for a player who would be a brilliant option in about a fifth or maybe a quarter of our games this year. But I’d be a bit disappointed if he was our only forward signing. I’d rather Morata or as others have said Lukaku. Happy to be proven wrong though.


Not understanding why his signing would be bad though, it’s as if a lot of fans want a 20+ goals a season striker yet are selective of who that is. Yes, Vardy has the risk of going through second season syndrome, however he is one of the players who has successfully scored that amount of goals. And in the Premier League no less. I’m on the fence about it, I must admit. I get the feeling it might fail. But we’ll see


To be fair, I don’t really care who is considered the best investment, it’s like we’ve all be brain washed over the years because in the past we’ve had to me more cautious with our money. Right now we’ve literally got hundreds of millions in the bank, with tv money going through the roof next year. Forget which is more expensive or better value, buy the players which will improve is the most. That said, I agree with most of your comments, and it would seem daft not to buy vardy at that price. I only hope vardy is brought… Read more »

Ramsey's spirit

Given that he has apologised for his stupidity and that i cant see into his head r.e racial views the ONLY issue i have is his age. Still a good signing


I would take Vardy over Benzema,Higuain and Morata. He had a not good past, but I think he will not repeat those mistakes once he comes to Arsenal. But I preferred Lukaku over Vardy.

Gooner 4 lyfe

Oh yes! Jamie vardy is having a party and we’re all invited!


this is happening? weird.


my feeling precisely. Atleast he will teach welbz and the HFB how to be nasty on the pitch.


A rascist and a cheat. We should be after players like Aubameyang, Higuain and lemontiscki. Not a 29 year old who has one good season in the top flight to his name and no Champions League experience. Shows a lack of ambition again. Mayrez would be a better signing out of the Leaicester team.


Arsenal Fans!
Suarez – cheat and racist, we wldnt mind him.
Higuain – 28 yrs
Auba – one good season, similar style to Vardy.
Lewandowski – unattainable, Bayern even refused to do business wiv Utd for world record fee for Muller last year.
We need a top class finisher, we got a top class finisher with a premiership experience.
We need an enforcer, we got one, yet we still lack ambition.
It’s tough being an Arsenal Fan but tougher with our fan base.


Don’t think it’s much to ask from the 5th richest club in Europe to go for a striker better than Vardy


Higuain 28? Yeah younger and better than Vardy, a true world class striker who would improve is not only domestically but in Europe also.


Also, he’s scored his goals for a team that rarely has more possession than the other team, and never had to play against a team with 10men sat on the edge of their own box “parking the bus”. Will he be able to adjust his game to that?

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Vardy is the cheapest option that the club think is attainable. might work out well. Might not. But it’s not ambitious. At least not in the way Gazidis would have you believe. It’s not Jeffers ir Kiwomya but can’t see him doing an Henry or even an. RVP


Oi, you leave Kiwomya (Arsenal Legend) out of this…..



I completely agree with you buddy. No pleasing some people. Our online fan base can be seriously embarrassing sometimes. It’s really only out of morbid curiosity that I read those hidden comments on this site (this being the only site I bother to read comments at all on!)

Daan van Lith

I have always been a fan of lemontischki!

A Different George

Polish citrus-flavoured vodka. Not coming to a store near you.


Mahrez also has no champions league experience and has also pretty much had just one good season… So what are you on about?


Not saying I want either, out of the 2/3 with Kante, I’d sign Mahrez. Vardy signing is not ambitious enough for me. I presume that he’d be the only striker coming in, so that’s him or Giroud for 9 months before Welbz is fit. Mahrez would provide an option where we have other options.


Looking forward to the new series of Ozil and Vardy shows. That’s another fine assist you got me into


Lineker is a c*nt.


Please no.

I would have Morata over Vardy all day for obvious reasons.

Ramsey's spirit

I think vardy is the instant gratification option where morata given age is the better but slower to adapt more typical wenger target. It comes down to whether arsene feels the rest of the team is at peak and needs a little push before its too late in order to win or if he feels theres a year or 2 grace for morata or similar. Money in the league is no longer a significant factor untill you’re talking 60mil a player.


Not sure how I feel about this. Relatively low risk for the fees quoted in the papers. Not sure he will fit in though.

Its tough one the elite players already play for elite clubs its hard to prise them away. I guess we cant wait until Benzema finally decides he wants to leave Madrid.


Agreed. I think because it’s come out of left field and he has a cunty weasel face. But as you say £20m for the PL Champions striker is on paper almost a risk-free shot to nothing and we do need a bit more nastiness and he certainly has that.


It wouldn’t very take long for Xhaka and Vardy to end the expression that Arsenal teams’ lack bite and aggression.


Yeah exactly. TBH if you look at Theo and Vardy I know who I’d put my money on delivering next season. I still feel a bit uneasy about it and wonder how he would do without the local club love-in circumstances, but I think that’s just me wanting/expecting a ‘respectful professional’ type Arsenal player, rather than a win at all costs nasty bastard who mocks the keeper after he scores a penalty. It feels ruthlessly pragmatic from Wenger, £20m is basically nothing for us. Is it because it feels a bit like Chelski, just going for the win and who… Read more »

Ramsey's spirit

Alexis left vardy center Walcott right with ozil behind, granit coq central monre kos mert bellerin cech … Pretty terrifying line up to face no? Bench of cazorla wilshere Ramsey gibbs(for now) szcz chambers giroud

Svein BG

It is a bit weird, yes, but at least we get a forward with a strong winning mentality and guts. And the fact that he seems to continue scoring goals for Liecster and England is not a bad thing either. We need more tougher guys in the squad


Not quite sure how to feel about this. I’m not tingling with excitement, that’s for sure.
Could he really make it as a true Arsenal CF? I don’t think so, but I guess Arsene knows


Maybe we’re using this to put some pressure on the other strikers, their agent and clubs. Maybe we’re just doing this to help a Lukaku bargain


I’d rather have Vardy than Lukaku. Vardy knows what work is and he puts it in. Lukakau swans around and thinks the world is owed to him because he signed for Chelsea at a young age for a big fee (and failed, but ignore that bit).


This is true, attitude is something we do need to focus on a bit. The team could do with an injection of passion. The more I read, the more I think this could be good for us

Getso gunner

I personally don’t like Him but If He can score the goals we need to win the EPL….. You are welcome Mr Vardy


Vardy AND Wilshere. The parties at Arsenal aren’t getting any less wild, are they. :p

el nino

Imagine if we still had lord B


Don’t know whether to be happy or sad tbf. Guess I’ll sit this one out


As much as I dislike Vardy’s off the pitch behaviour, why is Benzema’s better? He blackmailed his own teammate, has a big ego and isn’t worth 50 million in my opinion. But that’s all it is. My opinion. Vardy looks like a guy who feels he’s still got a lot to prove what with his background and all. This is such a strange signing/rumour however you want to call it. Not like AW at all and I have no clue how he would fit him in the team but that’s his job not mine, thankfully.

Bombay Gooner

I can’t find this story on Gazzetta dello Sport’s website though. Anyone have any links?

Rob Fuller

I’m in two minds about this…Part of me would be chuffed – a player at his peak, in top confidence and form and a great foil for Welbeck who will be out for the whole season -the other part of me is having flashbacks and fears this may be another fuck up signing of Franny Jeffers proportions. Regardless, if it does happen I still think Wenger will go for a Morata or similar big name striker as well. Could all be pointless speculation though as it’s not a done deal. Mrs Vardy is getting plenty of stick from Leicester ”fans”… Read more »


Lord, for the last time: Morata is NOT a big name striker. He’s Madrid let him go because he couldn’t be second option to Benzema at 21 something and he’s scored 8 fuckin goals in one entire year for the double winning team of ITALY? He might be nice, but he’s on Weblz nice. He is not a BIG NAME STRIKER!


Oh God no typical Arsenal buying someone who has one decent season then he will be a flop for Arsenal there’s better players Wenger miles better wake up

Trixie Bird

Step away from the crack pipe and stop posting bollix.


Vardy would provide a completely different option to what we have upfront. He’d score lots of goals. And for price being touted that makes it an absolute no brainer.

I’ve spent the last 5 months hating him since that dive at the Emirates though. And hating all those dives since. The refs seem to be on to him though, so perhaps he’ll cut that out. I’m not one of those that subscribes to the ‘at least he’s our cunt’ argument. I’m happy to have psycho cunts in our team determined to win, but not divey cunts.


Is it just me or does anyone else also think that he is a replacement for Walcott. I am also concerned like everyone else regarding how he would fit in our team. But when you think about it he is very similar to Walcott or welbeck. He is quick, incisive with his movement, more clinical than either of the above and works hard off the ball. Lack of goals really hurt us last season. Quick movement and goals are two of the major attributes of Wenger’s teams of the past. This was something which was definitely missing in the last… Read more »

Anonymous Kumquat

That feels like the most logical explanation. And it has to be said, when Walcott had a good run in the side (and wasn’t playing like a fish) he didn’t prove in any way incompatible with our style of play. Putting aside the fact that Vardy isn’t the most ‘likeable’ player ever, I think he’d be a good addition to the team, and would be no more of a gamble than most other players we’ve been linked with. Having said that, with Welbeck out and quite probably no more Theodore I’d still like to see us buy another (possibly wide)… Read more »


Reus? Draxler? Isco? They can all play on the right


In that case (Vardy in, Theo out) if we want to blood another youngster, won’t we promote one of our own youth. I read we’ve got quite some talent in that department.
I do wonder if Wenger’s magic touch with young players has sorta taken a backseat of late though


What about Bellerin and Coq?


To get the air clear, I meant no criticism at all with that statement. The thing with Coq and Hector and even Iwobi is that they’ve really burst into the scene through their own efforts.
Compare this to a past when Wenger devoted copious amounts of his attention to encouraging, motivating and stimulating players like RvP, Cesc, Diaby, Nasri and even Wilshere. These days it seems like he continues to show faith but that’s about it. He seems to be going more for the proven goods.


Nasri? The France international we bought from Mars illegal, champions league contestants? I’d hardly call him our youth product.

Andy Mack

+ Iwobi?


This will be the only striker, next will be a CB and LB, that is all.


Oh yeh and you might wanna check the youth out, a big crop are rising, strikers wise Mavididi and Nketia will likely have a chance in a season or 2. Vardy and Giroud both heading for 30 fast and welbz not far behind, good for the youth.


Oh and Malen, Hinds, Akpom… Really looking forward to seeing Adelaide too.


Danny’s only 25


The Walcott-Vardy swap might really be possible, really. Similar, CL convenience, win-win both ways.


For me Walcott should stay. Chambo’s out for a while and we could use an option in the wing. But we find ourselves in a position where Walcott has to contend with Ramsey, Iwobi, Giroud and Vardy up front and on the wings. Maybe this and the missed Euro spot will push him a bit.


Sorry, I think that Vardy coming in is the final nail in Walcott’s Arsenal career.

And thank God for that if true.


Julian Draxler, baby.


I think Wenger is betting that at 29, Vardy is a bridge to allow a younger and hopefully fully healthy Welbeck to finally emerge as a true striker, as well as giving Akbom the opportunity to eventually come right after another year or two on loan. About replacing Theo, I think that is only true in the sense that the best game I felt Arsenal played all last season was the 3 to nil win at home against Man U. In that game, Arsenal clicked as Theo and Sanchez ran amok and their speed gave Ozil all sorts of options… Read more »


It’s not just you. Vardy has “Walcott Replacement” written all over him.

From the similarities in body type, to the preference for playing at pace, even to the fact that both are English (so the quota won’t be hurt).

Only thing is, there’s a million times more bravery, guts, and determination in Vardy’s left toenail than there is in Walcott’s entire body.

Bombay Gooner
Lord Nicki B

A ST in his prime, scored 24 goals, had 6 assists, with a club expected to be relegated on the way to a fairytale League win. In the most competitive league on the planet. Hm, yes, go on. Sounds exactly like what we’re missing. Oh, he’s English, he’s had trouble with the law, and a history with racism. Oh fuck no. Not at my Arsenal. Think over it before you give a knee-jerk reaction lads. He’s a good signing, and obviously Arsene has scouted him before reaching this decision. And here we are making 2 big signings before July, can… Read more »


I said last night that I thought this was a terrible signing and I still stick to that. Unfortunately this is a last desperate throw of the dice by a manager who is well past his sell by date and is desperate to try and win something in his last year at the club. I’m sorry but Vardy is not what Arsenal need. This is the sort of signing that City, buying a ‘man of the moment’ for an inflated price become he’s had a good year (Bony, etc). What is the point of having a scouting network if all… Read more »


There is just no pleasing fans like you. I’m sure had Wenger gone for a young forward like Janssen etc, fans like you would be the first ones to come out and say “Why does Wenger go for unproven youth prospects?”. Wenger could buy Messi and I can bet you’d criticise him for buying tippy tappy players and not physical players. As for your man city comparison Wenger is not a trigger happy manager, quite the opposite if I may say. On one side you criticise the club for not showing ambition, on the other hand you criticise them for… Read more »


Nope, not at all. I just don’t understand why we are buying him. He’s had one great season in the Prem & if you look at his stats over the last five years he has not scored consistantly every season. Once he’s had one good year he’s dropped off the next. Plus, Vardy & Leicester thrived last season on the counter attack, exploiting his pace. When Arsenal play, teams defend narrow & deep against us, this is why (amongst over reasons) that Walcott struggles for us, he just didn’t suit the way we play or the way teams setup against… Read more »


How do you know Higuain, Morate, and this etc player better than Vardy ? Vardy scores 24 goals in EPL !!! Higuain and Morata score 0 goal in EPL, Higuan at the same age with Vardy, and price twice over Vardy… Morata is unproven…


Agreed. And the bigger question – are the Higuains and Moratas are available? If not, why not Vardy?


It looks like Arsene’s what Arsene’s going for is ruthless finishing and a mentality that’s lacking in this squad a bit. Maybe I’m alone in this, but it seems like Sanchez has lost a bit of the bite and aggression that endeared him to us in his first season. With Wilshere, Xhaka and Vardy we could line up as a squad willing to stand up against opposition who try to bully us out of games


@Aaron Wish I could like your comment multiple times. Vardy is another “street” football player who will win at all costs. Our fellow supporters hate that our team is soft but don’t approve of the steps needed to change that. Vardy and Xhaka are two steps in that direction. Gabriel, if he can better channel his aggression is another. I can’t tell you how tired I am of us getting kicked off the field. As you note, Sanchez dropped off in his aggression last year. I think he looked at his mates and said “am I the only one? Forget… Read more »


He’s always dropped off because it’s his first year in a new division. He always does significantly better in his second year. This will be his first time playing 3 straight years in the same division.


Vardy has a great season last time out. (You are only as good as your last season don’t forget).
So he’s a one season wonder is he?
Would you have preferred his last season to be crap??
Godness sake!


And what a GOOD season that was. They won it all. I’d risk someone like him than buy some proven multi-season demi-god strikers like Torres or Falcao… look, how far ‘proven’ strikers have gotten some teams.


Why you support Arsenal then ? Go to that sp*ds and support them you F*CKERS !!!


Not cool dude. Against community policy

Bobby Chapman

People complaining about Vardy. Could someone actually name me a better REALISTIC target? Please dont quote Benzema, Aubameyang or Lewandowski because there is not chance on earth they are leaving their clubs.


also, people complaining they dont want a racist (who said the word jap instead of japanese btw)
but called for remy the rapist and benzema the mafioso


C’mon Benzema is an entrepreneur. He’s created value from some pictures. That’s like a sharing economy thing. He is not a Cosa Nostra member. They’d kill him.


I guess this is the right way to go… Currently strikers are short in supply and good one’s out there cost a fortune.. Morata was the most probable candidate but he is still young and unproven at epl. I think the way arsene is thinking is that he dont want to spend money on a player who’ll take time to adjust because next season is going to be tough and we may finish anywhere from 1-5 the way our rivals have strengthing.. Vardy is the way to go unless we can have aguero or rooney or lukaku


Morata is not unproven in EPL; he is unproven in general. He is yet to touch double digit in one single season. He falls perfectly in the “Lots of skills and potential” category.


“The way our rivals are strengthening” … I have no doubt the big money will be splashed out soon but so far it’s just City buying an injured Gundogan and United buying the amazingly talented but also amazingly aged Zlatan. If anything, as things stand atm, the rivals are looking at US, for once, and muttering “Jesus…” under their collective breaths.


Spot on mate!


Our rivals are building from the foundations, we are just putting the roof on!
There was only one team above us and it looks like we are nicking their star striker.
A good plan I would say.


Nobody will ever satisfied arsenal fans, you sign a 20 years old, he’s inexperienced
You sign another striker from other legues, he needs to adapt to epl
Now you want sign 29 years experience striker, he’s old or he will not adapt to arsenal style. The problem of arsenal fans is that all of are coaches. Nawoo!


That’s old That’s. Come on the guy lives in Leicester, full of Asians, plays with black, white middle eastern players. And you think he’s still racist?


If this is going to happen anyway , I would rather swap Walcott for him and still get another Forward

David C

How about Lukaku? I know he’d cost more, but he scored almost as many goals and is only 23…


I would prefer Mahrez instead
But if he Walcott is going out then its fine with Vardy coming in but I still want some young Aguero quality striker


I’m sick of people labelling Vardy as racist.

If he can score goals, sign him up. Walcott is not racist, but how is that working for us?


We should go in with a cheeky bid for Kane


Still not sold on this one… sorry. We could get Shane Long for less money and he’s an annoying cunt to play against, too.
I still would prefer Lukaku as his hold up play is better and he’s less one dimensional. If we are after a wide forward, Vardy wouldn’t be an awful choice, as his work rate is fantastic.
Though… I still fancy CSKA Moscow forward Ahmed Musa.


If we signed both Morata and Vardy…I would have no complaints


Watching vids on YouTube of his goals last year reminded me what a good finisher he is. The idea is growing on me.

If he scores the goals and we win the games nobody will care about anything else let’s be honest.

Think we could do with a young one too but not sure if that will happen.

dr Strange

I don’t think Vardy will be the only striker coming in. Walcott sold and Welbz out for most of the season. I can see us bringing in one more and he will be long term.


How about waiting until after Euro 2016 to sign him? Avoid injuries and see how he handles the stage?


Signing Vardy smacks of desperation/appeasement. Everything Wenger does is reactive. I really don’t see how Vardy fits Arsenal’s system, or any team that has the lions share of possession.


first Wenger is too stubborn and stuck in his ways and doesn’t listen to anyone but himself. Now everything he does is too reactive?

Tony g

In this day and age, 20 million really isn’t much for a guaranteed goal scorer. So he is 29, and may only have a year or 2 left at this level, but he could be the difference between titles or no titles. Had we had him last season we would have breezed our way to the title no doubt!
His attributes match everything we lacked at cf last season so why couldn’t he work? I even think he would work well alongside giroud as a front 2. Imagine that….goals galore!



*attempts to sign a striker with 24 goals in the premier league”

“NO! Not that striker the other one!L”


True that.

matty t.

Imagine how much Shearer, Lineker and Dannys Murphy and Mills will hate us getting a no-frills, no-nonsense, nasty English striker like Vardy. This thought makes me very happy.


Not sure they can hate us any more than they already do but it will certainly annoy them 🙂

Andy Mack

But Piers Moron gives his blessing to us getting Vardy and I can never agree with anything that twat wants (other than us being successful).


No Piers is truly a complete penis


How many times last season did Ozil get the ball in a bit of space between the lines, look up and see Giroud standing, facing him with his back to goal and a defender right behind him, and not Giroud on his bike, spinning the defender and beating him for pace to get on the end of a perfect Ozil pass? Vardy certainly is not the kind of person Arsenal sign or bring through. And he’s an unusual choice given his career path so far (the fact he’s had two seasons in the EPL and scored pretty much no goals… Read more »


So Vardy would get us some much needed goals that we lacked last season but 20m for a 29 year old seems to much. Add his wage to that on what I’m guessing would be a 2 maybe 3 year contract at 5m per season and we are talking 30/35 million all in. I’d rather see a large offer, maybe double that of Vardy for someone younger.. I’d hope we were sounding out players like Icardi, Berardi and even Lukaku. Maybe we should be offering Zlatan Ibrahimovic 10/15 million a season. He would get us some goals for a season.… Read more »

Andy Mack

He renewed his contract at Leicester last year for 5 years.
So I’d guess he’d want a 4 or 5 year contract with us.


Think how many shirts he sells when the Vardy/Leicester movie comes out


Thumbs up if you would do Vardy’s wife?


I wouldn’t stir chavboy’s porridge.

matty t.

Just saw this on a Leicester forum and spat some coffee out –

“That’s it then. He’s going.

I hope he fails miserably the pencil faced little pikey. We should’ve left him working at the shit factory.”




I hear the deal is off. Supposedly he wanted “Beers on the coach on the plane” and evidently Wenger is a chardonnay man.


Brilliant mate.